CES 2009: inFamous inTerview & New Video

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After seeing the Sony Booth tour, you should already know what we’re showing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now it’s time to dive deeper into inFamous – and dive off of buildings. In this interview with Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming, he’ll discuss new plot points revealed at CES, and you’ll see new gameplay video that shows just how much fun it’s going to be to get the drop on your enemies.

Seriously, that Electrical Dive-Bomb Drop (probably not the official name of the move) looks really fun to pull off.

We’ll have more on inFamous for you in the coming weeks.

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  • Can’t wait to hear more about this game.
    There will be trophies and stuff, right?

  • released date plz , getting it day 1

  • I will buy this game for sure, it’s amazing

  • Been wanting this game since i first saw it on G4. Anyway next week when i goto gamestop to get afro samurai i will be putting infamous on preorder :)

  • Day 1

    The game looks absolutely incredible.

    Killzone 2, inFamous, White Knight Chronicles, and Heavy Rain.

    Un F-ing Believable

  • Looks great. Thanks again for everything Jeff. Could we hope for a soon-to-come ‘ask the developer’ on Infamous?

    • We can do that, absolutely. The game is looking awesome (the polish between TGS and CES is amazing), and I let the team know: you guys want more.

  • Another Sly game would be great from these guys.

    Or even a remake of one of the Sly games with updated graphics on PSN.

  • This game looks really cool. Definitely looking forward to this game. It also has the only PS3 theme other than the original wavy one that I actually liked.

  • cant wait for this game. in my top 5 games of 2009 for sure

  • Wow. I’ve been seeing videos of inFamous recently and it looks promising. I’m really excited to see how the PS3 will hold up while all these awesome explosions and physics are happening on screen. It looks awesome though. I’ve been hearing that it looks similar to Prototype though, and upon seeing some of the Prototype videos I have to agree; they are both extremely similar. One question I might have is how Sucker Punch plans on differentiating itself from this other game.

    Either way, i’m really excited to see the fruition of Sucker Punch’s hard work on this game. Man so much to look forward to in 2009!

  • Oh. Jeff, one question. Are there any more plans on revealing anything else Home related? Is there either going to be a Q&A with Jack Buser or a speech on his behalf? I know ya’ll already announced the EA sports space, but I’m hoping to hear a few more announcements. Thanks.

  • That electric body-slam indeed looks fun o.0

    btw, anybody know any good PC games? I just built my new computer and I want to “test” it. :P

  • Are there any hand-to-hand combat moves? This game looks great! Question though,if you run out of electricity “juice” does that mean you’re defenseless?

  • The lighting looks just sick!!!! Sony’s gonna kill my wallet this year, I can already see it happening.

  • Really, really, really looking forward to this one. The IGN videos I’ve watched were amazing. The animation, fluidity of Cole, environmental interactions…just everything…everything looked great. MUST.GIVE.SONY.$60.NOW.

  • “Are there any more plans on revealing anything else Home related?”

    Hope so.

    Although the EA Sports Complex is still causing shockwaves across the gaming world along with the news that Home has already been download by close to 4 million PS3 owners and generated a million dollars from in Home purchases, more info on:

    * Game launching updates how soon?
    * Warhawk, Resistance Spaces when?
    * Trophy Room status
    * Picture/Movie streaming in Personal Spaces
    * More first party Spaces – Sony has a massive 20 or so first party devs and we’ve only heard from a tiny number on Home support

    Home Spaces for inFamous, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, White Knight Story, Team ICO, SOCOM, Gran Tursimo, Loco Roco, Patapon, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, Echochrome, Wipeout, Metal Gear Solid, God of War?

  • This game looks absolutely amazing.

    I hope to see a little balancing on Cole’s main lightning blast though. It seems to take way too many shots of concentrated electricity to bring down a simple thug.

    Still, this is in the top five of my most anticipated games of ’09.

  • Awesome stuff! Thanks Jeff cant wait for the next video! :)

  • really cool

    but nothing beats Killzone 2 ballet of death /drool

  • Thanks for keeping us informed Jeff! Great stuff I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

    BTW have you thought about a nifty nickname for yourself? How about Jeff “Roadwarrior” Rubenstein… =]

  • This is one of the few reasons I’m actually going to have my PS3 repaired. The PS3 has broken TWICE now, usually if something were able to break twice, id kick it, stop it, burn it, then throw it out a window. But its titles like this and uncharted, the few adventure games left in this shooter only obsessed world, that are actually allowing me to calm my anger and actually have the system repaired. Thank you for still making adventure games in this narrow shooter only world. :)

  • jeff can we please get info on 3d glasses for ps3 and blu ray ?

  • Great work Jeff, much appreciated.

