Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins Available Tomorrow on PSN!

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To the PlayStation community: 20,000 thank yous for all your support. We had a record breaking year in the digital space and we couldn’t have done it without you. (Apparently, we don’t just break records, we break blogs son!)

In my last post, I promised that you’ll see a whole slew of PSP and PSone games on the PlayStation Network. To kick off 2009, I’m happy to announce that Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins will be available tomorrow in the PSP store for $19.99. For those of you not familiar with the game, UGG is a side-scrolling platform game featuring the heroic knight, Arthur, as he battles hordes of undead in his quest to save Princess Prin Prin. (total run on sentence) I think just having the name “Prin Prin” is reason enough for saving. UGG maintains the 2D gameplay mechanics of this classic franchise and is the only game in the series to employ 3D graphics. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is intuitive yet addicting, everything you want in a quality PSP game.

Check out the video!

I also have a new Flock trailer. Peep these sheep!

With over 55 stages, two player co-op, level creating-editing-rating-sharing, trophy support and custom soundtracks, this game is a motherflockin’ good time!

And for those in the San Francisco Bay Area, I hope to see you at the Street Fighter Fight Club this Friday. I’ll be the one fitted with the new Triumvir Street Fighter Shadaloo jacket and jeans. Come by and say what’s up and play a few rounds with me.

Till next time PlayStation Playas.

Your friend from Capcom,
John Diamonon

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  • @John, about that RE5 demo, its true ;) The 360 will have the demo on January the 26th, while the PS3 will get it on February the 5th.

  • The more people whine about trophies the more I hate those things. I don’t care about trophies as much as I did before. Its fun to have them and with certain games I’d like to collect them, but if they’re too difficult or totally annoy me, I’m not gonna collect them. I game for fun to enjoy fully of the game itself, not because I can earn virtual rewards.

  • With the sucess of Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix I’m not sure if anyone shares this sentiment, but I’d love to see more Capcom games remade in HD.

    I mean, I’m sure due to licensing it may be near impossible, but DuckTales would be amazing if it got the same treatment as BC:R.

    But, there’s also games like Mega Man X, UN Squadron and Super Pang that I’d love to play in HD! Just throwing that out there, the remade games are definitely appreciated!

    • I think you\’ll see a combination of HD remixes, retro treatments and online support of direct ports as the strategy for revitalizing old franchises moving forward.

  • Cool thanks very much. My Ps3 is in the repair shop. So it will help pass time. Thanks again.

  • So you dont know anything about RE5 demo? weird isnt it?

  • Hi John!

    I love your dedication towards the community.. You’re one of the few that don’t simply dodge the ‘annoying’ questions you get. You also seem to reply honest, what you think, and not the company you work for.

    You certainly earned my respect – I look forward to any competition, fight, party or whatever you could pull off :).


    • Thanks for the kind words Loom. I\’m probably a little more outspoken then the PR ninjas would like me to be. :)

  • Hey John,

    Good to see you around here again! Looks flocking great and the fact you added IN-Game XMB Music makes it a must buy on day one =]

    One question that I hope you can answer. Will Street Fighter 4 have In-Game XMB Music???


  • G&G – Fantastic. Except I don’t have a PSP.

    Any plans for UGG on the PS3?

  • That’s kind of crappy how you got defensive after someone mentioned lack of trophy support for BC:R and SSF2HDR, saying “we don’t have to release our games on PSN at all” or something to that effect.

    What you seem to be forgetting is that these trophies were PROMISED to us. We should be the ones getting defensive because it’s starting to seem we were lied to. Yes, I did enjoy BC:R, but would have I bought it if I knew the devs were blowing smoke up our asses with a trophy patch? Nope. Nevermind that they promised that the trophies would be retroactive, which we all knew wasn’t and isn’t possible.

    Anyways, have anymore incentives why we should buy your games that will turn out to be false?

    • Not defensive at all, just stating facts my friend. The poster commented about Capcom\’s lack of support for the PSN. How many triple AAA digital games are on XBLA but not PSN. I can go down the list, but we all know. We\’ve made a committment to the PSN.

      Regarding, the BCR patch, it was in the plans to work on this and release it a few months after launch. Priorities from the team have shifted to releasing the next gen version of the game. These things happen, but I\’ve never avoided the question and have been straight with this information. We didn\’t need to \”lie\” about trophy support to achieve more sales, the title is strong enough on its own merits.

  • Now that I have beat Suikoden again(best $6 I’ve ever spent), how about adding Suikoden II?

  • @John, when are you in Home then? And you are in the US Home most likely? If so, add me with Onna76 as well, that’s my US account ;)

  • Oh and too bad the co-op is offline, online is so much fun :(

  • Yayyyyyyy!!! John winked at the possibilty of Capcom releasing MegaMan Legends on the PSN. That means its coming out, yayyyyy!

