MotorStorm Pacific Rift Game Update Just Around the Corner!

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The first major update for MotorStorm Pacific Rift is currently in the final stages of development and testing. This update contains many improvements and amendments to the game, as well as fixes to several issues reported on the forum, and is scheduled for release in the near future.

Details of the first update:

  • Restrictions to the copying of Saved Data have been removed. This will make it possible for Saved Data to be backed up and then restored to the User Account it was created under (whether that’s on the same PLAYSTATION 3 or not).*
  • Changes to the way the game handles data. These changes will help to prevent Saved Data corruption.
  • Visual notification of critical save progress has been added. A ‘MotorStorm Helmet’ icon will be displayed on-screen to warn users that critical data is being saved. This is in addition to the HDD Access light which currently flashes while the game makes a critical save.
  • The glitch which enables a player to exploit the Boost system has been removed. The development team are working to identify which times have been achieved using this glitch; Action will be taken to ensure that the Leaderboards become genuinely competitive again.
  • Time Attack times and Rank information will update correctly for all players. Any pending Time Attack times will begin to filter through systematically and the online Ranks should display correctly once the update is released.
  • Additional fixes and improvements to gameplay. Many thanks for your feedback on these and other issues so far; we are still investigating the other issues that have been brought to our attention.

Should you notice anything about the game that you feel needs to be brought to our attention, please let us know via the forums.

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  • Nice work! <_< I find it odd though that there was another boost exploit. The first one had it… I would think that the devs would specifically be on the look out for something similar in their next game.

  • Need to buy this game. =)

  • savegame protection thing is one of the most things ive waited for, cuz I somehow deleted my save so ive stopped playing for the last 2 weeks !!

    good work and thanks alot guys

  • game looks good i may have to pick this one up. is the online addictive?

  • Any chance you could highlight what the “Changes and improvements in Gameplay” are?


  • Argh I still need to pick this game up!

  • Great, I’ve been wanting to play this game, but was afraid my progress would be lost and I would have to start over. Thanks for finally listening to us Evo. :)

  • Wow, it’s about time Evolution!! Thanks for the news. We’ve all been waiting impatiently on the Playstation Forums for this patch. So many of us got our save files corrupted and were forced to start over. Let me say it is very painful to experience that after you’ve practically beaten the entire game!!

  • Nice! Keep up the good work!

  • I wish you guys didn’t lock the save! If something happens to my PS3, it wont transfer over to another one…that’s kind of BS, I wish developers would stop doing that!

  • actually…I read it wrong. Sorry for my last post.
    THANK YOU for unlocking the save!

  • Will the UK/Europe get this patch at the same time as the US?

    There’s been a growing trend of updates and patches showing up in Europe later, sometimes months, than the US…

  • SWEET!!! ;-P
    ‘Restrictions to the copying of Saved Data have been removed’
    Cool;) I always back-up my game saves to Memory Card. Glad i can back up MotorStorm 2 now. Thanks;)

    Excellent game it is to;)

  • “Should you notice anything about the game that you feel needs to be brought to our attention”

    Was that supposed to be a joke?

    How many people have repeatedly told you about the UTTERLY INANE

    Complete a Split-Screen race with 4 players


    WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? 95 percent of people who own the game will never be able to get the Plat Trophy for the game because of that single idiotic blunder.

  • WHERE THE HECK IS THE FIX FOR VOICE CHAT?!?!?!? Voice Chat is very delayed in this game online and makes it unenjoyable for online racing. I also agree with TerryVSL, PLESE MAKE THAT TROPHY UNREQUIRED.

  • Here’s to hoping they “ease up” on the Ranks 7 & 8 AI. I get that they are supposed to gun for you, but that they can use the ramming attacks the moment a race starts simply isn’t fair.

    Any word on when the first DLC will be arriving?

