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Hey there, PlayStation.Blog reader! You may have noticed the addition of Chris Morell to our staff in December. If not, I encourage you to head over to his Flower interview and giggle at the freeze-frame there. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

There, wasn’t that worth it?

Besides making faces for the camera, Chris has enabled us, your PlayStation Social Media Team, to think a bit more expansively. We want to do more with our existing Facebook and Twitter accounts. We want to produce more video (and audio?) content for the Blog. Basically, to do more of the stuff that you like, and to do the things you already like, only better.

But what, exactly, *do* you like? That leads us the the first ever PlayStation.Blog Readers Survey. We’ve crafted together a fairly short web survey to ask you about your experience with the Blog, and a tiny bit more about your larger interactions with PlayStation. Don’t worry, there are no uncomfortable questions like “How much money do you make in a year?” or “How did you do on your SATs?” or “Really that’s it? Don’t you think you should’ve studied more?” Rather, the questions will be used directly to craft new content and, perhaps, new applications that you will love from Day 1.

PlayStation.Blog Reader Survey

Please click here to start the survey. You’ll be redirected to another site, but you will *not* be asked *any* personal information (not even an email address), and you will not be spammed, harassed, or made fun of in any way for having too few Trophies. And if you don’t want to answer the questions that don’t have an asterisk next to them (about half), you don’t even have to.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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  • Thx for listening to us sony! u rock!

  • Okay, will do.

  • Glad you listen to us. =)

  • took it. really wish you would have asked for our PSN names.

    I made a suggestion that you guys should add an active chat area (java application) to the blog where users that are online can go to and chat real time with other users online.

    I think that would be really cool to have.

  • always looking forward to new features/expansions here on the blog. people would barely recognize it comparing what we have now compared to when you guys first launched it. i’m proud to say ive been here since day 1 and love everything you guys have done with the place.


  • Some good questions, especially happy there was at least a question about content from other regions.

    Also, Gran Turismo 5 better be out this year or I’ll look stupid, don’t make me look stupid. :P

  • Done! Now give me a trophy, or at the very least access to the Killzone 2 demo. K thx bai!

  • The survey wasn’t that hard. And it wasn’t long either… :)

  • Great to know you are listening. I liked the question about “games we’re excited for this year”….

    Lets make sure GT5 hits in 2009!

  • Are we supposed to start the survey on question 15? The link takes me to 67% completed for the survey.

  • @11: Sorry my mistake, ignore my previous post.

  • You’re supposed to attach a giveaway/drawing to these surveys! Don’t you know how the interwebz works?

  • Would be nice if you mentioned something for psn account mergers

  • I actually think the PS blog is fine, i like the live chat idea someone had, but i fear it’ll just get spammed and trolled…

    More videos from you guys would be great, and instead of audio-only podcasts, make it video too

  • I commented about wanting more interviews with 3rd party developers/publishers. Some of the more obscure games like Valkyria Chronicles always seem to get very little “spotlight time” when compared to 1st party titles. I know this is the PS Blog (so I understand we’re going to see more about 1st party titles), but you guys should encourage more 3rd party guys to come around here more often. John from Capcom is here all the time, I want that from other publishers as well. Any way to convince other company reps to come around here more often?

    • We actually had Chris from Sega on to talk Valkyria a few times. The door is open to 3rd party devs – some just take advantage of it more than others.

      That being said, expect to see some more – we\’ve already had, by my count, 13 3rd party posts this month.

  • nice servey i took itvery nice i would like more beta’s for the ps3 though any if you know any coming soon?

  • where’s my survey jeff haha I kid, keep up the good work….off topic, when will there be a playstation meet up?

  • Do a podcast! This is not a request, but an order.

  • whoops i meant survey trophy lol jus made myself look like an idiot lol…oh well

  • nice, taking the survey now. :) :) :)

  • How Deeply will this affect how sony makes decisions?

    people just want more marketing, and in-game invites and cross-chats and stuff.

    • The stuff we asked on the survey, for the most part, were about things that we control on the Social Media team.

      That\’s why we didn\’t ask about firmware, specific titles, or what kinds of puppies you like.

  • I would hate to see a PlayStation.Blog audio program. Those tend to end up focusing too much on the individual personalities and less on raw gaming information.

    There is huge amounts of Home updates and content in the pipline but there is no weekly Home update like Store and Video store have.

    The poor sods in Europe are getting a lot of their PS3 news from this awesome blog but very often it isn’t clear if things like the EA Sports Complex are just for the US or for Europe too.

    The rate this post indicator seems a little pointless. The comments speak for themselves.

    Developers need to be required to answer a minimum number of questions in their blog entries instead of just posting an running.

    Trophy level next to each person’s name would be a nice and easy way to filter out the Xbox fanboys who troll the blog daily.

    Just some stuff off the top of my head. You guys are doing a fantastic job. This blog has been an incredible improvement compared to previous Sony feedback and news.

    I would add that when in doubt about something more info is better than silence. Even if you just let everyone know there is no info yet and understand people are anxiously waiting for news on releases or updates.

  • ima take it now

  • I done the survey, I also mentioned SCEE on it. So you know which one is mine :) ;P

    Good job Blog


  • @JEFF


  • NP. all dun…
    and Yay I can use my PSN ID nao! Wahoo! Finally I can comment again…

  • Cool survey! Hope it helps with making the blog better! :)

  • Yep just did the survey

  • Very Nice survey hope it helps you guys here at the blog and all the other guys Over ar SCEA for us providing you with our gaming stats and play times.

  • Survey complete. Happy to help, Jeff.

  • If you do decide to start a podcast, I’d recommend that you guys look into making the podcast available in iTunes. :)

    • That would be the plan. I am addicted to listening to podcasts on my way to work, so take the survey and tell us what kind of subject matter you\’d like to hear in a podcast!

  • yeah podcast

  • Oh yeah, I’d love a podcast, by the way, especially if you can get a new developer every week/two weeks/month just to, more or less, have an extended version of the videos with devs, but maybe more casual, just talking about games, how things are, sports, music, whatever, just entertaining, but also so news in there.

  • Thanks for listening to us. The survey had very good questions imo and I really would like to see an audio podcast in the future!

  • Took the survey. Looking forward to see the results, that is, if we get to see them. :-p

  • Happy to help

  • Will do.
    Glad to help to the blog.

  • Officially… this is my first PlayStation.Blog Comment. :] Thanks for the great time Sony! Keep up the great work! :D

  • This is a great idea, and my feedback was rather extensive, so I hope that you don’t just search them for keywords, as much as my hopes that you read them are probably unrealistic. Thanks anyways!

    PS – to Sony Computer Entertainment in general, take note of the things that we are saying as a community, especially in these surveys and do NOT underestimate the power you have in the market these days. Surveys like this one help to make your brand more accessible and give the dedicated fans like me satisfaction in our supporting of your company. Thanks again.

  • To answer one of the questions: YES WE WANT A OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION PODCAST! :D

  • I like surveys. Is that weird? Now, where’s my Survey Trophy. >.<

  • PSN Podcast!!!


    “yeah podcast”

    “Oh yeah, I’d love a podcast,”

    Oh god…

    We already Pulse which is very good.

    With the PS2+PS3+PSP+Home+BluRay+PSN Store+PSN Video Store we don’t need Sony wasting time with some stupid podcast.

    More news and blog features.

  • Just keep up the good work Jeff. See you in SFIV for some rematches!

  • Killzone 2 in 28 days!!

  • I took the survey!

  • This was a good idea, show you guys pay attention to the community

  • I done it ;) Now where is my Free copy of KillZone 2! ;-D (JOKE) ;)

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