“Sack it to Me” – Post CES Edition

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Welcome back for another edition of “Sack it to me”, where we provide updates and answer some of the burning questions within the community. If you’ve missed some of our answers, check out our previous weekly posts, here.

Well, we just returned from CES and it was great talking to all of you that attended and came by and chatted with the LBP team – myself, Leo, Eric & Chuck. We had a blast playing some of your levels and talking real-time. We’re also glad you enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid packs and new Street Fighter characters as we love hearing that feedback. We’ll spotlight a few levels that we found / you told us about while at CES on another post…

Sack it to me – 1/14/08

Mm blog updates
Level Rankings – Now that the in-game level rankings are working, Mm has provided a quick guide on ranking protocol.

Mm Picks – is continuing with their weekly highlights of levels they’ve found. Check out the latest batch.

Viral Crazyness
First our LBP fans created the commercials, then a slew of dancing videos, then their own versions of popular machinima videos, unique ‘top ten ways to die in LBP’ and now…their take on popular viral videos!!! As LBP fans ourselves, we’ve been beside ourselves with all the user-generated videos / machinima appearing on the web. Extremely funny stuff…keep it up, keep it clean and keep it legal…and you may find a Prize Crown in your in-box…

Great new fan sites & communities
Thanks to all of you making fan sites for LBP, we’re honored. One site has really grabbed our attention, LittleBigPlanetoid. They have tons of updates & feature articles, including a very thorough DLC FAQ. Great stuff.

LittleBigPlanet screenshot - Planetoid

Also, in addition, to our own LittleBigPlanet forums, another active community is quickly growing over at LBPforum.net. We’re glad to have you.

LittleBigPlanet forum screenshot

“Full Profile”
We’re still seeing comments about this on the forums and thought it was worth mentioning again. For those of you experiencing the “Full Profile” message – because the issue revolves around the amount / complexity of the community objects in your Popit tool, your best bet to avoid this message is to delete a chunk of unwanted objects from your inventory to free up your profile.

Upcoming DLC
We’re getting ready to start another year of DLC on the PS Store at the end of the month – we’ll have a better update next week. Again, thanks for your patience – we needed the rest over the holiday break. Also, we saw all your comments asking for the previously shown Killzone “Helghast” and Final Fantasy VII “Sephiroth” costumes. Don’t worry, it’s on its way…BTW…when does Killzone 2 come out?

Upcoming Updates
As mentioned last week, Mm is hard at work to continue to improve the online experience in 09. We’re testing the newest update now and will let you know more as we near release. Also, wanted to assure you that we didn’t forget about “Online Create Mode” and the Play / Create / Share counters – it’s on our list to “check off” (hopefully soon)

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2 Author Replies

  • Did they ever specifically say they were putting Nariko into the PSN store? Cause she was preorder loot after all. Maybe I just don’t care as much because I have her.

  • Its so cool that you guys have made such a big game and continue to help it grow keep up the good work

  • Mark,

    Thank you for the reply. But there is something seriously wrong here if you can agree that Sackbook.com was the best LBP community, yet.. nothing???

    Does the community not DESERVE to have the best community for their product be avaliable to them? Sony Created or Sackbook created.

    At this point Sony customers have taken it upon themselves to make spec PS3 commercials,advertise, and make virals, since sony doesnt. Also creating a community website with PSN features, since Sony doesnt… I mean we clearly love the product. But the lack of support is alarming.

    I am sure there is a pile of reasons sackbook was taken down, but that doesn’t matter. A resource like sackbook should have been created by the people that enjoy salaried direct deposit checks from Sony, not the fans.

    MM has made a one of a kind game. SCEA isn’t doing its job in creating/maintaining a community for it.

    I mean Its January and there aren’t even any Killzone2 ads running.

  • what do we need to do? a petition? I mean let us know.. we will do it.

    This is frustrating.

  • @50
    While the lack of support from Sony is frustrating I think they don’t really advertise to much because as you said the fans do it. What better way to market a product then by FREE word of mouth viral user created content.

    I never got to use sackbook but I agree whatever process it is going through is taking WAY to long, someone should have been on it figured out what needed to be done, if anything, and put the plan in motion.

    Well enough blogging I am going to play some 3!

  • seriously why is there no you tube support yet.. very strange

  • I don’t even get the “full profile” anymore. But thats probably because I get rid of everything I didn’t need. Extra costumes, my moon levels, unwanted prizes, everything.

  • I love the MGS stuff and after the networking issues were tweaked I was finally able to play some four-player games. They still had lag but no one got dropped.

    After getting 100% items and aces on all levels I am on a small hiatus from the game right now.

    But I will return soon as I still have level ideas. It just felt like a good time to play something else for a bit.

    I am sure your DLC next week will draw me back in.


    All that thanks comes from me, my wife, and my entire family. We can now play the only game they all love to play together.

    Just about to grab all the DLC I we missed out on.
    Thanks Sony and MM, this is great news for all LBP lovers.
    you were right…
    Fun Shall Overcome.

  • it’s good to know that the things i’ve been concerned about are being taken care of..

    keep up the good work!

  • Could you confirm whether or not 1080i support is on the way? I’ve been telling my friends with older HDTVs to avoid the game if they’re looking for something to show off their PS3s. If you can’t do it, just tell us if it’s not going to happen. This game would be such great eye candy if only I could play it in high def on my actual high def tv.

  • Hello,

    I am the owner and admin of http://www.LBPForum.net
    Mark Valledor thanks for mentioning our littlebig forum. :) Yes we are growing fast, this post was made few days back and we had 66 members. Now we have 89. So join our great community and win a ps3 game of your choice by creating a level! New competitions coming soon!! Cya!

  • Not buying, still waiting…


    As others have said, if you’re not going to bother trying to patch the game for 1080i scaling support, at least make an official statement saying so.

  • It’s sad to see no official 1080i response yet, but I’m done waiting.

    I was looking as forward to this game as anyone out there. But even I have my limits, and I am tired of waiting for an official response and spending my time trying to get one.

    What is so hard about – yes we will get to this eventually, or no we have no plans to ever fix the 1080i issue?

    I’m sad that I’m missing what looks to be such a great game, but if my business as a customer means nothing then I’m taking it elsewhere. We all already know Sony can care less about the 1080i issue or people affected by it. Too bad MM seems to be in the same boat.

  • When will there be a 1080i/p patch? Please do this soon. I have an old crt 1080i (no 720p). When I bought the game I was sure it would be in full HD. Not that I wouldn’t have bought it anyway. But please, fix this.

  • When is sackbook.com coming back? It’s been well over a month.

    Is the “full profile” ONLY community items or does it also include your own items and unpublished levels?

    And where’s the image import tool??

  • Doh, missed the mention of sackbook.com. But, it’s been another week! ;-)

  • im trying to get the devil costumes but its a four-player puzzle and i dont have four controllers. what do i do? how can i get them?

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