An Insomniac Holiday: Let the Games Begin!

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Happy holidays! This is Bryan Intihar from Insomniac Games and I hope some of you are celebrating the last few days of 2008 just like me: catching up on some necessary game-playing. Even though I try to check out as many games as possible throughout the year, I always find myself with quite a large stack left to play (some refer to it as their personal “pile of shame”). So aside from buying a new computer, heading to Disneyland, and seeing some friends, I’ll be spending the majority of the holiday break comfortably seated on my couch with a PS3 controller in hand. It sounds like a lot of Insomniacs will be doing the same, as well.

Now if you’re still in the need for some gaming recommendations, here’s my personal “Must Play” list of 2008:

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots — I known around these parts as one of the biggest MGS fans, and you’ll quickly know why once you play Kojima Productions’ latest stealth-action game. From the revamped controls to the epic boss fights to the unbelievable visuals, MGS4 is truly one of the PS3’s crown jewels.

Dead SpaceEA’s survival-horror entry is hands-down my surprise title of the year. While dismembering grotesque creatures with ultimate precision will please gamers with an itchy trigger finger, Dead Space features more than enough freaky moments for those who enjoy a good scare.

LittleBigPlanet — The word “groundbreaking” always comes to mind when I think of Media Molecule’s do-it-yourself platformer. It’s also as cute as it is creative, and it seems like every week I watch a new clip of some fantastic user-made level. I can’t wait to see what the highly imaginative LBP community dreams up over the coming months. Oh, and don’t forget to download this li’l guy from the PlayStation Store:

Prince of Persia — I’m a total sucker for a cool art style, and the Prince’s latest adventure delivers that and then some. The development team took some design risks with the combat system and “no death” mechanic, but I believe both worked out extremely well.

NHL 09 — It’s an absolute requirement for any true sporto to lace up the skates and check out this virtual frozen pond. Thanks to NHL 09’s killer online leagues and innovative “Be a Pro” mode, EA’s hockey franchise earns my vote for the best sports title for a second straight year.

Before you return to your regularly scheduled programming (playing games), on behalf of all Insomniacs I’d like to thank you for your support in 2008. This year proved to be one of the busiest and most successful years in the studio’s history with the launch of both Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty and Resistance 2. Seriously, your comments and feedback went a long way in making our games even better. And I can’t wait to share with you what’s in store for 2009! Until then, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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  • Nice selections, resistance 2 is great game can’t wait for 09 from Insomniac.

  • Happy holidays to you and everyone at insomniac!!
    I personally like Farcry2 more than NHL but I must say that MGS4 and LBP are the best games that person can ever play !!

  • Great choices.

    Happy holidays Insomniac.

    Enjoy your break, (you guys deserve it)

  • i wish i could be playin R2 right now. but left PS3 at home. u like all the same games i loved this year. dead space would be in 3rd place if i had a game of the year list. followin MGS4 and R2

  • What a great list. NHL 09 is really one of the best sports games this generation. I have played it almost daily since the day it came out, and I usually never buy sports games.

  • Bryan, Thanks bunches for R2. It was one of my most anticipated holiday titles and you guys didn’t dissapoint. I can’t wait to see what kind of goddies you have planned for R2 updates. I’ll be posting my suggestions on

  • Resistance 2 went way beyond my expectations. Thanks a bunch!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Thanks for R2 it has pretty much dominated my time thanks to Co-op Mode. I don’t suppose the R2 team had any expansions for Co-op mode planned? As my friends and I are already planning on trying to take on all levels with nothing, but medics lol.

  • Can we get trophy support for R&C Future: Tolls of Destruction? Please.

  • You had to throw the “I can’t wait to share what’s in store for 2009” didn’t you?

    Damn it, now I’ll be daydreaming about secret game reveals.

    I know Ratchet is one of them, but I’m intrigued to see a new IP from Insomniac.

  • Bryan, what’s happened to the Full Moon Show?

  • You know Bryan, I always liked your game taste (well except for PoP). Even since your days at 1up/EGM. I remember you were discussing FFXII with Shane and I agreed with every single point you made. Anyway thanks for the list of games, just a shame I played most of them. Looking forward to the next Insomniac game btw. May it come in 2009.

  • Metal Gear 4 best game of the year. But, Dead Space was a really nice surprise for me and I bet for you too!

  • Bryan, I already bought that “little guy” from the playstation store! when i stand behind someone it looks like im eating their face

  • Does any one know if there is a PS store update today becouse of new year? But any way Love the R2 see you online soon..

  • Fragile Eagle, when is the next podcast due? Been looking forward to it, but it ain’t anywhere to find…?

  • Happy Holidays to you too Bryan and the staff at Insomniac Games.

  • Resistance 2 is great, especially the online sets new standards BUT

    The single player…I really wish Insomniac had more balls…They just stole every popular mechanic from good selling games (mostly Call Of Duty 4) and just made the game so it didn’t even feel like Resistance anymore, big shame.

