BUZZ! Quiz TV National Geographic: Undersea Quiz Pack Releases Tomorrow

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Hey there BUZZ! fans! Ever since BUZZ! Quiz TV debuted in September, we’ve been bringing you downloadable packs on a monthly basis to help you keep the fun going. Now, just in time for the holidays, we’re rolling out the latest all-new quiz pack: National Geographic: Undersea.


Available on December 23, the National Geographic: Undersea quiz pack will challenge you to test your nautical knowledge with over 500 questions like these:




The National Geographic: Undersea pack isn’t the only way to expand your catalog of BUZZ! questions. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the five other downloadable quiz packs that are already available, including National Geographic: Safari, Sci-Fi, Videogames, Horror and Comedy. And if that still doesn’t satisfy your thirst for new questions, you can always visit to view the hundreds of new quizzes created by your fellow BUZZ! fans each day. We’ve had more than 20,000 user-created quizzes uploaded to the North American MyBUZZ site, and that has amounted to more than 600,000 plays of those quizzes. Consider adding to those numbers by creating your own personalized trivia to stump your friends and family at your holiday gatherings.

Finally, if you’re new to BUZZ! Quiz TV, and you’re worried about getting pwnd by current BUZZ! masters, don’t panic! We’ve created this handy video to help you become an expert BUZZ! player, guiding you through the technical ins and outs of gameplay. Watch the video, then impress your friends and family with your amazing skills.

We are always looking for new ways to expand the BUZZ! fun and we have lots of surprises in store over the next few months…stay tuned! And happy holidays!

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  • That was a pretty entertaining video. A little long, but well acted and very informational. Really helped me understand the game. Now all I need is friends to fill my couch. Hummm….

  • Are there any plans where you actually have to buzz in first with the red button and then answer the question? whoever buzzes in first gets to answer.

  • cool update been waiting on one for this game but the national geographic question should be fun to try if not to weird

  • buzz rocks! keep up the great work guys! perfect party game

  • Please patch back in the local High Score list. All of my friends and I are disappointed that this feature was taken out. What’s the point in entering your name during local play when it doesn’t even save any of your victories? We’ll stick to the original PS2 version when friends come over.

  • hey that’s my TV!! my tv is famous. yay. national geographic is AWESOME. wish i had buzz. xmas stocking stuffer i hope.


  • I’ve been wanting this game for a while, but that video…has frightened me terribly.

  • I love BUZZ! I’ll be picking this up first thing tomorrow :)

  • I love buzz.

    I’m expecting some PSN gift cards for Christmas. I will be picking up some of those quiz packs fa shoo.

    Looking forward to the surprises. Hopefully more characters, more quizzes, and newer rounds, if possible.

  • Wow I feel sorry for the guy in that video. I hope he can find work after that lol. I wanna pick up this game, but will have to wait till next year.

  • hey…this is cool but you know what we need? buzzers sold separately. i always have too many people and only 4 buzzers. but i don’t want to spend another $60 to buy a 2nd copy of the game and end up with two copies just to get 8 buzzers.

    can you guys work on getting us some PS3 wireless buzzers sold separately? THANKS!

    aside from that keep the new packs coming. Buzz is the perfect game for when people are over. especially with NFL playoffs and superbowl and the holidays…i’ll have a lot of people at the house i need to spank and i’d like to do it 7 at a time! lol.

  • quick list of what we need/want/please lol:

    1. more buzzers sold separately so we can get 8 without buying another copy of the game

    2. more characters (maybe some Sony exclusives like Sackboy, Nathan Drake, Jak & Daxter, Ratchen & Clank, a Motorstorm driver (like the LBP costume) etc).

    3. keep the quiz packs coming

    add those 3 things and we’re golden. other thatn that i love this game.

  • well im not all into the casual scene much but i had reconsider it since lil big planet and singstar.SO how much is the game currently

  • ok…last comment…lol…

    new modes would also be a cool addition. the questions are what the game is all about but new modes would help mix up the gameplay.

    thanks and happy holidays everyone. PEACE!

