Get LocoRoco 2 for the Cost of Just Two Movie Tickets!

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No question, times are tough these days, all you need to do is turn on the news. As promised in my last LocoRoco 2 post, I’m back to finally deliver some *good* news…specifically about the release of LocoRoco 2 next month. Well, I kind of gave it away in this post’s headline, but here it is anyway-

On February 10, LocoRoco 2 will be on store shelves for only $19.99!

LocoRoco 2 Cover Art

In a time where it can be tough to spend money on games, we’re definitely excited to bring PSP players the world of LocoRoco for this super-low price. I mean, what else can you get these days for only $20, besides LocoRoco 2 and a Barack Obama Action Figure?

The answer is: not much!

Even our friends at IGN are excited. In case you haven’t watched it yet, please check out IGN’s video preview of LocoRoco 2 HERE. IGN Editor Jeff Haynes does a great job featuring some of the new gameplay elements that we’re introducing to the LocoRoco world.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on our favorite yellow blob, you can be one of the first to get you hands on the demo! Pre-order the game through one of our participating retailers like Amazon, GameCrazy or GameStop and you will be awarded a voucher you can redeem on the PlayStation Network for the LocoRoco 2 demo weeks before the game releases!

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Filled with contagious giggling, funky music and big, bright smiles everywhere, LocoRoco 2 is sure to take you to your “happy” place instantly!

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog for much more on LocoRoco 2 between now and February 10th.

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  • I like what you guys are doing, Amazon is a great retailer and I love these offers. So far got KZ2, Resistance PSP and now might order this too.

  • Aw, what cute little blobs. And smart move following the Patapon pricing strategy. Just one question: if I haven’t played the first game am I missing out on anything important story-wise? (I know, I know, don’t crucify me. I just never got into the first one, and I really can’t afford TWO games right now.)

    • No worries!

      Although the setting is the Moja (the dark fluffy invaders) are back to ruin the wonderful LocoRoco world, there is no need from a story line point of view to have played our first version.

      For those who have, the LocoRoco experience will be both refreshing and reminiscent.

      I\’m sure everyone will enjoy the LocoRoco 2 experience!

  • You guys considered anymore PS3/PSN titles?

    Man, I wish there would have been a PSN version of Patapon.

  • This looks fun – can’t wait!


    That’s some great news there!!!! will the price be about the same in Canada?

    Thank you for your reply!

    • I\’d have to double check on pricing for Canada, but I\’m pretty sure it will be close?

      The game also supports French (and many many more) in case you are interested.

  • Will LocoRoco 2 be available for download for 19.99 come February 10th?

  • You won’t be missing out on anything story wise, because the game doesn’t have a story just a “set-up” so you can do your tasks in the game.

  • Please tell me this game will be available for download on the Playstation Store as well. I think all PSP games should be delivered this way.

  • Any chance that we could get a price drop on some existing PS games? I have been waiting for Heavenly Sword to drop below $30 for way too long.

  • Thats an awesome price.

    But can you guys stop with the demos for pre orders? Let everyone try it, that is the point of demos.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the demo.

  • we cant download this game?

  • Also, can we get more PSone RPGs for download? Wild Arms and Suikoden rock, but we are ready for some more. How about some Breath of Fire, Alundra, Arc the Lad, Parasite Eve, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Persona, Xenogears, Saga Frontier…etc.?

    • Thank you for remembering all of these games.

      I was actually involved in some of these (Arc the Lad, Legend of Legaia) and your note reminded me of good times in Tokyo.


      Unfortunately, I can\’t speak of specific PSone title come-backs, but I assure you we are trying. Thanks for your patience and loyalty in PlayStation!

  • I bought this game in europe from PS store. Great game PPL! Get it!

  • only $20!?!?!? I will make this mine. thnaks guys.


  • Glad I’ve waited for the US version, even though I’m in Europe. Over here you need to pay like 40USD for LR2. Now I can import it for half the price.

  • Will this come out on PSN for the PS3 sometime soon?

  • That IS good news. My wallet thanks you.

  • Day 1

    Loco Roco is such a wonderful game. Still play it to this day going back and finding all the secret areas.

    • Yes, good point.

      The replay value in LocoRoco 2 is fantastic!
      Getting to the ending/staff credits is relatively easy.

      For those of you LocoRoco enthusiasts, there is so much more for you to go back and explore.

      The \”hidden\” areas are nicely done.
      I\’m sure you\’ll love it.

  • Will there be any LocoRoco merch for this release? I want a yellow LocoRoco bean bag plush!!!

  • where’s the PS3 version?

  • Nice, i never tried the 1st one but i bought the one on ps3 who was different i think from what you guys said (was fun anyway) but ill be sure to buy this one to try it out

  • Will LocoRoco 1 on the PSN Store drop below its current price or will it remain to be more expensive than the sequel’s MSRP?

    I’ll be grabbing LocoRoco 2 day ONE!

  • Can’t wait… Every couple of days my kids ask me if LocoRoco 2 is out yet…

    • That\’s sweet! <-- kids The great part about LocoRoco is, both kids and adults (parents) can enjoy the game. Depending on their age, kids can be better than you, so be careful!!!

  • OH man, that’s just awesome, Im so getting it i’ve been waiting for it..:)

  • Already pre ordered!
    So on to the next one … Will we see a PS3 version of LocoRoco?
    Not like the one currently out.

  • @9 Totally agree there. Heavenly Sword should be cheaper by now since it was a launch title. I picked Folklore up for $29.99 at Walmart but Heavenly Sword is NEVER below $59.99. How does that even make sense?