    May i ask though, or if you don’t know you could ask them.

    Do they have any future plans on DLC and perhaps releasing new missions with other weapons other than electricity?

    Is online multiplayer included in the final version? If so, what modes?

  • Its good, but I think they need to add more music

  • Thanks for the update on the game. I think I have seen enough now that I need to stay away from new info tell launch. Good luck on sales, and I hope the story turns out to be awsome.

    P.S. Sony, thank you for the amazing quality that all the games shown for this year look to have. Killzone, Infamous, and Heavy Rain all look beautiful, and seem to have amazing gameplay. I look forward to this kind of greater emphisis on quality. Holding games until they have had time to be polished puts SCEI’s already amazing games on another level. Hope to see this same attitude with GT5, God of War 3, and all other games indevelopment.

  • How big is the city compared to GTA4? That’s what I’ve been wondering..

  • I know this is entirely off topic, but I’m trying to buy an Annual Subscription to Qore, but the problem is it’s not in the Playstation Store at all, only the single episodes. Was it left out on accident or purpose? There are quite a bit of people who want to subscribe but can’t because it is not there. =(

  • Oh and I am avoiding to watch any more on inFamous because I don’t want any more spoils on the game ;). I already have spoiled myself on KZ2 a bit.

  • Whoah! I noticed something… he said that they wanted a game in contrast to sly cooper, but then he also said that they wanted something to go back and forth with…

    Could that POSSIBLY mean that there might be a PS3 Sly Cooper game?

    Only time will tell…

  • “but I’m trying to buy an Annual Subscription to Qore, but the problem is it’s not in the Playstation Store at all”

    Even in the complete alphabetical list under ‘Q’?

    It believe that is where I had to find it to subscribe. Weird, it is no longer is there.

  • Oh Man! I <3 Sucker Punch. Any solid release date yet?

  • I would really love your job Jeff.

    Thanks for another insightful interview.

  • InFamous looks great. Just how fluid it is and how interactive the environment can be. Hopefully we’ll see this game by Summer.

    PS: I would love a demo ;)

  • not to be pickey but at 2:50 the bad guys arm is through the floor. Also I know we haven’t been given a lot of info on the game yet but I can tell you it won’t be received very well if there is no multiplayer.

    I personaly like the game it looks great but I can hear it now about how if there is no multiplayer that the game will lose points. Don’t ask me why I mean Bioshock had none and that was GOTY. Look at uncharted and a few others that didn’t include it. GTA IV had it added and it made the game so much more fun, and since you have so many villians I’m sure a deathmatch with them would be pretty cool. Gangs vs gangs even.

    Can’t wait for the game but just a heads up. BTW PS3 is my only system and I love it so I’m not a troll talking down the game. Look up my Gamers card Seanscythe if you don’t believe me.

  • Jeff, are we going to see dedicated game spaces for the following games in Home:
    M.A.G., Warhawk, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and Dark Void?

  • I’m not a big fan if comic books but, I’m looking forward to playing infamous. I’m glad they keep showing gameplay and not too much of story cut scenes…so when i get my hands on it, it wont fell like I’ve seen all this before (hello Rockstar and GTA4).

  • I’ve been following this game for quite a while. Everytime i see the gameplay, I allways feel like the combat looks really tedious. I dont know why it comes off that way, and I really hope it doesnt feel like that when I get to play it.

    I’ll still give it a chance though.

  • Hey Jeff, you ready for the big day on Sunday?! CMON PHILLY!

    You guys are going nuts with the content, keep up the great work, I almost feel like I’m in Vegas heheh. Can’t wait to see the tour of the EA sports ur uploading!

  • This game looks incredible, i still use infamous theme on my ps3, cant wait to hear more about it like the release date ;)
    for now tho i wanna get my hands on killzone :)

  • WHEN will you guys be talkign about MP….

    I kind of get the feeling it’s gonna have it, and there’s been teasing before.

  • Jeff has a cool freaking job. Jealous?…Yes I am.

  • Wait… did he say demo?!

    I can’t wait for the game. I’m a big fan of every Sly game.

    Ahh, I love CES, so much news.

  • You should have asked them why Infamous looks so slow and boring compared to Prototype.

  • Prototype, LOL.

    That was funny. That game looks like it was built out of 100 percent pure Fail.

  • This game keeps looking better and better.

  • im greatly looking forward to inFamous, and hopefully the PS blog will have a nice recap for all the goings on at this event.

  • man i cant wait for this game

  • One question, when can I get my grubby nerd hands on this? * drools *

  • inFamous looks sweet. let’s hope it has substance.

  • I appreciate that he explained why they did not make a Sly Cooper title, but it doesn’t answer the question: when will we see the next Sly game?

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