PixelJunk Eden: Tending to Our Lovely Gardens

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Two blog entries in almost as many weeks! Hopefully you aren’t too bored of me yet!

This is just a short one though, to inform you that at last the patch for PixelJunk Eden will be released on Thursday, January 15. For those of you from the EU, it will be out shortly thereafter, so stay tuned.

In this patch we’ve listened to your comments. We’ve gone ahead and fixed and added a few things to try and get as many people to play Eden as possible, as it really is a remarkable game…if I do say so myself. I simply want as many people as possible to experience it in full (if only we could release it for free and still make a living like some Star Trek-like future).

As you move through the gardens, you’ll encounter more and more interesting ideas and concepts. In order to help people having trouble right at the beginning, we’ve changed the large crystals so they replenish a whole half of your oscillator (time) meter. Even if you run out of time, we allow you to continue from the last Spectra you collected. To preserve the pride of those who gained trophies without continues though, the ‘garden complete’ trophy is only available if you don’t use the continue system. You don’t need trophies to move forward into the game and explore new gardens, so dive in and try out some of the crazy stuff we put in the game (such as the infamous Garden 7 with its rotating gravity).

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pixeljunk eden 01

Also, I’d like to use this blog entry to announce that we are preparing an “Encore” version of Eden. At some point over the next couple of months, I’ll come back and tell you more about what’s in that! In the meantime get in your practice with this new patch so you are ready for the crazy stuff we have prepared for you in the expansion.

Oh, and before I forget, we fixed the multiplayer camera! It is now as smooth as a baby’s bum – get some friends around and give it a whirl!


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  • Now i will be able to get the trophies that i need (hopefully)

  • Great! I loved Eden(even though it was insanely difficult)… Any word on the new PixelJunk game that’s rumored to come out soon?

  • That is awesome that you’re still supporting the game, and looking forward to playing a lot more Eden when the patch gets out (in EU)! And eagerly anticipating the next PixelJunk title!

  • Cool!
    Looking forward to playing this and finishing it now.

  • Sweet! maybe I can now actually beat Garden 10!
    I can’t wait to see the ‘encore’ for eden!

    About how many new gardens will there be for it? and new trophies?

  • Sweet! Thanks Dylan! Also, I heard to day that the next PixelJunk game will be upon us very soon. Can’t wait to hear more!

    • We\’re not showing anything for a little while yet because we want to make sure we have everything as perfect as possible.

  • I’d love to complain about these changes destroying the game for all the hardcore Eden players and letting every lamer out there finish the game…except I’m one of those lamers who is still stuck somewhere between garden 6 and 7.

    Thank you for the continued support. Wallet is just waiting to buy more PixelJunk games. They are one of the main reasons PSN is so amazing and not just a place for Shareware authors to dump their PC titles.

  • I DL’s this one! Now I have to play it!


  • Hey thanks a lot Dylan… first time I’ve talked to a big-time gaming dev… You’re the best!

  • PixelJunk Eden Encore?

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • The patch sounds great, even though I’ve already completed it 100%. Should help out a majority of the people I hear always complaining how they broke their controller after they fell on Garden 7, 8, or 10, and whatnot. It’s definitely very doable if you’re semi-decent at platformers and have a fair amount of patience. But I’m glad more people will be able to enjoy the experience.

    Also, I’m really glad the prestige of the trophies is being protected, though it would be no biggie if they weren’t. But I really like the fact that they are.

    Really looking forward to “Encore” and whatever that may bring, I’ll stay tuned!!

  • Dear Pixel Junk,

    I downloaded Eden, played it for two hours, and it burned your logo into my plasma television.

    Please, remove the logo or have it fade in and out periodically so I and others with expensive plasma televisions can enjoy this and your other games.


  • Will Encore have online multiplayer. My wife hates the game and I can’t get here to play it. So I’m pretty much stuck never being able to obtain the 3p trophy.

    • Maybe she\’ll enjoy it with the new simpler controls for beginners.

      It won\’t have online play unfortunately.

  • Awesome, maybe now I’ll play it since it’s just been resting on my harddrive

  • @13

    There is a burn-in protection option in both PixelJunk Eden and Monsters that prevents the logo from burning into plasma screens.

  • Will there ever be any kind of Pixel Junk bundle? I think that would bring variety and new players to the series.

  • i love that game, incredible design <3 keep up the good work guys, cant wait for the encore…

  • The burn in protection option is not enough to prevent burn-in. The logo should simply fade out after the first 15 seconds.

  • So which trophy can’t be earned if you dare use the continue system? I’m really confused about that, are the individual Garden trophies effected? I’m glad we’re finally getting the patch, now I can revisit PJE, because I abandoned the game months ago in anticipation of this patch.

  • @ Dylan Cuthbert

    Q:is there any plans to make an Arcade version of PixelJunk games in PlayStation Home serivec?

  • Thank you so much! I’ve had this game but never really played it because it was so damn frustrating.

  • I don’t see why to disallow the “garden complete” trophy if continues are enabled. I mean, the continue just goes back to the last found spectra as a checkpoint, right? So at that point you’d have a full oscillator and everything, and so really you’re just going back in time a bit. It’s not giving some major advantage, it’s just cutting out a bunch of the tedium in retrying a level. At that point, an unskilled player will still be unable to make it to the next spectra, right?