    I’ve enjoyed Res1 much more than Res2 (single-player wise).
    I’ve completed the Res1 story mode 8 times in fact, a few of which were in co-op.

    Anyway, happy Holidays to all at Insomniac and everyone here and thank you for supporting the PS3.

  • You should release a Resistance pack for LBP. That be sweet.

  • We wub you Ratchet & Clank makers!

    Happy Holidays for all Insomniacs out there!

  • If you send me R2 I will happily play it!

  • R2 has sucked up pretty much all my online time (when I didn’t have other game nights). It’s so addictive online, I really hope you add lots of DLC such as more co-op maps and such.

    Pretty good list and glad to see more like MGS4 and LBP. :D

  • I wouldn’t mind playing against you or any other developer in MGS4 online and Resistance 2.

  • Hey Bryan, what’s up? Your presence is missed on 1Up Yours….I kinda hoped you’d be among the special guests on the year-end 2 parter.

    Anyway, happy holidays to you and the rest of the Insomniacs! Can’t wait to see what you all have for us in ’09.

  • Great choices Bryan, happy holidays to the staff and families over at Insomniac. If you ever feel like getting feedback from somewhere other than the trash heap that is neogaf, stroll on over to ;)

  • imsomniac i can truly say i own every ps3 tilte you guys made both retell and downloadable keep up the good work and 4 fall of men 3 co op mode should have a side story with cgi and all that would make co op deeper

  • In 1998 I was enjoying Spyro,and now we’re enjoying R&C and Resistance 2,you guys give us great memories :)

    Happy Holidays, and I can’t wait for your 2009 game…and 2010,even whatever Insomniacs are going to do on playstation 4 :p (one can dream :) )

    Insomniac <3

  • My mom is getting me Resistance 2 RIGHT NOW!
    You guys are awesome

  • One thing that would make my holiday even better is trophy support for both released Ratchet & Clank Future titles! :D Please! :)

  • Happy holliday.
    And thanks for doing one of my favourite game this year. (R2)

  • Happy Holidays to you and yours, and that goes for everyone at Insomniac, Bryan! Good luck with your personal pile of shame…I’m trying to get through mine, too!

  • I can’t wait to see what Insomniac has to show us in ’09. Aside from the obvious R&C entry (which I look forward to), I’m hoping for at least a couple surprises from Burbank.

  • More in ’09??

    WOW! I’m ready Insomniac!

  • Happy Holidays

    Trophies and Home support for Ratchet Q4B, Ratchet FTOD and Resistance 1 and Home support for Resistance 2.

    I heard the big news in ’09 is that Insomniac is developing a X360 game….I hope not!

  • yes i will be catching up on my back catalog of titles! i still need to get the latest PoP game and you’re right Bryan it does look awesome from an artistic point of view. happy holidays man. now back to Resistance 3. LOL


  • nice list, love the first one, now on the second one my advice is to get the blu ray movie first then play the game, it makes it so much easier to understand the game. now your number three is my #1 but that’s just me my second one is resistance 2, third is metal gear 4 and 4Th grand theft auto 4 5Th socom confrontation. PS seriously watch the blu ray before dead space

  • @ aranhahunter

    doubt that. hopefully they announce what the NC studio is workin on though. hopefully a new IP. how bout a RPG.

  • hope insomniac is working hard on a patch for the disconnect between the stats page and the profile page

    anyways great job, have a good new years

  • I have to agree with the list, except for NHL, I would had gone for Fallout 3 and Bioshock.

  • Heck yes! Bring on Season 3 of the Full Moon Show!!!

  • I still need to get Quest for Booty, can’t afford it right now though.

  • I love Reistance 2 and Quest for booty my only problem with R2 is the two users thing. Fix it and the game will be aweosme!

  • I wish you guys would add trophies to Ratchet!

    Also, would love if you could reduce the kill trophy for Resistance 2 from 10,000 to 5,000.

    That’ll take me like 100 hours!

  • Nice choices! No RPGs or racing games, I noticed, though.

  • ” I known around these parts as one of the biggest MGS fans, ”

    I assume you ment to put an am in there ;)

    I like your list to, I agree with all of it, although I would add a couple more :)

  • Also, I’m afraid to spend any of my $20 of PSN cash, because I’m waiting for Resistance 2 DLC. any coming?

    Grr… We need an edit button…

  • when do you expect the next in R&C series fall 09 yeah but are you going to be allowing a beta test that would be nice ive been a R&C fan since day one thnx

  • Bryan when is the Full Moon Show coming back?

  • When are you making a patch for R2?

    I go through a total system freeze in the main menu when I am connected to the internet.

    I can take out my ethernet cable and it will not freeze. But after I pass the “PRESS START TO CONTINUE” screen, if I am online, it will freeze within 5 minutes. The only thing that works is the background music. Nothing will work, controller is dead.

    I have to press and hold the front power button until it turns off and then turn it back on to have it work again.


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