Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins Available Tomorrow on PSN!

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To the PlayStation community: 20,000 thank yous for all your support. We had a record breaking year in the digital space and we couldn’t have done it without you. (Apparently, we don’t just break records, we break blogs son!)

In my last post, I promised that you’ll see a whole slew of PSP and PSone games on the PlayStation Network. To kick off 2009, I’m happy to announce that Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins will be available tomorrow in the PSP store for $19.99. For those of you not familiar with the game, UGG is a side-scrolling platform game featuring the heroic knight, Arthur, as he battles hordes of undead in his quest to save Princess Prin Prin. (total run on sentence) I think just having the name “Prin Prin” is reason enough for saving. UGG maintains the 2D gameplay mechanics of this classic franchise and is the only game in the series to employ 3D graphics. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is intuitive yet addicting, everything you want in a quality PSP game.

Check out the video!

I also have a new Flock trailer. Peep these sheep!

With over 55 stages, two player co-op, level creating-editing-rating-sharing, trophy support and custom soundtracks, this game is a motherflockin’ good time!

And for those in the San Francisco Bay Area, I hope to see you at the Street Fighter Fight Club this Friday. I’ll be the one fitted with the new Triumvir Street Fighter Shadaloo jacket and jeans. Come by and say what’s up and play a few rounds with me.

Till next time PlayStation Playas.

Your friend from Capcom,
John Diamonon

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  • nice old school gaming making a comeback!! hey when do we get some trophies for age of booty and Street Fighter HD?? Sony Loves Capcom by the way!!!…can’t wait for RE5!

    • Hey Raacky! Age of Booty trophies should hit in February. I don\’t know if SFHD trophies are in the works.

    • HEY GUYS! Going to the Warriors Vs Kings game. I\’ll get around to answering your questions once I get back. Talk to you later!

  • wow great news for psp

  • cool i loved the original G&G, you should put some sort of home element into this game

  • is in preiviews

  • Holy Flock that game looks fun by the way

  • Classic games are always a plus. I just wish more developers would release more.

    Thanks for the info

  • I so would buy the Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins if you could play it on your TV. Even if it’s low res sprites!

  • I LOVE the Ghosts n Goblins / Ghouls n Ghosts Series.

    I recently just bought my PSP 3000 and picked this game up with it. It’s truely awesome game and definitely worth the $20

    I also recommend the Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded because it has ALL of the older GG games on one UMD.

  • boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i already have this game and i also have the 2 mega man game
    please be something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for next time

  • wow G&G… its been a long long time lol

  • John any information on Breath of Fire 3 for the PSone Store? or any RPGS from you guys?

  • this one came out of left field! awesome i love lil surprises like these. psyched for Flock looks like fun..


  • I have G&G for the PSP very good game. A must buy if you are a fan. MUST BUY. Holy sheep that’s alot of flocking around to do. This game looks intensely FUN! Can’t wait. Oh can I have a demo code?

  • This is fantastic news. Any chance that this downloadable version UG&G can pick up on my save data from the UMD version so I don’t have to start the adventure over from scratch?

  • Wow just wow…. John im like speechless right now. G&G brings back so many memories…. and so much fun lol.

    I know i always said wow but had to say it again lol.

  • Good stuff! Loved G&G when I was a kid.

    Sup John! Missed ya since the giga-spam-athon giveaway. That was the most addictive game I played all year! Whatcha been up to?

    • Hey Loke, good to see you on here again. Yeah, the spam-a-thon was nutz. I\’ve been working on shipping Flock. It\’s gonna be goooooooood.

  • I love DL games and I would buy this if it wasn’t $20. That’s just my 2 cents.

    John, I’ve spent over $300 on the PS Store and none of that has been on Capcom. I hope we can change that this year! I will buy flock.

  • The obvious questions incoming.

    Ghouls ‘n Ghosts- Trophies? Are the promised Bionic Commando Rearmed ever happening? And as someone else said, I also read SSF2HDR was getting patched for trophies. Is that not happening now? Capcom Home spaces? Capcom PsOne classics, or even arcade?

    • UGG = PSP game = no trophies.

      BCR = Man, the team is totally focused on the next gen game. I don\’t know what\’s going to happen with the trophy support to tell you the truth.

      Capcom Home Spaces = in the works.

      PSone classics = fo sho.

