PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi again! The weekend’s here – time for your weekly update of new movie & TV shows on the PlayStation Network.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Season 1
  • Ben 10, Season 0 & 2
  • Chuck, Season 2
  • Gangland, Season 3
  • Gossip Girl, Season 2
  • Most Shocking, Season 3
  • Peanuts Motion Comics, Season 1
  • Prison Break, Season 4
  • Privileged, Season 1
  • Superjail!, Season 1
  • Supernatural, Season 4
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 2
  • Xam’d: Lost Memories, Season 2

We’ve also added the following feature films:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Alexander
  • Amusement
  • Bangkok Dangerous
  • Cradle 2 the Grave
  • Deep Winter
  • Disaster Movie (Rated)
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas!/Horton Hears A Who
  • Klute
  • Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
  • Linewatch
  • Omen IV: The Awakening
  • Open Season 2
  • Passenger 57
  • The Children of Huang Shi
  • The Goodbye Girl (1977)
  • The Professionals
  • Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
  • Tom and Jerry in Shiver Me Whiskers
  • Volcano
  • Zero Effect

And, here are our top 20 movie and top 20 TV downloads for the week:

Top movie downloads 12 19 08

Top TV downloads 12 19 08

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  • Yawza!! Thank you! Keep em coming! :)

  • Aw but still no work about Canada getting this, or any other place. I really hope we can get this service soon, it looks like it if awsome, just too far out of reach for us.

  • Thanks for the uodates, but what about our digital copies for purchasing blu-rays? I really want a PSP compatible copy included with my purchase. The iPod and and any ‘Play for sure’ compatible player is covered already, but what about us PSP backers?

  • So I continue my request for the Futurama episodes that were suppose to go up months ago. Also I continue to down vote these as they cant be trusted.

  • Canada please somehow…

    Plus adjust the firmware of the PS3 to “region free”

    I use NTSC & PAL standards… I want to play both.
    I shouldn’t have to purchase a second unit in EU to do this…

    Please and thanks!

  • All this is awesome, but the prices of the rentals stink. Isn’t it supposed to be less expensive to rent a digital copy? I get that new releases should be higher priced since there is I high demand, but what about the stuff that’s been on there for a while? The prices should drop to a dollar like they do at the B&M stores.

  • Why are the James Bond movies exclusive to Xbox Live? They are owned by Sony right?

  • I’m pretty sure Sony can’t change the prices to whatever they want. Agreements are in place.

  • Noel Silvia,

    Thanks for answering my question about the PlayStation Network Avatar situation. This brought alot of excitment too the community. I would like to commend you guys over at SCEA for listening too your customers, and I cannot wait too see what you have instore for us.

    On that note, I remeber back when the 2.4 Firmware update was released they did a quick Q&A, and one of the questions brought up was on Game Invites, and In-Game Voice Chat (Across Diffrent Games). The answere too that was “We are currently looking into adding these features in a future update”. We’ll my question for you is this currently still being worked on, and if you can give us any news on this it would give some of the PlayStation community some peice of mind.


  • @LokeSTL

    They are cheaper, I went BB yesterday and it was almost 5 bucks for a new release in DVD!!!

    My only grip is that not all motion pictures have rent options. Point in case “Trade Places”. I saw it on the store and thought “yes, yes….I need some 80’s comedy to keep my spirits up”…then I click on the thumbmnail only to see a buy option.

    I also agree with SpookyJuice. Can any light be shed on game invites and direct voice / voice messaging features?


  • @10

    ya buying movies off the PSN is a bit of a jip. It sucks when you come across a buy only option as well. Everything should be able to be rented. For instance I refuse to buy Resident Evil Extinction and when ever I feel like I want to actually give the movie a shot I see that buy it only option and it pisses me off.

    If Sony is going to sell movies they need to fix their DRM issue for movies and ditch the SD option especially with the final days of DVD coming. We should be entitled to either format of the movie regardless. They movie should be treated as digital, not an off the shelf product.

  • Awesome stuff. Keep them coming!

    PS3ThemeCreator v2.0 released.

  • You really should get some proper PSN graphics for those charts. ;)

    Anyway good content.

  • @KazeTeternal

    I dont mind the SD option for some movies (like with Trading Spaces). But I agree that the DRM on the purchased films is way to harsh especially when paying a premium compared to the 5 buck or less DVD bin at walmart.

  • Can you purchase full seasons yet, or do you have to click on each episode you want

  • Thanks again for adding more Super Jail episodes! I might have to check out Season 2 of Chuck as well.

  • Why is it I can go to my local grocery store and rent a brand new movie on dvd for $1 for 24hrs and to download a 24hr rental from you cost me $2.99 for an old movie? That is one heck of a convenience fee of $2.

  • Thanks Grace but sorry no thank you! I was going to get a bigger hard drive but I can’t since I have movies from your store on it. I wish I could plug in a bigger hard drive and not lose my movies I have purchased already! Can’t you guys please allow to re-download to the same ps3 again?

  • how come I can’t find where to buy/download these movies?

  • When does the video store arrive to EUROPE???

  • how do i find the video store, im in canada

  • There’s no Open Season 2 in the store, that comes out January 27th on BD and DVD.

    And I agree with whoever asked about James Bond, where the hell are those movies?

  • How bout some Simpsons seasons? Anything from season 2-10 would be awesome. Or at least some more Futurama.

  • Where do I find the video store?! I dont see it in the PS Store

  • same old question still no response .MOVIES Download in canada


  • nice update
    but does sony plan on uploading more anime series?

  • I wonder how many Weeks will the Dark Knight be on the TOP #1 Spot 8)

    Good Luck ;)

  • Pretty good update. I especially love the Peanuts addition. Although it’s not on this list, but I did see It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown on the store and I bought it and I got around to looking at it today. I thoroughly enjoyed the bonus eps on there, especially It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown! I hope you guys add more Peanuts stuff on there! That’s childhood revisited. And while you’re at it, add some old Garfield shows, too!


    I spent a good amount of time looking through the Video Store tonight, and guess what? I loved what I saw as far as content goes. In fact here is a small list of what I would love to Buy or Rent;

    Sandlot 2
    Prison Break (All Seasons)
    Family Guy (All Seasons)
    American Dad (All Seasons)
    Sarah Conner Chronicals (All Seasons)

    The Dark Knight
    Indian Jones
    Step Brothers

    Now here are the problems.

    1) I have purchased from the store before, and after changing to a bigger harddrive to support the store better I found I could not get nything I purchased back without a phonecall to customer service, and that is only a one time deal.

    2) All the TV shows are in SD, and they cost nearly double what iTunes charges.

    1) I can not rent any moovie I choose.

    2) I do not want to own every movie I watch.


    I want to support PSN with every dollar I spend not buying Blu-rays, and due to the above I often have to go outside of the PSN. Take this to heart. Make the store a comfotable,place for consumers. Right now it is even scaring your core consumers away.


  • 1/5

    Grace…you’ve actually commented the last few weeks. At least we know you are around.

    Can you PLEASE address the licensing issues. Just say whether you are looking at changing it or not…you don’t have to actually DETAIL the change yet…just let us know if it under consideration.

    Under the current EULA I recommend to everyone here, on my blog (50k unique views per month) and in real life to NEVER PURCHASE VIDEO CONTENT FROM PSN. EVER.

  • Grace Chen I can see that this is ur most recent post and I have a question regarding the playstation store. Will the Resident Evil Demo be released in January or am I getting my hopes up because I read this online. Hope im not wrong.

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