PS2 Sells Over 50 Million Units in North America, Breaks Console Sales Record

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Hi PlayStation fans!

It’s great to kick start the year with some exciting news. I’m thrilled to share that we’ve hit a remarkable milestone on the PlayStation 2. In December, PS2 officially broke the record as the first video game console in history to sell over 50 million units in North America. This is a tremendous achievement and truly reinforces PS2 as the best-selling gaming platform and one of the most successful technology products ever released. On behalf of everyone at SCEA, I want to thank all of you, our loyal fans, for supporting the PlayStation 2 platform since its launch.


We know that PS2 owners have a deep love for their system, primarily due to the engaging and diverse gaming lineup. To date, PS2 owners bought more than 500 million software units and it remains the most-played console on the market. We’re very proud of the success the PS2 has accomplished, and it’s a testament to the content and value that the platform offers. The fact that the PS2 is in its ninth year and continues to engage consumers further validates our mission of delivering ten years of entertainment value with all of our platforms.

Introduced on October 26, 2000, the PS2 rocked the gaming world with the then-fledgling DVD format and software titles that went on to become some of the biggest franchises in gaming history. Titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Madden NFL, Gran Turismo and Jak & Daxter defined what entertainment meant for the PS2’s generation of gaming and beyond, marking the platform as one of the most successful for game developers. Used as the de-facto DVD video player in tens of thousands of living rooms across North America, the PS2 also helped establish the DVD format in the market. The combination of killer titles, advanced technology, and innovative applications is what set the PS2 apart as the dominant gaming system and helped pave the landscape for SCEA today.

This milestone showcases the significant impact that PlayStation has made on the gaming industry and reinforces what is to come on PlayStation 3. No other video game console has come close to what’s been achieved with the PS2 and we’re on track to do this again on the PS3.

PS2 owners still have much to look forward to in the coming year. We’re thankful for your loyalty and look forward to providing the same engaging PlayStation experience as you gravitate to PS3. Given there are 50 million PS2 units out there, we know that you have a lot of fun PS2 moments to share – we look forward to hearing about them on the blog. Thank you all again for your support!

– John

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  • I still have my PS2 to play The King Of Fighters XI :D

  • Way to go Sony

  • I still have my PS2 in a closet somewhere, but my 60GB PS3 took it’s place quite nicely. :D

  • Someone didn’t waste time on making a new banner at the top of the page…

  • The other day I took a look at my entertainment system that had my PS3 and my PS2 and I decide to finally put my 7-8 year old console away and then I realized my PS3 isn’t backwards compatible so I had to unpackage it in order to play some of my favorites.

    Take the hint.

  • I don’t have a ps2… my dad sold it a Looooong time ago… but then i got a ps3 w/ ps2 campatibility. :) you should bring that back in a FW update. anyways, Keep up awesomeness sony.

  • And because it’s semi-related, I might as well cut & paste a discussion I’m having on another forum right this very instant, lol.

    Personally, I think Sony should bundle a package together consisting of:

    – one 160GB console with all of the bells and whistles that my 60GB has (backwards-compatibility, media card ports, 4 USB ports, built-in WiFi, etc.)
    – toss in 1 Dual Shock 3 controller
    – one official PS3 bluetooth headset
    – a voucher for a free download of one PSN game
    – and top it all off with a game that will show off what the system can really do, both online and off… LittleBigPlanet or Resistance 2 would both be great choices, but they may want to use a Greatest Hits title to maximize the profitability, so maybe the original Resistance would be a nice choice.

    THEN, top it all off by pre-loading a bunch of the latest trailers for upcoming PS3 titles, so that the very instant the new PS3 owner plugs that sucker in, they are assaulted by what it is to come in 2009 for their new purchase.

    Make this entire package 299.99, and watch as the money (and more importantly, the market penetration) starts rolling in.

    ;) Keep up the great work guys.

  • that great news so who is in charge of ps3 ? who ever it is making mistakes with it. first ps3 must be drop to 300 this year . in 2010 to 250. there are not enough ads for ps3 only games an example is lil big planer had no air time at all . so far no killzone 2 tv spot if you really want it to beat mgs4 sells then you have to built up the hype . remember not every1 look up info for upcoming games

  • I liked videogames before the PS2, but the PS2 turned me into an addict. It was a great ride. Still is though – I continue to play a lot of PS2 games on my PS3. Thanks Sony!

