How Not to Get Your @$$ Kicked Online in MotorStorm Pacific Rift

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For those of you not used to playing online, it can be a scary place, with reputedly full gaming automatons waiting to humiliate ‘noobs’ and trash talk while they are at it. Well you’re wrong.

For every game god and trash-talking idiot, there are dozens of fine, upstanding specimens of humanity just like you or I; keen but fallible, competitive yet polite. This blog post should arm you with a bit of knowledge and enthusiasm to get you off your butt and get racing MotorStorm: Pacific Rift online, where the real challenge is.

First off, I recommend that you use ranked matchmaking. This is going to put you into a race with opponents of the same online ranking as you. If it’s your first time, then that means you’ll be playing along with other online virgins.

Second thing is to use your favourite vehicle for the track that is chosen.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to veto tracks that you just don’t like racing on.


Practice a little. Spend some time in time trial mode, download some of the ghosts of people who excel on particular tracks, and watch what they do and where they drive. You’ll pick up some invaluable tips on getting the best out of each vehicle and each track.

Be aggressive! Don’t let the other racers kick sand in your face. Get into the pack and mix it up a little, especially if you’re driving one of the larger vehicles. Of course, if you’re on a bike and everyone else is in a monster truck, stay clear.

Nurse your boost. Don’t be boost crazy. It’s most effective when you boost for long periods of time, so don’t throw it away on a few little squirts.

Pick your moment to overtake. Don’t just ram the guy in front, as it will probably end in tears for both of you. Follow them and watch what they do — they are bound to make a mistake — then hit the boost and go for it. Of course, if you’re in a monster truck and they’re in a buggy, just roll over them like a fat girl playing twister with Oompa-Loompas.


Most of all enjoy yourself. There is nothing like racing against real people. Sure your not going to win all the time, but that’s the fun of it.

Til next time,

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  • Thanks for the tips!

    But now other people will read this and they’ll know how NOT to get their ass kicked as well… And it will be even harder to play.

    No more ass kicking for MotorStorm. :(

  • Sounds good, maybe ill get this game 4 christmas… yes?

  • Great blog. :]

  • Why are those images made up of placeholder GUI elements?

  • yes finally signed in, nice blog!

    I almost bought motorstorm but got fallout =/

  • Great, great game. My most underrated game of 2008.


  • Nigel, I haven’t gone online (much) yet until I finish the offline mode. Rank 8 is kicking my arse right now, but I’ll get online soon. Mind offering your opinion on racing ‘clean’ in Motorstorm online? Yea, or nay? Some folks prefer not being aggressive, which to me seems to defeat the whole idea and purpose of “brutal offroad racing”.

  • Nice! but:
    I have this amazing game and just waiting for adds-on. I believe that the game industry isn’t create, distribute and sale the game, now if you don’t have a relationship with the costumers their just go away to other with provide more fun. That’s the reason for a game have more years of “life”.

  • Heh I always get my ass kicked when I play online games. It’s made me care less about online gameplay as a result. I rarely, if at all, play Warhawk, and on games like LBP, Resistance 2, or a game like this, I only play single-player. But anyway, on topic, the new MotorStorm looks nice, but I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to get it yet. I’m kind of low on money.

  • Thanks this should definitely help me out in the game.

  • Will be getting this game as soon as Xmas gift cards come through (3 more days!). Can’t wait…

  • @linebeginstoblur if you have the dough, i highly recommend you get this game. tons of fun. excellent graphics, maybe the best looking racer out there atm. online is just a bonus. there are 96 races in the single-player.

    @the 12 i second that

  • Haha, nice.

    Funny and helpful post!

  • Of course, if you’re in a monster truck and they’re in a buggy, just roll over them like a fat girl playing twister with Oompa-Loompas. lol greatest quote ever hahaha

  • Just got this game last week. It’s great for 30-minute sessions of gaming, as the races are pretty quick.

