LittleBigPlanet Valentines Pack Update

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In a world of public apologies, consider this my big fat sack-sized “I’m Sorry!”.

As some of you noted on your comments, the LBP Valentines pack is actually priced at $2.99 despite my post where it was stated as free. I welcome everyone now at this point to send me a “SACKBOY SLAP” via comments. I deserve it.

LittleBigPlanet - Sackboy Expressions Valentines Post

Don’t worry, we have tons of Free LBP DLC coming down the line so look for those announcements soon.

(hopefully I won’t have to put my foot inside my mouth again.)

– Mark

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  • aww im was loking forward to this :-(

  • whoops i not im. blog needs edit button jeff :-D

  • Awww =( Too bad… I figured it was too expensive to let go of a ton of stickers/decorations for free… But I’m looking to the day we see it ^^

  • Weak Sauce…..I am out. mainly due to your lying but also the nickle and diming is out of hand

  • it’s all good man, free or not I’m getting it!

  • Sackboy Slap!

  • lol dont worry everyone makes mistakes. LBP FTW!!

  • of the topic when is the FF7 costume pack coming? it would be great if you could answer my question. thxs!

  • Figures. . . sucks to be you.

    Just messing man. Thanks for the clarification. :)

  • Dude you didn’t set the Price … Sony did so its SCE that should say sorry not you.

  • @8 yeah im wondering to. when will we get the FF7 costumes and hopefully lvl pack? plz respond :-P

  • Since you made this mistake, would you at least answer my question I’ve posted so many times?

    Whatever happened to the first week t-shirt promised before release of LBP? You seem to be bringing content from other regions over (Toro costume and Ape Escape costume) but what about the first week t-shirt? It was released in the EU store, but not the US store. Can we have some word from you guys about this?

  • you can make up to us and release more info on future DLC like last time.


  • Nice bait and switch! I guess lying about the price is a great way to generate excitement.

  • @ FPlus, he may have assumed it was free. It has been known to be a paid DLC for a while. That’s why most of us were surprised when he mentioned it would be free.

  • I work in the customer service field and if you mention something is free thats what people want and then you say sorry now pay people get pissed off… Because of your mistake you should offer the DL content for free for a few days than put a price on it to be fair…

  • While I’m sad to hear it won’t be a free update, I’m glad we’re getting them again at least. :)

    On a side note, hopefully someone here can help me.

    Whenever I try to play LBP now, I get a red screen and it fails to load the game. I have to manually restart my PS3 since the XMB doesn’t even come up. Is this the infamous crash linked to having too many community objects in my profile? This is supposed to be fixed with the new patch that’s coming correct? I don’t want to start over after finally acing all the levels a few days ago. :-(

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Never heard of this occurrence (red screen at least). Let me forward to our PD groups and try to get an answer for you.

  • Don’t worry mistakes happen all the time, it’s just too bad that it had to happen that time :(
    *Sackboy Slap!!*

  • Your screwed up and said it….

    YOU should MAKE IT FREE!


  • Ha, no worries Mark, I think we all knew deep down free was too good to be true.

  • Mistakes happen, I can live with that. Let’s just not make it a habit.


  • @20
    Why the heck is free too good to be true? It’s not like it includes new game play aspects. It was posted as free on both LBP Workshop and the PSBLOG. Adjust the prices for the people who dealt with your launch problems and meaningless delay. This pack should be free.

  • its all good. free or not im buying it anyways. BTW, when are we going to see Helgan Sackboy or FF7 customes?

  • Or maybe you should just realize that making us pay for nothing more than stickers and costumes is stupid. I’ll gladly play for new levels like the MGS pack, but I refuse to pay for decorations.

  • Thats ok, the stuff you pay for is never worth it anyway. But the free stuff is cool.


    P.S. SOLD, LOL!!! :D

  • you can also release some sackboy avatars

    so i can ditch this grey face


    I really wanted this for free!


  • Avatar photo

    FYI, Mark didn’t screw up, I did (he’s just being a nice guy and is trying to take a bullet for me). We’ve been throwing a lot of content his way and I did not get him the proper info in time (which was the price for this content). We’re making adjustments to the info pipeline and this shouldn’t happen again.

    Part of the reason why this content is not free is because of the amount of time and effort on Media Molecule’s part and we really do need to compensate them accordingly (it’s more than just a costume pack – there are new stickers and materials that come with it).

    Again, my deepest apologies for the miscommunication and I will do everything in my power to ensure it never happens again.


    PS – Thank you, PSN team, for the quick turn-around on the adjustment and thank you loyal LBP fans for your understanding (if you see me on the streets, please feel free to punch me in the face).

  • @ alpjor

    I agree, a “time sensitive” sticker/decoration/costume pack is unnecessary. They pressure you to purchase it, or else it will be gone forever.

    Add something meaningful, and I will bite.

  • wheres the store update?

  • It happens, Mark. We still love you, man. Now how about some Killzone 2 DLC? That’d be awesome!

  • heh lol

  • screw slaping mark lets have a big sack boy slap to something that deserves it like that 2.99 price tag.

  • i knew it…i have seen in other place that it will cost 2.99 o well c’est la vie

  • Oops…oh well; everyone makes mistakes. I’ll still be buying it for my daughter; she loves all the costumes. Sometimes I think she likes the costumes more than actually playing the game.

  • Well, at least now you’re officially supporting Valentine’s Day like the greeting card companies that created the day are.

  • pssh. I’m not paying $3 for heart shaped glasses and a rose.

  • Bait and switch.

  • I’ll pay, love the LBP!

  • RRRRrrrr

    “SACKBOY SLAP” !!!!

  • Either way, I’m still getting it. New Materials and Stickers alone are worth it for a more unique level making experience. Can’t wait.

    I must say though, fix the fricken server issues please. The “failed to load all player profiles” seriously hamper the fun.

    Oh yeah, more level packs please! Keep up the awesome work.

  • I know this stuff has its audience.. but charging for THIS?

    I love LBP and all, but it seems like a weekly milk machine. If you release more DLC like the MGS one (ie some actual levels) then i’ll bite, but otherwise nay.

  • its ok, maybe next time


  • You know what its the honesty that counts here and the fact you have made effort to correct it. Hats of to you. Thats why PSN is the gaming network of the future.


  • SLAP!!!!!


    Wish it was free… :(

  • You should let some of your creative fans do some work for you. Give us a “developer kit” that allows us to design our own stickers and items that we can send to you.

    You pick out the best of however many whatever and compile them into a free Community Pack #1, #2 etc…

    Everyone Wins!

  • I’m sending you a Sackboy Slap as well as $2.99. You guys have really done an awesome job spoiling us with so much free stuff. You guys deserve some rewards for rewarding us so much. Happy V-Day. :)

  • You can safely blame the mistake on your sub-conscience. It was probably too ashamed to let you stick a $2.99 price tag on something that clearly should have been a give-away.

  • @bigdaddykraven I like your idea.

    Mm, take that idea and make it happen.

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