Call of Duty: World at War – Map Pack #1 Coming in March!

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Hey all!

We’re pleased to introduce our first batch of add-on content for Call of Duty: World at War – Map Pack #1! This pack includes 3 new multiplayer levels: Nightfire, Knee Deep and Station. It is intended to bring you a variety of different MP environments – from the dark streets of Berlin in “Nightfire” (pictured below), to the lush Pacific jungles in “Knee Deep,” to a bombed-out subway platform in “Station.”

Call of Duty: World at War - Nightfire

The fourth piece of content in Map Pack 1 expands on the oh-so-popular Nazi Zombie bonus mode that shipped with the game. This new level, named “Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum), splits your team up as you cooperatively battle wave after wave of undead Zombie soldiers. It features new weapons, electroshock defense systems and a Perks-a-Cola machine for purchasing multiplayer PERKS to combat the Zombie horde!

We hope you enjoy our first map pack, and promise there’s more to follow. Map Pack 1 is slated to hit this March – go here for more details!

-JD & The Treyarch Team

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  • awesome first post and i love W@W

  • It’s always nice seeing developers put out DLC for games and showing continued support.

  • Great I can’t wait I def want to try out the new zombie level and features, sadly my friends and I have never past level 17.

    ” go here for more details!” There’s no here linked lol.

    Also price please?

  • Whooop! new map for ZOMBIES Whoop!

  • Thanks for fixing most of the glitches (still some though) and thanks for making new maps.

    I like how you can colour your nick now :D

  • passed*

  • Wow thanks guys, great devs

  • Price?

    Even tho I think this should be free as a bonus for all the glitches and bugs we faced so far :)


    Any chance new weapons or perks included?

    Price for the DLC ?


  • There will be like 6 people playing your game when KZ2 comes out.

  • Where am I going for more details?

    Also, price?

  • only 3 maps?

  • Sounds good, I’ve yet to get the game but it’s great to see the game getting updated! Keep it up!

  • Wow verry interesting.. We shall see how much money I have after Killzone 2.. What about the update you was supose to have to fix bug’s in game that U found over christmas???? I have found a few!!! :)

  • I dont have this game…i should but i dont. Need to check this out me thinks.

  • cool , so i can buy it both in the same day also .

  • I’m gonna hold out till you guys release Modern Warfare 2. don’t get me wrong i love WW2 games but gimme the new modern conflicts. that’s where its at!


  • only one question the map pack is will be free or just like in call duty 4 map pack for $5.00!

  • …trophies? *weak smile*

  • Awesome, I love the game. I cannot wait for the new maps! Any word on a price?

  • wow thats sweet W@W is an awesome game
    but whats the price for it?
    cant wait to play the zombie mode

  • I think the online multiplayer sucks but zombies is awesome!

  • Wow, you know…Treyarch is sort of making me feel like Infinity Ward could have treated us PS3 users a bit better…I still prefer the modern setting to the WW2, but all sins are forgiven; Zombie mode makes up for everything. Thank you so much Treyarch for supporting us so well!

  • LOL, it looks like a Wii game…

    600p rez
    No dedicated servers
    Silly weightless gun on a stick controls
    Laughable outdated graphics

    The game is an insult to PS3 owners. It is running entirely on the PPU because they are too lazy and incompetent to write a modern graphics engine. And instead are just dumping their outdated PC/Xbox engine directly onto the PS3.


  • Here’s a crazy idea:

    Make it free as a gift because you gave PS3 owners **** compared to the 360 version!

    Besides, Killzone 2 will kill this game. I got COD4 recently and I’ve barely touched 5 since.

  • To bad the game sucks and Killzone 2 is just around the corner with 32(!) players online with NO lagg.

  • Please tell me this one won’t be a 3 week XBOX exclusive like the COD4 one was…

    Anyway cool glad to see there are more maps on the way cause this game REALLY needs more maps.

  • Sweet! price? $9.99 please :)

  • I like Call Of Duty, but with games like Resistance and Killzone 2 Call Of Duty is third. Not to mention that the PS3 as a master system would improve the quality of the game and it wouldn’t rip PS3 the owners with a bad version of a great title. Plus if you don’t have a full party on an online, bots will replace the empty spots and make a FULL game. MAYBE you guys could do that and MUCH NEEDED fixing on the servers. Get Killzone 2 everyone it kicks @#$ and Call Of Duty sucks!

  • How much? Free is the only way.

  • nice best thing from yall all this week :)now for presidents day make it double XP weekend :)

  • So awesome. I have been waiting for what seems like for ever.

  • Despite what some of these users are saying here, I enjoy the game very much so and I think you guys did a great job. I actually prefer the WWII setting over the modern day as the story and narration is way better. People forget that the reason why there are a ton of WWII games out there is because it was by far a way more significant war than probably all other wars combined.Thanks for the Keifer VO too, huge fan.

    Although I would prefer a free price for this map pack, its prob not realistic. However $4.99 would be enough for most of us to buy I think. $10? Little too pricey and I think id just wait for modern warfare 2 since ill have KZ2 to hold me over until then.

    Also any chances of possibly getting a seperate single player campaign episode revolving around nazi zombies? Id gladly pay $10 for that. Also treyarch’s next assignment? I think we could all get into some COD vietnam action.

  • I prefer Modern Warefare and Can’t wait for part 2

    World at War Sucks

    but this is coool

  • also to people that may say other wise it’s my opinion and my voice

  • yea just yet another reason to own all the more harder online

    also maybe you could revamp the zombies search engine because i have been known to search for about 30 mins only to come up with no players matched/found

    but other than that it sounds awsome cant wait to pick up the new content in MARCH!

  • Will the map pack be able to be used offline as well as online ala COD4? me and my girlfriend love a bit of split screen zombie action!

  • To bad the multiplayer part of the game is flawed. I have never seen so many issues. Iam keeping my money.

  • woooooooooooooo finally, all we need now is oldschool mode and were set :)

  • YES!!!! I have been waiting for this for a while now and I’m glad that we not only get 3 new multiplayer maps but also a new Nazi Zombie map!!! With perks!!! And new weapons!!!


  • My bro has this game, and I was shocked at how bad the graphics were. They seem to have taken a step backwards in terms of graphics.

    I have played the online of WaW, and although it is slightly fun, its not a patch on MW.

  • I can’t wait to play the new MP maps and the Nazi zombie mini game is THE BEST!!

  • Graphically-this-game-is-pooooooo.—-but-has-decent-game-play.—————-roll-on-KILLZONE2.-i-say!!

  • New zombie maps NICE! How much will it be though

  • Does this include co op? Its the only thing I am interested in.

  • hopefully you will support W@W more then COD 4 was supported. 1 map pack.. lame. So much potential but they failed to do more with it for some reason. No idea as its ultra popular. Oh well.

    Too bad this wasn’t released BEFORE Killzone 2.

  • lol at NOOBISH perks

  • Why only 4 maps? Why not more?

  • More zombies is always a good thing :)

    Just a few questions…

    How much will it cost?

    Will the new zombie map be playable in offline coop?


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