Call of Duty: World at War – Map Pack #1 Coming in March!

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Hey all!

We’re pleased to introduce our first batch of add-on content for Call of Duty: World at War – Map Pack #1! This pack includes 3 new multiplayer levels: Nightfire, Knee Deep and Station. It is intended to bring you a variety of different MP environments – from the dark streets of Berlin in “Nightfire” (pictured below), to the lush Pacific jungles in “Knee Deep,” to a bombed-out subway platform in “Station.”

Call of Duty: World at War - Nightfire

The fourth piece of content in Map Pack 1 expands on the oh-so-popular Nazi Zombie bonus mode that shipped with the game. This new level, named “Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum), splits your team up as you cooperatively battle wave after wave of undead Zombie soldiers. It features new weapons, electroshock defense systems and a Perks-a-Cola machine for purchasing multiplayer PERKS to combat the Zombie horde!

We hope you enjoy our first map pack, and promise there’s more to follow. Map Pack 1 is slated to hit this March – go here for more details!

-JD & The Treyarch Team

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  • Yeah. awesome. i dont knnow if ill get it though because of modern warfare 2 here soon.

  • Despite what the haters are saying, I think you guys did a great job with COD:WaW. Especially when you had to follow up a game like COD4. It felt like you guys did not miss a beat on the game.
    Also, I just want to thank you guys for posting here at the blog and hopefully there is more news regarding this game…hmmm let me see…maybe more zombie news? :)

  • Oh snap! Thank you guys.

    Is it possible to fix the glitches for the multiplayer levels? People are cheating left and right and also in Nazi Zombies.. please fix em :)

  • Any chance of a triple XP weekend? I got stuck halfway through prestige when double XP ended.

  • @ 52

    This is BETTER than COD4?
    COD5 has so many glitchers, bad maps, and has awful servers.

    COD4 is the opposite.

    COD4 = 9.5
    COD5 = 8

  • I cant wait. I cant wait. I cant wait. Is it here yet? I cant wait…..Zombies kicks butt.


    But I have to ask, will there be any more pictures of the maps coming this week, because I really want this add-on!

  • Can someone try to make PSN cards happen in Canada , anybody….Sony….

  • I hated the MP! The only thing I enjoyed about W@W was the zombie mode, and I stopped playing that too because of all the glitching going on.

    Fix the glitches and reset the zombie leaderboards then I might consider investing my time and money into your game.

  • I plan on trading in my copy to pay for killzone. Sorry Treyarch

  • Oh Yah NEW Zomby MaPs !! Love IT!! RAAH!!!

  • I like to think people don’t care about WWII shooters regardless of their zombie lies. This information does nothing for me treyarch, I’m sorry.

  • Ya! W@W content i have been waiting for this! check out my minitage at

  • @51 when will Modern Warfare2 come out?

  • I loved the game in single player and still play it regurarly in multiplayer, it’s fun and I can’t understand the nay-sayers here, well except for the fact that the graphics are really somewhat weak for a PS3 game.

    I hope with the DLC coming (which I hope won’t be priced too high…) there will be a patch, primary for fixing the issue of losing the single player save, happened to me three times now, everytime the death cards are gone… didn’t experience much “gliching and cheating” tho..

  • Why are you guys asking for a price?
    All additional which is not a full fledged expansion pack should not have any cost associated with it. Just like on PC.

  • oh .. guess im gona buy this

  • HI, I really liked COD 3’s Multiplayer Maps, is there a way to get them patched for COD W@W?

    Specially “Fuel Plant, Verdun, Les Ormes, and Merville”

    Imagine HQ With perks on Merville… it was hell on cod 3 but with w@ws user base it will own.

    I hope we get some classic COD3 maps imported to COD W@W as MAP PACK 2

  • @65 i had that save data loss problem 2! good thing i backed up my saved data!

  • gosh u noobs with ur #$%* perks

    I am one of those guys who likes CoD:W@W more than CoD4 and I’m truly excited to try out the new maps in March. I hope the price isn’t too much. I think $5 will make many people buy it.

  • This is great Josh, but I have a quick question.
    I’m a high school student in California and we have to do these senior projects. Now what we have to do is to job shadow someone in a field that we’re interested in. And I’ve been really thinking that I want to get into the videogame business. So would you be able to let me shadow you? or do you know of someone that I can shadow?

