Finish Them! Mortal Kombat Devs Challenge You Tonight!

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MK vs. DC Universe poster

The Mortal Kombat development team is proud to announce a first time opportunity for members of our Kommunity to come online and face us in Mortal Kombat! We’ve never done anything like this before, and we’re looking forward to facing some of the top Kombatants on PSN. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two! ;)

We invite you to fight against the developers of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, including franchise co-creator Ed Boon, tonight, Jan. 23 from 10:00 P.M. – 12:00 A.M. (EST). Meet us in the MK room we created for this occasion and look for the following PSN IDs: Kamidogu, MKNoob, MKHornbuckle, MKABACABB, MKHanzoHasashi, MKBlindKenshi, MKTundra, MKApep, MKKetchup, MKMustard, MKSkully, FreezeGoroSweep.

Some of the scheduled attendees include:

  • Ed Boon – Creative Director/Team Lead
  • Paulo Garcia – Senior Designer
  • Brian Lebaron – Designer
  • Ryan Rosenberg – Environment Artist
  • Eddie Ferrier – Designer
  • Adam Hernandez – Design Support
  • Hector Sanchez – Producer
  • Dave Bulvan – Lead Software Tester
  • Derek Kirtzic – Gameplay Tester
  • Shaun Himmerick – Producer
  • Hans Lo – Producer

Once in the room, you can invite one of the guys to into a match, or one of the devs may challenge you! See you tonight!

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  • How come the image says the 16th and the text says the 23rd >_>

    anyway i suck to bad at fighting games so i’ll stick to beating up the cpu.

  • Yeah the 16th on the banner lol
    Was this banner used before on another system? So then it was done before.

    Nah should be cool I don’t have MK though

  • Can we watch online?


  • Exciting!, I knew I shoulda’ grabbed that game while I was out lastnight, I just had a feeling, more like a desire to re-live the old MK days. To be honest the only thing that would have made it better would have been MK vs. Marvel, or MK vs. Image, I was only ever a fan of a ‘select few’ dc creations… It would be really cool if MK could seriously start us in the right direction of multi-verse fighting, having many rival companies signed on for the same payout etc, nobody did a cool multi-dimensional storyline in a fighting game as good as the MK guys.

  • Oh! and for the record…

    Gravatars rock, and AND ps3-account/Friend List both need to be compatible with them.

    bring em’ back in a big way please!

  • Sounds like fun.

  • great work guys. pulling the devs out to play with the gamers is an awesome idea that barely comes around. best of luck to all the players.


  • Awesome stuff maybe ill play it tonight.

  • Thanks for the post but MortalKombat vs DC is not really my thing. I’m more of Street Fighter & Virtua Fighter kind of guy. I use to like the fatalities in the series. Now it’s just so so/watered down! Maybe in the next iteration of the game you guys can go back to the roots of MK.

  • Kudos for having Trophy support though! Maybe I’ll pick it up for the Trophies when it hits the bargain bins.

  • #5 Kedaro Wrote:

    Gravatars rock, and AND ps3-account/Friend List both need to be compatible with them. Bring em’ back in a big way please!


    I couldn’t agree more. Seeing the same 20 avatar images is really lame. They might as well ditch them altogether.

  • Nice to see developer support. I think events like these really bring developers and gamers together. At least we see eachother eye to eye in a situation like this.

    However, I was so disappointed when I first heard that ya’ll weren’t making the next Mortal Kombat edition for this generation. I really don’t care for the vs. DC part. Sounds like a silly gimmick. I can’t take this game seriously for the life of me. Sorry for being blunt. Can’t wait for the real MK.

  • How about someone asking them about when the downloadable characters are coming out? I’m already despairing that it was just some lame attempt to solicit my purchase of the game. It’s been used by others, including the devs of Top Spin 3 and many others.

    Also, the date of this whole thing needs clarified, there are two dates listed.

  • maybe i will go rent this game tonite to get some trophies and play the devs


  • This is awesome! I wish we can all spectate :(. Major kudos for MK for giving a crap for the PS community!

    (Off topic) Hey SCE, we should have more of those “game with devs” more often :)

  • Nice! I really like the idea of the whole common player vs creator/dev thing. Its pretty cool to see stuff like this popping up. I just wish it would happen more often on more games.. but then again, I suppose you never REALLY know who you might be playing against.

  • Awesome, I’ll fatality yo azzes

  • Oh and will we ever see another MKast? That last one with Boon was awesome.

  • darn it…that sounds cool…wish i had the game =(.

