CES 2009: Inside EA’s upcoming Home Sports Complex

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You’ve seen the trailer, now get your guided tour of EA Sports’ Home space from the CES show floor. EA Senior Producer Robert Burnett shows off the digs, talks mini-games, stat progression, and exclusive poker bracelets for you high rollers out there. Hey, we’re in Vegas!

The EA Sports Complex will move into PlayStation Home this Spring. We’ll have EA back on the blog to let you know more when when the release is imminent.

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  • I wanna see Peter Moore in it :P

  • This is what im talking about! Excellent job EA & Sony on setting the standard. Hopefully other devs will see this and improve on new and current spaces for home.

  • looks nice it be cool if there was a 5 on 5 basketball court mini game in home and we can us ower aviter

  • The racing game looks bad lol, but the poker game will be good. Can we play a game of HORSE on the basketball court? Is there any way EA can implement the NBA Live controls for our HOME avatars for when we are at the basketball court? That would be so awsome

  • sweet, but how about a soccer area? that would be awesome.

  • Cool this looks really awesome, i didnt think EA would be one of the first 3rd party develepers to soport home intagration, thats good to no

    ehh not to be a bring down, but it looks finished now, whats there left to do in the space to not release it till spring?

  • My hats off to EA Sports! most ambitious Home space yet.

    Im sure the reward system will keep people coming back for more.

  • For a first time in a LOOOOOONG time i’m impressed with EA.. good job guys!!

  • Having AE’s support means a great deal for PS HOME. Now lets see how many more developers will join in.

  • thanks for giving us the inside look on this exciting new addition to home.. my only question now is: with an awesome space like this, why would any of us ever hang out in the plaza ever again?! =p

  • I would love to see what Peter Moore’s Home avatar looks like if he even has one.

  • This is awesome.

    Can’t wait until this launches, it looks like there is a ton of things to do in here to keep people coming back, that’s what more of these spaces that come out should focus on. Great job guys!

  • Another impressive thing about EA’s HOME space is that it actually have some really interesting activities to keep people busy and coming back. Great job!

    Now it’s up to Sony to get rid of the loading between each area. OMG I just hate that! If you look close at what the people at EA did, you’ll noticed that there weren’t any loading screens. They just took a giant space and split it into multiple segments. Very clever avoiding loading doors and areas.

  • This is definately the coolest thing ever to come to Home. I can’t wait!

  • WOW… EA is actually gonna have a use to make us wanna visit HOME over and over. Poker, cart racing, golf, avartar items and house items.

    Good job EA :)

  • This EA Home reveal has been like an atomic bomb going off in the console world. All those Xbots who spend their days desperately trolling PS3 and console forums out of fear of Home by pretending to PS3 owners who hate Home are in stunned silence. Total ownage.

    I can’t believe this is just the first of multiple Spaces EA is working on for Home and it is this massive and feature rich. Ubisoft, Activision and other major publishers have talked about their Home support. The balls in their court now to try to compete with EA’s amazing first effort.

    Sony all those years of hard work have paid off beyond our wildest dreams. Congratulations. Keep the weekly Home updates coming and the patches for game launching and PS3 owners will be in online gaming heaven in 2009.

  • Looks like EA is trying to get back on track!

  • I’d kill for a Boxing minigame w/ our avatars for Fight Night Round 4’s release.

    Please make it happen EA!
    Forward the message, Jeff? :P

  • This space looks very well done and i really am looking forward to it, im not a sports person but i wont mind some new games to play and a cool place hang

  • LOL, Robert Burnett is such a Home newb.

    Not a single “Hey hotstuff, where you from?” “Add me baby” “Come back to my pad” in the entire demo…or even a single racial slur bypassing the filter…

  • I was hoping for a boxing ring.

  • Oh boy, I can’t wait to not be able to do any of those things because they are all currently being used by the other 5000 people in the area.

  • I can’t wait for this to come out Home just keeps getting better and better

  • once home gets this . i’ll spend actually spend time in it

  • wow that’s crazy. way cooler then i originally thought. cant wait til home is decked out with places like this

  • Weird having a sports complex with no base/basketball, football or hockey. I could see having 2 on 2 games that would rock using your home avatar!

    OH OH!!! OR!! check this out!


    ??…can I get a AMEN??!!!

  • Speaking of EA, I recently made a BF:BC-ish grenade on my computer :P

    (http://) fc91.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/009/1/f/Grenade_by_OmgKlint.jpg

  • Bah! >:-(
    ^Someone moderate my comment please?^

  • Awesome! EA is a brand name that many people hate or love. This EA area shows those that hate them that EA really cares about it’s customers. Great interactivity.

  • nah you guys are killing it december ill be here more than reality al you need now is a hooters bar and ….lol only kidding but keep up the freeeeeeeee 333 service dont switch it up on us now …..

  • Good job EA, now please let us game launch from Home with FN4!!!!

  • Everything looks REALLY well done. Would have been cool if it were a sports bar, but still cool. Kinda looks like a wide open Dave & Busters/ESPN Zone. I hope other developers are at work too.

  • wat sony add a karaoke area

  • Thanks :P

  • this is nice but spring isnt that far away lol i cant wait that long i want it NOW lol. jk keep up the good work fellas

  • Will the credits from EASportsWorld.com be available within the Home space?

  • EASports World = WIN!

  • I hope this kind of stuff makes people stop complaining about Home and how it has nothing. Right now it doesn’t have a lot but it looks like third party publishers are really taking advantage of Home and soon it could be huge. This area looks great. And it’s nice to have the racing and golf mini games.

  • Yeah! I can’t wait… great news, thanks for the quick update!

  • now this is the first truely enjoyable space

  • Hats off to EA. Good job guys.

  • awww man….

    Such a long wait…
    I was hoping by next week.

    O well.. :)

  • looking forward to this guys! awesome work.


  • What no word’s from the wise (Peter Moore)…
    LOL, I have been boycoting EA for 5 years now becouse of there lack of suport for the Playstation brand if thing’s start to change.. Get beter I might be able to forgive them… but This Home space does not impress me.. Sorry But any way I have Stuck to Playstion and no one else (9 years and counting)..this whole time despite EA not wanting to… And I’m glad I did if your listing EA……. :D

  • I’ve been wanting a free poker game on PS3. I’m really looking forward to this.

  • Wow! I was rather meh about the Red Bull Island but this looks like it could be pretty neat. I hoep headset support is added back soon cause silent poker is no fun. Very cool though overall.

  • Jeff/Robert, just wanted to say thanks.

    This is absolutely incredible.

    I’ve been in Home since Sept 08 and just can’t believe in that short time how far Home has come.

    Not sure about those Home haters out there, but I’m really impressed.

    Keep up the great work and I’m sure Home is going to be an even bigger success in the upcoming future.

  • this is great and the place is huge, its gonna be fun

  • I like how the race track and putting range is inside the complex.

  • This is a perfect example of the potential of HOME if used correctly. They’ve taken the idea and basics of what we expect in an EA Sports title and applied it to Home’s virtual space. We don’t just want to walk around and look at all the pretty pictures of our favorite games, we want to be able to interact with them. So good job EA! I would love to see some more sports like basketball, tennis and soccer. Why not even have a theatre room where we can watch real sports events?

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