The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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  • KZ2 gets closer. I can’t wait to give the demo a try.

    ps. You guys might want to know that some clown is selling a review build of Killzone 2 on ebay. He wasn’t wise enough to block out the serial/id number on the disc, so it shouldn’t be hard to track him down. :lol:

  • @ 1

    Your parents must be so proud :P

    Anyways, I (also) can’t wait to give Killzone 2 a whirl :D

  • February 27 can’t come soon enough I need my Killzone fix.

  • I prefer the european cover for two reasons;

    The european cover gives, in the front, credit to the developers (has the GG logo)..

    The european version do not have “only on playstation”-phallus competition symbol on it ;)

  • Community wanted Features in next firmware update:

    1:PSN party system (XMB based)
    2:In/cross game invites and chat(xmb based)

  • What’s with the cross game invite requests? They exist for a few games already… stop playing the same ol’ games. ;)

  • Ouch, unnecessary burn on A-rod…

  • @7

    i know, right lol

    and @6

    can’t you chat with up to 6 people already…and share pics…only thing we cant do is share vids which isn’t too bad…just use home if ya wanna talk to alot of people

  • im requesting cross game invites because… as of now the PSN is EXTREMLY LIMITED and its a MESS.. corss-game invites and a PSN based party system is needed to clean it up and really put the PSN up there with other Console online services.

    ^^^Clinton514- i dont know what your talking about- no games support cross game invites- that not possible…. it has to be psn based.

  • @10

    tekken 5 dark resurrection lets you do that and soul calibur i think and i know there is a few more…but there is only very few

  • @ 11 and 10 can’t you also do it in Resistance 2 well i know you can see your avatars adn you might be able ot do it in Motorstorm Pacific Rift im not sure though i have both but i think you can i havent really tried that much i just play.

  • @9 and @10

    I dont think you guys understand what im saying and what “IN GAME/CROSS” -invites mean.

    This means that while u are in the middle of playing say… CODWAW, but your friend is playing Resistance 2,(cross game invites would mean u could INVITE him through the DEDICATED PSN to YOUR PARTY into CODWAW)

    But for this to work well sony needs to make a DEDICATED PSN PARTY system. and it NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS to be XMB BASED.

    ^^ right now i know they are trying to make a party system with PS HOME, but as of now it takes too long to get into home and find a friend- and u can access it IN GAME- thats why it has to be XMB based.

    -i really hope sony has this planned for this spring.

  • How come friend request are at top bottom of your friends list where all the offline people are? How are we supposed to know if we got new ones? Do we gotta just scroll down daily to our offline friends just to see them? Hope you guys can fix that soon. When can we send voice messages? Been available on Live since launch.

  • I don’t like how people comment “first” at post number 1, It’s kinda annoying.

  • A-rod has a $275 contract.
    He can take all the ridicule we can serve him.

    Plus he’s a Yankee…

  • By the way, how about a suggestion box tool for the PSB?

  • I have been a reading the Playstation Blog over about a year now I got say I have read some interesting things in here. Last week I decided to join the blog so I can comment of some things I like and don’t.

    First of all, I have been playing Playstation since 1998 when I received my PS1 for Christmas. At that time, I joined the Playstation Underground which I think was great idea and should still be around. About three or four years later, I received a PS2. At that time, I didn’t buy that many games as I do now. I purchased many of the top hits for the PS2 like GTA 3, Ratchet & Clank, and God of War.

  • continued from above…

    On December 3 I bought a PS3 at Best Buy and that was the smartest purchase I have ever made. As you can see, I am a true Playstation fan since I am not interested in Nintendo or Microsoft’s gaming consoles. This past Christmas I received a Vizio HDTV and I was extremely excited since now I could play my PS3 in HD.

    So now here are two suggestions I think should be added to the Playstation Store. First, I noticed that on homepage their is no logout button so that should obviously be added for convenience. And here is a big suggestions. I think Playstatation Store should offer PayPal as a payment option. With Paypal I could buy downloads without giving away my MasterCard information. Now I think that sounds good and I hope others feel the same away…

  • @ 7 and 9 couldn’t agree more with you , there are a few people here wanting cross game chat and they been asking for it for over a year now , there are no plans for it on ps3. no one from sony is talking about it and it’s not even on the table . in game chat is dead for these reason 1 home 2 ps3 owner do not want this feature 3 you can video chat or send messages to your friends . in game chat is an out dated feature for sony and there not going to allow in when home is doing so well. i dont care if they allow in or not .
    i know mine comment will upset the few of you but in game chat subject is dead let move on.

  • i just bought the psp killzone game, its pretty coo

  • not nice. dont make fun of my yankees. i use to like you chris lol. ok just kidding your still cool

  • @Chris

    Take a pen, write this down

    Use the power of upgradable HD *500g PS3 ftw:D*

    Get AudioSurf on PSN *Include Mouse support*

    Who wouldn’t buy that?

    Now pass it on ;)

  • I agree with #6.

