“Sack it to Me” – The Holiday Hangover Edition

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Hey guys,

A new year is upon us and wanted to get back in the swing of things with our first post of 09. For our new members of the LBP community, we’re glad you can join us and look forward to seeing you online. Welcome to our weekly “Sack it to me” segment, where we answer the LBP community’s questions and concerns. For the rest of you, welcome back, hope you had chance over the break to create some cool levels. Anyway, back to the post…so here goes.

More Metal Gear Solid Goodies

After Media Molecule got done with the MGS packs, they had some fun and created a bunch of cool art. Check out Media Molecule’s Flickr page for some AWESOME renders from the MGS packs. If you haven’t downloaded the costume and level packs yet, head to the PlayStation Store or access the in-game store and check it out.


More Street Fighter goodness

We also have a few more renders of the Street Fighter II Sackboys/Sackgirls available on the PS Store. We know you guys love updating your forum signatures, wallpapers and websites so we thought we’d provide these…

SFII collage

1.07 Aftermath

Our teams Liverpool and Media Molecule have been busy analyzing and crunching the data to respond to feedback you’ve been giving in response to the 1.07 update. All of your input on the forums have been a great source of information and you’ll be glad to hear they’re hard at work on a patch for the 1.07 update that should resolve many of the issues that have been reported. We’ll have further news on this patch once we’re a little closer to it being ready.

For those of you experiencing the “Full Profile” message, since the issue revolves around the amount / complexity of the community objects in your Popit tool, for now your best bet is to delete a chunk of unwanted objects from your inventory.

DLC update

We ended 2008 with a big bang (or maybe we should say ‘a big bucket of paint’), and hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly deliveries of a wide array of downloads. Between the free goodies, costumes from our PlayStation family of games, and Sticker/Level packs, we hope there was something on the PlayStation Network that took to your liking.

LBP DLC collage

In 2009, more goodies are on their way to the PS Store, but you’re gonna have to hold tight for a few weeks. We’re planning to start our weekly deliveries on Jan 22 with a lot of new stuff, returning stuff and big surprises — Lets just say it’ll be a big year.

We’re also open to ideas, so get on the forums and let us know what you’d like to see in 09.


With the popularity of our first LittleBigChallenge, we definitely have plans to introduce a new one, but we’re aiming to broaden the competition and make it as global as we can. Stay tuned because we know you guys want to get your hands on the extremely RARE Prize Crown.

LBP Crown

As always, let us know what you want to hear and we’ll try to get to them next week.

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2 Author Replies

  • I love all of the LBP styuff, and the MGS4 add ons are the best!

    Thakns for the info

  • Since you guys did a MGS theme LittleBigPlanet add-on with levels and characters. Does that mean you will also be doing the same thing with Final Fantasy VII? You guys did show both MGS and FFIV at TGS2008 last year. So I was just wondering if you guys will be or are thinking of doing the same thing with final fantasy VII?

    • Hard to say. I haven\’t seen anything from Mm or our PD group yet, but as excited as you are to see what they do.

  • Wow, those LBP MGS posters are awesome. I love what MM has done with LBP, they’ve went and taken a great game and made it even better. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for ’09. Just the possibilities of level packs have me drooling.
    Can we expect to see God of War or Killzone 2 level packs?

  • I can’t wait for more level packs. Hope more come soon ;)

  • Hello,

    1) Why is it that whilst typing using my wired keyboard, i cannot see the actual writing? In other words, on the lower left of the screen, i just can’t see a single thing i am typing…which is extremely annoying. Please fix that ASAP.

    2) Please do something about the online..it really is a catastrophe.


  • @2
    I guess they will add levels too like MGS but with FF this time or they would have already released the FF sackboys, it is just speculation but it could be awesome

  • How about a update of the 10 user made levels every week? There’s a guy of Neogaf that made a awesome level called Abyss. Great work and it needs to be recognized by the community.

    I would also like to see some DLC from Insomniac. The Ratchet and Clank franchises along with Resistance would make for some more great costumes and levels.

    I appreciate all the hard work.Thanks

  • Any word on the 1080 support?

    We’re all still eagerly awaiting over at http://1080ps3.com to spread the hopefully ‘good’ news?

    Thanks a bunch.

  • Can we get any idea on a patch that implements ONLINE level creating?

    ME and my friends really want this and we could make some really kick [DELETED] levels!


  • i meant co op online level creating, sorry.

  • My family and I have been enjoying the game and the DLC content (including MGS). As a big fan of comics and all things related to them (Movies, Games, Toys, Apparel, etc.); I would love to see a Superhero DLC pack including costumes…at the very least a Spider-man one :-)

  • Can we get a patch for the “failed to load all player profiles” when trying to join friends or play a level online?

  • More than anything, I’d like to see a Ratchet & Clank pack.

  • Oh goodie, now a month without lbp content? Why didn’t you throw us a bone with one costume? lol 1/22 better be worth it, and I don’t mean open-ended promises of stuff we can expect “soon” or “sometime in 2009.” Deliver more level packs, thanks lol

  • Any hope of improving online multiplayer for LBP, Resistance 2 is pwn’ing it hardcore at present for stability and lag.

  • When are we gonna be able to obtain the helghasts costume for LBP, or are you guys going to do a KZ level pack?

  • How about fixing the Play Create Share counters.
    Do you need that in the form of a question?

    When will the Play, Create, Share counters be fixed?

    Also the lag issue really does need addressed … again! When I play with my friend just the two of us we go through terrible lag and no other P2P games do this for us.