  • I hear you’re good friends with Keiji Inafune… wink wink… maybe he neds some convincing …wink wink. catch my drift. ;)

  • Hey Iam making a Ghost & Goblins level in LBP. Its taking forever but it will be cool. Humm I wonder what the odds are of me getting on Johns buddy list…oh well

  • Yeah, he wanted to make a Mega Man Legends 3 with the Lost Planet engine (i think) but Capcom was like, are you crazy, the Mega Man Legends series was not too popular and so that was put to rest but keiji-san is still hanging on to hope.

  • Love you guys and how you’re supporting PSN. Glad to see you’re not only putting out PSN games but also satisfying my craving for adding content for the PSP store. Major kudos to you guys at Capcom.

  • @John Diamonon
    You maximum number of friend has been reach on your account.

  • I really love the PSN love Capcom has been giving. But my tastes differe slightly from most. I am not a huge Mega Man or Resident Evil fan (they are fun- just not my taste), but I jumped on 1942: Joint Strike day one. I know not many people complimented that game, but it brought back a lot of good childhood memories.

    On that note: has any thought been given to an arcade port of the original 1942? I loved that game. My local Pizza Hut was kept in business by me playing that game in their arcade.

    I also welcome any of your Marvel IP games. This includes X-Men: Children of the Atom.

    And I highly suggest more demos. That is the only thing holding me back on Age of Booty.

  • @John Diamonon
    The Question was, what is up with Devil May Cry for PSP?

    It’s been on the pending release list on IGN and even Capcoms own JP (japanese) website for years! Given Sony’s recent drive to get titles that are some how linked to console titles onto the PSP I would think DMC would be one of interest to them and to capcom. We haven’t heard anything since the PSP’s release.

    Even an “I don’t know, but I’ll try to look into it” would be better than nothing.

    • Answering as many comments I do is a double edge sword. Just because I don\’t answer, please don\’t take it personal. So, to answer your question:

      “I don’t know, but I’ll try to look into it”


  • Awesome stuff John. I’ll be picking up UG&G today. Look forward to more stuff from Capcom, the greatest game company in the world.


  • @John.
    What time on Sunday? I live in NYC by the way

  • @John, with my EU account (Onna76_NL), yes, that’s my general account. I also have an US account (Onna76).

  • “We didn’t need to “lie” about trophies, BC:R stands on its own merits.”

    So you honestly believe that promising trophies back when they were scarce, few and far between, didn’t help bolster PSN sales of the title? I would not have bought the title if I knew what I know now, and you really, honestly think I’m the only one?

    Thankfully, I wasn’t duped into buying SF2HD, someone gifted it to me. Was going to wait for the trophy patch to first play it, now I’ll just delete it.

    But hey, while we’re on the subject of all Capcom does for the PS3/PSN, thanks alot for the shoddy Lost Planet port no one wanted, cancelling exclusivity on titles like DMC4, and yet keeping 360 titles exclusive like Dead Rising, giving 360 the RE5 demo before us and overcharging for tech from the late eighties, like mega man 9… You guys really do so much for us. And if I had low self-esteem, I would really mean that.

  • @John
    My PSN is TheHater2

  • Hi John! Awesome news about UGG. I would buy it but $$$$ is kind of in short supply right now lol. You all are doing a GREAT job supporting the PSN. I do have one question:

    In your professional opinion when do you think we will hear some news when the RE 1,2 & 3 will come to the PSN :D

    Maybe in the year 2525 if we are all still alive? LOL

  • NICE, can’t wait to get back in my iron suit.
    been a few years,
    new levls look Wicked!!

  • Did I just get called old for enjoying Joint Strike?

    Never mind.

  • Oops, cut it off.

    My receding hairline answers the old question.

  • well I was going to go into my normal price rant but then stupid me realized this was a PSP game. John, get this made for the ps3 please. Some of us disowned their PSPs due to lack of software support. Still don’t regret that decision.

    Thanks for all the support for the PSN you guys make great games.

  • @126
    You forgot the cancel Monster Hunter 3 for the PS3 :(

  • @John.
    Sorry, I just love Monster Hunter so much :)

  • Haha oh wow, this wouldn’t be a John blog page thingamajigger w/o his wonderful fan(s) clashing heads with him lol

    Don’t crack John! Haha

    Oh and have fun @ the SFIV event tomorrow! Too bad I’m in the Barnegat Bay Area haha (hey it’s still a bay area right…same difference lol)

  • “I don’t know if SFHD trophies are in the works.”