    We’re all having a lot of fun and laughs whenever we wreck.

    My only win has come offline though. I’m getting beat every which way online.

  • I don’t think Professor Playstation (Jeff Rubenstein) would appreciate you using symbols to get passed word filters

  • This blog post just put me in the mood for some Motorstorm. I’ll see you guys later :P

  • I love the blog title.

    Thanks for the tips and Happy Holidays.

  • I am having nothing but trouble with online play. Takes a long time to find matches, try to invite friends they get error joining games. Original motorstorm online worked pretty well. Perhaps it’s just me but I don’t think so.

  • ‘Don’t just ram the guy in front’

    Ooooops!!! :D

    I did and then i Won a race!!! :P

    + Any chance of letting us make a Back-up of my MotorStorm:Pacific Rift save?
    Why can’t i back it up for???
    (It says ‘Copying Prohibited’ the game save)
    I like to back-up all my Game saves to Memory card, just incase my PS3 ever died and i’d lose all my hard work playing the game.
    Loving the game tho :)

  • I like the game alot but have yet to touch the online mode. I have heard everyone just uses the bikes all the time, which sounds fairly lame to me. Seems like there will be zero casual players also, considering how many people bought the game. :(

  • For shame. I loved the first game so much but I have yet to pick this one up. Too many great games this year and I already have a massive backlog. Maybe for my birthday(Feb) I can grab it!


    My video unpacking :P

    PS: I do this for every game i buy :D

  • loving every bit of it lol, when my friends and i want to play motorstorm online , we always say you wanna play murderstorm???? lol , it can get really chaotic sometimes lol

  • good advice.

  • I got the game on sale, and started playing. It’s good but the trophies are way too demanding, I’ve pretty much lost interest even before I began. The problem is some publishers make trophies way too inaccessible at times. I wanted to earn at least a few but from the list, they all look very involving.

  • “For every game god and trash-talking idiot, there are dozens of fine, upstanding specimens of humanity just like you or I; keen but fallible, competitive yet polite.”

    LOL, trash talking on the PS3? That’s a good one Nigel (LMAO). Let me remind you that PS3 online players are allergic to bluetooth headsets. It’s always super quiet no matter which game you’re playing online.

  • Great tips!!!

  • LOL! “…like a fat girl playing twister wil oompa loompas!” That’s frickin’ GREAT!!!! I have to tell my friends that one!!!!

    Nice post! GREAT TIPS!

  • Here is another chunk of information you should know before you head out into the dust and mud…

  • ANY help is good help. to many of y’all youngin’ keep on kicking my rear!

  • Whatever. How bout you guys patch the online to stop all the cheating going on. I’m so tired of being 2 seconds away from winning a race with no one within 10 seconds of me then having a bunch of cheaters “crash” there way to victory.

    What they do is just crash over and over agin from the beginning of the race. they don’t try to race the track, then eventually b4 the race ends they all magically in 1st place. Thats why i’m done with this game forever.

  • JAJAJAJA! these tips are funnny! Lol

  • nice bit of humor in there! thanks for the tips, maybe ill pick the game up sometime, blog does make me want to race! Had fun with the first one, but didn’t like the lack of offline multiplayer. Kind of embarassing when I rented it and went over to my friends house back in the day to show off my shiny new PS3 and we had to take turns, didn’t figure a racing game wouldn’t have offline mp (didn’t bother to check, my bad), so it kind of turned me off. Maybe I’ll give it a go after reading this though.

  • love the game but their are some issues.

    Issue with official ps3 blue tooth headset(doesnt want to register voice and hard to hear ppl)

    Online cheating(people crash and boost right away and get ahead)

  • good tips… i love the game

  • nice tips! but one thing i wish evolution studios did from the start, is when you go into the audio options, then soundtrack there is no preview option to let you know what the song sounds like! i wish evolution would put an update out correcting this problem, not that its a big deal. I still love MS:PR

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