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I’ve seen a number of people break out this old Harry Truman chestnut recently:

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job it’s a depression when you lose yours.”

By this definition, the current economic situation has indeed become a depression for a number of our colleagues in the gaming industry. Just in the past few weeks, some people we’ve linked to, who make the games we play, who have guest-posted on this blog, and even some close friends have found themselves out of work.

As if that didn’t hit close enough to home, just in the past few days we’ve heard about the closing of the Gamerscore Blog, and the subsequent layoffs of its staff. Major Nelson may be the big name, but we’ve always felt the GSB to be more of an opposite number to the PlayStation.Blog. And while we’re on opposite sides of a sometimes contentious competitive atmosphere, we’ve maintained cordial, even friendly, ties with those who do what we do – only in Seattle.

On my first trip to that city last summer for PAX, it was GSB’s Chris Paladino who welcomed me to an opening night party and a joint Rock Band 2 jam session. Since then, we’ve continued to talk about things personal and professional (he’s a huge MLB The Show fan), and to jointly recognize how lucky we are to work in an industry that we’ve both loved since childhood.

That’s why the news was particularly shocking. While we absolutely love working for PlayStation, there’s no joy in seeing some of the more noble soldiers of a competitor go out like that. Best of luck Chris, Nelson, Sara, and the rest of you who find yourselves, hopefully only temporarily, a casualty of the times we live in.

Jeff, Patrick, & Chris

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 19, 2009)

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  • i wonder what other posts will be made today……….

  • Hopefully this becomes an opportunity in disguise for those who have lost their jobs across the world.

    Leave it to the PS blog to have a classy message for our friends in other camps.

  • I could finally sign in. Every time I asked for a password it would NEVER give it to me. Thank god for the PSN sign in. I couldn’t even post with the contests

  • I love the ps blog, its awsome, so many devs come here to talk to there fans.

    PS3 is such a great console, I just hate how its not selling as much as wii or 360 at the moment, the recession is hurting it the most because its really expensive.

  • Wait, so Major Nelson lost his job? I don’t follow the 360 community as close as the playstation community. Still, very frustrating that they lost their jobs. They didn’t deserve it. Even if I’m not a fan of the 360.

    I hope Sony and Playstation capitalize on the time and take advantage of what’s going on here.

  • Thanks a lot for the news postings Jeff. :) It really does hurt to see people lose their jobs, even if they were your rival/enemy. It’s just a really tough time right now, and I still hate how I’m struggling to find a job despite finishing college (I’d love to be some sort of community manager like how Jeff handles the PSBlog, but I’m some sort of Engineer).

    I do agree that the wireless keypad eases typing on PS3. I actually got a good deal on mine and I enjoy it. I can’t type in the dark unfortunately (still getting use to it). :(

  • It sucks how the world is going these days. Jobs being cut & stuff. I’m still looking for a job here in N.Y.C still have no luck every where is cutting back. So if I’m not at home playing PS3 I’m at school or hinting for a job.
    I’f it’s not for the friends I have on PSN or for the PSN it self I’ll lost my mind long time ago LOL. [Happy Hunting]

  • This has been a very sobering Sunday post guys, but I believe I wouldn’t have it any other way. The amount of day to day reading I do on this blog sure makes me shudder to imagine it being closed down for any reasons, including this horrible economic situation. I love PlayStation with all my heart, but I agree that it sucks big time whenever anyone in the industry loses their jobs. It hurts everyone, no matter who you are. There are families and careers being tied to these great people, and the news just keeps getting more and more pessimistic surrounding the industry.

    The last thing I would ever want to see is this site go down, so I mourn the loss of the Gamerscore Blog, as well. If I woke up and found out that the PlayStation fanbase had lost it’s voice (the official PS forums are too crowded to be fully productive these days) I’d lose my cool. You guys keep me up to date and all the dev’s you bring on here give us their undeniable support and an ear to listen. We need you to help shape the future of PlayStation, so my heart goes out to those having a hard time right now, and my wishes go to those who just aren’t sure what’s going to happen.

    -Jon W (CitizenInsane27)

  • I love the Keypad. One thing I think can be done in an update is when you hit the massage key it brings up the new massage in the inbox other them just bring up the massage box & the hit enter then go to the massage to read it. Other then that it’s a life saver in home & in games to I can send a massage in a short space of time it takes to start a race on Burnour:P. LOL

  • Thanks for all the links Jeff. Keep up the good work.

