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Another CES is over and in the books, but it wasn’t without some great news for PlayStation fans. So while Jeff recovers from five days in Vegas (that’s like a month in Vegas time), you might want to catch up on all the good stuff that came out of the show…if you haven’t already, of course.

EA’s announcement of the EA Sports Complex has everyone excited for enticing sports mini games, and the Red Bull space and a handful of Home updates (including Res Evil shirts and storefront additions) are great news for Home fans. Plus, Resistance Retribution is officially coming on March 17, so check out the new trailer along with Jeff’s interview from the show floor.

Elsewhere this week…the first Killzone 2 review is in, and c’mon, was there ever really a doubt in your mind? A perfect score from PSOM is just what the doctor ordered. Also, LBP continues to rack up 2008 awards, and PSP Fanboy has put together a great list of PS3 and PSP games to look for in 2009.

As always, don’t forget to share your links to your favorites of the week, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 1/5)

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    and you dont read that many sites do ya chris lol jp. there isnt one link about CES? i guess jeff covered most of it but there shoulda been something he missed

  • CES was great this year

    too bad we have to wait for the EA space, looked finished to me

  • I’ll wait for more reviews to come out before i get really excited.

  • Read the following linx before someone decides it’s too much truth for you to handle.

    Sony Japan to close factories and ‘major divisions’. With more power concentrated in Sir Howard Stringer’s hands, maybe he could make SCEE restart development on 8 days. With all these economic woes for Sony, it might be a good time to introduce a video rental subscription service. $14-$21/month doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.

    A discussion with the HOME team at SCEE. Really, user generated content in you own personal space needs to be moderated. Sony developers really know how to kill their own products with unecessary moderation.

  • Read the following linx before someone decides it’s too much truth for you to handle.

    SCEA releases break down of console prices. Well I gotta say that the $50 official bluetooth headset is missing for the ps3, while the 360 gives you a headset for free. I guess this is too difficult to rectify. However, there is an interesting thought if you just assume SCEA is correct. It seems as though the more expensive system outsold the less expensive one in November and most likely December. If so, then that means the ps3 better step up its features to compete with the more expensive 360. To start, I would suggest making custom soundtracks mandatory past a certain date, adding cross-game chat, and cross-game invites.

  • Read the following linx before someone decides it’s too much truth for you to handle.

    Killzone 2 demo comes to Europe with no pre-order strings attatched. So now you don’t have to go through GameStop if you’re in the states if you want an early demo.

    Kaz Hirai, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, states that as of Jan. 8, 2009, Little Big Planet sales worldwide total 1.3 million. Looks like that 1.6 million figure quoted by others in December was a little bit inflated.

    Killzone 2 ps3 bundle coming to Europe. Hopefully it will include the official bluetooth headset

  • ehh what was the point of that?

  • nvm… misread it

  • PS3 Haters Lose Advantage, Jealousy Fuels Hostility – PSXExtreme


    those xbots are a pitiful bunch

  • Please answer this please when are there going to be playstation home trophies and most importantly when are we getting the hall of fame space

  • @ chaos – from a graphical standpoint KZ2 is going to deliver non stop! you should know that by now. I’m sure you’ve done your homework. story wise and gameplay is something i can’t determine right now. we can only pray that its fast paced action ala FPS we quickly delve us into a deep and fascinating story that won’t let us put the controller down. and gameplay mechanics is another iffy… i hope the controls feel tight and solid. we’ll see in due time, only 1 month left to go baby!


  • @ flareskull – wheres your source man? i’ve never seen any kind of confirmation or heard of anything like that. that would be sick. please do tell…


  • Are we getting any new big FW updates any time soon? Did you guys make the request for new PSN avatars to the right people yet? Thanks.

  • psxextreme = my fav site =) it’s the best

  • EAGLES!!!!!!W00T! Jeff, superbowl is on the way for Philly, agree? Anyways nice posts.

  • I’m so disappointed i want a killzone 2 bundle so does everyone else in the u.s.

  • Great stuff, although I always check Google news everyday :p

    Oh by the way I think you missed this one out. It’s a useful money chart:

  • @lakaihigh
    Go to time stamp 2:15 and listen.

    Listen to more of that video as well. Especially the parts where they mention…

    1:09 – photos, music, & movies that can be shared on virtual screens & stereos.
    1:35 – voice chat in public spaces.
    1:39 – meeting of people in HOME and go with them in PS3 multiplayer games.
    1:52 – mention of “worldwide” match making.

  • CES 09: Microsoft Responds To Sony’s Console Add-On “Peddling” Claims

    EA space in home is sweet. I wish Sony would stop announcing stuff for home. Just bring it out when it’s ready. We wait long enough for stuff as it is.

    @sneakattack28 I agree a Killzone 2 bundle in the U.S. would be sweet. Then again this is Sony. Sigh.

  • @stallone

    if eagles to go to super bowl, the ravens will take’em down lol

  • Sony set off two nuclear explosions across the gaming web this week.