  • Good job in 08′ keep it up! Hopefully the next patch will dramatically expand the memory capacity for profiles so we can save much more stickers, user-created objects, and custom costumes…

    Oh and by the way…I DO have 1 of the 5 CROWNS!!

    (Bow to you leader!!) LOL

  • I’m glad we can finally post our ideas!

  • Good stuff. I just want to know the free stuff. Other stuff is sadly to $$.

  • don’t forget area restart thank a check point that restarts every thang pass that point tothe right and if you flip it every thang to the left.

    thanks for the pack can’t wait to see whAt is next keep up the graet work.

  • Love the good work… just waiting on the Sephiroth costume… PLEASE MAKE IT NEXT!!! XP… I’m psyched

  • Final Fantasy VII Pack…

  • ff7 and a mega man legend,and god of war levels packs please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ƞ

  • Wow 22nd can’t come soon enough!



  • Will this new patch fix the lagging?

    Anyways, Killzone 2 pack please.

  • Where is my Helghast sackboy :(

  • Heavenly Sword pack!!!

    With Kai! :D

  • 2 questions regarding The online side of thiings:

    1) PLAY, SHARE, CREATE Rankings. The game has been out of beta over 2 months and these are still not working? what gives?

    2) Co-operative create mode? The quality of user levels will explode when this is enabled (in my opinion). When is this feature getting launched? I can;t understand why there is time for overpriced costumes every week that do nothing to enhance the quality of the game, and this critical feature is left behind and barely ever mentioned?


  • Sounds great, thanks for everything, guys! Can’t wait to see what awesome new DLC you’ll have in 2009… :)

  • please fix the counters thaey have never worked please

  • Can we get Bug fixes (Play Share Create counter, lag issues, profile misloads)?
    Can we get larger profiles? (Home takes 3GB of space I’d gladly give to LBP instead.)
    Can we get a more stable development environment?

    I’ve stopped playing because I don’t want to lose any of the progress I’ve made due to some random bug wiping it out.

    I’ll take a month of no new content (Free or Not Free), in order to get the bugs worked out.

  • @Mark Valledor

    Hello again. I’ll start off by saying I hope you had a pleasent holiday, and that your new year were just as good, (or better ;)).

    You probably don’t remember, but I’m one the european player who follow LittleBigPlanet as much as I possibly can… When you held your “rare” prize level creation contest, I was somewhat, in a state of irritation/sadness, due to us being cut off.. Even though the european side of LBP held some contest, it wasn’t really anything that added to the game, making you special ‘in-game’..


    With the popularity of our first LittleBigChallenge, we definitely have plans to introduce a new one, but we’re aiming to broaden the competition and make it as global as we can. Stay tuned because we know you guys want to get your hands on the extremely RARE Prize Crown.”

    I’m really pleased that you will try to make it worldwide (as much as possible).. And just for trying, I know you heard me, and your great support from Europe..

    Thanks a sack,


  • You guys really got me back into LBP with this MGS DLC. I would love to see the same thing with KZ2.

  • The only thing I really want is online creation. A friend and I have had some ideas in our heads since day one, and we really want to work on them together.

  • I look forward to all of the new DLC in 2009!

  • Great game guys.
    I really hope that you include level packs and stickers with most (if not all) skins and themes.

    One thing I wanna see is…
    Play, Create, & Share tickers working. I wanna know how close I am to the Share trophy. :D

  • Is there going to be more trophies with the Final Fantasy Level kit add-on?

    When are we going to have In-game music on LBP?
    I thought the game was going to release with in-game music support like Warhawk’s!

  • hope you guys are watching the news eps of scrubs i hate ed myself lol

  • I wont them to sale NARIKO SACKGIRL

  • please patch lbp with customs soundtracks please

  • Glad to see MM back for ’09!

    I would love to see more add-on levels from other Sony themed games, ie God of War, etc!

  • Since you guys weren’t specific on what problems you’re going to address with the new patch, and no one else has mentioned it yet, I feel obligated to point out the save data erasing glitch many people have been experiencing since the MGS level pack. I’ve played those levels through like 5 times already and it refuses to save my items and aces.

  • MGS packs are amazing ,cant wait to see what will be coming out in 09 .thank you all at MM

  • superchriswebsite1

    I’m gonna get the MGS pack when 1.07 is fixed. whats with the pic?

  • I am gonna get the MGS pack very soon. We NEED the Final Fantasy pack! :D

  • Two things I’d like to see added:

    1) a Delete All function for community objects. It is easy to collect a gazillion stuff we will never use and it would be handy to be able to delete it in one fell swoop.

    2) a Clean Object function that completely removes all the stickers on that object in one go.

    I think these things would make the user experience easier and more streamlined.

    Thanks and keep up the good work1

  • Please, jus fix the saving bug. I deleted everything (including my beautiful pod decoration) and game is still not saving :( I’d love to see more MGS or God of War packs :D

  • Oh and Heavenly Sword pack would be just awesome too!!! I love nariko ;)

  • Are you going to do special level packs for Killzone 2 and Final Fantasy 7 to go along with the sackboy outfits you’ve already shown? I loved the MGS levels, and a set of levels (and objects, stickers, and tools!) based around/parodying those games would be awesome and instant purchases for me.

    Please cut the price on costumes, though. If they were half price, not only would I buy them, but I guarantee you’d sell more than enough to make up the difference. $2 for a costume is really pushing it, and if the simpler $1 costumes were cut to $.50 I’d be buying them all up.

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