  • i have alot i want to say about W@W and treyarch! i didnt feel like signing up to your forum.

    my friends and i despise this W@W garbage you have made, we all bought it and still own it but we really dislike it. you guys are lazy! i have a 360 in my house(but i really only use my ps3) and the graphix look better on my 360, doesnt matter though cause i NEVER play this game.

    we all bought this day one and none of us have over 5 days of play logged in yet. we only spent time playing your zombie mode. the online mode is terrible. spawning, hit detection, graphics and everything else yuck!

    i will be buying this map pack day one though just cause of new maps & zombies.

    really though my friends and i are just waiting for modern 2.

    been wanting to say that since week one.

    spend more time on our precious ps3 version next time you get a chance to work on a game for us :)

    you dropped the ball big time on the quantum online multi-player as well. i thought it was really nice how every player looked the same and there were like 3-4 voice samples that just repeated over and over.

    what were you guys thinking.

    216 clan!

  • Nice add on! Thank god that you finally released a new zombies map. Hopefully the next map pack will offer more. Will you please bring the price down to about 5 dollars? I don’t want to pay much after buying the game.

  • I was wondering when they was releasing a map pack. Hopefully they will release more after the upcoming ones.

  • Love the game and can’t wait for the map pack to come out, but I just got the ylod (yellow light of death) so please get me my ps3 back by the time it comes out!!!!!!!!Thanks in Advance

  • Thanks Treyarch I like COD WAW more than COD4!!! :)

  • nice this is one of the games my brother didnt steal from me and pawn for drugs so yeah!

    cool I will buy it probably….too bad there are no new trophies tho..

  • Awesome =)) I hope its not too expensive…

  • Thank you for supporting this game and the PS3. Personally W@W is not my cup of tea, but I appreciate your effort and congratulate you on your critical success.

  • @78 that sounds a little personal but otherwise great job treyarch any way to release it before march 9th? im very eager i was on the edge of selling the game to buy back cod4 but the sounds of this might give it another month for me

  • Well this is the best thing that i hear in a very long time.. I must say that W@W is the best online play that i have played. I say that it is even better then COD 4 now thats my opion.
    I could have not asked for a better thing this right now. I spend alot of time online w/this here game.I get online @ 7:00 p.m. & I end @ around 3:30 a.m. just about every night..
    My PSN ID: evilherbie you could add me or look me up when you want to play….

  • Cool 3 new maps for mp and 1 map for zombies. I wanna know what date and how much it going to be [better not be over $5 cuz COD5 aint that good and KZ2 comes out the end of this month so alot of people going to be playing that] I know wanna how many glitches we going to find in them new maps cuz we all know the new maps going to have some glitches.

    ~ Shady ~ $*A ~

  • SWEEET!!!! ;D

  • Sweet!!! Nazi Zombies is freak’n addicting. Im glad that there is a new map coming out. Nazi zombies anyone?

    PSN I.D. : albinuttz

  • Yes!!! Can’t wait!!! hope its at a decent price though!!! feel free 2 add me superben1990

  • YEAH!!!! Can’t wait!! hope its price @ $9.99 or less!!! feel free to add me! superben1990

  • This game is a failure, too many problems to actually enjoy the game.

    And somebody pass the message to the devs that grenades arent the only way to make a difficult environment, try to be more creative next time.

    Thanks, but no thanks!

  • I still don’t get how a map pack that if compared to the actual game is at best like 1/20 of the original game — and I’m being really generous here since most of the times they are not even “original content” per se — can cost 1/6 of the original price tag that includes the box, cover, disk and the booklet.

    Weird math for sure.

  • Awesome for the people that have the game.

  • killzone 2 is better than this noob game

  • Yes more cod waw maps

  • Question…

    This update isn’t going to erase campaign saved data again, is it?

    So far I am on my 3rd play through because my game data keeps getting mysteriously deleted. Sorry for sounding sarcastic, but this is past annoying and going into intolerable territory.

  • Can’t wait! but any price tag??? and only 1 zombie map?? wtf?? but still i cant wait for the three new multiplayer maps.

  • The most correct price tag for this should be 0 (zero), yes absolutely FREE.

    If PC users don’t pay for map packs we shouldn’t either, period.

    Specially if you take into account that these map packs are mostly just a partial redo of existent maps.

    Not to mention that 10 bucks are 10 bucks which is a 1/6 of the price of Killzone 2 or most other games around.

  • before you SELL us new maps how about fixing our “after action report” because i know when i walk into the other room at my house it shows up on the inferior gaming console we also have but not my ps3.

    whats up?

  • for sure playstation will get more money out of us for the new maps… its all b…s…………… pay about $60 bucks for game n then they want another $10 for new maps but f… why dont they include they dam maps in the game when u buy it?????????? [DELETED]?????? and the [DELETED] lags……[DELETED]??? u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Give it to us for free because you still didn’t fix all of the glitches and why 3 maps and 1 zombie map. Atleast you could give us more for how long you took. I just hope there aren’t glitches.

  • Str8 we need that…. R we getting new guns or perks that will be nice also

    But how much is it going to cost?

  • how many new weapons will there be in the new zombie mode and how much will it cost?


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