Best of 2008: Post-Christmas Edition

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LBP Xmas

Happy Black Friday #2! If you didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays (I sure did), you’re probably out hunting for deals on this crazy day o’ shopping.

I swear I say this every December, but how great was this year for games? I didn’t think 2007 would top 2006, and it did, and then 2008 goes completely insane. Games are just getting so good, and with PSN and digital titles booming, there’s a seemingly endless amount of games to soak up more time than any of us probably have to spare.

The beginning of ’08 feels like ages ago, but not all of this year’s greatest dropped this holiday season. Take Burnout Paradise, for example, which released in January and got the year off to a quick start, and proved just how much added value a PS3 title can have via downloadable content. Mass amounts of trophies, the addition of bikes and even rumors of planes for the near future…if only every game got as much TLC as Burnout. That’s why it easily makes my Fave Five Charles and Dwayne Wade best games of the year (Jeff laid down his top five yesterday).

And looking at ahead at ’09, things are only getting better on the PlayStation front. Here’s to a great 2009 and beyond!

  1. LittleBigPlanet – Even though I ultimately invested more time into each of the other four titles on this list, LBP earns top honors for pure inventiveness and for bringing user-generated content to a whole new level. Few games put a smile on my face when I play them, but LBP continues to do it over and over again.
  2. Burnout Paradise – If I were to estimate, I’d say I “burned” over 100 hours in Paradise, and that’s not counting the time I’ve spent going back and earning trophies. Keep the DLC coming, Criterion. You’re setting a the bar high for post-launch goodies.
  3. Prince of Persia – A huge Prince of Persia fan, I thought I’d never see another Prince game worthy of Sands of Time. But what the new Prince of Persia lacks in story and voice acting (plus it has characters that look like something out of a trashy romance novel) it makes up for with insanely fun acrobatics and an inventive fighting engine.
  4. Call of Duty: World at War – I’m still shocked about World at War. With everyone thinking Treyarch didn’t have the talent or experience to pull off a proper follow-up to Modern Warfare, the studio delivered a Call of Duty game that is arguably the best ever…at least in terms of multiplayer.
  5. Crash Commando – It’s new, yeah, but so far this clever take on the 2D shooter genre is barrels of fun. I can’t wait for the great PSN experiences to come, like Flower and Fat Princess.

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  • Here’s to 09, the year I hopefully get a PS3!!!

  • Thanks Chris…yes 2008 was a very good year and I’m hoping 2009 will be even better for the PS3.

  • It was a great year, cant wait so see whats up next for Playstation in 09.

    Heres to another amazing year.

    *raises glass (of chocolate milk)*


  • Notable 2008 Heroes:
    1. Solid Snake- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    2. Sackboy- Little Big Planet
    3. Nathan Hale- Resistance 2
    4. Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad- Gears of War 2
    5. Niko Bellic- Grand Theft Auto 4

    Upcoming 2009…
    1. Kratos- God of War 3
    2. Sev- Killzone 2
    3. Nathan Drake- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    4. Cole- Infamous
    5. Heihachi Mishima- Tekken 6

  • No Capcom Digital titles on that list Chris??? BAH HUMBUG!

  • Hooray for sackboy! In Littlebigplanet im working on a Street fighter level :3

  • Crash Commando > MGS4?

    Fair enough….

  • I would take COD, CC and POP out of the list and include R2, Socom and Dead Space…

    And no, COD5 didn’t top COD4… well just my opinion

  • Chris please tell me you’re kidding about 2006 and 2007’s games being any good on PSP and PS3…. 2008 pretty much helpd make up for how bad 2006 and 2007 was. However PSP has a long way to go and anything is better than what we’ve had to put up with. PS3 needs to make everything as good as 2008 if not better.

  • IMO it does not matter how many games we list, the PS3 is the true winner here Chris, it has met and, exceeded my expectation, so 2009 is just topping on the cake. I hope you and all at Sony had a wonderful Christmas, and have a Happy New Year. Also we’re expecting great works from Sony .

  • So, Chris? Radiohead fan? You’re alright in my book then!

    My top games of the year:

    1. Metal Gear Solid 4
    2. LittleBigPlanet
    3. Fallout 3
    4. Prince of Persia
    5. Wipeout HD

    Honourable mentions: Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Dead Space and Burnout Paradise

  • So you’re a Laker’s fan?

  • I just got LBP yesterday and I wholeheartedly agree it’s the best game of the year on the PS3.

    Though I would have included Dead Space and especially Battlefield: Bad Company. I was disappointed to see they didn’t make the list.

