The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • SUPA KOO news recently. Congrats on KZ2 getting such positive reviews. It deserves it.

  • Hello, Im from Brazil and I would like to inquire you about PS Network for Latin America, When will it be available?
    Nowadays we are forced to sign the PSN from Portugal (similar languages), and make a pre-paid card (wich charges U$ 0,99, every U$ 20,00 we transfer to PSN account) in order to purchuase new releases frm PS Store. Sony underestimated the latin american market, due to a sales research for PS2 wich indicated people buy PS2 but not original games. Now on PS3 era, there still people byuing games and acessories for PS3 (in great quantity) but still we dont have our have our place on PSN, or either unite all continents, wich in my opinion is better (but Ill leave this to Sony´s judgement).

    I sincerely wish Thanks to everyone who had the patience to get this far on my “letter”, and just to make it clear, I am not complaining, I love everything related to Sony. Thanks again, and congratulations for this Fantastic Blog, I read it everyday as a main source for all PS information.

    Best Regards.

    Marco Maluf

  • Wow, Sony pulled of a flawless victory over the Xbox fans in the gaming media.

    If there was one game that needed to be a total failure with 6/10 review score and the entire gaming heaping ridicule on Sony, it was Killzone 2. Trashing Killzone 2 in reviews was the moment of glory every hardcore Xbox fan in the gaming media had been looking forward to for three years now.

    Many of the hardcore Xbox fans at sites like 1Up,EGM,GamesRadar,Edge and others spent the past two years trying to generate hate and material to be used to assure 6/10 review scores.

    The epic ownage of the real time Killzone 2 gameplay footage matching the “impossible CGI that would never be possible on the PS3. Sony lies”, the universal praise from the multiplayer beta, the masterful keeping review copies out of the hardcore Halo/Gears of War fanboys until long after the flood of 9.5-10/10 review came in.

    Amazing job Sony. A complete reversal from the original Killzone that was let by Sony to be savagely trashed by Halo fans last gen.

  • Any news on new avatars Chris?

  • I like the Recap…. lets us catch up with anything we missed ..Keep it up :)

  • killzone2 FTW! demo was badass played it like 5 times killing ppl different ways :-P rising to the top again sony! now time to get ppl to buy more systems :-D

  • Killzone 2, the demo alone is the best thing I’ve played EVER (FPS wise I mean!).

    Congrats on the deserved positive feedback and we look forward to more AAA title from Sony!

    Don’t stop now Sony, carry this momentum!

  • Can we know how much preorders of Killzone 2 have been done in the US? We just got the news that there are 1.1 millions in Europe ALONE! And the demo was free for them.

  • Cheers Chris for the quick reply, heard about PAIN avatars coming soon so that would be good,

    Cheers keep up the good work

  • One more question, since the account management was changed do avatars have to be part of a firmware update or can they be added like a PS Store update without downloading anything?

    P.S. Is their an edit comment option? I cant find one

  • Hi Chris I have a suggestion. Maybe discuss it with Jeff or something. Since people feel the need to post firmware suggestions in non-firmware related posts why not every month or so post a “What would you like to see in the next PS3/PSP firmware Update?” story that way everyone can post firmware update suggestions there.

    BTW cant wait for Killzone 2!

  • 20 days for KZ2 baby cannot wait! after that the countdown to uncharted 2 should begin. god im loving 2009!


  • Can’t get enough of the KZ2 Demo.
    The game is simply awesome when you turn off the crosshair, HUD, hints, and subtitles. It is like playing a cutscene.

    Congratulations Sony and Guerrilla.

  • Well I got a hold of KZ 2 demo and all I can say is they better add an option to stick to cover without holding down the button. That is a major annoyance with the controls.

  • EDGE gived 7/10 to Killzone 2. They will always make me laugh, of course, H3 got 10/10, funny ;)

  • I really hope Sony makes the Killzone 2 engine into something third party game companies can license. The Unreal Engine from Epic already looked silly and outdated with its lets cover everything in bumpy shiny normal maps.

    After seeing Killzone 2 in person I don’t think I could stomach seeing another Unreal Engine game again.

  • KILLZONE 2 deserves all the high reviews, i cant believe im playing the demo, such an amazing game, good work gurella!

  • why is the K2 website down?(M503 Error)

  • @16

    That is called crap art direction, has nothing to do with the engine.

  • KZ2 blew me away…best FPS I’ve played in years

  • KZ2 is the most incredible FPS next to MGS4 this generation. I can’t wait to get online and play multiplayer with the mixed class system and bots.

    Preordered today. Excellent work, Sony and Guerrilla!

  • first time posting, any word on when Canada will get PSN cards and movie store?

  • Just wanted to let you guys know, that lately, there has been a problem when clicking, on the “red replies” button, it doesn’t always take me to the first red reply.

  • The KZ2 demo is slick. Nothing revolutionary in terms of gameplay, but definitely a notch above in terms of graphics and immersion.

    But why on earth would you post a CGI image (in the last Killzone blog entry) and claim that it’s real? Didn’t the whole trailer fiasco teach you anything?

  • I know why Jeff doesn’t do the weekends anymore, he is to busy with his Snuggie. lol

  • Everyone, can I hear a KILLZONE!?

    Agh I’m so pumped!

  • @TerryVSL
    edge trashed KZ2 with a 7.

    for me, the best news of last week are the ones about Uncharted 2. that game will rock. also, there’s an Infamous preview from IGN. it’s a good read and that game sounds awesome.