  • great post Jeff.

    best of luck to all of them

  • What’s it like to have a job that revolves around video games? I would really like to go to a video game school, but I don’t know exactly what I would like to do.

    Also, why doesn’t my avatar show up on the PlayStation.Blog?

    • It\’s awesome. You should find out what element of the industry you\’re good at, and go after that. Me? I couldn\’t do a damn thing with programming, art design, or, say legal (there are a ton of different facets to the industry).

      As far as your avatar is concerned – is the name there (Brandon_2535) your PSN ID name? Trying to identify the problem.

  • *applause* Very well put.

  • It’s a shame eveybody’s struggling so hard to preserve their jobs. This crisis is kicking our butts and it hurts so bad. I’m also looking for a job but I get nothing so far.

    Our best wishes for those who are facing this situation the hard way.

  • Sweet. I’ve been looking at some schools. As you said, there are a ton of different parts to the industry so I have to try and find one.

    And yes, Brandon_2535 is my PSN ID.

  • Good list jeff, next time try and expand it a bit more. Good Work

  • please make more spyro PS1 games on the store, please sony!

  • So any chance of getting skype on ps3?
    *raises eyebrows like millhouse*

  • so Jeffy what kinda inside hook ups do you get working for Sony?

  • What i meant was it’s the same sites every week. Try and get some new sites in. I’m getting sick of Kotaku. Kotaku is the worst site ever. Do you agree Jeff, LOL. Go on Jeff everyoneis thinking the exact same thing. Nothing ever interesting comes from that site. Well do ya agree?

  • you guys should get me to find articles for you.

    i seriously have read all this stuff like ten years ago.

    try this one.

    has a lot of ps3 exclusives on there
    looking forward to la noir.

    also…. do you have any info on the rockstar exclusive??

  • Classy, Professor Playstation(Jeff), very classy, this is one of the major reasons why I like the people who work for sony, most of them are honorable!!! I wish those unfortunates who lost their jobs recently the best of luck in finding new and better ones where they can be happy and be able to provide for their families!!! :D

  • Thanks. read em all on Google News, but not the 41 minute interview :). Thanks Jeff

  • Oh, and Command & Conquer 3 RA 3, IS a must for me. Been a fan of that series for about 10 years :)

  • I plan to work in the gaming industry sony more than likely, Nintendo is just not my style nor Microsoft, still i feel bad for GS. Just hope recession ends before I do.

    But thanks for the update jeff your the man.

  • I hope the Blog doesn’t go under I don’t know what i’d do to pass time if it did, most of the other sites that cover the PlayStation brand are worth the read or time.

  • Yeah, really sad news! Saw it earlier in the week on They say that the gaming industry is recession proof but, it goes to show you that people are tightening the belt everywhere! Lets all hope and pray that this blog and Jeff stays here and keeps his job!!! If not for him and/or this blog, the PS3 and us fans wouldn’t have half of the perks/features we have and asked for. Jeff, you do a tremendous job and I applaud you for all your hard work and the rest of the behind the scenes folks here at the playstation blog!!! Not kissing his but, just showing some love and saying thanks for REALLY replying to some of our posts and going to bat for us when we ask for a feature on the PS3 or a problem we have or whatever we want to rant about. Again, on behalf of the ps blog community, THANKS!!!

  • Also jeff i figured out why my login wasn’t working :D , it was because I was using opera , when i use safari i can turn my p.c. off and back on and still be logged in , maybe its due to browser difficulties ?

  • put an RSS feed in the xmb of this blog please..

  • That was a nice message, its pretty sad that so many people are losing their works :(

  • i feel lucky everyday that i even have a job in this economy. but the way i see as long as people are eating i have a job. given the times i have been choosing my selection of games to add to my library very carefully… ones i know i’ll love and come back to, to play more and more. this year i’m probably buying all first party titles and the few third party exclusive gems that are coming out. i just don’t have the funds to be buying up every game taht looks cool based on a trailer anymore. theres games from last year that i still wanna play but haven’t because of this. tis a sad day. god i miss when my parents bought me everything. i had it made. but lets keep our chins up guys, KZ2 is only a month away!!!


  • aren’t*

  • We’re nothing close to a depression. It’s a recession, probably not even as bad as the one in the late 70s/early 80s. The credit market is hurt worse, but most peoples’ jobs and incomes probably won’t be.

