PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the weekly PlayStation Store update.

Price Update

Brain Challenge Expansion Pack (now $2.99)

Add-on Game Content

BUZZ! Quiz TV American Culture Pack ($5.99)
Think you know everything about living in the USA? Test your knowledge with this new BUZZ! Quiz TV quiz pack that features over 500 new questions about American culture to play in any of your favorite BUZZ! Quiz TV game modes. Download this quiz pack today and turn your party into the ultimate trivia showdown. Challenge your friends and family with new questions and “Show ’em Your Trivia!”
File size: 243 MB

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Pack 7 (free)
Download Storm Pack 7 and unleash the legendary Sound Ninja Jirobo as your support character in battle. The Storm Pack 7 also contains new Ultimate Mission to engage!
File size: 100 KB

Skate 2 Time Is Money Pack ($4.99)
If you are busy, or just plain lazy, “Time is Money” will unlock all locations, skaters and gear that can be earned by playing through Skate 2’s career and online modes.
File size: 3.59 MB

Guitar Hero World Tour
For all song credits please visit

  • “Tomorrow” by Silverchair ($1.99)
  • “Outtathaway!” by The Vines ($1.99)
  • “Dimension” by Wolfmother ($1.99)
  • Aussie Track Pack ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour featuring “Tomorrow” by Silverchair, “Dimension” by Wolfmother, and “Outtathaway!” by The Vines. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

File sizes: 33 MB – 44 MB (singles), 119 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Feed the Tree” – Belly ($1.99)
  • “I Stand Alone” – Godsmack ($1.99)
  • “Typical” – Mute Math ($1.99)
  • “War Zone” – Rob Zombie ($1.99)
  • “Wind Me Up” – Ghost Hounds ($1.99)
  • “Space Cowboy” – Steve Miller Band ($1.99)
  • “Take the Money and Run” – Steve Miller Band ($1.99)
  • “The Joker” – Steve Miller Band ($1.99)
  • Steve Miller Band Track Pack 01 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Steve Miller Band Pack 01. This pack includes: “Take the Money and Run,” “The Joker,” and “Space Cowboy” by Steve Miller Band.

File sizes: 21 MB – 34 MB (singles) 116 MB – 79 MB (track pack)

Game Demos (free)

WipEout HD
It was there back at the beginning and now it’s taking the franchise into the future: WipEout HD is set to deliver 1080p High Definition visuals running at a breathtaking 60-frames-per-second. WipEout HD features a selection of the best tracks taken from previous versions of the franchise, meticulously crafted and fully reworked to showcase the processing power of PS3 system. Available exclusively on the PlayStation Network.
File size: 1.02 GB

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo
Download the demo today and play highlights from F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. A routine mission turns into a fight for survival when an explosion of unknown origin decimates the city and unleashes the wrath of Alma Wade, whose terrifying power threatens to surge out of control unless Special Forces Sgt. Michael Becket and his squad can find a way to destroy her.
File size: 685 MB

Game Videos (free)

Resistance: Retribution Story Trailer
File size: 68 MB (HD) 111 MB (1080)

Lords of the Rings Conquest: Conquest Good to be Good Trailer
File size: 46 MB (HD)

Mirror’s Edge DLC Trailer
File size: 33 MB (HD)

Eat Lead Teaser Trailer
File size: 82 MB (HD)

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge
File size: 55 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

The X-Files: I Want to Believe: “Reinstated” Featurette
File size: 55 MB (SD)

Max Payne: Script to Screen Featurette
File size: 34 MB (SD)

Horton Hears a Who: Anatomy of a Scene Featurette
File size: 84 MB (SD)

PlayStation Store for PSP

Game Videos (free)

Resistance: Retribution Story Trailer (also available from PS3 Store)
File size: 12 MB

PSP Themes

* Kicks PSP Theme ($0.99) (PS3 Kicks Theme also available from PS3 Store)
File size: 172 KB

* PSP Premium Themes (x18) (Various; $0.99/$1.49) (also available from PS3 Store)
File sizes: 231 KB – 546 KB

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  • Thanks for the update.

    Can’t believe that Skate 2 DLC.

  • Nice update

  • Just so people don’t get confused The Joker and Space Cowboy ARE different songs and The Joker is the famous one.

  • hmmm…

    what happened to the new god of war 3 and uncharted 2 trailers ive been hearing about?

  • Awww….nothing good, besides the RR trailer.

  • My Want Savage MOON!!!!

    I dont CARE if dude said “Couple of weeks”

    We wanted it like a MONTH ago….grrrrrrr

  • Thanks, decent update.

  • not there best update….

  • wipeout demo!

  • Still waiting for a Penn State theme, guys! :P
    Thanks for the update!

  • Nice. A wipeout Demo.


    Is somehow a way to deliver a Demo of GTp5 on the US Store.

  • @mafia28: those have been out for a while dude… 2-3 weeks ago…..unless its new NEW

  • Skate2 DLC Already?? is the game out yet??

  • The update was ok..

    Atleast good for those that dont have Wipe out HD.

  • Awesome i finally get to try out WipeOut HD and the Resistance Retribution trailer is really cool! Loved the demo! Thanks, Sony!

  • What a crappy update. Late and LAME. I was expecting Savage Moon.

  • A wipeout demo is very smart….I would have never bought the game but we’ll see if I change my mind after the demo….thanks again for a great update.

