“Sack it to Me” – The Holiday Hangover Edition

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Hey guys,

A new year is upon us and wanted to get back in the swing of things with our first post of 09. For our new members of the LBP community, we’re glad you can join us and look forward to seeing you online. Welcome to our weekly “Sack it to me” segment, where we answer the LBP community’s questions and concerns. For the rest of you, welcome back, hope you had chance over the break to create some cool levels. Anyway, back to the post…so here goes.

More Metal Gear Solid Goodies

After Media Molecule got done with the MGS packs, they had some fun and created a bunch of cool art. Check out Media Molecule’s Flickr page for some AWESOME renders from the MGS packs. If you haven’t downloaded the costume and level packs yet, head to the PlayStation Store or access the in-game store and check it out.


More Street Fighter goodness

We also have a few more renders of the Street Fighter II Sackboys/Sackgirls available on the PS Store. We know you guys love updating your forum signatures, wallpapers and websites so we thought we’d provide these…

SFII collage

1.07 Aftermath

Our teams Liverpool and Media Molecule have been busy analyzing and crunching the data to respond to feedback you’ve been giving in response to the 1.07 update. All of your input on the forums have been a great source of information and you’ll be glad to hear they’re hard at work on a patch for the 1.07 update that should resolve many of the issues that have been reported. We’ll have further news on this patch once we’re a little closer to it being ready.

For those of you experiencing the “Full Profile” message, since the issue revolves around the amount / complexity of the community objects in your Popit tool, for now your best bet is to delete a chunk of unwanted objects from your inventory.

DLC update

We ended 2008 with a big bang (or maybe we should say ‘a big bucket of paint’), and hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly deliveries of a wide array of downloads. Between the free goodies, costumes from our PlayStation family of games, and Sticker/Level packs, we hope there was something on the PlayStation Network that took to your liking.

LBP DLC collage

In 2009, more goodies are on their way to the PS Store, but you’re gonna have to hold tight for a few weeks. We’re planning to start our weekly deliveries on Jan 22 with a lot of new stuff, returning stuff and big surprises — Lets just say it’ll be a big year.

We’re also open to ideas, so get on the forums and let us know what you’d like to see in 09.


With the popularity of our first LittleBigChallenge, we definitely have plans to introduce a new one, but we’re aiming to broaden the competition and make it as global as we can. Stay tuned because we know you guys want to get your hands on the extremely RARE Prize Crown.

LBP Crown

As always, let us know what you want to hear and we’ll try to get to them next week.

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