    That said, whatever happens, it is an opportunity. If you lose your job or your business, it’s time to find a new one, and to make it better than the last one. Especially in the gaming industry, it’s a big opportunity for great innovation by smaller developers.

  • Here’s a link, PlayStation fans Vote for most desired features in Firmware 3.0 with Backward Compatibility taking up 32%+ of the vote on unofficial playstation blog.

    Hopefully everyone really is listening at Sony because this is pretty sad that we want this even more than cross game chat.

  • I’m secure enough in my man-hood to say that I got a bit choked up reading this.

    I am humbled and honored to have been able to compete with the gang at Sony who never once resorted to mud-slinging, cheap tactics, or hitting below-the-belt. Thank you for the acknowledgement.

    I would also like to express my heartfelt condolences to everyone who has lost their job due to the recent economic situation – those in the games industry and those outside of it.

  • @15 Brandon
    Log out of the PS.Blog then sign in with your PSN ID. You’ll get an option to sync up your old blog comments+account with your PSN account. You may stil have the cookie from before the Blog login update which is why you’re icon isn’t showing up because you haven’t sync’ed your accounts yet.

  • IGN’s “PlayStation Network Online Report Card” didn’t make the list?

    I completely agree with their review of PSN and I have to say that PSN is outdated and isn’t where it could be.

  • Brandon_2535 I think you have to sign into PSN before the icon shows up.. I’m not sure, because mine hasnt shown up either. I am also on the GAP so perhaps that has something to do it it.

    Anyways for the OP, yes I totally agree, I really feel for those guys who are losing their jobs. And stupid kids in the forums constantly cheer and laugh at the fact some of their hated companies went out of business. Well, its NOT funny and it may happen to you someday.

  • jeff how did u get your job? cuz i think i would LOVE yours. (if it paid fairly well) anyways here is some intresting info i dug up maybe its worth a look.

  • i think sony and the playstation are ahead of there time. they need to get back to basics with the ps3. but not throw away good ideas like home either.
    gamers want new and exciting games but they shouldn’t have to give up the core elements of a system either.

  • Hmm. What’s it take to get a news story by up there? =]

  • Dam a 41 minutes interview of Killzone


  • It seems I’ve remind sign-in to the Blog for a few days without the need to keep signing in. Must be fixed. Good job Jeff and team!

  • Target has buy two ps3 games get one free. Check your local store for listings.

    Also if you use that developers’s coupon you can get bioshock civilization revolution for 10 off each and it should still be eligible for the buy two get one. Have a nice day everyone.

  • btw. whats up with the new moderation thingy? am i on a moderation list because i have advertised what the public wants for firmware updates to much… lol thats a weird if thats soo. but ok. or does everyone have to wait moderation.

  • I feel bad for all the people who have lost their jobs, especially whole studios which have gone under, like Free Radical, or even Ensemble Studios which have been let off by Microsoft, they have been making games for so long and have a really good hardcore following, and it’s sad to see that in those times, having a good community support is not going to bring food on the table.

    I hope that the ps3 gets itself in a good shape in 2009 and that sony manages to turn his playstation into a profitable business model, though I doubt it. I also hope that none of the first party studios close doors, because all of them are awesome and have made the playstation become what it is, what with the wipeouts, motorstorms, god of war, and many more games to come!

  • I find it a bit unnerving to be preparing for a carrear in video game production while all of these big game companies are shutting down and laying off employees…

    Hopefully things wil have changed by the time I’ve finished college…

  • funny how they dont acknowledge the unofficial PS3 EU-BLOG ( LOL

    by the way if you do check the link out PLEASE, PLEASE make a note of the firmware polls… WE WANT A IN-GAME XMB CHAT PARTY SYSTEM!!!

  • Anyway to get a recall for launch model ps3’s with Yellow light of death? And refund me of my hard earned 150. Paying $750 in total for a ps3 now is a bit much. O and my refurb just died with guess what? YLOD! Yay!!

  • @45
    Ya, the poll had some good things on it as well. Though the release of additional PS1&PS2 titles really has little to do with the firmware, the rest were of good quality.

    Including InGame XMB for PS1+PS2 titles. As a 60 gig owner I’ve been wanting these for awhile. More now then before since joining the Resistance 2 community. I’ve been playing Wing Commander 3 of late while waiting for my buddies to sign on, I have had to give my phone number to a few people I met through the PSN so they can give me a call to sign on. Kind of defeats the purpose of the PSN having messaging if I can’t access those features.

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