  • Horrendus update. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Good add-on content, but it’s a sad state of affairs to see that there aren’t any full games this week. There’s not even a PS1 classic from the archives to fill in the gap here.

    Sony should really try to get at least one game released on the store each and every week, as their competitors are able to maintain this pace.

  • WipEout HD demo is great news! That game is amazing and everyone should try it out!

  • Nice update.

  • Buy WipEout HD everybody.

  • Good update, F.E.A.R 2 ran so smooth & it look great, can’t wait to play the full version.

  • @Aggie_CEO

    i read an article that on jan.22(today) there will be 2 new trailers for those games. Guess they were fake

  • Oooh, WipEout HD Demo, Noice.

    Aside from that, this update has little fanfare.

  • Of course they come out with a Wipeout HD demo RIGHT after I buy it lol great timing…can’t wait for savage moon and especially FAT PRINCESS!!!! Also can’t wait for lbp DLC.

  • Wow i feel sorry for the people that bought the brain challenge expansion when it came out last week for more $. That must piss some peeps off. Anyway probably the lamest update ive seen in a while. However im not too worried since Feb/Mar should be bringing us some of the best updates to date. Fat Princess, Flower, Savage Moon, maybe even Rag Doll Kung Fu (wishful thinking). Not to mention the upcoming LBP DLC, lets hope for a Killzone level pack developed in collaboration with Guerilla around the Killzone 2 release. Need more dev levels!

  • really can you guys give any less support for the psp?

    the european update was amazing, US? MEHHHHH

  • Rock Band and Naruto for me!

  • thats cool you guys are putting ‘bonus’ content from blue rays in the blue ray trailer section, you need to do that more, then I will actually download it, usually I only download the movie trailers when i REALLY want to see the movie

  • Where’s the new God of War III trailer?

    Meh Update

  • Great, Skate 2 cheat…. I was hoping for the video effects pack, but I’m still (and will always be) pissed about EA.

  • Good update. I’ve been dying to try out WipEout HD (Only played it on PSP), and FEAR 2 will be interesting to play.

  • yeah the skate 2 dlc already unlock everything? this update was not that great, but next week is all the dlc for lbp!

  • cuz_im_fly_homeboy

    i would like to compliment your marketing skills… only one week ago did qore subscribers finally get their hands on fear 2 demo… some people even paid for the single episode to get it and then you give it to everyone for free. good job sony! i bet you have ticked off quite a few people.

  • Yay, FEAR demo!
    Ok, now I want Fat Princess! I know it’s set for Spring, but who knows when that will be?! :(

  • For someone whose never been a First Person View gamer I must say that FEAR2 has changed that singlehandedly. That game is so intense and scary it gave me chills and made my hair stand on end. The developers of FEAR2 should get a good pat on the back for DOING IT RIGHT. I about jumped outta my seat when the ghosts charged at me. Thanks for the Demo as it was truly GREAT!

    Also Grace good update today but that Skate 2 dlc should have been pushed back a month or so. I mean release something that opens all the game the day before release. That is going to let inexperienced people open up the whole game only to lose the experience gained by playing to unlock everything. Seems like cheating to me.
    Everything else is Great today. Another thing is since there is a BIG demo on My bday which is a Tuesday, does that mean that the store Update is going to happen on Tuesday’s instead of Thursday’s? I hope it is moved up so that it gives YOUR gamers a chance to chat up the content released in the store all week long at school or work or just socializing.

    Back to Socom….. oh can you find out about word of Download Content for that.
    Thanks MMkay

  • A very blah update that’s redeemed only by the Wipeout HD demo.

    @11 you want a demo of a demo? :)

    The inconsistant PSP love continues to show: nothing but “Premium” Themes. I was kind of hoping the PSP would be spared. Fortunately, I’m still backlogged on my PSP titles.

  • Wow, it took a month for SCEA to get the demo of Wipeout HD to the US PS store. Nothing for me to download this week.

    PS. the PS3 FEAR demo runs like……

  • nope…. not a good update and more when I had the fear qore demo. The only thing that make my day is Stand Alone RB song… I really want savage moon since PJ monsters because I wanted a more mature TD. Don’t get me wrong I love it but hated the music and the CS suttort came later…

  • Garbage update is garbage.

    Now wheres my cross-game voice chat?

    Get on it sony, chip chop chip.

  • decent update, no demo (that people really wanna play) as usual

  • I am amazed that EA has the balls to charge 5 bucks for what is essentially a cheat code. Grace, if I were you i’d feel dirty just having my name attached to that garbage.

  • lol at this update! Funny joke! No seriously though, where’s the real update?

  • Skate 2 Time Is Money are you for real
    day1 DLC
    this should be in the game

  • I’m sorry, but this update was pretty damn lame.

    However to everyone reading this the F.E.A.R. 2 demo is definitely worth it.
    I downloaded it last week thanks to Qore and I loved it every second of it. Play it with the sound up and the lights off!!

  • I miss LBP’s weekly updates.

  • Bad update, but considering all the PSN games we’re getting in Feb. (Flower, Savage Moon, etc..) I guess we can forgive you this time. Bring on Fat Princess! Oh, and MORE PS1 GAMES!!

  • outside of the Wipeout demo nothng really to even give a 2nd look at

    you guys could have at least thrown in a PSOne Classic!

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