Free Bruce Springsteen Guitar Hero World Tour Pack Coming Tuesday

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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted and I want to pass along some news about another great opportunity for all you Guitar Hero World Tour players.

This coming Tuesday, January 27 (yes, you read that correctly, Tuesday), we’re all VERY proud to welcome Bruce Springsteen to the Guitar Hero World Tour family, as you’ll be able to download the Bruce Springsteen Track Pack for FREE from the PlayStation Store.

The Track Pack has two great songs, the classic anthem “Born to Run” (if you don’t know, go ask Dad about it and watch him reminisce about his younger days as he begins to sing at the top of his lungs) and Bruce’s new single “My Lucky Day”. We’re giving this to you on a Tuesday, as it coincides with the release of Bruce’s new album “Working On A Dream”.

Bruce has been pretty busy lately, as he won a Golden Globe, performed at the Inaugural Celebration, is releasing a new album AND will perform at halftime of the Big Game in Tampa on February 1. So do yourself a favor and add these songs to your ever-growing Guitar Hero World Tour set lists! We hope you enjoy playing these songs as much as we enjoyed delivering them to you.

One last note about the Track Pack. It’s FREE for a limited time only. You have from Tuesday, January 27 – Wednesday, February 4 to download it for free. If you miss out during this time, don’t sweat it, as you can always purchase it for $3.99 from the PlayStation Store starting Thursday, February 5.

Thanks to Bruce Springsteen and Columbia Records for all their help in making this happen!

Baby we were BORN TO RUN!!!

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  • ^Idiots.

    I love Bruce Springsteen, too bad GHIV sucks though. This should have been on Rock Band 2.

  • Where are The Trophies?

    Give the Xbot Achievements but us nothing
    real nice

  • Never heard of Him
    Get AC/DC and more Jimi Hendrix

  • any chance of this coming to the UK?

  • Any chance of trophy support, i spent £127, and had to replaced as the guitar broke. I would love to see more support!

  • @5 – EddyxMob

    Are you serious? You’ve NEVER heard of Bruce Springsteen? Wow. Just wow.

  • i have rock band 2. so i dont care but. thanks for sharing with the rest of the community!

  • Why not include his stuff with Rockband as well?

  • so i gusse there will be a psn update tuesday? this and lil big planet. so are we getting 2 updates next week?

  • Can I be the first to call him The Boss on this blog? I feel old now. Oh yeah, I got born to run on my iPhone.

  • Awesome!! I’ll be downloading this for sure Tuesday night. Now, how about some Trophy support and the ability to see my friends list and compare scores?

  • @4 If you want to stick it to Red Octane, buy Rock Band 2. At least MTV/Harmonix were kind enough to their fan base to give us trophies before the Trophie deadline.

    Rock Band is where it’s at.

  • @14
    I agree but I dont have Rock Band or GHWT
    but Rock Band be My Choice

  • Thank you for free songs. I also got my world tour kit and was supose to get 5 free songs for buying it before DEC 31.. and I never got an E-mail for my free songs is this coming soon?

  • This is the best news I’ve ever received from the blog!

    Bruce rocks!

  • Thank you for the free songs.

    Please make a quality product next time.

    Please stop whoring out the Guitar Hero franchise.

  • Free Songs…
    The Boss…

    Tuesday is going to be fun!

  • Awesome, Free Songs. Hopefully we’ll have more Metal track packs because so far, the stuff available is nothing special. Guitar Hero rules!

  • Pretty awesome. I wish Rockband 2 gave us more free tracks.

  • yay free stuff!!!

  • Free is always nice. Thanks!

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something extremely important. If you guys patch Guitar Hero World Tour with Trophies. I’ll buy it.

  • cool… i liked some of his songs. btw did guitar hero ever get a patch to work with rock bands guitars?

  • I greatly dislike Guitar Hero World Tour, and Guitar Hero games in general after Guitar Hero III. You’re milking the series dry with all the games you’re releasing. Next game, if you manage to come up with something at least somewhat original (you totally ripped off Rock Band with the last one), then I may consider buying your game.

  • I got both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour.

    Have played Rock Band 2 dozens of hours.
    Have played GH:WT once.

  • Yay free!

  • thats whats up…

  • Will we see any new System Of A Down Tracks? we want songs like “Hypnotize”, “Revenga”, and “Chop Suey” Will we see those tracks or other System Of A Down tracks on Guitar Hero World Tour Soon?

  • Sweet thanks.

