Inside the Heavy Rain Press Event

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Hello everyone! My name is Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co-CEO at Quantic Dream and executive producer of Heavy Rain.

Guillaume and David Cage

Last month, a group of roughly 35 journalists from around the world came to visit Quantic Dream. Following our first presentation of Heavy Rain in Leipzig in August, we wanted to be able to share our passion for the game and reveal in particular how such a massive project comes to life. When you play a game such as this, it is difficult to really understand how much effort goes into its production. Our hope was that through such a visit, we might be able to educate gamers a bit more on how a game is crafted and how important artistic direction is to ensure a consistent experience from the first to the last minute.

Following a quick tour of our studio, David Cage, Quantic’s CEO and creative director on Heavy Rain, gathered media in our motion capture studio located on the ground floor of our building. We had decided to present them the complete production process, from game design and initial concept art up until the final integration of all elements within one scene in real-time. The presentation lasted roughly two hours, in particular because we had prepared a number of making-of type videos and real-time code on PS3 illustrating the different steps of 3D set production, actor casting, 3D character creation, and Virtual Actor performance. At the end, we explored together a never before shown scene of the game live on PLAYSTATION 3 in which all elements had been put together.


I think the most fascinating aspect of Heavy Rain is the fact that more than 250 people are contributing to its making, all of which are working under the artistic supervision of David Cage, His attention to detail is really fascinating…I am sitting in the back of our studio while he is passionately talking about our project. More than anyone else in the team, Heavy Rain is his baby. For the past two and a half years, I can clearly feel how proud he is to show how his vision is coming to life.

For the end of the tour, we had prepared a little surprise for our guests: to practice live on stage and become a Virtual Actor in the game. We equipped two journalists with body suits and reflectors. The stage had been dressed with set elements: a door, two chairs, one table, a cupboard. David briefed the two journalists on the scene, explaining to each of them what their role were, the starting point of the scene, and what they were supposed to say and play.

Once fully equipped the two casually entered the stage. The rest of the crowd had assembled around the set, in a similar casual fashion. However, when David started to use his firm directing voice to ask for silence and pronounced the first syllabus of the typical movie-style check-up words “ready to roll. Rolling and….ACTION” we virtually felt the attention of our journalists-turned-actors spinning from vaguely alert to 100% focused. The crowd was holding its breath, as all assembled immediately sensed the change. David had decided to shoot the scene in three distinct steps. The first shot was repeated twice as David gave more direction to its actors after initial takes. The second and third shots however were played exactly how David had envisioned them. Our actors were “in their roles” and did actually play quite professionally. A big round of applause followed the last “…and CUT” words of David at the end of the third shot.

This concluded the presentation and the rest of the tour was spent answering interviews or casually discussing with the journalists what they had seen before.

QD studio shot

When the game was unveiled at Games Convention in Leipzig, we were obviously delighted at what a great response we received. With the event that day, we wanted to take the unique opportunity to let journalists and gamers around the world take a look behind the scenes at how Heavy Rain is made. It is a very special feeling to see at the precise moment when everything comes together and is being assembled to create what we believe will be a unique interactive experience. We hope that we were able to communicate how much innovation and artistic effort goes into its production and look forward to showing you more of the actual game in the coming months.

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  • look great from the picture i have seen am not into that kind of game play but i must say its a must buy for me cant wait to see more of the game guys.

  • hehe nice to see some french in here :) (et oui, je suis francais :) J’ai aussi assiste a la demo public de Heavy Rain au micromania game show 08)

    Back to english, this game is for me the best game of the century. I have been blown away by what i have seen few weeks ago at the Micromania Game Show 2008…keep up the fantastic work!

    PS: Je veux avoir mon personnage en 3D aussi :(

  • I need to know more about the game. The graphics look very good but I am not sure about the rest of the game. I did like Indigo Prophecy until the weird end, so I am pretty sure I will enjoy this.

  • So far I’m really interested in this game. I love new IP’s that try new things and have different ideas.

  • Bonjour, mon amis! Ca va bien? J’taime la PS3! Je suis un Canadian. Je parle Francais c’estcumsi cumsa.

    Hello, my friends! How are you? I love the PS3! I am Canadian. My French is so so.

    Man I want to play this but my ps3 is dead, it’s got the Yellow Light syndrome, can I have the one in your arms in the top pic? Pretty please??…

    In all seriousness and funny things aside:

    You folks should release videos into the Home Theater, That would rock. Oh and will there be a Home Space in the future that we could all check out and hang out in. I think that would be the Best.

  • Cant Wait to see This game on my TV to be in it for Real 8)

    Good Luck on the Completion.

  • I’ve enjoyed Fahrenheit/ Indigo Prophecy greatly until it went, excuse the word, kind of retarded near the middle bit and the gameplay along with the story took a nose dive.
    The ending just made everything worse lol.

    BUT reading the interviews and blog entries like this, this is obviously a more realistic, much better gameplay built and a more concentrated project which will hopefully give me the experience I’m hoping to get.

    Also from that trailer released a while ago, I love what you guys did with the Quick Time Events, I think finally we’ll have a system that is better than Shenmue’s!

    One of my most anticipated PS3 titles so keep working guys! haha

  • It takes five minutes at the end of each day for people to clean up there mess. Get some wire ties and a better coat rack for goodness sake.

  • i find it amazing that there is sooo much info traveling around the internet about this game yet i know nothing about it! From a sheer graphical stance i will be buying your guys’ game. this is coming out in 09 yes? if so then its checked off my exclusive list of must have titles.


  • HUG that PS3!!! :D I do!!! :)

  • I love this game, definitely a must buy for me. thanks for the update!! can’t wait

  • This game is a breath of fresh air and I hope you give us more details very VERY soon… hehe.