  • Very cool, I can’t wait for this. It’s nice to see it released at such a mass market friendly price, hopefully it sells well. I guess we can’t hope for the same kind of pricing on Resistance: Retribution, huh? ;)

  • This game looks fun, I’ve never played any previous version but I’m tempted to pick this up.

    2 things, though.

    1) I, too, would like Sony and game developers to look more into the digital download side of things. Having a memory card with all your games is much more convenient than carrying around a bunch of UMD’s and having to swap all the time. This isn’t nearly as important as my second point though…

    2) THE POINT OF A DEMO is not to let people who have already committed to buying the game. It should be for people who are curious enough to want to try it. The demo should persuade these people to actually buy the full game by giving them a little taste. I don’t understand why LocoRoco 2 and Killzone 2 are allowing demos to be downloaded by people who are preordering as opposed to making it universally available to everyone. This can potentially increase the Day 1 and Week 1 sales of the game based on those who were on the fence bu persuaded to buy the game based on the demo. It’s a waste of development time and money to create a demo for people who are already going to be getting the game anyway. STOP THIS TREND PLEASE!

  • Nice. Does this mean we can expect a similar price point for Patapon 2? I know teh first was $20, but with the added features I figured it would go up, which has me hesitant. The price point was what made me decide Patapon was worth it.

    And while I understand pre-order bonuses and all, will there be a publicly available demo? I mean, I thought the purpose of a demo was to convince people to buy the game, not let people who already bought it have a taste before it launched.

  • will there be a version to download from ps store?

    Secondly,why would you put a demo for pre-order? the people who pre-order have decided to get the game already. Wouldn’t it be smarter to to release a demo on psn before releases, to increase your sale of the game. And offer something different for pre-order

  • See? See Sony? See what happens when you release stuff on disc?

    Now am I going to BUY it.

    You just GAINED a sale!

    Please keep it coming!

    For once, I have nothing to complain about!

  • @30 – You be quiet! You’re spoiling things!

    Cheap UMDs are exactly what they should be doing!

  • For the price of 2 movies? Where are you going to the movies? Movies are like… eleventy bajillion dollars a person around here. Well that’s only a slight exaggeration, I think it’s $12.50 a person – and we wonder why nobody goes to movies. After all it’s cheaper to buy the Blu-Ray than 2 movie tickets!

    Forget LocoRoco 2, I wanna a $20 movie date! (I’m just kidding, I’m getting LocoRoco 2.)

  • Will the price of Locoroco go down to $9.99. I never played the original but will like to try it out before I decide to buy Locoroco 2 or not.

  • Is it coming to PSN day and date with the retail release?

    I have made my decision on the subject of buying games on UMD, and it will never happen again. This is a promise I made to myself the day I bought GoW:CoO.

    PLEASE SONY! Bring all PSP games to PSN.

  • How I wish all games would have a 19.99 price point. I know this post is abot Loco Roco 2 but any word on Patapon 2?

  • @ 3. – patapon on psn in 1080p would be insane! With trophies that would easily pull in 19.99!

  • Really excited to get back into the quirky world of a true LocoRoco. The demo thing bothers me though. I am really getting disapointed that so many key demos are ‘free’ with pre-order or available to Qore subscribers.

    Demos are a marketing tool to promote your game…isn’t it better to offer all of us unwashed mortals a chance to try the game as opposed to only people who have ALREADY decided to buy the game?

    I will be buying it, but what about all the people who are not sure?

  • Any news of Canadian pre-paid cards?
    (before the joke of what you can’t buy for 20 bucks)

    Otherwise, a few more titles and some more saving should have me on the road to a psp.

    Please make sure you read these posts, we do have some decent questions. All you need are some decent answers.

  • More Loco Roco = hellz yeah!

  • Yes, I played the demo by downloading the locoRoco 2 PSP demo off the Japanese or maybe it was the UK playstation store from my PS3. Anyhow I loved the first one and the second one just follows where the first left off it seemed, but now you can jump in big boulders and things and smash walls etc. It was too bad this didn’t come out before Christmas in the US like it did in Europe and Japan, it would have done awesome in sales probably for Christmas gift time. I know I would have bought it as a gift for a few people.

    I still hope someday they’ll make a PS3 Loco Roco besides the LocoRoco Correcho game that actually uses the six-axis in a way where if you tilt to the left and right you can move your locoRoco and that the game plays like the PSP locoRoco vs. the Correcho play style.

    Anyhow thanks for bringing LocoRoco2 finally to the US and for such a reasonable price.

    I can’t wait to pick it up, already pre-ordered it today thanks to this message. Besides this, the only other games I’m looking forward too right now are Killzone2 and Resistance Retribution.

  • I was hoping for the digital distribution of this title. I would buy it on release day online. A lot of us got new memory cards for Christmas and I thought this was the way the PSP was headed.

    What’d be wrong with a dual-release (retail and PSN)?

  • Nice a new game for cheap but I get alot out of $20, just two weeks ago I got 210km out of $20 gas. thats alot

  • FOR ONLY $20!!!!
    IO would have never expected to pay such a good price for such a great game!

    This game is one of the games you have to just say ‘for $20 i’m getting just for the heck of it!’

    I really hope it gets made into a PSN title aswell. And another Ps3 Locoroco would be nice… like a cocoreco 2!

    I’m for sure going to get it!!!!1

  • Quick question: the first Loco Roco hit PSN last year. Any chance of LR2 being available for digital distribution any time near launch? Thanks!

  • This is cool since i didnt get the first locoroco so now i can get this one at a steal =D

  • I should post a picture of the yellow Loco Roco my wife made …
    I think I will possibly later tonight.
    Stay tuned!

  • Patapon + 1080p + PSN = Sale.

    Please, for the love of everything that is good in this world, make it happen!

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