“Sack it to Me” – Post CES Edition

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Welcome back for another edition of “Sack it to me”, where we provide updates and answer some of the burning questions within the community. If you’ve missed some of our answers, check out our previous weekly posts, here.

Well, we just returned from CES and it was great talking to all of you that attended and came by and chatted with the LBP team – myself, Leo, Eric & Chuck. We had a blast playing some of your levels and talking real-time. We’re also glad you enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid packs and new Street Fighter characters as we love hearing that feedback. We’ll spotlight a few levels that we found / you told us about while at CES on another post…

Sack it to me – 1/14/08

Mm blog updates
Level Rankings – Now that the in-game level rankings are working, Mm has provided a quick guide on ranking protocol.

Mm Picks – is continuing with their weekly highlights of levels they’ve found. Check out the latest batch.

Viral Crazyness
First our LBP fans created the commercials, then a slew of dancing videos, then their own versions of popular machinima videos, unique ‘top ten ways to die in LBP’ and now…their take on popular viral videos!!! As LBP fans ourselves, we’ve been beside ourselves with all the user-generated videos / machinima appearing on the web. Extremely funny stuff…keep it up, keep it clean and keep it legal…and you may find a Prize Crown in your in-box…

Great new fan sites & communities
Thanks to all of you making fan sites for LBP, we’re honored. One site has really grabbed our attention, LittleBigPlanetoid. They have tons of updates & feature articles, including a very thorough DLC FAQ. Great stuff.

LittleBigPlanet screenshot - Planetoid

Also, in addition, to our own LittleBigPlanet forums, another active community is quickly growing over at LBPforum.net. We’re glad to have you.

LittleBigPlanet forum screenshot

“Full Profile”
We’re still seeing comments about this on the forums and thought it was worth mentioning again. For those of you experiencing the “Full Profile” message – because the issue revolves around the amount / complexity of the community objects in your Popit tool, your best bet to avoid this message is to delete a chunk of unwanted objects from your inventory to free up your profile.

Upcoming DLC
We’re getting ready to start another year of DLC on the PS Store at the end of the month – we’ll have a better update next week. Again, thanks for your patience – we needed the rest over the holiday break. Also, we saw all your comments asking for the previously shown Killzone “Helghast” and Final Fantasy VII “Sephiroth” costumes. Don’t worry, it’s on its way…BTW…when does Killzone 2 come out?

Upcoming Updates
As mentioned last week, Mm is hard at work to continue to improve the online experience in 09. We’re testing the newest update now and will let you know more as we near release. Also, wanted to assure you that we didn’t forget about “Online Create Mode” and the Play / Create / Share counters – it’s on our list to “check off” (hopefully soon)

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2 Author Replies

  • Awesome!~ cant wait for new DLC!

  • Heck yeah, LBP is one amazing entity. From it’s user-generated levels to it’s user created videos.

    Great game.

  • Excellent News. How about some Uncharted DLC?

  • Fantastic. I’m loving these weekly installments to keep us updated. I would like to pose two questions though.

    1. What ever happened to the Parsons’ students work and the levels that were created during that contest? Wasn’t there going to be a special are for the levels that they created?

    2. Why is it only sometimes that the “comments” section comes up when you’re looking at a level? Seems to be random depending on the level… is it just another server side thing going on? Depending on people accessing a certain level the comments might be disabled?

    Thanks again MM for a phenomenal game and my personal game of ’08!

  • February 27th, now give me my Helghast :D

  • Yea thats cool

  • Keep up the great work! I always look forward to reading the Sack updates and new DLC the following day.

  • Killzone 2 comes out on 2/27/09 here in the United States, i figured i would answer even if you were being sarcastic.

  • Poor sack-boy in the Video!!! :D

  • hi
    i’m not sure if the first comment is related to this by does anyone know (including the blog poster) why the in-game play, create and share points aren’t working?

  • and by first comment i mean this one:
    Level Rankings – Now that the in-game level rankings are working, Mm has provided a quick guide on ranking protocol.

  • I still can’t save my aces or item collection from the latter three levels of the MGS level pack. Guess I’ll just post this here every week to remind everyone this hasn’t been addressed or even mentioned yet.

  • For the love of sack, fix the fricken “failed to load all player profiles” error already.

  • @11
    The play,share, and create functions are being worked on.

    Have you deleted some of the community items in your profile?

  • Nice, more theme levels is always welcome in 09! MGS packs was awesome

  • My favorite LBP Viral is the Little Big Roll

    So much win there.

  • Really great, I’m not having trouble with LBP (never had).
    If there was a rule that says that no game is perfect. well, I think LittleBigPlanet broke that rule and made perfection !!
    cant wait for DLC,Updates and more news from you guys.
    Thanks Sony and Mm !!

  • Add Nariko to the in-game PS Store…

    Did you forget about that?

  • Was that your sly way of confirming that a Killzone DLC for LBP is coming?


