Voice Chat Feature on PlayStation Home Resumes

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PlayStation Home update 1.05 is scheduled to be released on December 22. With this new update, users will be able to use the voice chat within their personal space and clubhouses to communicate and share with friends online.

By clicking on their PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB, users will be able to update PlayStation Home to 1.05. Users who are online with PlayStation Home will need to log-off and click on PlayStation Home icon.

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  • Awesome, thanks!

  • YES! Thats Great!

  • cool beans

  • Any idea around what time we can expect this update to be available?

  • PSN should have in-game private chat no matter what your playing with out Home. Unlock some RAM, chop chop.

  • This is great! what time is this update going to be available?

  • Good, I think this is the way it should be, thanks guys. I was getting tired of hearing all the pointless yelling, swearing, and racial slurs every place you go into.

  • Nice, smart move!!! :D

  • Should’ve just left it out. Seriously.

  • Why not make it so that in public spaces, like home square, you can voice chat but only friends can hear?

  • yes, but what aboutt everywhere else not private? how can we truly meet people if we can’t even talk to them. will this be coming soon?

  • will we loose everything we unlocked again? And will we continue to loose our rewards for every patch released?

  • NNooooooo! Now I have to deal w/ a bunch of people mic spamming and blaring their crappy rap music once more… Looks like I’m just gonna have to mic mute a ton once more…

  • @15

    Unless you have your friends in your apt. or club house mic spamming, then you have nothing to worry about.

    The post says only for personal space and clubhouse.

  • @ Mr Woot
    you already can, phone a friend for that

    @ barom
    i sure hope not either, and hopefully a fix for the current prob will be present as well

    @ warezi
    did you not read beyond the title? it says in private spaces and clubhouses. whcih mean, no, still no am radio quality bad music blaring in our ears. or, those annoying little children that don’t get enough attention at home seeking it in home.

  • I ain’t goin back Home until I get my ice breaker, echochrome, and Namco beta stuff back. I really hope this update fixes that cuz I hate lookin like the commoners out there

  • Also, I’m wondering if you guys fixed the Inventory bug on the client side of things; I believe that the bug is client side when the unlockables from Ice Breaker, Echochrome, and the like disappear from the Wardrobe and Furniture inventories.

  • Is Home supposed to be about socializing?

    You mute the whole service, then allow people to speak only in thier personal spaces?

    What message does it send when you lock off a way for me to use my PS3 headset?

    Put it back the way it was. Don’t like the nature of people blasting music or offensive languege? Then show them how to mute on startup, FORCE them to watch all the way through, a tutorial on how to block/mute people. You could also ban sub-accounts and anyone younger than 18 or something from connecting.

    But THAT would kill off young eyes from seeing new games like SOCOM ior whatever developers pay ad-space for in Home, negating the true purpose of the service.

    People will be people. Face it: Home WILL become like Second Life if it’s going to succeed. This includes it’s “anarchic” nature whats his name doesn’t like. That’s what made SL such a success.

    Bring back voice chat to everywhere. Nerf coat the world and people will avoid it.

  • Very smart. Now blow my socks off with the announcment of video streaming and picture frames!

  • You should make it so the user must accept a invitation to voice chat with someone. That way you can still chat in any area and only with people you want to

  • @ Warezi
    for the naco stuff, run the namco musuem beta prior to launching home, and that stuff will reappear. the rest will have towait until after they fix the server prob/glitch/bug.

  • Glad its back…
    But o so curious as to why it was removed.

    Also guys regarding the word cencorship.

    I can’t tell people: “Merry Christmas”

    Because the word “Christ” gets bleeped.

    > “Merry ******mas”
    People think I’m cursing them :(

  • nice, thanks. now ban anyone that can’t validate their age with a current credit card! all the brats in Home are really spoiling it. hell, make it a 21+ product.

  • Thank God we can only use this at our personal spaces, I hate listening to that stupid rap music…

    BTW SONY when are u gonna do something about underage users?

    We need virtual smokes and booze!!!

  • I heard it was originally removed because a 20 somethin’ year old man propositioned a 12 year old girl and the parents found out and are sueing Sony. Any truth to that? Please bring voice chat back to public spaces. This is completely ridiculous.


  • Please just leave voice chat like this; it’s not necessary in public spaces, it’s a pain to chase someone down to mute them.

    However, we should just have 6to8-person private chat across games in the XMB. This is the one big feature that is really missing on the PS3, in my opinion (and many others’).

    ALSO, it would be nice if the Friends List loaded alphabetically when you sign into the XMB, instead of random names popping up out of sequence. Makes the first minute or two of booting to see who is online very frustrating.

    Thanks for your hard work, overall I am a very happy PS3 owner.

  • Wait a second. Personal spaces only? Is that a damn JOKE!? So I can’t talk to people I’m bowling with, or see a few friends in the Plaza and SPEAK to them!?