    It’s all about the trophies and good gameplay for me adn thanks to you mentioning Burnout, I’m going to download it right now. I like racking up trophies and I have so much work ahead of me when it comes to that.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • Can we get Killzone Liberation on PSN as a download? Just saying it would be nice.

  • those are good titles but no mention of valkyria chronicles, motorstorm 2, resistance 2, or metal gear solid 4 if you haven’t played these then SHAME ON YOU :P

  • NO! Celtics should have won :(

    Atleast we can agree that CoD: WaW is awesome ;)

    Made it to round 17 on the Nazi Zombie level :D

  • hopefully Crash Team Racing will be added to the PS store in 09. Its my favorite Ps1 game

  • Portland’s not a bad place to be stuck for Christmas. Well, it’s hilarious if you don’t need to travel anywhere.

  • I think I spent more money than I intended to on the PSN titles. No regrets, because as mentioned…titles like SFIIHD, Crash Commandos and wipEoutHD were reason enough to download!

    Not to mention the enthusiasm behind trophy updates *nudge*John/Capcom*nudge*. ;)

    All of the other MGS4, LBP and the Killzone 2 beta…all memorable moments from this past year. Here’s to another great and safe year for everyone in the PlayStation community. :)

  • no MGS4 on this list? lulz

  • I changed my top 5…



    3. FALLOUT 3


    5. Pixel junk Eden

  • No one thought Sony would be able to go 3/3 after what almost every gamer considered the greatest console ever, the PS2.

    The PS3 now easily taken over that title.

    * No console ever has had such an ENORMOUS graphics power advantage over its competing consoles like the PS3

    * Free online play with dedicated servers for lagfree gaming on all major titles. No being forced to pay 50 dollars for laggy P2P networking like on the 360

    * The most dominant first party lineup of developers ever. Sony now has 20 first party developers. That’s double what Nintendo has with 10 and Microsoft’s joke first party lineup of 3

    * And of course the amazing Home service that has become a gigantic success. The Home servers are absolutely packed with gamers every single day at every single hour having an incredible time meeting other gamers

    And it is just going to keep getting even more amazing. Huge numbers of Home Spaces will be coming online, the greatest FPS in history Killzone 2, White Knight Story, inFamous, Gran Turismo, and Heavy Rain just to name a few of the AAA titles on the way.

  • Maybe we can have a PSB sports pool :P

  • Even going back to the playoffs, the Lakers are still losing 4 games to 3 to Boston. Just sayin’.

  • I agree 2008 was an awesome year to own a PS3. I wish more people had one. My top 5 are:

    1. GTA IV – come on this was a masterpiece and could quite possibly be my fav game all time. The emotional weight added in the story was as impressive as the graphics and controls. Super game.

    2. LBP – I haven’t even touched the level creator but this game is just plain fun. MY wife likes it to so big ups for that!

    3. Burnout Paradise – DLC. Nuff said.

    4. Pain – My #1 “Wife says ‘I’ll be ready in 15 minutes’ what can I play real quick” Game. Tons of fun. Also, my wife likes it.

    5. Resistance 2 – Awesome game. Love me some Insomniac.

    As for 2009 I am giddy like a school girl over Infamous. I also am very much looking forward to the new Ratchet & Clank game and God of War 3.

    I hope my PSP becomes relevant again with some new games and more PS1 titles. No offense intended but I’m wearing out my DS right now and the PSP is a paper weight.

  • It really was a joyful year the ps3, i have an idea for LBP, i think sony should also make it available as a downloadable game, like wat was done with Burnout…wat do u guys think

  • Burnout Paradise is my top game, easy. I have completed 101% on both bike and car, and have logged well over 100 hours offline and 40 online.

    I wish the promised MIDI import support for Guitar Hero World Tour actually worked. Apart from that, GHWT and RB2 are lots of fun.

    echochrome is a nice fun game, as is fl0w. PAIN’s DLC is overpriced, and I never got deep into many of the game modes, but it’s a fun game.

    Played through both R&C ToD and QfB this year. Lots of fun, can’t wait until next version.

    GT 5 Prologue is great, but … a prologue. Argh. Need more. Speaking of which, I wish Burnout Paradise worked better with my GT steering wheel.

    Playing LBP and The Force Unleashed right now. After those I plan to get back to GTA IV, which was a lot of fun (I played through the first “chapter” in a borrowed copy).

  • LOL @ John… CAN’T be that bored.

    Since you’re here, what’s up with that Capcom TPS involving jetpacks?

  • Anyway, I did my top 5 of ’08 already, but let’s look forward to 2009 hits.

    Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer – I am so VERY excited about this game. This truly is an interactive movie.

    Resident Evil 5 – Don’t care what John says; this ain’t survival horror. Not anymore. However, this’ll be a great action horror game, particularly given the co-op.

    inFamous – It’s Sucker Punch. Can’t imagine why I’d have to say more.

