Qore Episode 08 Tomorrow– Featuring Killzone 2, F.E.A.R. 2, and Heavy Rain

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The Qore team’s put together a terrific show to kick off 2009 as Qore – Episode 08 hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow and features some of the hottest games appearing on PLAYSTATION 3 in the first part of the 2009.

Episode 08 begins with a trip to Amsterdam for an inside glimpse at one of the year’s most anticipated titles, Guerrilla GamesKillzone 2. Make sure you watch this feature in HD. It looks awesome!

In Paris, Veronica Belmont searches for answers about Heavy Rain as she dons the mo-cap suit at Quantic Dream where they aspire to redefine “interactive cinema” with this film-noir adventure title.

Seattle is the next destination – a trip inspired by fear – F.E.A.R. 2, that is. Monolith was kind enough to share their scare as well as some tricks they use to create really spooky sound design.

From the San Francisco Bay Area, we dive into the fanatic Street Fighter game culture with a visit to a super-secret, underground Street Fighter Club and take a spin with the legendary DJ Qbert at his home studio where he conceived his Street Fighter II HD track.

As for downloadable goodies, don’t miss a new, Qore-exclusive Killzone 2 theme and Qore-only early access to the F.E.A.R. 2 demo (Expected Availability: Mid-January).

Enjoy the show!

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  • Lovin’ Qore. Got ALL my betas & early access demo’s and can’t wait for #8 today (specifically for KZ2 in HD) along with the rest of the years content!

  • @48 Redswipe

    Yes…Future Publishing announced in Sept 08 that a similar product was coming to uk/eu.


  • That Killzone 2 Theme looks epic.

  • imho,everyone should get demos when they’re available, and super fans who subscribe to qore should get t-shirts for home.

  • Cmon, several valid questions made already and not a single answer from Sony! I am one of the ones still thinking about annual subscription, but so far majority of the comments are negative. The most important to me is related to exclusive demos/betas, if annual subscribers are told they will receive a code, then why you are not keeping your word on that? Examples: LBP and R2.

  • sounds awesome! killzone2 and heavy rain info is always welcome in my home.


  • Oh, and please explain the logic behind the exclusive Gamestop demo for KZ2? Is the plan to force people to give 5 bucks to Gamestop to try the game?

  • looking forward to it

  • Now this is a true core episode.

  • @52 kspraydad

    Thanks for that :)

    I wish they would get a move on with it!

  • Well, shoot!

    It looks like I’m going to have to buy another issue of QORE.

  • How do I purchase this quore episode?

  • Man I was hoping for a Killzone demo but I guess not. The least they could have done is make the FEAR 2 demo available right when Qore comes out especially with the extra week.

  • Oh, man! Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain! You guys had to make this a must buy, didn’t you?

  • Will the F.E.A.R. 2 demo come with purchasing the single episode? Or do you need to be an annual subscriber?

  • Dont you think you owe annual Qore subscribers an appology?

    Several Qore subscribers(including me) did not recieve Home beta code invites till 2 days before home went public. A full 5 weeks after were were promised invites.

    Meanwhile inbetween when we were promised codes and when we finaly recieved them tens of thousands(possibly even hundreds of thousands) unsolicited invites went out to random PSN users.

    That is completely unacceptable.

  • I cant download the Calling all Cars – Full Game, please help.

  • Someday I’m going to marry Veronica Belmont

  • Cant download the fear 2 demo yet unfortunately, Although if U want the KILLZONE 2 Demo in early Feb. ,just pre-order on Gamestop.com

  • I’m a QORE subscriber and I’ve been waiting on this game for a while now. I’m having trouble…..it’s the 15 Jan 09 and it won’t download what gives?

  • The F.E.A.R. 2 demo is amazing. I am so glad I got the Jan. edition of Qore. I am definitely picking up F.E.A.R. 2 in Feb.

    So many good games right at the beginning of the year. woot!!

  • @70 nytillide

    The demo went live along side the PS Store update.

  • Hey everyone or anyone can someone tell me how to become a QORE subscriber now? I have called support and looked everywhere on the web site with my pc and my ps3 and can not find a link anywhere.

  • IGN:
    “If there’s one area that Sony has been consistently working to improve, it’s what you get with that free online service. Better still, Sony seems to be keen to listen to what the consumers are demanding most — often on the official blog’s comments section. Upscaling of games and movies? Added after some moaning. Custom themes and wallpapers? Custom soundtracks? Yep, added. And who could possibly forget the two biggest improvements to the system: Trophies and in-game XMB, both of which were openly begged for pretty much since launch.”


    Great Job Sony!
    It really helps knowing you actually read these blogs and listen to your loyal customers.

    My suggestion:
    A feedback section directly on the PS3’s XMB.
    (set rules should apply to weave out the vast mail people would send)

    A feedback section would instantly change the worlds view of the PS3 and Sony, and definitely put the PS3 leaps and bounds ahead of the Xbox 360 and Wii.

  • possibly charge money to send feedback so only the customers serious about their idea would send it.

    Benefits of user: better system over time, closer relationship with Playstation

    Benefits of Sony: little profit but main goal is to satisfy users, maintaining a forever evolving system, create more fan base, and better relationship with customers.

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