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Here at PlayStation.Blog, we’re always looking to improve your user experience. I’m happy to announce that two often-requested features are nearly ready to be implemented: PSN sign-in and author comment-reply indicator.

The latter will be activated tomorrow morning (Pacific time). Whenever one of our authors replies to one of your comments, it’ll be indicated below the post. Clicking on this link will take you to the first reply in the comments list. This feature has been asked for by many of you over the last year or so, and I’m glad that our dev team was able to accommodate.

comment replies

The other feature, PSN sign-in, is a significant and important step in the evolution of the PlayStation.Blog. Because we want all of you to continue to communicate via comments, we’re not launching the feature quite yet, but consider this your metaphorical 2-minute Warning. If you don’t already have a PSN ID – now’s the time. It’s free, it’s useful, and it not only will work here, but across, as well as on the PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP.

If, and we know this applies to the vast majority of you, you’ve already got a PSN ID, the migration process is super easy. When the time comes (we’ll let you know), you’ll you’ll be prompted to merge your blog account with your existing PSN ID. It’s just that easy, and you’ll only have to do it once.

We believe this will contribute to a better community experience, and better, more targeted discussion here on the Blog. It also lays the groundwork for further enhancement to your user experience. When we’re ready to roll-out the PSN sign-on we’ll post a mini-FAQ to cover any questions you might have.

We hope you enjoy these new features – please let us know what you think!

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20 Author Replies

  • Awesome Jeff!

  • sounds like a good idea, look forward to checking it out.

  • The reply feature is friggin sweet, not sure abut the PSN feature, I like my privacy and I don’t want to be hounded on PSn for some of the posts I make on here, i’ll probably have to make up a PSN for this blog :-(.

  • AWESOME!!!! these are both nifty features… and the PSN thing will be fun! I can see it now… “gifts” given to people by using their PSN’s…

    It will be GREAT for contests! :)

  • This is awesome i can’t wait for this!

  • Thanks Jeff! This blog has really come a long way since launch.

  • Nice. but it not going to do me any good. Consider you guys don’t respond to my questions. I am just saying.

  • i hope replies are going to be monitored so that people don’t reply simply to be closer to the top.

  • bout time for the reply feature lol. i must have requested that at least 20-30 times lol.


    Now that you have the PSN Sign in coming, you guys can implement a whole lot more. Glad to hear Jeff – And HOW BOUT THEM EAGLES!

    Anywho, here’s some features I would love to see on the blog:

    1) Trophy Profiles – be able to view other people’s trophy profiles online (as well as my own)

    2) PSN message box (incorporate a global message system – so PS3 can mesg friends and people can reply from blog etc.)

    3) Profiles – something we can do to customize our own little space or something.

  • @crazypenguin

    i think that its only for replies from the bloggers them selves. like when jeff or chris reply to one of our comments

  • Will the Blog have , in-blog XMB, trophies and custom soundtracks? :P

  • @9

    The author reply feature is a feature that will notify us when a developer or author (like Jeff) replied to somebodies comment.

  • Thanks, Jeff! These will be great features. Quick question though, will our picture be our PSN picture or the one we’ve already chosen to use on here?

    • It\’ll be your PSN avatar. Gravatar does go away. It has served us well, and for that we are thankful.

  • the author comment/reply thing is sweet and will def come in handy. for those 10+ pages of comments! i sure hope that you guys can wrap up the blog/psn feature pretty soon. thats the one that im really stoked about.

    as for c-h-a-o-s, don’t post any [DELETED] comments and you won’t get hounded brotha. i know at times people on here deserve to be straightened out when posting useless comments without having their facts straight but we gotta do our best to keep the peace around here. which brings me to my next point.

    Jeff – i know awhile ago you had the secret service patrolling this blog and bans were being handed out left and right. since upgraded to the universal system how are things going to be moderated now?


  • Very very nice Jeff.
    Glad the dev team is awesome :D

  • I like the layout

  • sounds good

  • Nice to see you guys are back to business.