    I hate you guys so much and honestly, if at least this game isn’t patched, I highly doubt I’m going to support your games aside from RE5. Do you know how pissed I’ve been that every game I’ve bought from you guys have said “Trophies: not yet” or “Patch coming soon [ie: Bionic Commando]” and still, I wait. I have a 360 which I could have bought these games on and honestly, these little useless things just add a bit to the magic of gaming for some of us.

    The thing that just really ticks me off is in all of your blogs, you hint that there will be trophies but the teams didn’t have time to release them yet (yeah, right… a trophy patch takes SOOOO much time and resources). But it just burns me up that you say in all your blogs “Maybe :)” and expect people to just ignore it. Where in the freakin’ world is that promised BC patch??

    So please, next time, just be honest and say “We’re lazy, we didn’t put them in there because we’re really lazy at what we do.”. I know that there’s hardly ANYONE even playing the long awaited SF2HD anymore. I can tell that by how many matches I can find online…

  • john can i get a link to the 1up mega man legend interview you keep refering to ? .

  • I need a straight up answer. Is Megaman Legends at this moment planned to be released on PSN? I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  • I really want to pick up UGG but that price seems kinda high. I can probably pick up the UMD cheaper, right? How much faster are load times with downloaded games vs UMD?

  • @139
    there isn’t any difference.

  • John if you dont mind me asking, is it required by sony to add Trophy support in PSN, and Disk Based games from 2009 and on? I just want a straight forward answere from a reliable source and not just some random rumours on the net.

    • I know that for downloadable games, trophy support is now required starting this year. I\’m not sure about disc based games.

  • John, I think a lot of us want Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (HD Remix?) on the PlayStation Store. Any chance of that happening at all? :)


    I HAVE:


    1-how many street fighter characters in the final build of the game?

    2-Are you going to release I game spaces for Street Fighter 4 and resident evil 5 when they launch?

    3-is there any plans(i hope) that Dead Rising & monster hunter 3 will come to ps3?

    • 1 – 25

      2 – In Japan, yes. I gotta find out if they\’re going to be ready for US.

      3 – Standard policy – I can\’t comment on anything that we haven\’t officially announced.

  • John, your assertion that “[t]o say that we don’t support the PSN is totally false” is a correction statement, but is a misstatement of my original post. I stated that Capcom fails to support its older games.

    I’m much more likely to purchase games from publishers who strive to keep their games up to date, not just cut and run after it is published. Trophy support may not have been required until this year, but BC:Rearmed was released a month after the PS3 supported it. If a publisher truly embraces a platform, a mandatory requirement to implement a key feature of a platform that benefits consumers should not be necessary. If “no other company supports PSN like [Capcom]” does, it saddens me that zero of the top ten most downloaded PSN games from 2008 were published by Capcom.

    I just wish publishers would realize that continuing to support older titles could actually prolong the purchasing of products by consumers. We are no longer in the age of traditional game publishing where once a product GMs, it’s over. With digital distribution, companies can continue to support their products (e.g. Blizzard in the PC realm) and create revenue streams, in addition to building consumer confidence.

    • Here\’s how things work in this industry. A project has a set budget, scope and timeline. If certain features were not planned for in the concept stage, it is very difficult to implement these features post launch. This is because the team is assigned to different projects and finding additional budget is challenging.

      Regarding BCR, the team wanted to have trophy support available at launch but weren\’t given the guidlines early enough in the development cycle to include it. It was thought that they could work on this and have trophies available a few months after. The reality of the matter is that the team\’s focus shifted to the next gen title.

      And, btw, SFHD, even with only a few weeks of sales in 2008, was one of the top ten most downloaded PSN games. That\’s a fact.

  • str8 dope indeed..

    i hope you’re at least getting a good personal chuckle at the lack of intelligence in some of these comments.

    keep it fresh playa. im gonna send you an add on psn too if ya dont mind.

  • This might be the hardest game ever made. I can’t wait to rip my hair out playing this classic

  • Aeneman you really need to chill out, as far as BC:R trophies are concerned, John just reported what he was told, it’s not his fault their not out yet (and seriously trophies mean that much to you) Dead Rising is a 360 exclusive because the PS3 wasn’t out yet when it came out, and stop being such a fanboy, your upset because 360 owners get to enjoy DMC4 also? really?

  • lmao “We cant comment on anything we havent announced yet”

    SO basically Dead rising ps3 is going to be announced

  • There’s a PSP store in the PSN store? Wow.
    And here I thought I’d be able to play UGG on my PS3… wishful thinking, I guess. :(

  • well after seeing that flock vid..i kind of want it now xDD..i was kind of skepic at first..but anyways, it sucks that i wont be able to log on psn for a bit longer, my ps3 died on me T_T

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