  • ADD CROSS GAME CHATTING FOR THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hm, well I certainly can’t complain about free content, though I’m not entirely sure why all the open hostility tonight… Jeff, did you put something in the Kool-Aid? Everybody, do NOT drink the Kool-Aid! Jeff’s been having a little TOO MUCH fun… I think you’ve had enough shooting up the virtual neighborhoods for one night- I’m cutting you off. XD

    Ah, that’s fun, but I must now away to recharge the vessel which I use to interact with my PS3… I think there’s a technical term for what it’s called but I forget. And the recharge time is 6-8 hours. It’s an older model. I know I really should upgrade it, but brain transplants are still kind of pricey.


  • The worst thing about GH……..EXCLUSIVE SONGS! Rock Band is guilty of it too but it just needs to end.

  • Huzzah! Free is my favorite price. ;)
    BTW can we have a word if you will ever patch this game for trophies? PLEASE????

  • cool!!!!!!

  • I don’t have Guitar Hero, but this is pretty awesome of you guys to do :)

  • Damn, I don’t even have Guitar Hero World Tour yet (can’t quite afford it or justify the price since I got no local friends currently) but I don’t mind paying for Springsteen when I have got it. Definitely looking forward to playin ‘Born to Run’. Is this on the Europe PSN too?

    Oh and hello, this first time I’ve commented though been reading for the last month or so.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with 33.

    Harmonix and Neversoft should get together and either agree on a single, standardized format or allow eachother to import the others format.

    I’m holding out on buying any of their products, since it’s quite stupid to buy a lot of RB/GH-tunes on the Store when I know that I might switch to the competitor when the next generation (RB3, GHV) of these games comes out. Then I’m stuck with lots of songs I can’t use and will have to rebuy.

  • great!! … thanks sony

  • Lets not get things mixed up people.

    Tight shirts, pants, and blogs = Jeff Rubenstein.

    Tight shirt, pants, and sings = Bruce Springsteen

    Shirts and pants are the same but two very different people. :)

  • Thanks! The free Reggae pack was awesome, can’t wait for these!

  • Despite what everyone thinks, Guitar Hero is the better game for those, like me, who play on Expert.

    Rock Band has no difficulty progression, it is a game stuck on perpetual Medium. And it certainly does no justice to the songs it emulates. This is why the majority of players prefer RB… they suck. They like to think they’re good at the game because they’ve FC’d a song on Expert that repeated the same 4 two-note chords again and again.

    As for support, Rock Band has snubbed the PS brand in every region but North America, so show some respect for those who treat you equitably. We even get free tracks from GH from actual artists, and not just video game music.

  • WE NEED TROPHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Korbei83,

    Guitar Hero seems to be going for insane difficulty rather than musical accuracy. But that’s just my opinion.

  • I’m still upset that GHIII was abandoned so quickly when it came to DLC….you COULD issue GHIII DLC that could be carried forward to GHIV could you not? (maybe like the Apple Plus system….I pay a small premium to ‘unlock’ the GHIV features in the song once I buy GHIV).

    As it stands now I’ll not be buying GHIV for fear of being abandoned AGAIN.

  • Wow people are so ungrateful its disgusting! These devs work so unbelievably hard to provide us with the entertainment we love… Yet this is the response that they get.

    I don’t own Rock Band or GH:WT just because they are not my kind of game. But show at least a little bit of class and be appreciative that we at least got something.

    Some of the “gamers” on this blog should be ashamed of yourself!

    Thanks for the update and the free content Chuck! I really appreciate the hard work you and your colleagues put in to your games.

  • Still, it has no trophy support, free doesn’t always equal better especially considering it’s only 2 songs at a $3.99 price point after a week. Personally I think buying downloadable songs for these games is a waste of time and money. In fact I think these games are a waste of time and money when you’re essentially forced to buy the next iteration of it and then have to keep past iterations in order to use all the songs you downloaded. At least from what I gather Rock Band 2 allowed you to take 99.9% of the songs you had from the first game and use them on the second game disc.

  • I was going to download these songs until I learned he played at one of the many inaugural balls …

  • Just kidding with the last comment. Had to say it.

    Seriously, despite not liking Obama or Bruce’s politics very much :-), I will download and enjoy those free tracks greatly. Thanks a bunch.

    It will be a reason to break out GHWT again … I’ve been playing a lot more RB2 lately. I just think it is a better game, in a few ways, and more importantly, it has a lot more songs and a lot more to do in the game. But I play and enjoy both.

    Plus, I need to keep busy while waiting for the next update to Burnout Paradise!

  • Too bad it’s not for the Rock Band series. Guitar Hero is NOTHING without Harmonix. Activision is only whoring out the series and copying Rock Band just because releasing games under the name is easy money.

    So thanks, but no thanks for the track pack for Tony Hawk’s World Tour.

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