  • i’ll get some new flux capacitors asap!

  • I just literally bought the game today.

    … I’m going to be crappy.

  • Sweet I love it when dev’s join in with the gamers ,it shows the dev have love for us :D.

  • What’s Ed Boon’s psn ID, I must add him

  • I challenge: Ed Boon

    haha. sadly, I will probably not even be able to get online tonight as I’m going out of town.
    Cheers though!

  • Great way to see the Dev’s interacting with all the people here on the Keep up the great work, now maybe we can hope for a PSN downloadable HD remake of Mortal Kombat?

  • Cool. Wish you couldve done this sooner! I bought it on release day. Good to see devs involved.

  • I’ll be there LOl i just got the game how funny is that LOL

  • it’s hammer time

  • THIS is cool, wish all the game companies would do that

  • cuz_im_fly_homeboy

    alot more developers need to follow your lead.

  • Shouldn’t have returned the game to EB. :(

  • Amazing, absolutely amazing. I need to get my other friend who plays with me to get online within 2 hours. Now I need to practice my Batman.

  • Oh also, since there’s no edit button are they using head-sets? I’ll have mines turned on but there was no mention unless I missed it having voice playback with the devs?

  • Whatever happened to John Tobias? I have been a fan of MK since MKII came out in the arcade.

  • sounds like a hot game

  • **** FreezeGoroSweep Kicked my but but it was “KLOSE” though i almost had him/her & none of the other Devs really wanted to play LOL How Sad :-( ******* thanx though for the opportunity midway .. & we need DLC More Characters etc…

  • Just bought it yesterday. No way I stand a chance against Boon.

  • Did they actual make a good MK…oh wait, still that stupid DC idea. :(

  • Disappointed. I wanted to play against them but the truth be told, those servers are horrible. For no apparent reason you can’t enter certain rooms. It logs you back to the title screen. When you enter a room sometimes it’s not fully loaded and when you try to go back into it you take a long time to load only to be told “Check your connections” and return to the title screen. I love this game but the sad reality is that for this game, their dedicated servers are horrible. I honestly wanted to ask them while we were fighting what can be done to improve them.

  • Is this game worth getting? I’ve never liked Mortal Kombat at all (Got some minor enjoyment from MKII but the series as a whole has never even came close to Street Fighter in my opinion) but I am a big fan of most of the DC characters I’ve seen in it. One on one beat ’ems up never felt right for me for these kind of comic characters though. Seemed to cheapen them somehow.

  • MK vs DC….have people run out of their creative juices?….just like in the movies nobody has an original idea anymore.

  • Hey Smokey, what original game did you develop? I’d like to know what it is so I can play it. Why would you bother commenting?

  • Hey Everyone!

    Hector here (a.k.a. MK_Hec)!

    I just wanted to send a quick note THANKING everyone for participating in last nights event. We had a tremendous turnout and we learned quite a few things.

    Special thanks to everyone at SCEA for their help in getting this to happen.

    Let’s do it again soon!


  • MKSully or anyone else from the MK team. Did you guys experience the same server issues I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts? It’s really a serious issue when logging onto a room will either A) Disconnect you back to the title screen B) Allow you into the room only for your stats and everyone else not to be fully loaded and thus can’t play in the room and must exit and C) For example, you can enter Gotham City which has about 90 people inside, exit, then go to Metropolis which has 85 people inside the room only be told that you need to check your connection and you are logged off. Random lobby rooms allow you access while others don’t.

  • i wonder if there is a trophy for beatin the developers….. just askin

  • Oh, just saw the headline and thought it was MKII.

    I challenge you Boon!

  • Dang it I just read this. My neighbor and I play this game all the time and we missed our opportunity at Ed Boone. I am pissed.

  • Oh yeah the game is awesome but Matt likes the original Mortal Kombat 2 better.

  • See this is how propaganda and a controlled media work. N4G runs everything the blog has with hours of it being posted. When it’s something REALLY cool like this, something awesome for PS3 owners, they don’t approve the story until a day later when it doesn’t matter for anybody. I wish Sony wasn’t losing money right now so they could slip some cash in the pockets of the main gaming media outlets.

    Maybe that’s a good idea for the next PS3 update. Direct access to the blog. Perhaps using the info bar, instead of it just having old useless info for the informed gamer. Then I would have probably heard about this in time. I hope the MK Team does this again.

    Anyway, how was the turnout? Can I leave some fan feedback for the game here since I wasn’t there to give you some in person?

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