    PSNID – jbullfrog23

  • Yeah, if only the PS3’s future would be as successful as the PS2’s. *Rolls eyes*

  • Ahhh crud, I forgot the ultimate package would also need an HDMI cable, how could I forget that one?

    So yeah, toss one of those in there as well. :p

    (this is all in good fun, I love my PS3 and the rest of the world that doesn’t own one are the ones missing out, I paid 600 bucks for mine and it was worth every penny)

  • Great, now if only you guys would divert your attention from PS2 and get those exclusive titles (I.E. persona) over the the PS3 already. Nis seems to like you guys so if you only would move on from that old system maybe the PS3 would be more appealing to others now (like I said, persona, PS3 desperately needs more games, good games and especially RPG’s)

  • My last post was too much doom and gloom, so i would like to add that yes, i do believe you guys can pull off a PS2 quality turn on the PS3, but you guys are in your third year, rev it up already! :)

  • I still play a lot of ps2 games. All the fighting games I like are on it. SF anthology, KOF XI, KOF 2006, VF4, Neogeo Battle Colliseum, etc… Not to mention DMC3! Still my favorite action game to date. I’ve logged over 100 hours on that game. Its just so fun to play

  • You know a great way to celebrate this?

    PS2 Yarouze is WAY over due—in other words, make a more expensive PS2 that is a PS2 dev kit!

    I’d fall down weeping if you guys did a PS3 Yarouze—or mail you a box of really good cookies as a buy off (I am dead serious—free cookies for Sony!)

    I mean, Europe had a ‘give 10k to indie PlayStation studios’ gig and Japan has PlayStation C.A.M.P. (Creative Audition Mashup Project)—both aimed at finding untested but talented game designers and game design teams to bolster the PS brand—why the heck doesn’t SCEA have something similar? I am with an untested team and we would LOVE to make a tech demo for you guys on native hardware (as it stands, we are setting up to make a PC based tech demo)—the PSone’s Yarouze program may have come a bit early (as indie console development wasn’t quite there yet–even though you did get some stuff like Devil Dice out of it) but it is a revolutionary program guys PLEASE pick it back up and show XNA up!

  • Great achievement!
    Congrats to Sony and the PS2 team

  • Congrats Sony on the PS2!

    Greatest. Console. Ever.

    It is hilarious to go back and read the almost word for word FUD the PS3 is getting from the Microsoft fans in the media back in 1999-2001 about the PS2.

    “(I.E. persona) over the the PS3 already”

    Just picked up Persona 3FES and 4 for my 60gig and absolutely loving them. I’ve already turned into a raving Atlus fanboy. Can’t wait to see what they have for the PS3. They have to be excited about the success of White Knight Chronicles.

    The lack of universal PS2 BC on the PS3 is really the only thing Sony didn’t get right with the PS3. Most powerful graphics hardware ever, BluRay, the amazing online service, even a more gigantic and diverse first party lineup.

    I am still frantically trying to rush through my stacks of PS2 titles in addition to the flood of AAA PS3 games coming out. The PS2 is an absolute gold mine of 20 dollar AAA games that look great upscaled on the PS3.

  • Playstation 2…
    The memories.

    Just 2 weeks ago I dusted off my PS2 and spent a couple hours on some old school games.

    The sad thing is when I compare the PS2 to the PS3. The jump is so so so significant.
    its like a 1000 times leap, and I simply can’t revert to playing PS2 anymore.
    It just bothers, why is there so much PS3 Hate?
    PS3 is incredible and Sony you guys did a good job and continue to do so with the Firmware Updates!

  • LOL! Hey PS2 give PS3 a break! You’ve gotten more then enough shine already!

  • @ TheApprentice, I definitely agree. Once I went to PS3, there was no going back. But before PS3, PS2 was an awesome platform and I really enjoyed it.