    These are MUST have and expected features for current gen gamers. I wouldn’t mind so much if the PS3 didn’t wasn’t 200$ more than its direct competitor, but it is and the features should be on the same bar or surpass whats out there.

    Its just very cumbersome trying to discuss what Warhawk server to join via text message!

  • The KillZone 2 Video Was Awesome, can’t wait for it to get release.

  • @5
    OMG you are clearly one of them trolls, i can’t wait till we are required to use our PSN ID’s here ppl like u are gonna have to go flame somewhere else…

  • @outkast32, keep up the good fight. The same people tried to shout down those who pestered Sony ceaselessly for in game XMB. I’d swap the useless, sterile, barren joke that is Home for cross game invites anytime of the week and twice on Sundays. Bear in mind that the service is free though, so don’t expect it to be on par with the competition.

  • @ 28 and 24- Thank you for your support- there are features that are NEEDED at this point of this next-gen life cycle. text messaging is extremely outdated and a hassle-(even if u have a keyboard.. and i do)

    @20- i think you have ur stats backwords- there are PLENTY more people that want these features than not want them- the PSN is to all over the place… and home is VERY out of place-as i said its not very convient yet- it take a long time to load and find a friend etc. i just want to be able to pull up my xmb and invite or talk to a friend… not go load home… then load my area.. then find my friend and go into his space( load some more) then txt message him- leave home( because game launching isnt availible yet)…. im not hating on home because its a great APP .. but it needs more time in the mean time they need to work on the PSN features for the XMB

    i really do- and hope these features are coming in the next update .. because i dont see what else they could do..( and i think i remember About a year ago in an interview a sony rep stated that 2008 would be year of getting ps3 games ready and out and 2009 they would focus on the PSN. i really hope they do

  • Hi,
    Is there any info you could share about the marketing campaign for Killzone 2?
    Like what is planned and when it’s kicking off?

    I know that it’s started in certain ways already with the release of vids and screenshots and interviews online. But i’m very interested in what is in store for other media, like TV and magazines.

    I would love to see KZ2 ads during Superbowl, or before movies at the theatre.
    I know Sony has sponsored UFC events before, are they doing any tie-ins for KZ2?

    IMO Killzone 2 is potentially the biggest game to be released for PS3 so far.

    I really really want the average joe consumer to realize how amazing the game is like us gamers.

    I was in the MP Beta and LOVED it.
    KZ2 is a genr re-defining title.
    I hope Sony markets it as such.


    has anyone read the fake KZ2 review….
    the fake site gave the game a 7.5/10

    that’s the site…
    can’t SONY and/ GG do something about this or not??? i’d like to see this taken down because people are falling into the trap and thinking twice about the game already.

  • I need help with my ps3. When I turn it on it goes straight to the main menu. I was playing a game and went to watch a movie and straight to the menu. Can’t watch or play! Any answers?

  • Hey Chris or Jeff, I was wondering if one of you could comment on this:

    It’s a widespread issue with the official PLAYSTATION Headset. It would be appreciated if this can be forwarded to the software team at Sony or something. Thanks in advanced.

  • @23 Agreed!
    AudioSurf (literally) rocks! :D

  • @ 29 you can keep saying am backward whatever you want to call me but the fact remain in game chat is a dead issue for sony they are not going to turn the ps3 into a 360 1.o sorry if the truth hurt . i been on this blog for over two years and this subject has been comment on . there no one from sony talking about it and as long as home doing well sony will not step on there toes to bring a out dated service that only a few will use the majority of ps3 owner do not want it sorry if that upset you but sometimes the truth do that.

  • @29 i count 4 on this topic right now who in favor for in game chat out of 33 post mine friend not alot on mine end . wait a minute let me add myself cause i really dont care if sony allow the feature because if i want to communicate with mine ps3 friends i can go to home, send a message or video chat or talk to them later and play my game , watch my blu ray or surf the internet .

  • @chriscowboyd, maybe the PS blog can run a poll then.

    Do you want cross game invites?


    Can’t hurt can it?

  • @ 36 no it wont hurt but as long as home growing and making money the less in game chat will have a future on ps3. please anyone reading this do not get upset with me . in game chat topic have been talk about on erver post on the blog for over two years and sony haven’t comment on it and the majority of ps3 owner do not want the feature please let it rest in peace . lol just go ahead with your pole so the other 4 can say yes to it what you guys really need to do is to get sony to do a world wide pole but lol good luck with that home is raking a boat load of money i can really see sony making that move lol.

  • Kinda of a sad update. Wish i could see more of potential gaming features rather than other non-gaming features. Dont get me wrong the photo gallery looks good. But i would like to see features that would benifit ingame rather on the console :(

  • Killzone 2 is gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to buy it on the twenty fifth of February.

  • Yeah I agree with Frank.. Killzone 2 will probably be as good as all the hype. One thing I hope it has is a great opening video like the Killzone 1 video where Scolar Visari is give a powerful speech to the Helghast people. I also hope their is more story telling in the game because I am very interested in learning more about how the Helghast people became who they are…

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