The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Killzone 2 has gone Gold! ;-P OH YES!!! ;-P

  • Can’t wait for killzone 2!!

  • Killzone 2 baby! ;)

  • SONY! This is off topic but very needed. please more spyro PS1 games in the STORE. all i’m asking.

  • What did I think of Fear 2?
    Chuggy and not very pretty. It looks like it looks good on the 360 and it was bad PS3 port. It just looks like there is an ugly filter over the top of it.
    I know I already mentioned it but it seemed very unstable in the framerate department.

    Sorry! :P

    Killzone 2 is looking very cool. I’ll get it soon after it releases.

  • “What do you think of F.E.A.R. 2. I’ve heard good things. ”

    Heard good things form who? From F.E.A.R 2 staff? ¬_¬

    Good re-cap….Wasn’t a full on “YEAH!” week but Sony is slowly crawling back to the top and I’m supporting you all the way man, keep it going!

    More PSN features always appreciated…Insomniac basically confirms 2 players logging into PSN at the same time and unlocking trophies….GREAT start.

    Thanks for the re-cap and all you’ve done this week, the fans appreciate it.

  • Jajaja, everybody is waiting killzone 2

  • thx SONY i cant wait for k2, i already pre ordered. alsop very off topic but i and many others would love to see FF7, FF8, and FF9 make their way outta the vault and onto the psn. keep up good work let bring sony back to the top where they should be ;)

  • and a edit button would be nice on the blog. cause when u type fast theres bound to be errors that ppl miss and wanna correct so we dont sound retarded like my last post :D

  • I still have to keep entering my PSN details to post :(

  • yesterday I was auto logged in and today it isn’t happening anymore.

    about a firmware …
    – is backwards compability comming with a update?
    – does mkv support stand on the list and maybe subtitles ? that would really be fantastic.

  • I thought Fear 2 was a great demo of the game. I’m not into scary games but this had some wonderful effects in the game. It gave me chills. The first one wasn’t all that bad, but had some very stupid parts. Of course I buy more than two games a year unlike the [DELETED] here do. Play the New games, [DELETED] the old been there done that [DELETED] Capcom puts out. Plus dudes like a lady and whatnots.

  • Killzone 2!!! :)

  • I gotta say out of all the updates I like the Street Fighter one the best.

    2: Would be the Killzone 2


  • Have a read of this, it should be what we read section tomorrow

  • I want access to the KZ2 demo now! :-)

    Why must we wait?

  • Plese pretty please sony PSn, let me sign in 4 the love of god, i know i owe u $600 dollers, but i promise if u let me sign in i will spend $600 on the Psn, if not i will just have to buy a new ps3, its been over 3 mouths, the ps3 sucks without online, please let me sign in back to oosnake7, i will deleate every game i got 4 free of the psn please

  • Sometimes I wish someone from Pandemic would post here so I could hastle them about the possiblity of revisiting the Battlezone series :P

    I’ve tried e-mailing them, but they don’t reply…

  • off topic, but ugh i want cross game voice chat so bad, i think will never get it =(

  • Anyways, I played the F.E.A.R. 2 demo on PC. Looks pretty good. Graphics are okay, not great… Also wasn’t as “scary” as I hoped, but hey, it’s just a demo. I’m guessing I’ll buy it at some point, just not day 1 :)

  • I played the KZ2 beta along with the FEAR 2 demo. I thought FEAR 2 was very original. It never got repetitive to me. But the graphics and the smoothness just doesn’t compare to KZ2 which was a turn-off. I think KZ2 has set a new standard in graphics and smoothness for me. And I’m not a graphics wh0re either..

  • Omg killzone 2. I’m dieing waiting here.

  • fear 2 demo was kinda boring. so if KZ2 has gone gold, why not release it early? the want is killing me..


  • @ jBat17 – gone gold means the final code has been sent out. the shiny boxes are being printed and the blu rays are all being burned with KZ2 all over it. both the wait and want are killing me too but its virtually impossible to get this game out early. perhaps your local wal mart employee will eff up the shelf date and stick on the sales floor a day or two early though. i can only hope though.


  • review of the firmware 2.6:

    2 out 10

    the features were not even close at all to being worthy of a firmware update, the photo app was a mediocre addition that although is nice to have, is pretty limited and an EXTREMLY minimal feature, please tell me u have a big firmware update due out just after GDC

  • You know i’ve always felt bad when devs make bad games all that work and effort for nothing, I know they get paid but who likes to see a product of your creation do bad. With that said I feel a little better in saying Fear 2 wasn’t worth the time it took to download :-(.

  • Now that Killzone 2 is done and dusted, use that engine to create a 4 player co-op game, exclusive to the PS3, based on the Syndicate game mechanics. It would kick Left 4 Dead’s arse.

    If you need a game producer to lead the team, let me know!

  • @ 26
    Agreed (sort of). Now that they have that engine worked out, it’s time to put that baby to some seriously good use on other titles.

    On a sidenote, I’m noticing that a hell of a lot of games are being released on PSN sans demos. I realize that financially it’s a good idea for the studios making the games, but if the trend gets too excessive it’s going to get really annoying really fast…

  • There is a MAJOR, MAJOR issue that needs to be focused on in future PS3 firmware updates before adding additional features like the recent photo gallery.

    The ONLY thing at this point that should be addressed in a new firmware update is the ability to upscale PS3 games to 1080p/i. 95% of LCD HDTVs have a significant amount of lag, and running the PS3 in the televisions PC Mode reduces that lag to 10ms or under. The only problem is that PC Mode on LCDs only works when a 1080p signal is being sent to the television… removing the option to GREATLY reduce gaming lag in 720p only titles.

    The other (and more widely known) issue this presents is that the PS3 downscales everything to 420p for people with HDTVs that do not support 720p and/or 1080p/i. Over 40% of PS3 owners are affected by this!

