Stop and Smell the Flower on PSN February 12th

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Hi! I am really happy to finally let the internets know the official launch date for Flower. Hooray for releasing games (It’s really my favorite part)!

Flower is a tough game to describe. We like to think of it as a video game version of a poem; an exploration into the tension between urban bustle and natural serenity. Players accumulate flower petals as the onscreen world swings between the pastoral and the chaotic.

But even at E3 this year, a lot of the responses in the press were “it’s tough to describe… you just have to play it.” Because it’s not fair to only ask game journalists to try and describe such a different game, I’ve also asked all the people here at TGC to describe. To keep things even, they could only use 10 words – we’ve had more time to think about the game:

Nick Clark (Game Designer):

A windy journey that lets you flOw in 3D.

Martin Middleton (programmer extraordinaire):

We hope you enjoy our flowers.

Matt Nava:

Flower’s simple concept conceals grander themes that will provoke thought.

Jenova Chen:

An interactive poem exploring the tension between urban & nature.

John (Lead Programmer) [John broke the rule, but earns points for style here]:

Flower, shower, power tower,
First class, string bass, grass en masse,
Sun, fun, nearly done,
Petal, metal, lightning gun?

Once the game is out, maybe I can get you all to submit your 10-word descriptions of the game, and we can see what comes out of it. (Yes, yes, snarky commenter, we know what you’re about to submit.) …I like to think that if we could have expressed it in words, we wouldn’t have made a game about it in the first place.

In honor of the announcement, we’ve got some gameplay footage for you below.

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  • Sweet stuff, looks great!

  • might check this out. looks interesting.

  • and also, pricing?

  • wow, no kidding. it is like flOw in 3d lol

  • Oh man oh man oh man! Can’t wait! Oh, and another thing, is there a trophy-list yet? :)

  • finally iv been waiting for this one,that why ps3 is in class of its own,we got trippy game that cant be related to other style

  • Nice! Reminds me of pixel junk eden- can’t wait!

  • This game looks very relaxing.

    I like it.

  • Yeah, I’m excited to try it. Even it doesn’t have a demo, I’ll probably buy it anyways.

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long while, definitely looking forward to buying as soon as its available!

  • Ah, I love the PSN so much! Keep bringing out games like this! :)

  • It looks pretty cool, it would be cool if there was a demo so we could try it out before buying :D.

  • I loved Fl0w, one of my favorite downloadable games.

    I will buy this (-_-)

  • Is Feb 12th a Worldwide date or will us in the UK have to wait?

  • Looks great arent flowers and fl0w stress relaxing games seems like it.

    Music puts you to sleep just by watching it.

  • Been looking forward to this game for a while now. For a second there I didnt think it would never come out.

  • I’m excited for you guys, because it has been anticipated and a long time in the making for some. Hopefully it will be successful. Though I’m going to have to wait for a review.

  • Does this game support co-op? Like flow? (up to 4 controllers at the same time?)

  • lol @ lightning gun.

    Definitely looking forward to this title.
    Always in the mood for something different…unique.

  • how about something with swords?

  • I’m starting a clan for this game, clan tag is TPC for “Team Petal Crushers”. We will crush all others as we rule over the fields of flowers.


    Can’t wait this game looks fun. Trophies??

  • Yeah, I have similar questions to others that have asked!

    – Trophies?
    – Price? Hopefully no more that $9.99
    – Co-op offline (split or same screen. we really need more offline multiplayer games…) & online play?
    – Possibility of DLC?
    – Would be cool to be able to create your own levels with music on the HDD. :D

    This game really does look amazing, I have been excited for it since the moment I first seen it! :D Completely a stage and with that tree and the burst of color through the grass, it remind me much of the beautiful and artistic game, Okami! Music also reminded me a bit of August Rush. :)
    Keep up these types of games! They are extremely unique and give PSN something to stand out!

    • Hi! I know many people are asking the same questions, so I\’m responding to stlthriot simply because they seemed to consolidate them all nicely into one comment here. =)

      Trophies – yup. look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.
      Price – don\’t know – we just make the games =)
      Co-op offline – Flower won\’t have this, and I think when you play the game you\’ll understand why. At the risk of sounding artsy-fartsy, Flower is a pretty intimate, solo experience.
      DLC – no plans for this now, we\’re just focused on getting this one out to you guys!
      Create-a-level, etc – yes, that does sound cool!

  • I need a price. I so want this game.

  • And for Europe too? Please say yes.

  • Anyone see that article about how PS3 might be too artsy for its own good? Maybe it’s true, but thank god since it gets us games like this.

  • playable demo? soon?

  • I love low-key games that are less FPS and more go-at-your-own-pace from time to time. As with flow i’m sure this will be a day of release Dl…

    By the way, thanks for the actually providing a release date…theres been this weird delay in passing the release date for Savage Moon that baffles me…

    Actually much of Sonys product marketing absolutely baffles me.

  • @14,24 – Oh yes. Hell yes it is-

    Awesome! The trailer’s fantastic and I loved flOw – can’t wait for this!

  • I hope this is less a gimmick and more a game in the long run. It looks more like a tech demo then a game.

  • My god, the music is amazing.

  • Game looks very stylish….i’ll be grabbing this one.

    I wonder, can you die in this game or are you invincible?

  • Wow, another pure innovative title, im so getting this.

  • Killzone 2
    Resistance Retribution
    Loco Roco 2
    Savage Moon

    Going broke and falling even more insanely behind in my backlog of PS3,PS2, and PSP games.

  • Flower looks Soothingly Cool.

    Anything BIG planned for GroundHogs Day? Huuuh huh it’s my Bday.

  • Looks interesting. it reminds me of pikmin with the nature and urban thing, as well as the music. I hope there will be a demo.

  • YAY! Finally! Been looking forward to this for quite some time now.

  • why did this take so long to be released?

  • It looks sweet but there are many questions still left unanswered…

  • Looks good! I’ll have to try this out for sure.

  • Custom Soundtracks?

  • Yesss! Can’t wait :-) That game company sure knows how to make great and enjoyable games. Gotta love them ;-)

  • flower.. so beautiful the name doesn’t even need a capital letter ;)

    any chance of a hi-res of the title at the end..? i’d love to be able to plaster that on my desktop, but neither screen capture nor the recently posted image on flicker looks any good blown up..

  • day 1 for me, looks great!

  • “Custom Soundtracks?”

    Oh god…give it a F-ing rest.

  • to people not aware….all 09 games have trophies…quit askin that question.

    not sure i’d call this a game but reguardless it’s a buy from me…so soothing and calm…tranqil…zen

  • Oh boy I was waiting for this game for so long.

    Kudos to Sony and the Playstation brand for thinking beyond and for taking risks promoting original and unique content

  • Looking good… hopefully there will be a demo so I can be sure of what I’m getting into, but this does look like a good balance of serenity and action.

  • Sony has been investing in some fantastic original IPs for both PS3 software and PSN releases.

    You can expect my money on day-one for Flower. Looks beautiful!

  • That looks really good TGC. Definitely gonna pick this up next month. Looking forward to it.

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