Call of Duty: World at War – Map Pack #1 Coming in March!

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Hey all!

We’re pleased to introduce our first batch of add-on content for Call of Duty: World at War – Map Pack #1! This pack includes 3 new multiplayer levels: Nightfire, Knee Deep and Station. It is intended to bring you a variety of different MP environments – from the dark streets of Berlin in “Nightfire” (pictured below), to the lush Pacific jungles in “Knee Deep,” to a bombed-out subway platform in “Station.”

Call of Duty: World at War - Nightfire

The fourth piece of content in Map Pack 1 expands on the oh-so-popular Nazi Zombie bonus mode that shipped with the game. This new level, named “Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum), splits your team up as you cooperatively battle wave after wave of undead Zombie soldiers. It features new weapons, electroshock defense systems and a Perks-a-Cola machine for purchasing multiplayer PERKS to combat the Zombie horde!

We hope you enjoy our first map pack, and promise there’s more to follow. Map Pack 1 is slated to hit this March – go here for more details!

-JD & The Treyarch Team

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  • cool i will be getting them

  • i cant wait i really want it i cant wait i want it know give it to me quick hurry up month

  • Its really good that they’re releasing more maps but are they planning on sorting out the online issues?
    I’m talking about the fact its hard to have more than a couple of matches in the same lobby without it being closed, the migrating hosts thing doesn’t work at all.
    Also the after match report doesn’t tell us anything it should do, it does on the xbox 360.
    like alot of people who have experienced the xbox’s online friends options i’m seriously considering switching to xbox as the online options for this and every other game are so much better

  • damn this add on seems cool
    cant wait to download it

  • I hate modern warfare! World at war makes you work for your kills, it’s old school, modern it’s just to easy.

  • how can I play the new “Zombie Asylum” Map??

  • guesswatdeeznuts

    word up thatz wassup…i luv cod5 especially nazi zombies…we should play sumtime…my gamertag is Johnsonboi…sumone hit me up

  • March what and how much lets get this out already. Great game by the way it’s fun drinking and killing people that trash talk behind the scenes.

  • You guys that seem to think that this map pack should be free need to join the real world. These guys paid to develop this and bring it to us, why should we not have to pay for it. I paid 9.99 for my COD4 map pack and I feel that this is a reasonable price for the WAW pack as well. The enjoyment I will get out of the new Zombie map alone is worth 9.99.
    I do agree that regular WAW online sucks, though. I forced myself to get to level 36, but can’t bare to go any further. It’s harder to advance, yet there are 10 extra ranks??? No thanks, Zombies for me.

  • This is going to be awesome!! Does anyone have some pics of the new maps? And yes price would be a good thing to know as well.

  • Yes, please spill the beans on the details of the new pack, when will it be out?

  • does any1 know the exact date of the map pack?

  • Come on seriously when will I be able to have it…….

  • How do I play the stages? Do I have to be online to play the new stages? Need some info.

  • Will the map pack cost?

  • this should be good get to do some more glitch huntiing we should get the add on free for all the glitches and bugs we put up with u dnt ay 40 pound for nofin

  • i want to know WHEN, like what date in march are the maps coming out?

  • Zombies are gay. Y would u buy a war game to play unrealistic zombie mode.

  • can’t wait!!!!

  • wen it out?

  • does anyone know the exact date when the map pack comes out

  • and what perks are they going to have on the zombie one? the same as regular multi player?

  • I heard it will be out either this Thurs (03/12) or (03/19). (Rumor had it originally March 09, but they must have been referring to March 2009…PS Store update are typically on Thursdays anyway).

  • o sweet hope its this thursday im excited for those new maps

  • that sucks i thought it was today :'(

    how much is it gonna be?

  • They’re probably coming out on black friday in the U.S because in Ireland they come out on the 14(definately. I didn’t make this up, nor did I hear from some crack head that doesn’t know what he’s talking about). Treyarch probably already finished making the maps a while ago and they’re just waiting ’till the 13 to be all spooky. To be frank I think it’s kind of &%^*#%$ ^%@#$!&* and they can all go %$#& themselves with ^$$^ %$#$^ up their @^&&% and %$^& it around so ^$$&& $%^%%&* &$## ^$@!& until the handlebar falls off

  • ok i have heard so much the 12th, 19th, 15th, i think its coming out on a thurs cause thats when they usually come out n cod 4 maps came out in april and said they would come out in march 10 or 14 i a thinking be for the 20 so just wait the mouth is almost half way over with so ya they should be out soon just wait for them to com out. ooo n i why cant they just put them out….. let us find the glitches n u fix not pay some weirdo to do the work lol jk put them out ahhhh

  • i home bord lol

  • The offical release date is March 19,2009

    Map pack 1

  • nice

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