  • Any word in the 1080 support? yes, no, maybe, something?

    More details @ http://www.1080ps3.com


  • I’m loving LBP and the content that is brought to it. I can’t wait to see some new updates and content. (getting back to the swing of things Jan. 22 if I’m not mistaken.)

  • Not exactly the smoothest release, but I’ve enjoyed creating my levels and overall I’d say it’s a good experience. Hopefully the troubles from this will be used to improve future releases (hint-hint Killzone 2).

  • Forget the Sephiroth or Helghast costumes… When will we get some Patapon DLC for LBP?!?

  • @4 i wouldn’t mind seeing some Uncharted DLC either

  • I meant some not more

  • 2 questions.

    1) When will Play, Create, Share Rankings work? – The game has been out 2.5 months now and this feature worked in the Beta.

    2) ONLINE-CO OP, when? – Promised a long time ago, even before game was released, no updates?

    The MGS pack was nice, but instead of more expensive costumes (that took you guys 30 mins to make each?) can we have these game features, rather than cosmetic costumes that don’t really enhance the game.


  • sadly i haven’t been playing this game too much recently. I just got bioshock and have been plugging away at that. I’m sure though that after i purchase the Metal Gear expansion I’ll be right back to work on getting that platinum for this.


  • “Don’t worry, it’s on its way…BTW…when does Killzone 2 come out?”

    I’m going to happily assume that was your way of saying it will arrive the same week.

  • Final Fantasy VII “Sephiroth” + Some other FFVII characters + LBP = LBP RPG pack???? I would love to make some pseudo MRPG or Monster World type games – At least let me use swords… Raiden, Nariko and Kratos need to let loose

  • What happened to Sackbook.com? Are you guys ever going to be done “reviewing” it?

  • Yeah, Sackbook.com was awesome, hope it does come back as its one of the best!

  • As much as I love the game, it just seems like the QA team slacked a little on a few areas. Much is coming soon or needs to be fixed, the whole profile full problem should have been caught before hand. Swift resolution is what’s needed.

    I’d also like to see earlier updates, surely MM and Sony have a product strategy and roadmap planned. I know things change but I really doubt three days before the Thursday you are still debating what to release that week. We know when games are coming sometimes a year in advance, yet don’t know what DLC is coming until the night before and even then not always. Why can’t the 1/22 update info be posted today? It’s not like some competitor is going to counter LBP DLC by releasing another product on 1/22. A lot of us don’t understand the elusiveness as to why DLC can’t be unveiled two or three days before lol

  • Sackbook.com was better than all of the sites you mentioned. Whats the update on that? It was literally the BEST LITTLE BIG PLANET COMMUNITY ON THE INTERNET.

    “Our intent is to be able to offer everyone the choice of whether their shared data is visible or not in order to protect everyone’s privacy, and while Sackbook was doing nothing wrong in the way it presented information and had no access to any personal data, we believe this additional option is important.”

    So please update the community Mark.

    • Agree, but no update on Sackbook.com. Sorry.

      (i guess that is kind of an update…just one you don\’t really want to hear)


  • Thanks for the info

  • I am still in awe of just how amazing the MGS LBP levels were.

  • Nariko costume please :( And Kratos of course! :D

  • YES YES!

    freaking sweet helghast and sephiroth

  • You guys should just give us the option to not get items from other users because I just delete them all anyway. It’s a hassle always deleting them. :(

  • I wish I could play LBP, the “Wheel of doom” glitch inside the program killed my game back in October…

    When will I be able to play it again??
    please help us OB1KSONY our our only hope..

    insert dramatic Star Wars music here.

  • Keep it up guys!
    You are very dedicated and we appreciate that very much!
    Thank you!

  • more level pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Media Molecule good job trying to fix the servers because I cant play anyone on LBP because of how bad the servers are. Also great work on doing the mgs4 level pack blew my mind away

  • Is anything in the works regarding a patch for 1080 support?? There are thousands of us who are waiting for any word at all so any info(good or bad) would be great! Thanks!




  • please add custom soundtracks and full qwerty keyboard

  • I really am requesting this:

    Can you guys PLEASE add IN GAME music with LBP?

    Like when Im creating a level or something, it would be nice to be listening to my own music in game to inspire me to create greater and bigger levels, and not get bored in the process(not saying its boring).

  • I changed my PSN password and now LBP is telling me that I have to delete my save otherwise I can’t get anymore trophies. I also can’t use any of the DLC that I’ve downloaded. Please get this fixed guys, I’ve heard that other people have this issue as well. I really like this game and this is taking all of the joy away from me.

  • keep it up… hey if you throw in a pack for Killzone 2… lvls too…. hell, even the costume is an instant buy for me :)

  • Meh, wake me up if they ever get the Image Import Tool… sigh…

  • Thank you very much for putting my Video up on the Blog, Means alot.

    Top Ten ways to die For The Win!

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