    • It might seem like that, but having the continue system makes getting all 5 Spectra fairly easy. Part of the tension of the current non-continue system was trying not to make a mistake on that last Spectra because if you do you have to restart from the beginning. For the people who have already got those trophies it would be a bit mean to give people an easier route.

  • I cant wait for it !!
    I couldnt get a single trophy for eden (that’s cuz I only played through 2 gardens then stopped), but it seems like I’m coming back on thursday.
    oh and any news on the PixelJunk4 game or PixelJunk Dungeons(5)?

  • Thanks Dylan!

  • nice!
    Cant wait to hear more about your new pixeljunk games expecially dungeons! hope to get announcement soon
    great job!

  • how much is goona cost this thing? another 10 dollars? or maybe 5 dollars? why don you put the patch free for those who bought pixel junk monsters and encore, pixel junk eden, and pixel junk racers

  • So I can use continues to get other trophies like the hundred thousand pollen or are those disabled too?

  • Thanks for the info

  • Is the encore version going to be on a disc or UMD?

    Serious question.

    Because if so, you have a sale.

  • I want Online Play with this Game ASAP Please.. I myself can’t Get anyone to play on my end. It just doesnt intrest them to much.

    ►It should put you at were you died at last not the last Spectra you collected.◄

    and Fix the Logo were its Flashing or take it off.. im sure that would help out some TV’s..

  • Man I loved Eden up until Garden 7… man I hate that level. I completed 1-6 with all the seeds, but I can’t even get 2 spectra in 7. Stupid Gravity changing crap I find it so frustrating that I just stopped playing the game.

    • The trick with that stage (my favourite stage as it happens) is to build up the plants around the edge of the world first. If you climb into the middle you\’ll attract the gravity changer but he doesn\’t come to the outside.

  • wish I could have custom soundtracks, without beating the game. Sorry but the music just doesn’t work for me.

  • I (heart) lv 7 :)

    thanks guys, looking forward to the patch now that i’ve full-cleared it ;)

  • Please tell me that “Encore” will have online multi-player; I’ve been wanting this from day one. =]

  • @23: Yeah I agree, but retaining the “pride” of the gamers with 100% is so important lol You know those guys are already upset about this patch…”ZOMG I spent 16 hours earning that trop, and now people can earn it in only 9 hours – not fair!!”

    @31: We need online,

    @Dylan, do not require multi-player for a trophy unless you have online support period. Especially three players, that sucks. I remember you said online wouldn’t work in Eden because of some system that predicts movement, but then how does LBP do it?

    • LBP runs at a slower frame rate (30fps) and the controls are much \”looser\” than Eden\’s so they can get away with a lot more \”errors\” before people notice something is awry.

  • “Dylan, do not require multi-player for a trophy unless you have online support period.”

    Agreed, should be the case for every PS3 game.

  • I hate garden 7 with a passion it’s the main reason I stopped playing eden. The continue thing is poop, who cares what the people who already beat it think they’re done and moved on while we who stink are still stuck on garden 7 lol.

  • You guys are incredible developers. Keep it up! I know I will keep buying with the quality of games y’all produce :)

  • This is a great game I gave it two thumbs up when I first played it, I hope others give it a chance. thanks for the patch!!

  • This is great stuff! Love playing Eden, by myself and with my friends. Its a game that you play a little now and then and I like it that way!

  • MONTHS? But I want in now!

    Figured if I started whining now, you might release it early ;)

  • Yes! This is awesome.

    (give us online co-op for Monsters!)Have it have random enemy types each time or something for online… that would be godly.

  • What is it that has caused such a delay in the EU patch.

    It was ment to be released alongside the japanese one. But now it’s ended up last, which seems to be the story for EU every time.

    Is it SCEE slow at approving it ?

  • you guys know how to make a great downloadable games pround owner of both monster and eden looking forward 2 your new game

  • There really needs to be some online play worked into this so more folks can get that 3-player trophy.

    The big… things… filling up your meter halfway… does this happen regardless or is it toggleable? Because that would definitely make trophy acquisition a little easier in this game — which is a good thing. Playing from the last Spectra would be too easy, but having a bit of a helping hand on giving us more time to complete the level is a REALLY good thing.

  • ‘For those of you from the EU, it will be out shortly thereafter’ :(
    I need it now :D

  • This is truly a great game that’s fun to play. I have a few suggestions.

    1. I agree with a few of the posts above that online multiplayer would be great.

    2. Something that would be even better would be game launching from home. It would give me more of a reason to log in there.

    3. Maybe add another Grimp to make it 4 players. When I have friends over I don’t like the sad look on peoples face when I tell them its only 3 player. :)

    4. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait for the expansion and the new title! (yay)

  • Excellent patch. Cant wait for new Pixeljunk games! If you can top Eden then… you may be right up there alongside Insomniac and Team ICO as my favourite devs.

  • This game is amazing, and truley innovative, in every sense of the word.

    My favorite PSN game for sure. I will gladly buy the encore pack, hopefully we get a new level with it.

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