  • We want Bust A Groove! That would be an awesome classic for the PSP on the PS network. That’s not fair how it’s in Europe, but not in the US. Sony, please grant our wishes! (You would definitely make a killing off of it too)

  • Capcom people sure are sheep lovers AOB town flags are sheep and now FLOCK! Sheep lover annonymous is available :P

    We should try for 30k later this year!

    • I think we found out that 20K was the limit! And yes, it seems that there\’s a sheep fettish round these parts, lol.

  • Wow capcom, you guys rock. Cant believe G&Gs has made a comeback now…..maybe we can see a G&G home space…..hehehe funny stuff

  • sup John! glad to see some PSP love

    you gonna start blogging about Flock soon?



  • Ny the way, you’re post was tagge ultimate ghote and goblins. XD

  • *By.. d’oh.

  • Wow thats nice, im a little dissapointed that RE5 demo is coming to XBL on JAN 26th was it? And the psn demo isnt even confirmed =/

    Amazing how RE a Playstation ip, is now turning into more of an XBOX 360 ip, even the footage they show is pure 360….


    It would be nice to have some RE games on the ps store, since they are on the japan store.

  • Not my usual kind of game, but flock it, I’ll give it a try. You guys tossin’ around ideas for the next Onimusha yet? A PS3 Onimusha would be da bomb.

  • Great news. Start rolling out those PS1 titles also! Don’t forget about Dino Crisis :)

  • I have a question to ask the capcom folks here. I always liked capcom, but how come you guys are giving a week advance for Resident Evil 5 demo to Xbox? Are we not good enough around here? Help me understand

  • And *tagged.. double d’oh.

    And I notice now this is a PSP title and not a PSN title. So nevermind about the trophy question. Triple d’oh.

  • Sweet! The Capcom 09 PSN support has started!

    Also, I can’t wait for you guys to release the Resident Evil games 1-3 on PSN. They’re coming… RIGHT?!?

  • Really 20k was whos limit? Psh we don’t abide by no stinkin limits!

  • That ghost n goblins look fun.
    but why do we get the demo of resident evil 5 one week after the release?? dont lie to us

  • Looks like Capcom does listen to criticism.
    Glad to see Flock has literally every feature the PS3 has to offer in it!
    Just might warrant a purchase!

    Hey, one question kind of off topic, but what would it take to get some or all of the PS1 Resident Evil games released on the PSN?

  • Looking forward to Ghost and Goblins. Wanna give me a code for it? *big grin*

  • sorry if my feedback wasn’t a position one this time around.if you guys can been over the mega man legend ports you guys made for japan that would be cool.alsoi brought sfaplha on the psn for my psp.

  • Sounds great, UG&G is an excellent PSP title, and quite a challenge, too! I can’t wait to see what else you guys will have for us this year…

    I’d LOVE to see these PSOne titles!

    Resident Evil: DC-3
    Dino Crisis 1&2
    Strider 1&2
    Rival Schools

  • Wassup John,

    As much as I love to ask this, trophies?

    Any estimate on getting RE1-3 on the store?

    Why do you never play LBP? :D

  • Nice.

    I still play this game on my Genesis. Except it’s called Ghouls ‘N and Ghosts.

  • Speaking of PSP and Capcom what ever happened to Devil May Cry for PSP?

  • Are there any other good psp games coming up. I have not bought any psp games since the force unleashed. This should be fun though. Please make some more fun games for download on psp.

  • If they’re no Street Fighter HD trophies in the works…. I’m gunna be pissed

  • So John, wink if we can expect the Mega Man Legends games anytime soon….

  • I sincerely hope that when you say “slew” of PSone games that FF7/8/9, MGS1/VR Training, Parasite Eve, Musashi, and Silent Hill 1 will make an appearance on PSN…

  • Hey John I forgot to ask this question, when AOB’s trophies first came out before they were yanked it had a platinum will the final version have the platinum? I think everyone would agree that we would love for it to have a platinum.

  • now to move on flock i love what i seen but i have ntot play it as of yet since there no way to get it without a qore eps and qore had not been the next big thing as of yet

  • I saw in that blog that comment numbers 46 and 47 free Capcom games. Weird. :P

  • really?

  • Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nicen nice nice nice! Old School gaming is rising up again!

  • LOL I haven’t forgot the name of the main ufo…lol
    “motherflocker”…I wonder how they came up with that?

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