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Sure, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. But if you’re not a football fan, a reader outside of the US, or just a bitter, still-not-over-it Eagles fan like myself who can’t bear to watch the game this year – here’s something to look forward to for tomorrow: Killzone 2 reviews.

IGN’s North American-exclusive review checked in late last week with an “Outstanding” 9.4 (link below), and you’ll see a lot more hit tomorrow. It doesn’t make the wait for the game go by any faster, but it does help reassure you that the wait til February 27th will be well worth it.

Here is the rest of what we read this week, and you may notice there are no links to PS3 or PSP Fanboy. Those sites have coalesced into Joystiq [PlayStation], which looks great and links to us a lot ;-)

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 26, 2009)

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  • yeah, lovin’ the KZ2 reveiws. it’s at 95% in metacritic. but for some reason, only 6.3 in the user reveiew portion. i blame xbots

  • Right, the KILLZONE 2 reviews are coming in very positive. And I cant wait for flower, @ $9.99 first day for me.

  • Pre-Ordered kill-zone 2 today hope its worth the buy.

    Finally got my ps3 friday :D its awesome , perfer Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD

    I want Street Fighter 4 so badly.

  • Thanks for the post Jeff!

    Jeff how as the response to the Playstation Blog survey been? Been getting alot of submissions? What do you think of the suggestions people have suggested? And when can we expect Episode 1 of The Official Playstation Podcast? :D

    Since the cowboys didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Go Cards!

    • We\’ve been getting a crazy amount of responses – we all made bets on how many we\’d get, and all numbers were surpassed in less than 24 hours. Polls remain open til Wednesday!

  • Can’t wait to read them KZ2 reviews :P
    (I just picked up Left 4 Dead for PC last weekend to keep me happy until KZ2s full release)

    And seeing as how the Patriots didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, I don’t care who wins or losses.

  • Jeff,

    There is alot of debate as to whether or not the ‘Teamwork Trailer’ for KillZone 2 is actually the ad we’ll see for Superbowl. If you haven’t seen this particular rumoured ad, just search it on YouTube e.g. “KillZone 2 Superbowl Ad”.

    Is it an official ad? And is it really for the Superbowl?

  • can’t wait for KZ2.. these days r going by so slowly.. =/

  • i heard there was a KZ2 ad aimed more towards the super bowl.. idk if we’re talking about the same 1 here.

  • really enjoyed the article about how the ps3s graphics will become even better than 360s, more so than they already are. i can already see a huge difference. i dont see how the s3s graphics can get any better.

    btw KILLZONE 2!!

  • I don’t see it up there, but I’d like to let everyone know that Mirror’s Edge is currently on sale at Target for $39.99 between now and Saturday. I plan to pick it up on Thursday, hopefully.

  • @Jeff

    i have:


    1-is there any plans to make an ad for KillZone 2 in Superbowl?

    2-is there any plans to bring KillZone 2 bandel to the US?

  • i sold my socom CRAPfrontation

  • will killzone 2 airing at superbowl at all? i hope so would be good idea for teh game. but just seen them talkin on the news about each commercial costs about 2 million to air during the superbowl. thats crazy

  • HAHAHA I told you that the PS3 could still be pushed I posted the exact same thing that PSX posted about being graphically superior. Let me take a quote from what I posted on the forums. “the PS3 is still only being seen for what it has and will eventually become superior in all categories,game devs haven’t even pushed the PS3 while they are trying to find a way to push the other console. Trust me PS3 will prevail. AGAIN”

    Or maybe it’s just my fanboyism being displayed in that post. :D

  • How cool is it that those elementary schools are using PSP’s??? I’m jealous (although Oregon Trail was pretty awesome).

  • Wow, great a lot about KZ2!

    Jeff, a request!
    Could we have more videos in the next update or the followings, like more Movie Trailers, maybe some SONY abstract ads and of course the “ballet of Death” Killzone 2 slow-mo video if possible.


  • Looking forward to a PS Blog podcast! :D

  • So jeff since it’s not an official trailer. is there chance of one airing surprisingly during the superbowl… BTW who are you rooting for?

    And is it wishful thinking to want to see a KZ2 add in perhaps the most televised event in NA this month?

  • That “sexy chick magnet” article is a bit dubious…

    “The Dual Shock 3 fits her cute hand better”


  • Killzone 2 Prompts Local AV Club to Burn Xboxs « Hardcasual. Read it and can’t help but think that these guys are a bit extreme. If I had a 360, I would’ve sold the 360 or traded it in or offered it as a family member. Or, just kept it and played any other exclusives for that console.

  • @Jeff
    I am guessing you guys are loving all the positive Killzone 2 reviews so far. Do you have any idea when we might start seeing Killzone 2 commercials? Sony really need to advertise this game.

  • Jeff a Philadelphia Eagles theme would make me feel a little better :)

    Go Steelers!!!!!

