Qore Episode 09 Next Week – Featuring RE5, MLB 09 The Show and The Godfather II

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The February episode of Qore’s got variety and new technology.

Resident Evil 5 in QoreVision
With all the talk about the co-op game play in Resident Evil 5, the Qore team has developed a sweet new way for you to experience it. Using your PS3 controller, you can switch between character viewpoints in real-time during our walkthrough to better understand the strategies involved.

The Godfather II
Making a game based upon one of the most beloved movies in cinematic history is a huge challenge, but for The Godfather II Veronica Belmont discovered that the developers at Electronic Arts captured the spirit of the film – with sizzling blackhand combat enhancements and the new “Don’s View.”

Pitchers and Catchers Report
With baseball’s spring training getting underway this month, Audrey Cleo reports on the new features and gorgeous visuals of MLB 09 The Show.

Digital Destruction
At LucasArts in San Francisco, the Qore team breaks down the animated magic of Digital Molecular Matter – the unique technology used to create realistic destruction in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

As for downloadable content, we’ve got two new exclusive Killzone 2 themes and a voucher for the PSone classic Syphon Filter.* We’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the espionage classic created by Sony’s Bend Studio, whose latest project, Resistance: Retribution, is coming to the PSP in March.

Qore Episode 09 arrives on February 12.

* *E-mail vouchers will be provided to annual subscribers. Single episode purchasers will also receive a Syphon Filter voucher via e-mail, provided that they purchase Qore Episode 09 on or before March 31.

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  • What stood out so far after a few plays of the K2 Demo was:

    – Weapons look gorgeus
    – Controls feel great
    – Animation of soldiers dieing is amazing
    – explosions looked amazing
    – kaotic atmosphere was wicked
    – Board visuals i wasnt that impressed, I was expecting a bit more(46″ 1080p/hdmi), could it be a demo build and not final?
    – Enemy AI is best i’ve ever played wow!!!

  • I LOVE Syphon filter! you guys need to make a ps3 Syphon filter and make it like the classic ps1 games.

  • Syphon Filter! Nice!

  • Syphon Filter is one of my favorite game series =D
    i finished the first one when i was little like 10 times or something lol. i even got the whole script memorized.

  • Very Kool! I just thought it would’ve arrived by now. Maybe they had to do some changing around due to the GF II delay. Just a theory.

  • Include a PS1 game(exclusive or otherwise in every Qore ep and you’ll sell some copies).

  • Im getting the episode jsut for the ps1 game.

  • love qore, keep up the good work guys

  • ehh i already own syphon filter sorry … day1 purchased when it came out..

    Any word on bringin some ps1 games that were 2 disc on ps1 like Syphon Filter 2? i own 1 and 3 right now

    and what happened to the betas? whats comin next ps3 beta wise i kno they cancelled red alert 3 beta on ps3 a while back…

    I’d like to see a ps3 version of syphon filter like an Omega Strain II or somethin cuz i was hooked on that game on the ps2 for a long time..

  • QoreVision looks awesome! Looking forward to more cool stuff like this in Qore.

    Also, Remote Play compatibility would be greatly appreciated!

  • our friends across the pond get free killzone demo how come we dont

  • Veronica is hecka cute. And did you mention Syphon Filter!?

  • Free Syphon Filter is awesome!

  • Wow, its nice to know the huge email chain I had with Sony’s email customer service regarding the disgracefully bad handling of Home beta invites to Annual Qore subscribers resulted in NOTHING.

    The email supervisor who phoned me promised that he would pass along the email chain to someone at Qore and would try to get them to contact me to discuss it.

    Well I guess he either didn’t do it or the Qore people dont give a crap about providing good customer service.

    YOU NEED TO ABOLISH DOWNLOAD CODES. Several people don’t get them and getting the issue resolved is a nightmare. Their is no valid reason for you need download codes. You could have made this and every other item that needed a code downloadable through Qore’s download centre.

    Their needs to be a seperate email address Qore purchasers and Subscribers can use to get subscription issues quickly dealt with. You have no excuse for this.

    I swear SCEA you think of the worst possible decision you can make, then make it.

  • Two exclusive KZ2 themes, sweet. A free game, even sweeter … wait, a code that’ll be emailed? No! Please god no! I’ve gotta screwed by this code fiasco before! I never got my SOCOM beta code from Qore 1 and support was no help at all. I even had proof of purchase! Why can’t you just do what you did with the FEAR2 demo, Motorstorm PC Demo, Calling all Cars, etc. and make it unavailable until it’s up for Qore users. That’d work perfectly!

  • @ 64.

    same problems with qore as you, for a couple of the betas or demos i didnt care they were not received, then when i wanted one i was told about thru qore(being a month 1 subscriber) i never got any service/reply either.

  • is the Free ps1 game and calling all cars for the people who buy an episode or for the people who signed up for a year? , cause i wanna sign in for a year but cant find the “annual subscribtion” only episodes.

  • Um where the hell is my email? I didn’t receive any free Syphon Filter voucher.

  • I’ve been an annual subscriber since August 2007.

  • WHERE’S MY SYPHON FILTER?!? I didn’t get an email…

  • I didn’t receive my email for the Syphon Filter voucher!

    Where is it?

  • does anyone know how long it takes to get the e-mail for Syphon Filter?

  • I better get my Voucher, I bought the episode at 2pm and still no Voucher, The game is already on PSN whats the Hold up?

    I’m taking a PrntScn of your posts o you guys can’t take it back in a week like R2 Demo which took 2 months after Episode to come out for Single EPS buyers.

    * *E-mail vouchers will be provided to annual subscribers. Single episode purchasers will also receive a Syphon Filter voucher via e-mail, provided that they purchase Qore Episode 09 on or before March 31.