  • cool jeff let 09 be the year for playstation fans

  • NICE! :) Thanks!

  • Will we be able to log on the PLAYSTATION forums on the PSP?

  • sweet,i hate having to sign in twice,once for PSN account and once for the blog. i can’t wait

  • omg IN GAME XMB!!! lol these features sound nice. My new years resolution is to begin commenting here again and visit more. I hope you guys update more often. I love you guys!!

  • Really, I’d like more anonyminity on this site. I’ve already been propositioned by at least three people begging for me to “trade” Tekken DR / Lumines / whatever to them for another game… all of them found me through PS Blog, I might add.

  • Excellent! I was going to create a new account that matched my PSN ID, but would have hated giving up this account with its post history (And being here since the earliest days of the blog). :D

  • Very nice! Now where’s our Official PlayStation Podcast? :)

  • I know this isn’t blog related but any chance we will get to message our PS3 friends from a PC? Like PC to PS3 messaging. I know I wont get a official answer so just toss that in the suggestion hat.

  • Hey Jeff. Would you consider promoting the PS Nation podcast every week. I know it’s not an official Sony podcast but it is pretty good. Heck, invite them to guest comment on the blog.

    • I\’m a big fan of the PS Nation podcast (been on it a few times, myself). And Torgo can frequently be found in the comments.

  • Great news

  • What’s the point of somone having a PSN ID if they dont own a PS3? I hope you guys at Sony are not going to start counting these none PS3 owner PSN IDs when you put your figures out publicly. Anyways, these numbers are never accurate. Some people have like 5-6 PSN IDs on just 1 PS3.

  • @ Gorvi thatd be pretty sweet

  • 1. Trophy Profiles is a must, we should be able to showoff our trophies in forums and such.

    2. This is still about the trophy profiles, signatures for the trophy profiles is also a good thing, allow a lot of customization like sizes, avatars and such. This would be a very good move.

  • Good to hear! Nice to see some well thought out unification of all the sites and PSN.

  • Oh wait, I see the dev team got around to fixing the broken PSU log-in system! Yayyyyyy!

  • Good to see these features emplemented. I just wish each step didnt take so long. Like I’ve said before. Playstation needs to stop playing the Mr. Me too game.

  • jeff- maybe this is over the top… but i like to think i was the very first person to suggest the reply counter… give me some mad props bro!

  • Great news, cant wait.

  • Awesome features! :D

  • Jeff,

    Good stuff. Glad to finally see the author reply indicator. I know I’ve been badgering you about it for a while. You and the dev team are doing an awesome job.

  • great news.

    one ID to rule them all! just gave you the title for that future blog post :)

    heres a question…

    The “authors” also gonna use their PSN ID to post in here?

    • I\’m totally stealing that title ;-)

      Authors will not be using their PSN IDs… they\’ll be using their real name, of course.

  • the question is…does your blog sign in name go *poof* or do they merge and all your old comments convert over to your PSN ID?

  • Once I’ve merged my PSN ID with this account, will I still be able to use my gravatar? Or will it switch to the (very) limited PSN avatar system?

  • can’t wait next we need. FORUM Trophy cards, or just steal playfire’s and make it update itself:D.

  • Finally these features are almost here. Pretty slow.

  • Can’t wait for more features dude keep them coming! LOL I will be glad to be rid of the weird passwords and such for this blog (I keep forgetting it and having to reset it)–can’t wait to use my PSN ID for everything!

  • Jeff,

    How is the PSN thing going to work for the blog?

    I am 40cal in a lot of places online but that is not my PSN ID name? Will it show both names or will it just show the PSN ID and if so, can we please get 100% customizable avatars for the PSN. thanks.

    • Unfortunately for you (probably our #1 commenter by volume), it will be by PSN ID only.

      We thought long and hard about the transition period, but decided that, in the long run, the ripping-off-the-band-aid-all-at-once approach was best.

  • that sounds great cant wait kudos to the ps blog team you guys rock. ty so much i hope you all had a great break over the holidays! we all missed you guys:)

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