    1. Home with the massive and incredible EA Sports Complex

    2. Killzone 2 confirmed not only to be the greatest FPS of all time, but that no, for the final time, it isn’t CGI but the actual PS3 graphics and it is going to be in our hands in just 4 weeks or so

    It’s like watching Mike Tyson vs Erkle the ownage is so intense.

    Just think instead of Home, Killzone 2, 1080p BluRay movies, free online for everyone with dedicated servers

    we could be stuck with 50 dollar a year online charges, RRoD hardware failures, outdated Unreal Engine graphics, stupid little Nintendo Mii dollies like 360 owners are.

  • New GOD OF WAR 3 Trailer is suppose to come out on Jan 22. Though just a rumor though….

  • Want to make money?

    1. 80 GB PS3 w/ LittleBigPlanet, extra DS, and SSHD voucher.

    2. 80 GB PS3 w/ Killzone 2, official Sony headset.

    3 Commercials for 1 & 2.

    Your welcome.

  • Thanks Chris, I enjoy these.

  • Upgrade the d@mn browser…it’s a joke! At the very least improve JAVA support…….pleeaase!!!

    And, ADVERTISE THE PS3!!! In the almost two years I’ve had my PS3 I think I have seen 4 (four) TV ads! I’m an Australian, and as we ALL know in territories outside of the good ol’ US of A; SONY don’t give a rat’s @ss.
    If the want to sell the d@mn thing: ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE!

  • Attention Sony: Let Me Introduce You To The Concept Of Advertising.

  • I hope during your readings, you went across

    so you can understand the pitty that we feel about ourselves and our HD TVs that the PS3
    still after 2 years around still not supporting it !

  • Any news on the latest firmware…?

  • If anyone wants a good laugh check out the comments on the Kotaku story about the first Killzone 2 review. I think it’s mostly Xbots who posted. Even the people who pretend to be PS3 owners say things like Killzone 1 stunk so I don’t want Killzone 2. I smell fear in their words.


  • “I smell fear in their words.”

    Xbox fanboy wake up screaming in the middle of the night with nightmares about Killzone 2. They sounded like they were going to all kill themselves when the first real time KZ2 footage was shown to be looking as good as the ‘impossible Sony lies’ E3 trailer.

    Three years old and the Xbox 360 only has to show for itself is a game running on that outdated Unreal Engine. Who wouldn’t be scared and bitter and angry.

  • @ Evoaub1s read the following before someone decides its too much truth for you? what you been smoking ? all you did was piece together a bunch of articles together , took some information added lies and gave suggesting lol a monkey can do that. you post that crap every week and normally no one respond , and none of what you post come true untill sony or a reasonable news source say what you post am and others is just going to believe that you mine friend are unstable . lol what do you have against sony ? someone there took your dog? took your lover ? dont you have better things to do with your life ?

  • @ Evoaub13 more on your so called truth . 1 video rental subscribe no one know if sony will introduced that at E3 so why dont you wait before you say it may happen or not. 2 sony killing home lol how they made 1 million dollars in under 30 days its always full and they have companies like EA making game spaces for it . 3 cross game chat is dead on ps3 and home killed and there no use for it 3 ways to communicate with your friends on ps3 . 4 cross game invites ? maybe why dont we wait for sony plans at E3. 5 lbp sales ? great if this was 360 game you would be jumping up and down also go look up the word quote . 6 killzone 2 demo in europe free no string ? how this bad for sony agin? it only mean to realistic people more sell have a good day and see you next monday go play your 360 .

  • “Elsewhere this week…the first Killzone 2 review is in, and c’mon, was there ever really a doubt in your mind?”

    Of course not.

    In other news, I see my cheap imitator is still about. I CAN’T WAIT until we have to log in via PSN accounts . . . there is only one EvoAnubis.

  • Oh, and Jeff . . . you need to take like a WEEK off. The LV convention center is freaking HUGE, and someone trying to cover CES there has to literally walk for miles everyday. Kick back and watch Tropic Thunder, Jeff; Chris is more than capable of holding the fort down.

  • Hey, guys… anything new to read for my daily PSB ritual??

  • On the topic of Home and those Resident Evil shirts…

    I was disappointed that they are only available for the male avatar and not the female. I’m surprised PS3 owning feminists aren’t tearing through your comments already! Also, I downloaded both shirts for my male avatar and yet only one (the Claire Redfield version) is in my possession. Is anyone else glitching out on the G-Virus shirt?? :(

  • comment?

  • @Letters2Kay

    I think no one can get the G-Virus shirt. But there might be some hope yet. It may be addressed in Spring when the EA sports complex is released. It takes quite some time to make a virtual shirt you know.

  • @ EvoAnub1s

    It’s already made they just have to fix it! I guess I can see why that could take a few months, though… ;)

  • It’s funny how this article talks about Sony being successful without hate, when it just called out the 360 and Wii as not being “complete”.

    Hypocrites much?

  • Guys take a look at psextreme’s article ’bout Sony advertising. This is all for the better.

    And good to see the psextreme article on ps3 haters lose advantage.

  • So when is the PSN id login coming? We need it.

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