  • @TerryVSL

    Probably the same thing Criterion was thinking when they mandated a trophy requiring a usb camera was neccessary for the platinum trophy. Any way that ranked streak one is the truly evil trophy. I wish they would modify it so non-ranked online race wins would count towards it to. Casual races are the only ones I ever stand a chance in. :(

  • i got this game, but thanks to Psn, i cant sign in, so iam going xbox now, never thought this day would come, screw u sony,

  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • my ps3 just recently broke, i backed up all my data for when i swapped it out but motorstorm wouldnt copy over, why was this so late T_T, i was so close to finishing it too and now i have to start all over again, this is so unfair T_T, thanks for the support though, its a great game so while im not looking forward to re-doing everything all over again im sure ill still wind up enjoying a lot of it (except for re doing so many of those speed races :/ )

  • Evolution Studios is encouraging you to branch and leave your shell temporarily with that 4 player trophy. You should have 3 friends to play with. If you don’t, you’re doing something wrong!!

  • It’s always nice to see developers updating games after they are released. It means you are paying attention to what the gamers have to say. Thanks.

  • I thought there’d be a bigger update, its been a while since the release so I just assumed..

    but there must be a bigger one coming right?

    btw I love M2:PR its amazing, I have about 6 more tracks before I beat the game.

  • man i want to get this game soo bad! need money!

  • Great news! Now when can we expect the (free) DLC for this game?

  • Yes, you guys really need to get this game. Even casual race fans. It’s great for all skill levels. It’s the most fun, intense racing game ever made. And imo, as a gamer for well over 20, with racing always being my fav genre, and not even being an off-road race fan ever. I’ve always been a sim guy. I consider Pacific Rift the best racing game ever made.

    Anyway, thanks for the great game guys. I like the update. I have a couple questions/requests though?
    Is there an unlock codes for the vehicles. Look, I love the game, and I love the challenge. But I.maxed out exp bar, all medals in the races, only a few not gold. My level is maxed out online, and I havn’t opened the dump truck. I can’t get any more golds in these last couple events, and I’ll never do that much time attack, Exactly what has to be done to open the dump truck? Is it that rediculous TA trophy?

    Also, please change the 4 player split screen trophy to just a splitscreen race. None of my real life friends are gamers, and I’m not buying 2 more controllers for a trophy.

    I can’t wait for DLC. PSN cards werent out on the 1st so I missed out on all that DLC. I have PSN cards now, so I’ll be buying whatever you put out for PR. Thanks

  • Great game gents, sorely underrated in my opinion :) About this glitch, does it result with your fellow racers bouncing/spawning around the track? I had a run of good games online only to land in a race where this occurred, I’ve not been online since. Also I remember the first game had this too and I stopped playing online because of it.

    Also does anybody know how to turn off the name tags of other drivers, I somehow toggled this on and can’t turn it off :(

  • Cool. When will this game be supported for game launching in PlayStation Home?

  • Sorry for the double post, but my point with the vehicles thing is that all vehicles should be unlocked by maxing out both the online and offline experience bars. The TA shouldn’t be required beyond getting the trophy for it if that’s what it takes to unlock the last couple/few vehicles. As a fan, I wish you’d change theose requirment for the vehicles. I have no intrest in TA or playing a 4 player split screen game. Please consider it. I really want that dump truck.

  • Haha, I didn’t have 4 PS3 controllers either. I used two dualshocks, one sixaxis and get this: the PS3 Blu-ray remote to get the 4 player splitscreen achievement. LOL. It was so funny seeing my brother try to play with the remote. Haha

  • When can we expect the first DLC to crash our HDTV’s? :)

    BTW is it true that evolution and sony liverpool are making a game together?

  • My number one request for the game: Ingame music track selection, and when editing which songs play, play the song, that way we know what we’re turning on/off.

    And for those trying to get the Friendship trophy I have 2 words: College Dorm.