  • @13…it’s regular price…$59.99 and comes with 4 wireless buzzers. but if you ever have people over it’s the best party game you can get. no joke. it’s fun. i’ve played with friends, family whoever.

    plus you can always play online or even create your own quiz for you or anyone else to play.

  • sweet i love these add on packs for buzz but some are over priced big time

  • I might learn something that don’t sound like a Game.. but cool idea keep them coming :D

  • Love the video

    Thanks for the info and Happy Holidays

  • Buzz! is an amazing game on PS3 and very underrated. I hope you make another video game question pack, because it was so fun.

  • Anyone know if you can use the 4 wireless along with 4 usb wired from the PS2 all together on the PS3? I have the old buzzers and hope to get the PS3 game for xmas. Since I have family coming over – I hope to play all 7-8 of us together. Holler if you know.

  • I love Buzz, awesome game. Can you guys offer more bundles? Like two Nat Geo packs for $10? Right now I think the pricing is a little expensive and I know others agree on the forums. I want to buy more quiz packs but not yet.

  • Great – now how about a physical version of this game – and everything else on PSN?

  • What you really really really should come up with is LANGUAGE PACKS, like fifa 09, I can’t play BUZZ with my wife… and trying to buy the version from SPAIN is a hassle fur us in the US, pleeeeeease I know a few people in the same situation.

    Thank you.

  • @22, What are you talking about? This game isn’t even on the PSN. You have to buy it on disc.

    Anyway… can we PLEASE get a patch so each local player can play online separately? My wife & I (and I’m assuming everyone else whp has the game) would love to have multi-player online where we don’t simply just “share” a character. We want to be able to each pick our own.

  • Looking forward to future surprises… I have several DLC packs for the game, but think I’m going to skip this one based on subject matter.

  • Love the question packs but need more still and also please start bundling. Such as Movie super pack with all the movie question packs for a slightly lower price.

  • @24

    I thought it was PSN.

    Looks like Sony are finally learning! :D

  • @ Jenny,

    Just wanted to say that we love this game, (my wife and friends)it always ends up getting played when everyone comes over. Keep the extra packs coming.

    I did want to say that the game really needs more characters. Everyone that has played at my house has said something about it. That’s like 14 people, just so you know.

    Off Topic:
    Can we get National Geographic on the ball with the publishing of Afrika in the U.S. Thanks.

  • @ Jenny

    Is there any possibility you add language packs?? cant believe Buzz didnt had spanish :( Its already done in euro version so why not include for everybody specking spanish in america?

    Hope you can help and thanks!

  • @20
    yes you can, just be sure you have enough USB slots, mine have 2 others have 4

  • Thanks Jenny…this is a really good game and I’ve got all the other add ons and will pick this one up as well.

    One question, a while back there was some talk about Buzz coming to Home and having a space, any news on that ?

  • I just wanna congratulate you on making the first worthy commercial for the PS3. All other commercials were either garbage or didn’t really tell you what the game was, the Buzz commercial was right on and actually good.

    Good commercial for a good game. Need to show that commercial more please :)

  • @31

    I googled around and found this:

    “While all of the above content was shown live, there were also some pieces of concept art on show. These were for upcoming first-party game spaces, such as the Buzz! space which includes a multiplayer minigame called the “Buzz! Runaround.” The concept art showed a top-down view of the environment, which looks like a Buzz! controller. Questions are pumped through from MyBuzz! and players must stand on the correct colored button to rack up points. Everyone in the room can play the game simultaneously, which means up to 32 people can be running around this virtual Buzz! controller at a time. This will also have a leaderboard, much like the Red Bull Air Race game.”

    That actually sounds pretty good and there’s more goodies there, I hope all that comes soon, Home has A LOT of potential, that needs to be realized sooner rather than later.

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