    BTW PLEASE include In-Game XMB Music… I know I know we probably won’t need it from what I’ve seen BUT after you run through it once or twice it would be NICE to have the OPTION to have our own music the fourth time we play through the game.

    Thanks guys!

  • Can’t wait for this game!

  • Heavy Rain, God of War III, Killzone 2, White Knight Chronicles, FFXIII versus, if that all ai’t gonne whoop ET’s (aka MS) ass then nothing will.

  • Rats, keyboard works lousy via the PS3 browser :D

  • I have no faith that this game will turn out well, but if it does I’ll buy it.

  • looks like a tech demo to me.. considering the developer, i expect strange gameplay on this one

  • I’ve been a fan of QD since Omikron, high ambitious but sadly it didn’t get to realize most of them. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was and still is freaking amazing. That crazy shift 3/4ths of the way through the game threw me for a loop but I loved it anyway.

    If Heavy Rain is a fraction of what IP was then everyone’s in for something special. After reading Cage’s postmortem for Indigo Prophecy I have full faith that you guys will get to do everything you set out for.

  • I am soo looking forward to this game. Cheers to Quantic Dream!

  • The game looks great. I love games with good stories. Those are the ones I remember most fondly. Of course there has to be a balance between good gameplay and story. This game being and adventure game it already seems to be delivering way more gameplay that what we are accustomed in the genre. So keep up the good work…definitely a first day purchase.

  • Heavy Rain looks awesome :P

    keep up the good work guys, can’t wait to try it out

  • I personally cant wait for this game. I liked Indigo prophecy… only in the end everything went cheesy. I am glad that wont be a problem this time.

  • I can’t wait for this game. My most anticipated game of next year (well this and inFamous). If the game do come out next year.

  • The game sounds awesome and I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Hi guys. Heaving is my most anticipated game on the PS3 for 2009. Since the casting video and the gameplay part you show, I know it can be the first big mature-oriented game for the ps3, and maybe a system seller.

    I have not played your previous games, but please have the game live to its expectations and even more. I’m sure Mr Cage knows where he’s going with “his” baby, but don’t let the man go berseck with everything he wants. As a Co-CEO you have the duty and mission of thinking about us the players and the experience we need :)

    I’m also dreaming that maybe you could release the demo on the PSN to show the true beauty of your game.

    Et encore bravo à vous, montrez leur à ces ricains que nous aussi on sait faire des jeux depuis bien longtemps. Rien à voir, mais un Flashback HD de Dephine Software serait vraiment sympa !

  • Speaking of Euro developers, anyone catch the rumor that Free Radical might be closing down now? Hella disappointing…pick them up, Sony!

  • This game is coming along nicely.

    Question though Guillaume:
    How much time does your staff spend on lighting effects?

    Is there anything the shaders make you feel limited on in any respect?

  • Will this game have in-game access to music stored on the PS3 hard drive?

  • Hey G,

    Remember me? I did an interview with you a couple of years ago about your job for my high school English final! Thanks again for that, scored an A with flying colors. Anyway…

    Awesome to see you guys are still working hard, I loved Indigo Prophecy. Looked like an awesome event you set up for everyone.

    Your improvements on the quick-time button presses are great, I love how they don’t take up the whole screen anymore, this way we can be more involved on whats happening instead of just the button presses. That is probably my favorite improvement I’ve seen so far, other than graphics in Heavy Rain.

    Any plans to go to GDC 2009 in San Francisco? I’d love to meet you guys in person.

  • This game looks interesting, kinda makes me think of Mirrors Edge in the sense of a unique game being introduced to the market. A definite pick up for me

  • I’m interested to see what this game is really all about. :D

  • I loved Indigo Prophecy (even with it’s crazy ending), so this is one of my most anticipated games of 09.

  • absolutely cannot wait to buy this game i was huge fan of indigo prophecy and i consider it to be one of the best games i’ve ever play regargless of what people thought about it…it reminded me of the matrix in many ways as well for some reason…knowing how awesome indigo prophecy was i have no doubt that this game is gonna be indigo prophecy but times 20 haha…one of my most anticipated games of 09 and in my opinion the best looking game on any console…keep up the great work guys!

  • Oh man, this is one of my most anticipated games of pretty much ALL TIME. Can’t wait to see more.

  • I won’t lie. I’m way giddy for this one.

    Quantic Dreams and Mr.Cage craft great stories and characters and it’s great to see Sony back them up and allow them to finally create their vision on some serious hardware.

  • omg Guillaume can I go to the next event like this!?

  • This is my most anticipated game of this generation!

  • This game looks so amazing, and totally different from anything I know today!

  • im really intrigued by the mystery behind the game, cant wait to play it and find out what the game is all about

  • Looking good! The game that is!
    @The Picture above.
    That’s what I think of my PS3 too! =)

  • Great looking game! I can’t wait to see more gameplay footage on this!

  • Sounds cool. Genuinely looking forward to this game.

  • Thanks Guillaume…really looks interesting.

  • I really enjoyed Indigo Prophecy and am looking forward to this games. How far along do you guys think you are in the development process?


  • If the story elements immerse you in the game anything like Mass Effect, then this will be one heck of a game! I’m looking forward to this title, less hope the hype is worth it.

  • This game looks absolutely amazing, i tip my hat to you quantic dream for really bringing to your life your vision and being original rather than just playing it safe, it’s the stunning innovation in games like this that make me happy to own a ps3 you should be proud guys

  • The game looks great and from what I can tell is a Mystery/Crime game. These are sorely, sorely lacking, so Heavy Rain doesn’t have competition, like that matters since it is amazing.

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