    Killzone 2 – Watch the game footage. It speaks for itself.

    God of War III – It’s God of War freaking three!!!!

    Uncharted 2 – Follow up to easily my favorite 1st year PS3 game.

    Fat Princess – The game amuses me.

    Trine – XBLA has Braid, we have this. Yeah, it’s that good.

    So, what’re you guys looking forward to?

  • Once Killzone 2 is released and after Guerilla takes a break I think they should start working on another Killzone title for the PSP.

    2008 was a pretty goos year a few let downs from first party titles but what can you do, 2009 is shaping up to be a great year hopefully the games come through.

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 is No.1

    This game saved the PS3. It was well done and took advantage of the PS3s cells ability to crunch out millions of instructions that would lead to different effects occurring in the game.

  • Hey i live in Portland too, stuck at my house though T-T

  • “This game saved the PS3”


    What the hell are you babbling about?

    The PS3 has been comfortably outselling the Xbox 360 worldwide since the middle of 2007 with a +200 price difference.

    Let me guess…you like to get your sales numbers from the Xbox fanboys at vgchartz…

  • Glad to see that Chris is a Lakers fan. Good taste as mine :)

    And John Diamonon is a Sacramento Kings loyal and have really nice memories of the Lakershow and Robert Horry in sactown. He told me that.

  • My Top 5 (in no order):

    WipEout HD
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Resistance 2
    Dead Space

  • Weird list, I have to say.

    1. MGS4
    2. LBP
    3. Rock Band 2 (RIP drum set, I’ll be buying a new one soon… :()
    4. Resistance 2
    5. Burnout Paradise

    Can I put old games in that list? If I can, I’d put MGS2 and MGS3 in there. I just played through all the Metal Gears this year. :P
    Best games I’ve ever played. I’ve been missing out! :D

  • chris seem like a cool guy ! next year seem to be a good year for psp and great year 4 ps3

  • replace CoD for R2.
    W@W is coolish, but im sorry it did not top Modern Warfare.
    The story line is not as good as MW and you dont get the same feeling like if you knew the characters.
    The only thing I think is cool is Kiefer Sutherland’s voice overs.

  • Santa delivered with an LA win!! WOOOOO!!

  • @Chris Morell
    Go Lakers :)
    I like how the Lakers beat Boston yesterday. God I enjoy watching that game :)

    And way this is what I am looking forward too next year
    5.Heavy Rain
    3.Uncharted 2
    2.Killzone 2
    1.White Knight

    God of War 3 would have been number one but I am not sure if that game is coming out next year. So I putted games I know is coming out next year in the States.

    Oh can you guys try to get Level-5 on this blog? Please

  • @John Diamonon
    How was you Holiday John? Hope you enjoy it. I just want you to know I have nothing against you and wish you the best of luck. I just hate Capcom now since they are not giving use a Monster Hunter game on the PS3 with proper online and next generation graphic for the monsters.
    I just wanted to make use that my posts on this blog isn’t gear toward you, but it aim toward Capcom.

    • Sorry for the thread highjack Chris.

      Hey Hater, the Holiday has been relaxing so far. Hope you\’re enjoying it as well. I know you\’re passionate about MH and that the negativity wasn\’t directed to me personally.

  • Dark Void! Yeah, that was it! Glanced at it in Game Informer while at Wal-Mart. Which team is on that?

  • Nice Radiohead icon. Best show iv’e seen. Ps. Cant wait for PS 09 Uncharted,Killzone, gonna need to start saving money since last year got ambushed my so many titles

  • John, when will Age of Booty be getting a trophy patch in europe? and is it supposed to have a platinum trophy?

    Merry Christmas everyone

  • @john tell capcom to take resident evil back to real zombies. after watching RE:degeneration i really wanted to play a real zombie RE. the one scene in the movie after the plane crashes and the zombies come out looked just like the start of a real RE. it shows the zombies pop out and the camera zooms out to claire like it always did in the original trilogy.

  • I’m surprised that some games were/weren’t on that list. But 2008 was definitely a great year for PS3 owners!

    My top 5:
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    SOCOM: Confrontation
    Resistance 2
    Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Please give us XMB in-game chat….then the PS3 will be complete:)

  • Nice, but i think it would be really awesome if there was a killzone 2 bundle. Now that would be a really good marketing decision. Either way i’m buying another ps3 i just hope there would be a killzone 2 bundle.



  • I whole-heatedly agree with Crash Commando being in the top 5. I actually bought the game simply because the announcer guy in the trailer was so awesome, and ended up being blown away by an incredibly fun game. Nice pick.

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