The Punisher: No Mercy, Exclusively on PSN this Spring!

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Punisher, exclusive to PSN

Zsolt from ZEN Studios here. You might remember me from when we announced the PSN-exclusive upcoming title, The Punisher: No Mercy! That was way back in September, but I assure you we haven’t fallen off the map! We’ve just been working diligently to build an awesome first-person shooter for all you Punisher fans. That being the case, we do have some new exciting announcements.

First, we’ve just released six cool new screenshots for the upcoming arena-based first-person shooter. We’ve included two here, but if you want to check out all six you’ll need to head on over to

Punisher, exclusive to PSN

Also, for all you fans that can’t wait for the Punisher to hit PSN, we’ve just nailed down a Spring release date. So come this Spring, get ready for punishment and live out your desire of becoming the next virtual vigilante!

Stay tuned for more details as they become available at

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  • This looks so [DELETED] guys :)

  • Hopefully the good stuff won’t be censored like the last Punisher game I played.

  • Local co-op?

  • LOL you “nailed down” a Spring release date? A 4 MONTH window? LMAO waay to “nail” it down!

    No offense, and the game does look cool and I’ll probably end up getting it, but it’s just too far off right now for me to care. What is the point of hyping this up right now? It’s not like I can go pre-order it.

    With SFIV, KZ2, RE5, and others just around the bend, tell me more about this game when it’s actually going to come out.

  • Looks really good. Hopefully it will be the new warhawk community wise. Any word on pricing yet?

  • Looks cool , looking forward to this game. It should had been released with the movie…


  • Wow, graphics look really cool, looking foward to it

  • graphics look great

  • The game looks great for a PSN title. I can’t wait for it to get released.

  • It looks a lot better in those pictures then it did when it was first shown. Might be a interesting game after all.

  • Impressive. PSN is doing big things

  • the PSN equivalent of Killzone 2 :)

  • You guys are going to have to try hard to sell me on this one, because I wasn’t impressed by the only trailer that’s been released so far. Maybe a new trailer will be coming up soon?

    I still don’t agree with making a character like the Punisher into an FPS. There are enough FPS’s out there now and plus it’s the Punisher! I want to see me kicking ass with him. Not see his guns doing the work. Third person would have and should have been the way to go.

    The graphics as well look doubtful from the trailer. I don’t ever say this about PS3 games, because it’s become a cliche, but they looked like PS2 graphics. I’m a hardcore comic fan, so I’m interested by default, but I’ll be waiting on reviews and maybe more footage before I really make a decision. Better yet any chance of a demo?

  • Will the game have Iron Sights? See a lot of scopes and red dots, so I’m just wondering. Or will all the firing be from the hip?

  • Very cool.

    2009 is looking insane for PS3 exclusives. Some games might get left out because everyone is so broke and overloaded with games to play.

  • Thanks Zen Studios, I will buy this game.
    Day 1 :)

  • Looks pretty…but can’t say i’m a big fan of shooters, but depending on the final price point and if i’ve got any free time to game(boo 12 hour days!) i’ll consider picking it up.

    PSN games for some reason keep finding their way onto my HDD…

  • hmm not sure about this game yet. im putting some money on PSN. this game is on my radar.

  • Hopefully this game will bring back some decency to the name “Punisher” the movies ruined it so.

  • I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more posts from you Zsolt.

    Looks like a great game.

  • I hope this game is good! And that is continuously supported if it is! Ok, time to go back to the KZ2 demo :D

  • Whoops! My bad on my part LOL. Anyways, thanks for the many exclusive games. I always liked the Punisher (especially the beat em up from Sega), so I will be looking forward for this baby. :D

  • Getting this fo sho

  • looks like a great game for 20 $. idk the price but im hopping it wont be more then 20$ dont have money for it if its more then 20$ in a game on PSN STORE unless its REALLY but i mean REALLY GOOD GAME like warhawk ill consider gettin another psn card :)

  • I want this game today!!!

  • it looks great but wats the price? i hope its not more then 20 $ dont have enough money in my acc if its higher then 20$ unless its REALLY but i mean REALLY good game like warhawk that cost me 30$ then ill consider gettin another PSN CARD for it :)

  • That fire is incredibly painful to look at

  • Finally some news. I tought it was cancelled… but spring is close enough for me, and it actually looks like a good FPS, considered it’s a PSN game. Day one buy, I assure you.

    Also, nice touch including a few characters from the MAX issues. I hope the single-player campaign is good :)

  • Oh, and actually… a question: Will those characters actually have different abilities, lets say Barracuda being toughter or Finn Cooley skilled w/ bombs, or they are just an ordinary appareance the player can use?

  • The screenshots look fantastic. I’m really eager to try this game out. Will you guys release a demo of some sort? If not, what is the price point you’re shooting for?

    Jeff, feel free to answer. ^_^

  • Wow no [DELETED] way guys, that is such a piece of [DELETED] game.

    I am getting it, this is the 1st FPS on psn?

  • Looks sick… Looking forward to this

  • Wow, consider me impressed…..a PSN exclusive FPS?!!! Not bad fellas…..not bad! Looks pretty nice as well. What engine did they use? Havoc? Unreal?

  • color me intrigued. i wanna try this. how big is the download and how much is it?


  • I’ve been looking forward to this ever since you guys have first announced it! It looks awesome!!!!

    Thanks Zsolt!

  • I cant believe people already complaining and whining about screenshots, SCREENSHOTS FOR GOD SAKE!!! What about try to positive or at least respectful with people that are going to be working to next months to finish a game?

    For my part, thanks Zsolt and thanks Zen Studios for confirm that the game still going on. Best luck on this project!!

    nil carborundum illegitimi

  • this game looks DOPE!

  • please support “Home” game launching.

    this looks like a great game to launch from home and relax with a few multiplayer matches.

  • i want it now, not this spring!!!

  • I like the look of this.

    Also the idea of booting up an arena shooter for some quick rounds every now and then pleases me. Can’t wait.

  • feels like UT.. wait it is UT just with a different skin since its the UE engine

  • Question: if you punch someone in the face, does it explodes? That would be awesome.

  • Looks good, i wonder what it plays like.

  • Hey Zsolt, just wanted to let you know that you already got my purchase of the game. Just cause it’s exclusive and I like the Punisher am gonna get it day one!

  • looks promising, the style is kinda weired but i can dig it

  • Exclusives are good and something that the PS3 disparately needs. Keep them coming Sony!

  • I am all for full game releases on PSN

    I have even upgraded my PS3 HDD to 500GB

    But they need to tell more about this game. Is it an online only game? Does it have any story mode? What does Arena based FPS mean?

  • I will support this kind of effort, looks great.

  • wow pretty good for PSN game. Crazy how we can just download full games like this now. PS3 is almost exactly like a PC now haha

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