The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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  • I’m far from being a huge SOCOM fan but I was pleasantly surprised by yesterdays patch.

    I played a few games last night and enjoyed myself. Aside from a couple of random network drops, it was fun!

  • alright week. will there be a home post every week? i doubt there will be new stuff to announce every week this close to release but would be cool

    • We\’ll be working with the Home team to post when there are updates. Might not be every week, but we assure you they\’ll be here to update you guys when they can.

  • thanks, chris

    any news on KZ2 next week? like moving forward the release date.. come on, pull some strings, make it happen.. j/k

  • Yeah i havent seen any Killzone 2 Advertisements come on Guys talk to the advertising team and make the Killzone 2 Comercials happen i want this game to be a great sucess, and have High Sales.

    We all know little Big planet suffered in the begining from lower sales and then it got popular after ads picked up.

  • CES 09, fun stuff. You guys should check out Bob’s game (, and extend a warm welcome to the Playstation family for the guy who made it. I am sure it would sell really well on the Playstation Store; plus he seems like he could use some good news.

  • i agree with gold5225, advertise the crap outta killzone 2. should make that ballet of death video on gametrailers into a commerical.

  • @4: I totally agree with you about having KZ2 commercials. Also important: A Killzone 2 dedicated space in Home considering how popular Home is.

    @Chris: Can we see a weekly news section for M.A.G?

    • That\’s a great idea. We\’d love to have Zipper here every week, but of course, they\’re hard at work on M.A.G., but you can bet there will be some great info to come.

  • Anybody want to trade playstation store games i have over 15 games including quest for booty. message me, online id; shotgunsam225

  • CES sounded pimp this year! all the cool tech you guys (3D) sounds amazing, that and the PSP streaming your music files. I’d use both of those fo sho. one thing i particularly wanna see happen is being able to navigate the xmb with your ps eye. i think that would be really cool.


  • @shotgunsam225

    That’s a good way of losing your account to someone as well as possibly getting charged for crap you didn’t want when that said someone takes your account, have fun with that i’ve seen it happen countless times on several sites.

    I bought Socom thinking it would be a solid game close to 3 months later things that should of been in the game are now coming out and to be honest I feel like it was such a waste of 60 dollars and to me who lives paycheck to paycheck it’s quite a lot of money to have wasted, and now that the patch is out I feel it’s a little too late. I no longer have any interest in the game and have since moved onto other games. I hope SCEA has learned a lesson from this cause I am sure Socom hasn’t had good sales – don’t release or have a beta with a game that isn’t finish it’s bad for buisness.

    Excuse the typos i’m in a rush to type this.

  • Will you put the ballet of death killzone 2 trailer on the PS store? that would be awesome

  • Cuboid looks like a complete rip of Bloxorz…

    Did Create Studios have to get permission to do that?

  • lol give up on SOCOM already…new update released, and guess what? more problems! KZ2 is just around the corner, so SOCOM will die real soon. Too bad i couldn’t enjoy as much as i thought i would…lost all interest in the SOCOM franchise after the SOCOM Confrontation fiasco. Next time, make sure you COMPLETE and TEST a game before putting it on shelves. Thank you.

  • I love PSB. Everyday ritual for me.

    (Rock over London, rock on Chicago! Ford! Build tough!)

  • chris i agreed with gold sony need to air tv ads starting next week for killzone i would say start with 24 premier show it aleast once during that.then show it during the return of heros i should be fired by scea i could make killzone 2 be a system seller . you guy need to drop whoever is in charge of the tv spot they killing the sells of the ps3 games by now giving it enough air time.

  • Time for action. We have a lackluster and broken game after 6 months. If the old PSN store was not the “Sony way” than this should be even more unacceptable.

  • Still in the dark above my previous post, The Annual Qore Subscription is not in the Playstation Store, is it intentionlly missing? Because I really want to subscribe but it’s not there for me to subscribe to =(



    i know u can do it sony- and please no weird commercials- keep them sain and appealing to the mainstream.

