The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • The ISA Cruiser – The pride of the ISA navy is revealed! We interview the designers and look at the concept art for this incredible weapon/vessel.
  • There ain’t no such thing as an early programmer – Senior Programmer Frank Compagner talks about efficiency in cooking and the myth of premature optimization.
  • The Early Helghan Era – The Thirteenth Scholastic Battalion learns that early Helghan society was founded on hardship and sacrifice.
  • The VC32 Sniper Rifle – What’s sleek, silent, highly lethal, and steadied using the SIXAXIS functionality of your controller?

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3 Author Replies

  • When will we have our PSN linked to the blog? ;)

  • Great week for PSN, I hope next week is just as good.

  • Things are looking up for PS3. Hope I didn’t jinx anything by saying that…

    2009 WILL BE EPIC

  • Great Week!

    Been trying to get back into playing Socom. This game is such a pain. I feel like I had to pay money before the product could be completed. Something has got to be done it’s past the point of just patching the game and all is forgotten.

  • hey chris are you also a god of war junkie? cant wait for 3. and infamous looks crazy

    • Yup, big time. Can\’t wait for the third, as well. Might have to replay Chains of Olympus just to whet my appetite soon ;-)

  • Absolutely incredible Sony.

    The amazing Home public beta – the servers are packed 24/7 with people having one big non-stop party. Get the damn game launching updates out.

    The incredible God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and inFamouse gameplay footage. It’s become embarrassing just how gigantic a graphical power advantage the PS3 has over the 360.

    PSN continues to be the premier place for smaller but incredibly high quality games like Crash Commander. Although crap like that Penny Arcade garbage needs to be kept off PSN so it doesn’t turn into the mass of low quality filled mess that is the Xbox game store.

    And the greatest FPS in history Killzone 2 is right around the corner.

  • i think there is a typo here
    “New inFamous inFo inComing – Quantic Dream co-CEO lets press raid his Paris studio. ”
    didnt Sucker punch made infamous ? not Quantic Dream ? =D

    • Thanks for the catch, Pullus. Apparently I am so excited about Heavy Rain I had to write about it twice, or maybe I\’m just extremely jealous that I wasn\’t on that press trip!

  • is it true that home was hacked? if so,what measures sony is taking that that doesnt happen again…

    i havent log in in home since i read the news over the interwebz.i hope that my paranoia is well misplaced because i just love the mini-games that home offer us all

  • on a positive news ps3fanboy is reporting that a new exclusive rpg for the ps3 could come as soon as february…

  • @ perrandy – it was only a local hack which allowed that certain somebody to view videos stored on his HDD on the TV screens within home. no biggie and certainly something that shouldn’t shy you away from using the service. if it was something global then you should be worried. fret not my friend. I’m sure that with Sony’s tracking system within home they have already found the dudes IP address and unplugged him. according to the terms and services he could be faced with some serious penalization.

    OT – any and all KZ2 related news is welcome in my house. i cannot wait for this game. looks truly epic! side note, you guys are welcome to tease me with any kind of KZ LBP thing happening. we know they’re doing it for MGS4 and i think it would be awesome for some KZ2 themed levels. i’ll sign the dotted line in blood and pay top dollar (no more than $9.99 plz LOL).


  • lol @ PullusPardus

    i think that was copy and pasted from a few weeks ago lol. maybe last week. no clue why though lol

  • @2

    Definitely, that sounds great. Some trophy profiles and stuff would be awesome.

  • thanks for the update, chris

    any new christina lee videos?

  • Right now I think I’m most looking forward to Killzone 2 :)

    Esecially after seeing the latest gameplay ;)

  • PULSE is great; doubly so on Home.

    But I’m still waiting for the WIPEOUT PULSE download packs to come to the US!

  • will there be anything special on the PSN store on Tuesday?

  • @jeff so Jeff what do you think about Chris?
    have you guys met face to face?
    @chris what do you think of the psp?do you think the psp will get great games in 09.what do you think about prinny can i be the hero?

  • It’d be nice to get these blog posts via the scrolling news ticker on my PS3. Right now it’s just sitting there impotently informing me of old news, updated whenever the hell you guys remember, rather than with breaking news like here or any other gaming blog.


  • I’ve became a download-aholic in the past couple of weeks i bought, the mesmerize bundle. SSF2THD, Mortal Kombat 2, brain chalange, twisted metal 2, trials of toopoq. I take a glance at the ps one classics and they need more that are 4 player.

    @jeff and chris – remember blast chamber back n the day and how much fun it can be with 4 friends instead of bots?

    Thats a crazy classic.

    The only thing I can do is hope Sony considers doing a HD version of it like wipeout hd.

  • Thanks for all the great info.

  • @ chris , jeff ,anyone at sony or bogger . here my question 1 when will the mic will be back on line for home? 2 i went to japan and hong kong ( i hope i spell that right sorry if i didnt) and notice how different it look from our beta also japan have more rooms and both beta have snow on the ground so when will our beta have these features ? and why they have them and we dont? i know sony is big and they separated into sony japan , sony america and u k but still everone should had been on the same page with this one. home was big for sony and you would think everone from erver department would had pull in together on this but it look like everone pull away and only made it good for there countrys. am not upset or useing the am a paid customer card and i have x numbers of games from you guys but i cant help feeling that this is somewhat wrong , i just want someone to answer mine questions that all. great update this week and sorry i posted something off topic

  • Killzone 2
    Heavy Rain
    God of War 3
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    Little Big Planet: Metal Gear Solid
    PS3 More than Games

    What a week!

    Next year is looking beautiful. All those games shown this week are looking like game of the year nominies already. Home is not quite there, but I have a good feeling about it. Keep bringing content and it wont be long before the naysayers see the light.

    One more time just because I am so proud. Amazing job on the new commercial. This is the best marketing the PS3 has seen in its life. Straight forward and to the point. Keep it up with the games above and units will be moved.

    Have a great holiday!

  • Ok this is my first comment on the blog there is something wrong with playstation home and after i log in it says download error or something like that anyway i hope it gets fixed PS my psn is the same as my username and i have lbp so if anyone like god of war check out my level and let me know if you get the ms update so i can play with u

  • @24 just keep trying to log into home it keep showing you that cause there are so many people logging in so try agin

  • I need some Killzone swag please. :P

  • Jeff, for the love of gaming, will the PS3 XMB ever receive an update that allows universal private voice chat functionality?

    Gamers keep asking for this single feature.
    XBL recently gave its gamers 8 player voice support universally.
    Could you atleast direct this to the PSN team?

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