    Ok, better than nothing for now. But I want my FULL voice chat back! And for the people here whining “You should have kept it gone,” you’re all idiots. If you don’t like voice chat, go into your options and disable it; problem solved. Stop making your personal problem into MY problem. I LIKE VOICE CHAT. Couldn’t care less about those who don’t.

  • Also, please fix the moronic censor. You can’t even say “Hello” or “That it is” without it getting starred-out.

    Tha**** is


  • So this was a decision not based on technical problems, but on trying to stop griefers? Is this a way of forcing ps3 users to pay $5 a month just to chat with others in a club?


    … and more items in general. I’ll pay, just give me something worth the money and enough stuff that everyone has a wider selection, giving rise to some form of individuality… hey, how about a custom shirt designer that can import image files!?


  • Yeah, fix the censors.

    I can’t say computers, and I think saying something shows up as so****ing.

  • @32

    I was wondering what exactly ****o was and why everyone was typing it all the time. Not only do they need to fix the censoring thing (face it Sony, if people want to cuss, they’ll work around whatever you do), but if they’re going to censor words for everyone else, they need to show up that way to the person who typed them, as well- OR ELSE THEY’LL KEEP DOING IT AND NEVER REALIZE THAT EVRYTHING IS COMING OUT “****o” ALL THE TIME!


    “Also guys regarding the word cencorship.”

    Not a word.

  • it’s back. yay!

    still waiting for the the game launch feature.

    thank’s & merry xmas.

  • @ 36, its just a typo…
    I saw the mistake after I submitted the comment..

  • Terrific.

  • So this removal of voice chat was done to combat griefing? This is going to be a very long effort that will never reach the ideal goal. Is this a way of forcing people to pay $5 a month just to use voice chat in a public space?

  • At TheApprentice

    While I respect your freedom of speech Sony is a private corporation therefor are able to control their service.

    The atheist in me goes “AWESOME WORK SONY”

    Here’s an idea, how about you start wishing people a Happy Winter Solstice. You know the holiday that the church replicated in order to get more subscribers? Or you can wish Happy Holidays. Or how about just say “Have a good night”

    @ Evildude – That’s just sad dude. Why do you care about virtual booze and cigs… Don’t you have enough of that in real life. Besides even if they blocked ALL underage users by forcing people to have to take a D.N.A. test before accessing the service with a new add on… People would still record images, put it on the internet, and Sony would probably end up getting sued or something. or they’d gatehr D.N.A. from their parents for the testing thing. Or just hack their way in.

  • @39 & 40: What the hell? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery perhaps, but you’re taking it a bit far. No matter; after the PSN intergration here that should sort itself out.

  • That was fast, awesome!

  • @Evoanubis

    Actually I think it’s because someone would say

    “Goodbye Bush welcome aboard Obama”

    and then someone uses a racial slur or acts like a 8 year old that’s been abused and has no moral direction or guidance in life.

    Either that or because people go up to random female characters and go “Hey you want to go and cyber ****” as well as broadcasting their cRap music all over.

    The long and the short of it is, Americans can’t handle freedom. That’s why we keep giving them up in this country *sigh*

  • Sorry I meant @Evoanub1s not @Evoanubis

  • Within personal space and clubhouse…oh

  • I applaud this decision 100%! The amount of idiots on Home randomly blasting music, throwing out racial slurs, and just overall mic spamming was getting out of control. Muting someone every few minutes was getting very annoying. Not to mention, while playing some of the games, you couldn’t even mute people which was even worse! Bravo Sony!

  • @44: Select—–>Report——->Sayonara, sucker. Repeat as needed.

    Here’s my beginning, middle, and end on the issue. I didn’t buy a $49.99 Official PlayStation 3 headset because I like to type. I want to talk. Yeah, idiots are present, but that’s life. Idiots are in the real world too. I do the same in Home as I do IRL; ignore them. There’s a mute/block/report system in place for a reason, I’d suggest people use it.

  • Please tell your Euro friends to change those crap trailers playing in the square and bowling alley to some trailers of GAMES! Please! For the love of God, enough with the snowboarder and that PSP and Red bull commercials. Please!

    People are leaving Euro Home to go to the US and Japanese Home.

  • I agree with this, but I do not agree with the fact that you cannot use voice chat with friends in public spaces. We SHOULD be able to use voice chat with our friends while in public spaces, it is only logical, and I hope you can see that.

    Not only that, but the whole “paying for clubs” thing is kind of annoying. Now, I had a club when I was part of the beta, and I know it was taken away with the updated release. I’m not sure on this (please forgive me if I’m wrong), but everyone should get to make at least 1 club, and then every other one after that can cost money. If it is already set up this way, then forget my previous statement.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, and try to improve the image and sound quality of the streaming videos within the virtual locations, they don’t look very good at all on my HDTV. :/

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