How Not to Get Your @$$ Kicked Online in MotorStorm Pacific Rift

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For those of you not used to playing online, it can be a scary place, with reputedly full gaming automatons waiting to humiliate ‘noobs’ and trash talk while they are at it. Well you’re wrong.

For every game god and trash-talking idiot, there are dozens of fine, upstanding specimens of humanity just like you or I; keen but fallible, competitive yet polite. This blog post should arm you with a bit of knowledge and enthusiasm to get you off your butt and get racing MotorStorm: Pacific Rift online, where the real challenge is.

First off, I recommend that you use ranked matchmaking. This is going to put you into a race with opponents of the same online ranking as you. If it’s your first time, then that means you’ll be playing along with other online virgins.

Second thing is to use your favourite vehicle for the track that is chosen.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to veto tracks that you just don’t like racing on.


Practice a little. Spend some time in time trial mode, download some of the ghosts of people who excel on particular tracks, and watch what they do and where they drive. You’ll pick up some invaluable tips on getting the best out of each vehicle and each track.

Be aggressive! Don’t let the other racers kick sand in your face. Get into the pack and mix it up a little, especially if you’re driving one of the larger vehicles. Of course, if you’re on a bike and everyone else is in a monster truck, stay clear.

Nurse your boost. Don’t be boost crazy. It’s most effective when you boost for long periods of time, so don’t throw it away on a few little squirts.

Pick your moment to overtake. Don’t just ram the guy in front, as it will probably end in tears for both of you. Follow them and watch what they do — they are bound to make a mistake — then hit the boost and go for it. Of course, if you’re in a monster truck and they’re in a buggy, just roll over them like a fat girl playing twister with Oompa-Loompas.


Most of all enjoy yourself. There is nothing like racing against real people. Sure your not going to win all the time, but that’s the fun of it.

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