  • when will we be able to launch socom from home?

    im in australia but i imported it from america with the headset. this patch should help me play with my friends. but playing in home would be awesome too because i like to meet more people.

    anyword on that vidzone or something for streaming music and music videos to ps3. and music in game. i heard rumours but i haven’t heard anything from the sony side.

    are you planning on doing this as an update to life with playstation or something?

  • Ok this is for Infamous and White Knight.
    We know Infamous is coming in the Spring, but do you guys have a month as yet? Thanks

    As for WKC, Level 5 stated that the game will be coming to North America. Do you guys have a time frame for the release date of WKC?

  • Oh my Slant Six! You screwed up Socom!

    • You guys screwed up Socom
    • Unplayable during launch
    • Launch even though the game was incomplete
    • PS2 graphics
    • Nearly impossible Trophies
    • Trophies are not retroactive (All prior kills are discounted)
    • No party system
    • No single player campaign

    Thank you for the late and impossible Trophies. Now it’s time to put Socom on ebay. I already got the thing I wanted. Which was the headset. Whoever is going to be chasing those Trophies are foolish. Specially with KILLZONE 2 AND STREET FIGHTER IV coming out next month. Who has time to play a bad Socom 24/7 to just get 1-2 Bronze Trophies? LMAO! Maybe some crazy Clan fools.

    On a positive note. At least the game is in third person point of view. Kudos!

    Good luck Slant Six. I will no longer support your games.

  • @ 6 shotgunsam225

    Dude, you’re so wrong in so many ways. I’d deleted two [DELETED] off my friends list for asking to do that. You’re no better then Gamestop jerking developers with their use games motto.

  • @19 Ghostm
    Dude I feel you. I didn’t start playing Socom since I got it when it came out because I felt that their trophies wouldn’t be retroactive.
    As for the trophies, I took a look at the trophy list and sold the game. Those trophies are impossible at best. And the online for that game isn’t very good. There is so many things wrong with it. As for SlantSix, did you guys even listen to the feedbacks you got from the fans for this game? Because I don’t think so.

  • @19 settle down ghoatse
    firstly i bet you never had a ps2 because those aren’t ps2 gfx. no trophies are EVER retroactive and never will be
    noone wants to play some half attemt at a singleplayer when the multiplayer is where its at.
    we have cod4, resistance 2, killzone 2 etc for singleplayer

  • Well yeah it’s very cool that you guys keep us up with some news.

    You know what’s not cool?

    SCE Playstation or whatever company it is said that trophies were mandatory after 08.

    They said that every game coming in 09 and after will have trophiy support.

    Well there’s already a couple of arcade games which had came out this month of January and they don’t have trophy support.

    Well maybe you guys thought you were going to make more money without trophy supprt on every game.

    Well it’s not true because you won’t be making money from me and I know there much others which do not buy a game without trophies.

    It feels like you should’ve just rented the game if it don’t have trophies because I will never play it again.

    I need an answer please.

    I would love to know what your going to say about this.

  • Also I’m only a PS fan so don’t go thinking I’ll be arguing for an outlandish reason.

  • syk1288 – what are you talking about? Both psn games released on the 8th have trophies! That was a pointless rant….

  • @ 22

    I’ve been a Sony fan since day one. But I tell it like how I see it. Now If you want to waste all your time trying to get Socom Trophies you’re more then welcome LOL! I’ll be playing some sweet Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2. As for me, I placed my copy on ebay. I already got what I wanted which was headset. Trophies aren’t placed in a game to alienate people. It’s to motivate you to go through the game multiple time and enjoy getting them. Slant Six Should’ve never rush the game! Now they are paying for it.

  • So what if people just want to play SOCOM that’s their business. The point is that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

    SOCOM is now fixed for the most part and they aren’t “paying” for anything. Quit dwelling on the past.

  • I agree with you “Ghostm” but with “JohnnyMosses” I don’t.

