Qore Episode 09 Next Week – Featuring RE5, MLB 09 The Show and The Godfather II

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The February episode of Qore’s got variety and new technology.

Resident Evil 5 in QoreVision
With all the talk about the co-op game play in Resident Evil 5, the Qore team has developed a sweet new way for you to experience it. Using your PS3 controller, you can switch between character viewpoints in real-time during our walkthrough to better understand the strategies involved.

The Godfather II
Making a game based upon one of the most beloved movies in cinematic history is a huge challenge, but for The Godfather II Veronica Belmont discovered that the developers at Electronic Arts captured the spirit of the film – with sizzling blackhand combat enhancements and the new “Don’s View.”

Pitchers and Catchers Report
With baseball’s spring training getting underway this month, Audrey Cleo reports on the new features and gorgeous visuals of MLB 09 The Show.

Digital Destruction
At LucasArts in San Francisco, the Qore team breaks down the animated magic of Digital Molecular Matter – the unique technology used to create realistic destruction in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

As for downloadable content, we’ve got two new exclusive Killzone 2 themes and a voucher for the PSone classic Syphon Filter.* We’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the espionage classic created by Sony’s Bend Studio, whose latest project, Resistance: Retribution, is coming to the PSP in March.

Qore Episode 09 arrives on February 12.

* *E-mail vouchers will be provided to annual subscribers. Single episode purchasers will also receive a Syphon Filter voucher via e-mail, provided that they purchase Qore Episode 09 on or before March 31.

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  • Looks like its gonna be great, can’t wait!

  • looks like a great episode…awesome looking Killzone theme too :)

  • great, content for a game (Godfather II) that’s been delayed!! otherwise can’t wait!

  • The swappable viewpoint tour of RE5 sounds pretty interesting. To be honest, I never even thought about that kind of interconnectivity. Well done! (Oh, and thanks for Syphon Filter!)

    Hey, odd idea here, but do you think we’d ever see something like an end of the year Qore compilation on a Blu-ray disc? The reason I ask is that there many segments or episodes I would like to keep, but having each episode weigh in at anywhere from 1.3 to 1.8 gigs, the hard drive starts to fill up pretty quick! Any thoughts?

  • Why didn’t sony add the KZ 2 demo to this qore episode.

  • look good and will have alot of stuff to download but i hate to go off topic but i was just wondering have anyone try downloading the k2 demo from gamestop today? i try to and it keep telling me code is invalid do i have to wait later today 2 try agin or call gamestop for a new code ? if i have to call gamestop for a new code then i will just wait to download it from the psn later today . i really hate buying games from gamestop because of problem like this am not mad just asking for help.

  • Free psOne game sounds great to me.

  • Dido, free PSONE game.

    Thanks SONY..

  • KZ2 demo today?

  • looks great.. but where is the really good downloades.im sayin this cuz i was lookin forward to a killzone 2 demo not a theme :(, but great dl 4 the ppl that dont have syphon filter.

  • have anyone had any problem downloading k2 ?

  • Cool but……why the wait till next week? Inpatient I know……

  • Glad I subscribed. :) The RE5 feature seems cool.

  • Impatient , Impatient….man we need an edit feature….lol!!

  • Godfather 2 was just super delayed so it’s not very topical.

  • See, now this makes Qore worth its money. Free PSOne game.

  • Syphon Filter for free!! I was on the fense about renewing my annual subscription. Keep up great bonuses like this and its a no brainer.

  • free ps one game is pretty cool

  • NOTIN NEW 4 ME :( CUZ I GOT SF, the ps1 gm u all hype 4

  • Thanks Kevin…always look forward to these mthly subscriptions.

  • FFVII just had their 12th Anniversary can we get that as a Downloadable game?

  • @#17 They are great, indeed. But Qore desperately needs more content. In the last episode, Veronica flew all the way out to Amsterdam and all Qore subscribers got was like a 5 minute video.

    When I hear Qore was going there, I expected and wanted interviews with the art team, the sound team, etc. I was so let down to just get one video of one person telling us a lot of things we already knew. This really felt like a wasted opportunity.

    As stated, I will renew my subscription when they give us more (and more in depth) coverage on these premier games. Qore has done it in the past, but even then subscribers should expect a little more than what we get now.

  • This episode I am very excited for. :]

  • What is the official word on Godfather 2??

  • syphon filter def sweetens the deal. ill be sure to check this out!


  • Already own Syphon Filter :(

  • Wow, don’t care for the featured games this month really, but I like what’s being done in this episode! Good job.

  • @26 We’re in the same boat.. :(

  • is it just me, or does qore look for what you’ve already downloaded and then give it to you free, come on people, give us something exclusive… like access to more beta’s

  • SF Me thinks this will make a nice psp game!

  • hmmm 6 dollars on Qore with a bunch of content that will most likely amount to a steaming pile of … you get the idea, or just buy syphon filter from the store for the same price.

    Get more and better content then we’ll talk.

  • i cant wait to see our sexy host of qore again ;-D

  • Qore is $3 champ.

  • Sweet, I’m glad to be an annual subscriber.

  • Just throwin’ this out there


    yay for Syphon Filter–never played it but you can’t argue with free.

    LOL I love in the PlayStation News you guys linked the Rise Faithful Servant Penny Arcade comic—the minute I saw that my internet fanboy kicked in and I had to direct everyone’s attention I knew to it and go on a little tirade about why I made the right choice and now PA apparently agrees haha.

    But, back on topic, YAY FOR FREEEEEEEE!

  • Wait, so we’re not getting this until NEXT week? And even then we won’t the the PS One game until the end of MARCH?


  • Resistance: Retribution DEMO should be free with Qore.. PSP 1st!!! come on SONY Please!!!

  • @33
    so you’re right…. hmmm ok I’ll take the bait if that is episode only.

  • Sony, this is how you ned to package Qore. If you start including ps1 games and stuff on a more consistent basis, if not monthly, I will be an annual subscriber.

    Get on it!!!

  • Make Qore Free, then i’ll get it. LOL

  • Cool, sounds like a good episode! Just one question, do you still get Syphon Filter if you buy the episode by itself or do you have to be an annual subscriber to get it?

  • The last bit is pretty unclear – will vouchers be sent out ‘on or before March 31’ or will vouchers be sent to people who purchase Qore ‘on or before March 31’?

  • I think this is one of the best Qore episode.
    Thanks for Syphon Filter. This is pretty nice of you guys.

  • I just played the KZ2 demo fromthe uk store and I am not really impressed. I know I earlier said I wouldn’t play it but you can’t criticize anything until you’ve tried it. A FIVE MINUTE DEMO GUYS. Come on, it’s people like “ME” that you have to impress. This didn’t. Sorry but pass this one along to the next guy. As for the quore issue, I’ll buy that for the psone game for sure. Cheerio.


    they delayed the release about a week ago until the 26th… so you can only get it a day before you’ll have the actual game… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • I just download KILLZONE 2 DEMO!!!!

    Woohooo… will post later with thoughts…

  • @46 that’s If u have not preordered from gamestop of course

  • First thursday every month my….

  • hey do u think that i could get a awesome cool free issue of Qore seeing as it is my b-day 2 morrow 6 Feb pls

    psn ID: iceman3828

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