  • i love motorstorm pacific rift , any updates to the game are very welcome

  • Please fix the DTS issue with this patch. I cant get DTS output with this game unless Dolby Digital is unselected in the audio options in the XMB, please make it so that DTS is the preferred output for sound.

    And thank you for FINALLY patching this game! It has so many issues.

  • COOL! I never had any issues with game saves, but I suppose it’s good that now I won’t have a chance of ever having any!


    This game is great fun! But, MAN IS IT HARD!!!!

  • I can finally play this GREAT game without fear of losing my game save (which happened once to me and was quite frustrating). Thanks Evolution Studios for hearing our pleas on the Motorstorm boards.

  • this game is a blast. but please make the single player a little easier like what they did with wipeout..

    this looks like a kiddie game but the funny thing is, when i go online, it seems that the other players are way older. from the tone of their voices and the way they speak, i say most are 25 years old and above.

    you can already do that

    good idea! i’ll try my rock band guitar and drums…


    We need:
    Save correction – Check
    Legendary Cars (like Burnout)
    > A-Team Truck
    > New Kitt
    > Ghost Rider Bike

    Starter Girl (For bone crush with Monster Truck)
    Snow Tracks *

    * Yeah!!!! :P

    I finished the singleplayer today and now i’m trainning for the 7ª Xtreme MotorStorm. We have the great final this friday!!!! :P

    Look for motorstorm aquisição netweb on youtube.. is my unpacking video!
    Very Cool!

    Portugal!!! PSN ID: Netweb
    See you on paradise island!

  • VERY NICE!!!

    This game is way better then I expected it to be when compared to the first one. These chages are pretty significant, and are very welcome (especially the removal of the boost exploit.)

  • First of all, I would like to thank everyone at Evo Studios for making a fantastic game.

    With that said, I am really disappointed with the AI. They cheat and therefore level 7 and 8 races are artificially hard. If I have the skill to rank with the top in a time attack mode I should be able to easily win a race on level 8.

    Many times I take the shorter route with the faster vehicle and the AI still ends up ahead of me. ITS NOT FAIR. FIX IT!!

    The game is fun, but the single player AI needs to be re-worked. The AI NEVER tip, they hold their line constantly, the seem to have infinite boost and will outrun you in a straight with the slower vehicle. It’s just not fun when you make a win 10% skill and 90% pure luck.

    Please please please tone down your AI.

  • Good to see its getting an update.

  • Evolution Studios

    Could you please Add.

    Bluetooth as audio out.

    I have a wireless stereo headset with mic.

    SONY DRBT22.

  • This game looks really awesome, but I don’t understand why there’s NO 1080i support for those with older HDTVs…

    I would DEFINITELY buy it, if there was a patch to make it 1080i.

    I mean, GTA4, MGS4, and Burnout all did it; can’t be too difficult.

    There are plenty of people who care:

  • Thank God you guys finally came to your senses and made the save file copyable! I was so not happy the day I realized I couldn’t do that. Thankfully I’ve never had my save file corrupted, and now I’ll finally be able to play the game on my other PS3.

  • Also, I would like to add to post 40.

    I don’t like to tilt with the sixaxis, I wish I could use the analog stick to tilt because the sixaxis doesn’t always work.

    For the tickets, when you place a helmet is listed. If you could make a 3rd place helmet bronze, second silver, and first gold that would be great. The way it is now I have to go through and check each one individually to see where I placed. This way I could just scan the zone and immediately know what tickets I still need to win gold on.

  • What about the fix for mics where you have to yell to activate the mic. This would be with the official ps3 bluetooth mic.

  • Thanks Jamie; love the game and the support you people are providing.

  • I thought the developers gave up on this game, haven’t heard anything in a long time. Glad to see something is happening, it really is a fun game. Please add more DLC :-)

  • Glad to see this update coming to an already awesome game. Now bring on the DLC for new tracks and vehicles! :-)

  • Will we see Snow and Desert areas in the future?

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