    Go look it up.

    You probably don’t have a PS3.

    I have a friend with the game and I didn’t even want to give it to me because it has no trophies.

    Games: Cuboid and also Mahjong Tales:Ancient Wisdom don’t have trophy support.

  • I’m sorry I take that back it does have trophy supprt.

  • socom still didn’t fix the bug where it plays no music and instead plays distorted sounds untill the next song plays.

  • Hey guys, can we get some news on the next firmware…feels like forever we got a decent update.

  • Yeah, the SOCOM recap. I guess Chris nobody at Slant Six have bothered to tell anyone at Sony, the backlash of angry fans that not only the patch but Slant Six have done to the SOCOM franchise. Here, read the comments over at

    The game gets released in NA territories (Those of us in PAL territories are still waiting for this mess), and it stays virtually the same as the BETA. Hell, it still is a BETA! Lag, missing features (that was mentioned in the manual but wasn’t in the game), the errors on the menu screen, the black fog before each round (who’s idea was that????), the ridiculous level loading times. These kinds of problems are NOT what you expect from a PROFESSIONAL games development team, especially one that is put on one of Sony’s biggest Online franchises. Someone at Sony NEEDS to do something about this. You need to get Seth Luisi and the idiots at Slant Six off of SOCOM and hand it to someone who knows what they’re doing.

  • To all those hating on SOCOM

    A big THANK YOU to all of you selling or trading in your copies of SOCOM because you couldn’t hack it. This will make all the time I still spend playing the game that much more enjoyable, not having to hear a bunch of whining babies complaining over the mic about “difficult trophies” or lag. The community’s ears need the break and I’m just happy that something finally pushed you people over the edge.

    SOCOM rocks

  • is it a bad idea , or … would it be cool if we can see these blogs on Playstation Home?

  • i agree with # 31 , i bought socom despite all the bad reviews and whining but that game deserves alot better reviews, its fun. it rocks.

  • w00t! :P

    Start > Run > telnet > Ok

  • Thank you Chris for replying to my message =) At least I know that you know now, haha. So will there be a blog about it or will there be a store update on monday?

  • Cuboid and Mahjong have trophies..


  • @ 33

    You really think Socom deserved a better score? imagine you go to a car lot and buy a car and when you get home the car doesn’t work, would you be satisfied? Or you’d rather the automobile magazines to review and rate it high because of the brand? Did you actually feel satisfied when you got home after spending your $65 on Socom? I felt cheated instead of satisfied. 3 months later the game is still broken and you have the nerve to say it should’ve been rated higher. I know I’m being harsh but if we are not these developers will keep on delivering unfinished/broken softwares. DLC is the new scapegoat for broken software. Developer/Publishers: “just release it, we’ll just patch it down the line. Lets just get paid!”

  • the biggest Sunday Night is coming up the world will be tune in watching the Superbowl. it would be a be a good idea to have a killzone 2 trailer commercial. Killzone2 look to special to let it sale it self.

  • I agree with #39. It would be really great to sport Killzone 2 that day ;) eh eh?

  • SOCOM:Confrontation is the first video game that I’ve ever purchased where I truly felt absolutely ripped off by the publisher and developer. They knew damn well that the game wasn’t ready for prime-time, and yet they decided to start selling it anyway. The quality headset certainly offset my financial disappointment, but I’ll think twice before purchasing another Slant Six product (although odds are good that they’ll never be asked to create another game anyway…at least not a SOCOM game). Let’s pray.

  • I had a lot of fun with SOCOM but it really sucked trophies came so late. Looking at the list of trophies, way too time consuming. I don’t neccessarily like the trophies that are earned just by starting the game but sometimes trophies feel like a chore. Slant Six must be really trying to minimize resales of SOCOM by making trophies so difficult it will take a long time to earn, long enough maybe for them to patch this game and get it where it should have been on day one. With that said, I got rid of my copy and got $26 for it lol

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