  • i think the next Resistance should use the Killzone 2 engine.

  • KZ2 demo rocks. Can’t wait for launch day!

  • Killzone 2 demo is sublime. I hope Guerilla don’t nerf the controls to appease the haters, after playing Killzone 2, I can’t go back to the twitch FPS games.

  • Yep ;) KillZone 2 demo is amazing ;-P
    Played it loads of times, well can’t stop playing it ;-P

  • The RE5 demo was so awesome. I already wanted it, but the demo cemented it. :D

    Yes, I killed the Executioner twice.
    It’s easy once you use the strategy of pistol shots (or shotgun shots) to the head and then when he stumbles over, you go uppercut him. :D

    You can also lure him to the gas barrells.

    Great boss fight and great game! :D

  • Yes, new avatars, s’il vous plait!

    I heard something awhile back about MGS4 avatars (or was it LBP avatars- I forget) but we’ve heard nothing as of yet. And the system for setting it up is already there, what with the drop-down menu that was created in the “Change Avatar” option.

    While I’m making requests- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remove the “Delete All” shortcut from the messaging system! The combination of Shift+Backspace is far to common and I’ve deleted entire messages many times by accident.

    In more on-topic news, Killzone 2 is looking awesome! I do not second-guess my preorder for a second. Be on the look-out for the Helghast in your local Home mall. We do NOT come in peace! Muhahaha!

  • Dear Sony,

    Here’s something I’ve noticed with the recent Circuit City closing; All of their consoles are 20% off. They have NO PS3’s left but, a ton of 360’s. What that tells me is that it’s time for a price drop. People are waiting to buy PS3’s.

    Now on to my PSP. I love it. However, 2 good games a year will not make me keep it. We need better integration with our PS3’s and our PSN ID’s. Why can’t I sign on to my psp and view my friends list? Why not have a trophy system for the PSP that is linked with your PSN ID and all your PS3 trophies? It can be done. You’ve proved it by adding the PS Store.

    I really hope these are the types of things you’re working on. I don’t know what survey came up with the results that made you decide people wanted a better slide show program on their PS3, but, maybe it’s time for another survey.

    Love Always,


  • Is it me or have you guys been making changes in the articles you post. This week was VERY entertaining reading-wise. All the blog entries were really cool and had a lot of information. I wish all news sites on the net were as well-written as this one. Keep up the awesome work!!

  • update this week on Fat Princess?? Or that still to far away :(

  • Ha ha, A-rod got caught… again :P

  • Can ANYONE tell me, Jeff, anybody! When do we get cross game chat!?

  • Persona 1 was announced for the PSP. Please Sony, don’t block the game’s release here in the US!!

    Same for Growlanser 1.

  • I don’t want cross game chat. At least it shouldn’t be allowed if you are actually playing online. It’s a waste of bandwidth, and all the people using that on Live is the reason I believe I experience so many more people lagging about in games. I don’t mind if Sony allows it when you are playing offline, that’s cool, but I don’t want cross game chat online lagging up my PSN. You should be communicating with the people you are playing with. Period. Enough people don’t communicate with their teams online.

    Also, could you guys at the blog get word to the Savage Moon devs? The game is incredible. I’m not even a fan of TD or RTS games, but Savage Moon is so far my favorite PSN game I’ve purchased. And that’s saying something. The game needs some press to get the sales it deserves. Anyway, I can’t wait for an expansion to to the game, but please let them know I need in game music for this game. I want to just keep playing, but I want to listen to all my Howard Stern and Coast to Coast AM shows I have on my PS3 while I do so. Same exact thing goes for the Magic Ball devs. I want more, and in game music, ASAP. Thanks.

  • Nice job on Killzone 2 also Ive enjoyed the
    Resident EVIL 5 demo Lots of good demos coming out right now :)

  • I do agree with MMaLuF commentary about underestimating Latin America’s market, mainly because of the sales of PS2 games, but remember, many homebrew apps has come not from this parts, but from the European and US market itself.

    Me, like many of my PSN buddies had to register in the US PSN, in order to gain access to many of the features available, I have spend alone in just 1 month more than $500+ USD just in PS3 games, not to mention accessories; and don’t make me begin counting how many PSP games, and at least 2 PSP system has bought for last Christmas, so it is time to SCEA considers the Latin Market very seriously.

    By the way, nice going with KZ2, and KZ:L, well develop games indeed.

    If some one could sell to Kojima Prod. the idea of doing a remake of the originals MG and MG2:SS for the PSP (using the MGPO enginee) I will be set for life with Sony.

  • Any way I can get to play killzone 2 before everyone else?

  • I was really impressed with the MLB theshow demo and sense I pre-ordered KZ 2 from blockbuster I didn’t get to play the KZ 2 demo.So I liked the Demo and I really wish that sony would add some more shows to the discovery channel in the PSN store and Yu-gi-oh gx to the cartoon network.

  • I like the killzone 2 demo but I think they need to fix the controls a little bit… Can’t get a sensitivity setting I’m comfortable with. I really wish they could clone the COD4 control setup.

  • @44

    switch control mapping to alternative 2

  • I believe Killzone 2 will be a defining moment for the PS3. It will truly standout over anything the competition has on the market.

  • hahah no offense but i really hate these recaps because they remind me that the weekend is over….

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