The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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  • A lot of good posts this week, we could use some more news on Killzone 2 though.

  • @1
    Killzone 2 come out in 27 days and it’s going to rock this universe!
    What more would you like to know?
    Just be patient all will be revealed …

  • what we can use is to move forward the KZ2 release date! come on, with all the reviews that came out, we all ready know everything about this game.

    i’m so excited to get this game. KZ2 has been gold for days now. at least, allow retailers to break the street date. please.

  • @3
    Gold just means it’s done and the master is off to replication I very much doubt any retailers have copies of the game yet.

    They have to replicate print and package millions of these also being Blu-rays, I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think every replication house in the world is capable of doing Blu-ray yet so it has to get in line with all the other runs the replicator is doing. Then being a worldwide release, or very close to, they all have to ship out and be received the the respective retailers.

    Not to mention the replications will most likely be play tested to ensure that we don’t end up with a bunch of bad discs when it time for us to consume them.

    Yes and chances are the disc replicatior is not doing the booklet and insert printing so it all has to be brought together.

    Hey Sony and PSBlog why don’t you take us through this process with pictures and videos? I would love to see how this goes down, and to see these advanced facilities would sure be cool if we could.

  • Please amend my survery I want a “video game life cycle” feature from concept through green light through development and production all the way down the line to packaging and shipping.
    That would be fun and probably very informative.
    Hey come on NDA’s are not match for the PS Blog crew! Right? … Right?

  • Speaking of Socom jow about an explanation for the constant delay of Socom for Europe!

  • @4
    i just want this out earlier because i scheduled my vacation on feb 14 to mar 7. that just gives me 1 week of killzowning you guys online. i blame IGN for putting feb 14 as the release date at the time i filed my vacation.

  • Spelling mistake on number 6, was supposed to be:

    Speaking of Socom how about an explanation for the constant delay of Socom for Europe!

  • speaking of socom!!! tell them to fix the servers lag! its quite annoying when R2 and warhawk are completly lag free but socom still has hiccups 4 months after release. my european friend u may want to wait a lil while cause socom has not started strong :( really saddens me as a sony/socom fan

  • weird. Is it just me or is this post between two posts from yesterday? Are you trying something new here or is it that you want the survey post to be what readers first see when visiting?

  • I’m still warming up to Socom but the lag is pretty annoying. I guess it’s a requirement of tactical shooters because Metal Gear Online is pretty bad too.

  • i heard that killzone 2 is just a bootlake version of cod4

  • probably you have lousy connection afrosheen

  • If you wanna give us some news that would make me happier than anything…tell us when we’re gonna get Dead Rising on the PS3.

    PLEASE GIVE US DEAD RISING!!! I’M ON MY KNEES PLEADING WITH YOU!!! I’ll run straight in and buy it when it comes out…plus i work at Wal-mart so i’ll make everyone else buy it too. PLEASE!!! :(

  • my friend who has always been an xbox fanboy who hated ps3 just got a ps3 tonight and he’s so excited…lol. things change quickly.

  • Please, beg slant six to make the party system more like call of duty 4 or 5. Joining games with clans is still very bad. The game is putting people off, it’s a good game, but the network interface is really putting people off. Me being one of them.


  • Between Bioshock, World At War double xp weekend, and the superbowl i’ve not gotten much sleep.

    @ afrosheen

    It’s either you or crappy servers, the few times I played Socom and it didn’t crash, or freeze on me it was fine.

  • I want kz2 adds. that’s all i am saying.

  • wow only 18 posts with in 12 hours wow no one is here and i wish that they would have the FLOWER Chat on the PSU forums there hasnt been any there for ges bring it back please

  • I had a rivalry going with some person from the internets this week, we settled it in Socom. Me and Him, Mono a Mono. Like the Old West. We started out in Crossroads for a 4 round match which I won every single one. This guy has sent me threatening emails and psn messages but I figured Socom was the best place to settle it. Thanks guys for giving me a venue to exact a mean gritty Ultimate Throwdown. Later tonight his clan came on and battled the one I am in. We won 6 straight against his clan and 8 other players. There was only 8 of us.

    See a positive for Socom. Instead of real world violence I just owned him in there. Can we have new map packs now?


    I just saw a trailer for a horror movie called “The Midnight Meat Train”… How innuendic is that???

  • About the what do you think of savage moon, it’s good. But it’s incredibly difficult. One of the hardest games i’ve played. Although i’m not good with strategy either. Still check it out. Definitely a lot of fun and well worth the money

  • i know i speak for everyone when i say, Can we please get a beta for Killzone 2’s online so we can get the fell of the game. That would be great. =D

  • its mest up sony, that i can check ou the ps store, but u still wont let me sign in cause one mistake, your just mocking me, its just not right

  • Guys. Start pimping Killzone 2. You should have had a blog post highlighting all the good reviews already. Be nice to have a section in the sidebar detailing top downloads/top selling games too instead of linking to external sites.