  • this bites. i just got Syphon Filter a few months before i got the quore membership. i shouldnt have bought Syphon Filter when i did :(

  • Seriously, I still haven’t got an email…

  • I have not recieved my voucher either. What’s the status on this?

  • Do u know when the e-mail is going to be sent out for the voucher

  • I called Sony and they are clueless. They gave me the run-around, all the time. They have no idea about Qore..lol.(sad but true), then comes the call transfers to other ppl who don’t know squat. Then comes the “go online and email one of the moderators”. What the hell is the moderator going to do?

    @64, I feel your frustration……

  • I also have not yet received a voucher. They didn’t seem to have any trouble billing me for the episode however.

  • Um, who do I contact if I didn’t get my voucher??

  • I did the online customer service thingy … I’ll receive a response in 24-48 hours. I’ll try and remember to post an update here if and when I hear anything. Based on other posts, I’m not too optimistic. It’s too bad really. I finally just starting getting into DLC. I own all consoles but I’ve only purchased from PSN as I enjoy my PS3 & PSP the most. However, their response here might have me looking elsewhere. It’s silly things like this that can lose you a customer. A simple post here by the blogger stating, we’re aware of the problem and working on resolving it or use this email to request assistance would go a long way.

  • When are the coupons for Siphon Filter being sent out? I haven’t received anything yet. :-/

  • Hm, I did an annual subscribtion and unfortunatly i got still no voucher for syphon filter in email account.

    Do have some other people the same problem?

  • I just received a response. Looks like we have a bit of a wait for the vouchers, which is weird because it is already available for purchase.

    “Thank you for writing us.

    At this time, we currently do not have an exact time frame on when the Syphon Filter vouchers will be e-mailed to those who purchased this month’s QORE episode. Vouchers are expected to be sent out to subscribers, and those who have purchased the episode, roughly between the end date of the offer up until the end of March.”

  • Man thats some crap. I bought it and still nothing. I wonder if they were even telling the truth. I wont ever buy another episode again.

  • This is getting to be really aggravating! You show this message in the download section saying that you can ‘download Syphon Filter using a voucher sent in your email’ yet you don’t say WHEN! Wth is all I have to say!

    I love Qore, don’t get me wrong, but hire people that actually care about what they’re doing because OBVIOUSLY they are very mediocre at their job. Fix it! Or maybe next time, don’t even tell us, then one day shoot us an email and be all crazy about it.. then we’ll all be happy! ;) Seriously though, this is a joke.

  • I think Sony doesn’t care too much about us customers. They seem to be more worried about selling consoles and online content, and leave us without any support when we have problem or simple questions like “when will we receive our vouchers?”.

  • Find it amusing how mad people get over silly stuff like this, personally the only thing that bugs me is that RevChuck had to email Sony to get the message that it would take some time, they should have been more up front with that in the disclaimer.

    So yeah it sucks that we don’t get the game the day of purchase, but it will happen… sounds like they want to get all the accounts who have purchased Qore together so they can do a mass emailing with the voucher. So we have to wait a month or so, the games been out for 10 years… I don’t mind waiting another month to get this classic for $2.99.

    Just sayin ;)

  • @89, yes it may be a little silly but it is very aggravating!

    They leave you with NO information on anything. And it’s not about the waiting, it’s about the information they don’t give us, when they OBVIOUSLY should. I don’t know why this is so complicating.

  • I still didn’t get the voucher for my free Syphon Filter… Why this is taking too long??

  • You’d think they would have at least addressed it here on the blog. a simple: “Hey, your code is coming, it’s just delayed. bare with us.” would be nice, and easy.

  • My voucher for SYphon Filter didnt arrive into my mailbox. Who should I contact? What should I do?

  • My suggestion is to NEVER buy another Qore episode again since this is thier way of handling it.

  • I received a response Tuesday 2/17/09 @ 11AM stating that …

    We have not yet sent the emails with the vouchers for the game yet, but expect all those who are already on the list, will receive an email within 48 hours.

    So, in theory, we should see these before the end of the week. I just wish this info was provided up front as opposed to me having to ask for it.

  • Where’s my Syphon Filter code. I am an annual subscriber — I never got the benefit of Calling All Cars, since I had already bought it….where’s my email voucher!!??!

  • HI,

    One question. If I’m playing an on-line game, will that person hear my walk up batter music that I have put in for that specific batter or the chants that I have up loaded?


  • Hey I’m an annual subscriber andseen nothing on SF But, if you read it right it says it’s available if you sign up today ,because if that’s right that means you get zilch for being a loyal annual subscriber. Can someone please clear this up. I now it’s an old PS One game but it’s the principal behind it. My year subscription is almost up and all I can remember that was cool was a very short Motorstorm 2 demo (thank you that was nice of you though). I thought a KZ2 demo would have been nice for some loyalty and Gamestop (that crappy monopoly biased company they don’t even like PS)got the right’s to that. I hate Gamestop (All they try to do is push Microsoft products on you) You should think about want loyal Playstation customers want before you force them to shop where they don’t want to Maybe I like Best Buy better of Wal-mart (who usually have the games on release day anyway. I hate gamestop(aka The Xbox Store). Enough rant. The bottom line is. What makes an annual subscription worth the value. Sorry but an good old game opened a new can of worms for me. I think I’ll just buy the episodes that appeal. I love my PS3, but why you do the things you do is beyond me. It’s like your giving everything away to the competition.

  • I did not get my Syphon Filter voucher code by email today!
    What’s going on?

  • when do I get the voucher in my e-mail? it’s been a day already since I bought qore! I wanna play some Syphon Filter! :(

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