    This is a PS3 issue & Sony are WELL aware of it & have even stated (way back in Nov. of 2006) that it would be fixed, but have done absolutely nothing about it. What is going on?

    The 360 can do it, why not the PS3?

    If this were not a MAJOR issue, there wouldn’t be a 500+ page thread about it.

  • After using the new Photo Gallery application, I just have one suggestion. You should make it so that we can view the photos directly off our cameras via the Photo Gallery rather than forcing us to copy the pictures over. I have an 8 GB memory stick in my camera which is completely filled with photos and I just can’t be bothered taking the time to copy every single picture over just to use this application. Instead, I just accessed the camera directly through the XMB and viewed the photos the way we have been before the Photo Gallery came out. But I think it would be nice to have direct access to the camera via the Photo Gallery and not be forced to copy the pictures over just so we can use Photo Gallery.

    Other than that one suggestion, I think the Photo Gallery is a great addition to the PS3.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Review of bball230’s comment:

    2 out of 100.

    You could have said far more and been far more constructive. Nevermind that they could have done FAR less with the update- some updates are just for “stability.” Any update that adds a new feature, and for FREE no less, rates at least a 5 (out of 10). Not every update can add a platform-changing feature and being a snob about it doesn’t help.

    Sorry for being such a jerk, but I needed to say something (well, about as much as the aforementioned comment needed to be said). I’m going to go cool off by killing some Chimera.

  • Is there more Buzz content in the works, or is this last pack one of the final ones we get before Buzz Jr. Quiz comes out?

  • Is Killzone 2 having Midnight launches?
    If any game in the history of PS3 deserves one it’s Killzone 2!
    Killzone 2 has the potential to be the biggest game so far this gen. It’s a system seller, EASILY.
    Please please PLEASE say you are going into overdrive for this game, this game has to get this kind of marketing, the hype is so well deserved, we know it will deliver, so do it.
    If KZ2 doesn’t get massive marketing almost every PS3 gamer will feel let down, we want the PS3 to succeed.
    Put KZ2 on soda cans and happy meals, TV shows, movies, UFC and the Superbowl, and most importantly make a KZ2 bundle for North America!

  • It sounded like I completely hated it but I didn’t.
    The mechsuit isn’t the uber weapon it should be and your vision is impaired while in it.
    If it had a stable framerate, it would have been ok.

    The AI was cool though and the gore was great. Shooting was alright.

    A couple good scare moments too. :D

  • Ay everyone we need to get Guerilla to start to making commercials for
    Killzone 2 because i feel that if they don’t market this game right then
    they will be mad at there selves because they could not kill Halo.

    Ps. We also need to convince Guerilla to have a midnight party at Game Stop
    so people can play it a day before the game comes out. So please try to convince them
    to do that. Also i think that sony should put killzone on during the Superbowl because alot of people will buy the game.

  • I can’t wait for Killzone 2 anymore I want it now !!

  • Killzone 2 is the koolness!!!

  • I wouldn’t expect to see any KillZone 2 commercials during the superbowl, with each 30 second commercial spot running for about 2-3 million dollors I would imagine that would pretty much max out the games advertising budget.

  • dollars*

  • @ 36 and 37 lol that funny 3 or 4 million dollar is a drop in the bucket to sony . they will cut the check with no problem . everybody will be seeing the super bowl and more want to see the ads . if sony want to introduced k2 to the world the super bowl will be the place where the world will watch .
    as for fear 2 demo its a great game but sorry i will not be buying this maybe later k2 is coming and whoever said fear 2 look better on the 360 must be joking because it look the same on both system

  • kill zone 2 looks like a great game

  • @36

    Not if the rumors are true of Sony reporting a loss of 1.1 Billion dollars for the fiscal year ending March 31st.

  • you know that sony cyber shot camera they unvieled at ces that has the wifi?

    are there going to be any ps3 features in new firmware so we can upload photos from this camera wirelessly?

    i just bought a dsc h3 cybershot camera and so far i really like it. its just that i would like to be able to put my photos on ps3 without having to plug it in.

    do you think they could make it so we could use the photo application with files that are on a camera/memory stick .. or better yet files on the network.

    i bought a new camera just so i could use the photo appiclation.


  • The new photo software on firmware 2.60 would be nice, if it could pull photos from my media server streaming from my Vaio PC. So it’s Useless to me, I am not storing all my videos in 2 different systems to make it work, when I can just use the media server feature. Thanks for nothing, Sony.

  • i meant ‘photos’, not ‘videos’, excuse the typo.

  • The new photo gallery is great. I get to keep all my media in several places for backup purposes and use my PS3 for display.

    Also it is great to see the flow of Buzz! content still ….. flowing. I do wish the packs were a little cheaper however.

  • do you think the psn servers will be able to handle all the people wanting to play killzone 2 starting on the 26th?
    i know things weren’t always smooth for exsample home and little big planet.
    i preordered my copy of killzone 2 yesterday.. i as far as i can tell every person with a ps3 i have spoken to is getting killzone 2.
    it will be a big seller imo if the multiplayer is good.

    you should send a memo out to all the stores telling them to put killzone 2 on their demo machines. i went into this store in australia called harvey norman (the biggest home goods retailer) and they had haze on there demo machine. now i bought haze and imo it was the worst game on the ps3.
    but seriously wtf, haze?

  • yo Killzone team. us guys @ gamefaqs have a user that has created the most awesome theatrical trailer. check it out please.

  • @ kage

    To answer your question HELL NO, I don’t think Sony has had a smooth launch on the PS3 yet or at least every major title i’ve played from them since early 2007.

  • Kill Zone 2 & Final Fantasy XIII & GranTurismo 5 Full. … !!!!

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