  • Just to set it out on the table. I am planning on playing through Killzone 1 and Killzone Liberation before jumping into Killzone 2. Now I already have the UMD version of the game, but I think I can find some money to buy another copy off of an online digital delivery service if it were to show up there (on the US servers). I’m just saying.

    Anyways, great week for PS3. Sunday is Febuary 1st, and that means this is the official first week of Killzone 2 month. I have already pre-ordered from Amazon, but I doubt I will be able to wait tell it ships. I may just have to buy a copy from Walmart after work. Hope the marketing team can get me a ton of players to have a blast with from day one.

    One last thought.

    This goes out to Capcom

    SF4 + PSN = $NH

    Money In Hand for thouse that don’t see were I was heading with that.

  • killzone blows…………

  • How about somebody in a position of power tell us why Socom is on the back burner in regards to support from Sony?. Missing features still 3 months later which is clearly false advertisement…how do you publish and allow the game to be released like this?. Crap servers, frequent frame rate drops, disconnects, Loads of servers issues, Latency issues. How can Sony boast about the PSN when one of your Exclusive titles which is Online Only has a CRAP LOAD of ONLINE ISSUES. Dont you think you would want to get the Online part right? But I’m sure nobody of importance will reply to this and this rant was for nothing. Multi-billion dollar companys constantly screwin the consumer Good JOB Sony and Slant Six

  • When you live in the west coast you become so soft that fixing Home is more important than fixing games. I am holding off on KZ2 till I know that the servers work as they should. You buy KZ2 with the way every first party OL game that Sony has had failed for months and months after release. You lose your right to complain when it becomes an absolute mess. They set up to have reviews come out early to achieve higher scores do to a more controlled environment.

  • what happened to the “what we read” post this week? did i miss it or something?


  • i agree lots of good stuff this week. but we need more in kz2

  • Chris Morell can you confirm if the Killzone trailer on gamespy is a Superbowl Ad or is it a fake.

  • @grumpy: I’ve heard that the moon is made from cheese. Hearing something doesn’t mean you’re stupid enough to believe it I hope.

    Personally, I haven’t heard anyone ignorant enough to claim KZ2 is a knock-off of CoD[45] but there’s always that blind person saying the sky is green and grass is red.

    I played a pre-alpha copy of KZ2 at the Holiday preview event in Toronto back in December, and I can tell you it certainly looked and played a lot different from any CoD title.

  • i sold my socom CRAPfrontation

  • RE5 is available on the Japanese PS Store right now!! lol

  • Can you guys drop the SOCOM part from this blog? Just seeing that logo leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Is there somewhere we can get refunded our money? Or do you have plans to actually finish the game (ie: with all the features listed on the box and in the manual)?

  • SOCOM has always been the game my clan enjoys playing the most; we’ve tried RSV, CoD, Mercs, GTA, KZ, Resistance, and all the rest, but we’ve always been drawn back to the glory that WAS SOCOM II.

    When S3 and SCA came out we were disappointed, but still rallied behind it because it was SOCOM. However with the release of Confrontation (we really don’t even call it SOCOM anymore sadly), we’ve had several long time players drop it for other games.

    Sony really dropped the ball by not having the guys at Zipper work on this VERY IMPORTANT title. There are so many things that I hear people talk about in just about every game I play. About the way things were in S2, why don’t we have this anymore, why can’t we do this, remember when this was possible.

    It’s just sad that when you come to the new age of gaming platforms that you’re drawn to an age that’s past and wishing you could go back to playing that game.

    The guys at /6 really need to go back and play S2 so they know which features they need to bring back to the game. Oh yeah, AND MORE MAPS!!!

  • I cant believe that anything to do with the franchise that Slant 6 slaughtered is posted on here. The only saving grace that game had is that it allowed you to purchase the game for 10 bucks if you got the headset combo. Slant 6 you get no more money from me or anyone else that you robbed with this last release.

    Bring back Socom 2 on the PSN to be played online only. No disc…use the psn download to stop people from using usb loaders, cheat discs..etc….Zipper could not utilize a hard drive everything had to be addressed through the memory card. These clowns at Slant 6 have a hard drive to work with, only 7 maps to look into 3 were old, its an online only title (you cant even split screen it to avoid the lag) and they still could not get this game to work properly.


  • Hi Chris

    Firstly glad to see your a radiohead fan.

    secondly will EU get flower and Bejewlled2 not long after the USA?



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