  • Why does it seem like the New York Times is infinitely disconnected from the gaming community. I mean seriously it’s like they were in a coma from 1996 until 2007. That whole deal about games disappearing into the relm were most fads go is BS. I think that guy is getting 1984 confused with 2004.

    Seriously I don’t care how positive that spins the industry, I have never seen a bigger steam pile of ninja sauce in my life since the garbage posted on the message boards.

  • I will be hugely surprised if KillZone has a superbowl ad considering that SCEE’s is doing a 2.8 million ad spree and just 30 seconds of a superbowl ad can surpass that amount I highly doubt it will happen.

  • There was some news on Under Siege… but I was disappointed to find it wasn’t the long awaited Steven Seagal game. :(

  • When is the superbowl ad of Killzone 2 air?

  • KZ2 Needs to be advertised Everywhere.

    You need to be Relentless SONY.

  • Your an Eagles fan? Awesome!!!

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLESS!!!

    we’ll be back, keeep the faith Jeff!

    Killzone 2 FTW

  • I want my KZ2 demo now please. :-)

    Thanks for the links, Jeff.


  • Eagles Suck! I live in philly and I dislike most Eagles fans. Such a bad team, and even worse fans. You will always be disappointed by them. Just hop on another team’s bandwagon.

    And that was a sad waste of 360’s. Alot of poor, should’ve converted them into toilets.

  • Sony needs to start advertising for KZ2.

    btw jeff, i am still annoyed you have more trophies than me >:(


  • Get out of philly angel,

    we stay loyal to our teams no matter what, bandwagoners are the scum of the earth!


  • i really i hope i see a killzone 2 ad in the super bowl or at least anything ps3 related

  • illmatic, what’s worse is that my brother is a Cowboys fan.

    And I cant wait for this Fat princess release date. It’s gonna rock.

  • Jeff, I have a question..

    Do people from SCEA are aware of the unbelievable lack of advertisement? Is the marketing team is on general leave, or are they just playing games all day?…

    I don’t ask this as being a rant, but it is the first time I see people, BEGGING a company to advertise its products. I thought company had to advertise to convince people to buy their products, but really, this is getting way out of hand, Sony needs to set up (way up) in the advertising department, or get a new one. Just like you have done a great job with this blog, I don’t see why they can to a better (way way better) job advertising their products.

    I would like to read about your thoughts on this, and better yet, it would be amazing if the head of the advertising team at Sony could make a post (here or in the forums) about this complete lack of advertising.

    Thank you very much, and you keep the great job you are doing with the blog. Everyday is getting better.

  • At least your team was good. Imagine being a Seahawk’s fan. Not only did we endure injuries like no other (46 different starters with one game to go, all starting olineman gone to ir, etc..) a divisional rival who wasn’t a good team in the regular season and a team that got handed your franchise’s first superbowl by the refs is playing. This isn’t fair. I blame the Giants.

  • I’m sorry that the Superbowl ad is a fake. especially as Microsoft advertised Halo 3 in a previous Superbowl. It seems that Sony have got this great game on their hands and they don’t seem to want to tell anybody about it? Review scores are great, but why not tell the wider public?

  • Hey Jeff i have a question

    What your opinion on the EU forums users setting up there own blog for the EU? It was set up a couple of weeks ago and is doing very well. The devs of the PSN game Magic Ball have already signed on with them.
    I think its about time we had some proactive thinking from us Europeans as SCEE can seem to be bothered at setting up there own “proper” one.

    I am asking of what you think of it and are you wishing to give it any support?

    Here is the link:

    I do hope you answer this, Thanks

  • Watching the Super Bowl just to see PS3/Killzone ads.

  • I love the smell of burnt Xboxs in the morning.

  • All I hope for is that we get Killzone 2 ads next week. That would be the perfect time.

    “They will know Hellghan belong to the Hellghast”


  • Hey Jeff, any chance you guys have a few spare KZ2 demo codes lying around for us EU guys? I know we’re getting a demo, but the wait over our US friends is a big one!

    My LE [steel case] copy is pre-ordered on Shop-To already ;)

  • yay! flower preview on IGN, game looks gorgeous cannot wait.


  • Hey Jeff! (And everyone else really), check this out.

    Honestly, if we could get something like that to happen, i would be lolling my pants daily at the 360 guys. Innovative, different, and pure genius. :)

  • I’m with ya Jeff; Eagles should be playing right now.

    I’m only watching it for the commercials (No Killzone ad?!)

    That last play was P.I!

    Oh well, hope you all had a good week.

  • WHAT?!?!?!?! NO KILLZONE ADD???!??!?!?!?!?!

  • “Yeah, there’s been a lot of craziness with the ‘user’ scores of Metacritic recently. Reader beware.”

    Hah! I think that should be for Metacritic as a whole! How anyone can base whether a game is any good or not on these ‘average score’ sites is beyond me. There have been plenty of games with awesome aggregated scores that were terrible and others with really low aggregated scores that were amazing. Everybody (with an ounce of sense) knows it, but the ad men and the fanboys won’t leave it be…

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