  • Sony is losing money by not have BC of PS2 games on the PS3. I never had a PS2, and would love to stock up on bargain games. You know they are going to update this eventually, since you can create PS2 internal memory cards on the newer PS3’s.

    What’s the hold up, Sony??

  • I getting my first PS2 during my stent at Ball State University. I remember playing FFX, for hours on end.

  • Is this damage control for the upcoming NPD? The PS3 will never be able to match the PS2’s success, the Wii is the new PS2.

    The PS3 can’t even compare to the PS2. There is a serious lack of third party exclusives, not to mention the small selection of RPGs.

  • This is the reason you’ve removed backwards compatibility from all new PS3s. It doesn’t take a genious to figure that out. Shame on you.

    Savage Moon plz…

  • ^ As proven by my non-spelling today.

  • I still have so many PS2 games to still play and beat.
    I also still have my original first generation purchased on launch day model PS2 and it still runs like the day I bought it!

    That is what reliability is, not this RROD BS with a 3 year warranty.

    How can you say the PS3 can’t compare to the PS2? when the PS3 is 9 years old get back to me, I bet it will surpass the PS2.

    I have a 60GB PS3, actually two of them, but I think you should and NEED to have at least one SKU at all times that has PS2 BC in it.

    Anyway congrats on the 50 mil glad I could help! =)

  • take note Sony… 50 million PS2’s sold… I bet more than a few of those owners wish they could buy a ps3 that played their extensive PS2 librarys.
    I personally know a handful of them that will not buy a non-BC ps3 and are either considering switching companies or already have…. :(

  • First off, Congrats Sony

    Second, Though I’m proud of you and your accomplishment we need direct voice chat in the PS3…like….yesterday. Please deliver quickly.

    and Third, @leetfoo – I can see not getting a PS3 due to B/C….but what would changing companies do? Your friends would still be in the same position of having a new system that DOESN’T play their PS2 games :|

  • What a wonderful experience the PS2 has provided me these last 8 years. From the amazing Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner to the just as amazing Final Fantasy X, XI and XII.

    My PS2 will not be going anywhere as far as I’m concerned. Although the PS3 is taking over most of my time, especially with Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5 and White Knight Chronicles seeing releases soon.

    Just hope you guys at Sony can get some great advertising done for the PS3, because let’s face it, it’s not doing as well as it could or should be. I want to see it succeed just like the PS2 has.

  • Congrats, SCEA. I still have my PS2 Slim and have no intentions of selling it anytime soon. Granted, I spend way more time on my PS3, but it’s nice to have the PS2 around for some of the older games.

  • Oh the days of the PS2. When Sony put gaming above everything else. Its amazing how many gaming consoles you can sale when you actually…you know, focus on the games.

    My how the mighty have fallen.

  • @ 10 i dont know if you give ps3 10 years like we did ps2 then it will sell that many console . i love how people like you try to be funny with your one line joke . the fact is ps3 only been in the market for two years , ps2 10 years and 360 3 years , and in that short time it out soild the 360 for six months untill they drop the price . psn and xbl have the same amount of online members and the ps3 is only behind 360 by 8 million console that not a lot to warrant a price cut on the ps3 anytime soon. congratulate on ps2 sony and keep up the great work on ps3 .

  • Cangrats, Sony! :) Now let’s look forward to hearing these same news on the PS3 in the future!

  • That’s a lot of metal and plastic.


  • @MizzouGamingInc


    The most powerful graphics hardware ever.

    Massively improved first party developer lineup – 20 compared to Microsoft’s joke 3 first party devs

    The amazing PSN games we didn’t have last gen

    Dedicated servers for all major PS3 online games for lagless online play

    …you know, you sound like an idiot.

  • I still fire up my PS2 to play some God of War on well as PS2 SOCOM’s…Gotta love it.

    Keep up the good work, my ps2 refuses to leave the shelf, and thus my ps3 is vertical next to it. Like a family moment right next to my launch PS1…god I’m getting old…

  • I want to call the PS2 the greatest gae console, but even it cannot touch my C64.

    But to give you an idea of what I think of the PS2, I have bought four PS2 games since getting my 60GB PS3. Unfortunately I had to sell the PS2 in a yard sale, by order of the wife. I kept the games though.

    Oh, and it was an original fat PS2 bought about 6 months after launch. I never had to replace the system.

  • Congratz SONY!, now is time to do the same for the PS3 which is tanking at the third place in the console wars.
    NPD numbers later today, I hope you guys (SONY) got a decent units sold during December, good luck SONY, you’re going to need it, these are difficult times…

  • Meh, I think I’m gonna ignore the complaints about the (lack of on the 40 gigs) backwards compatibility on certain ps3 skus and the lack of 3rd party exclusives, they really seem irrelevant, wait… /ignore


    Anyway, I loved my ps2. My primary reason into getting it was for TimeSplitters 2, but I also had Jak II and Gran Turismo 3 bundled w/ my ps2, and did I get a surprise when I ran through those games. Later would come Killzone, God of War, Burnout 3, and a bunch of other games to aquire for my system that I didn’t regret playing. After the ps2’s lifespan is over, you have to wonder how so many people got into purchasing the system, but I feel that as many consoles have tried to find a single mascot advertise for the system, the ps2 wanted anyone to play it, and the people found their own mascot, whether it be Solid or Naked Snake, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Kratos, Jan Templar, Kratos, or any movie character or character found in one’s favorite game on the system…

  • I know I’m forgetting about the protagonists from the GTA series, and don’t get me started on the characters from the TimeSplitters series, but that’s the beauty of it- there were a ton of games that looked great at its time, and they were fun to continue playing. I think as long as there continues to be a growth in great and fun games to play, as well as making the system more affordable to the general audience, the ps3 can hold its own, just as the ps2 had done.

  • Congrat’s mine is 4 years old and still kicking.. I have a question also don’t know if any one has ever asked but probly has. Would it ever be posible to hook up your PS2 threw USB and play it threw your PS3(upcoversion included)??? Sort of like how the BOX used the HDDVD format.. I just thought of it yesterday.. I am geting a new PSP tomarrow..

    Just an idea I know I know Sony don’t coment on rumors… LOL :D

  • the ps2 it’s great i have the ps3 and i am still using it the when in when…

    i heared rumors about a new ps2 release, but never seen one, now seeing that picture i know that it’s true what diferences does it have?? and what model is to see more pictures it looks awesome!

    off topic:
    please bring a IntelligentQube remake to the psn, or the original one for the psone store of psn please!!!!

  • @42,

    I believe you could practically find Cuboid as a remake of the ps1 game… In a way…

  • I still have my PS2 hooked up (although it hasn’t been used lately) because you geniuses at Sony won’t add PS2 BC to my $400 PS3.

    Sure would be nice so I can use PS3 for everything…. Sure would be nice….

  • Grats on the 50 mil. And for all the backwards compatibility whiners, here’s what I want to know. If you have PS2 games, why don’t you have a PS2? The whole argument “I won’t buy it because of BC lack” is silly. You know why? The Wii is the only console I know of that is fully backwards compatible with the previous console. The 360 isn’t. And it costs more to put it in. So really they’re losing money.

  • Yes, we are still waiting for a new firmware with BC added to ps3 :/

  • *bling* You have earned a Trophy: You sold 50 Million PS2s :)

  • I have always loved Sony’s products, My Sony Bravia, Sony headphones, Sony BT headset, PSP 3000, PS2, and my 60GB PS3. :) But I have several friends who won’t buy a PS3 because it no longer supports BC like my 60 does. Taking BC away removed a major selling point for a LOT of people. I love my PS3 and all its multimedia functions but PLEASE bring back backwards compatibility so my friends can upscale their PS2 games at their own houses, and not have to come to my house to see their games up-scaled on my 60GB/500GB monster PS3.
    In short, I am glad the PS2 has done so well, but please bring back BC for all those PS3 owners who don’t have it. Thanks! B2B

  • another off topic
    how the hell can I change the password to log in the blog…and also how do i change the avatar??

  • FYI, PS3 will never be PS2. Because Sony lost FF-XIII, GTA, and other major exclusives. Not to mention they have no PS2 BC.

    That been said, it’s still a great system.

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