High Velocity Bowling – New DLC and Holiday Surprises

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Hello everyone! We hope you have been enjoying High Velocity Bowling (HVB) online over the past few months. For those of you who have never played before, HVB uses your SIXAXIS controller to simulate a genuine bowling swing. Challenge one of 8 unique bowlers in our single- player mode, or play multiplayer at home with up to 3 friends or family members. If you’re ready for more, go online and take on some of the bowlers, or just hang out for a casual game with someone new. You can listen to your own music while you bowl, and also earn PlayStation Network Trophies along the way. HVB is a great game to get everyone together this holiday season, and it’s available right now on the PlayStation Network Store for only $9.99.

Last month we added some flair to the world of HVB with the release of the two characters — Foxy Powers and Chastity Falls – as well as the All Hallow’s Eve Bowling Ball Pack. Last week, we released the new Gearhead Ball Pack, which is currently available on the Playstation Store for just $.99. Inspired by the American Hot Rod culture, players can now get ready to tear up the lanes in style with six new bowling ball designs, including two new showcase balls!

Well, this week, we are continuing to expand the HVB universe, with two new characters, Darryl “Stringbean” Johnson and Gage Mason. Like the new Gearhead Ball Pack, both Darryl and Gage are available for download TODAY for just $.99 each! Here’s a little bit of background info about the two:


Darryl “Stringbean” Johnson

Darryl is a long-haul trucker from Memphis, Tennessee. After his recent divorce, Darryl spent many lonely nights perfecting his hook down at his favorite bowling alley, Loading Dock Lanes. It’s about the only place on earth where a trucker with a passion for bowling can feel right at home amongst the oil, flatbed trailers and shipping containers. Darryl also loves fresh produce, which is the only thing he hauls these days. It just seemed natural for him to find a perfectly round watermelon and turn it into his favorite bowling ball, the melonballer.


Gage Mason

Gage grew up in Washington, D.C. as the only child in his family. Years of playing video games has helped his hand eye coordination, which has allowed him to perfect his bowling accuracy. Gage spends most of his time hanging out at the Dark Carnival. It’s a place to bowl a few games, reflect on his thoughts, and get into the perfect state of mind to write new lyrics for his band Pain Magnet.

Oh, and that’s not all in our sack of HVB goodies. As our gift from us to you, we will be giving away Tiff’s Big Zero Trick Shot Pack, as well Bea’s Holiday Spirit and Carl’s Season’s Greetings costumes – ALL FOR FREE!!!

AND, next week (12/23/08) we will be releasing more new FREE packs — the new Gutterbird Ball and Patches Pack One Trick Shot Pack.

So, there you have it – lots of cool new add-on content for all you HVB fans to enjoy!

But, before we sign off today, I wanted to address the handful of users who have been unable to connect with other players online. We haven’t forgotten you, and have been working hard to determine the cause of your connectivity issues. We recently discovered a problem that might prevent users from playing head-to-head when they are connected to the internet using a router that has a DNS caching feature enabled on it. We have made the fix and the patch is available now, all you have to do is log into the PlayStation Network and start up High Velocity Bowling.

Team RamRod would to thank everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm for HVB. For those of you who have never played the game before, we invite you to pick it up this holiday season. It’s a great game to play with your family and friends, whether they are with you at home, or if you want to play with them online.

Happy Holidays!

Team RamRod!

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2 Author Replies

  • Love the free stuff – thanks!

  • Thank you for keeping this game fresh and updated. :D Happy Holidays PlayStation Nation! :)

  • Hi

    Is there any word on the Trophy Update and these free DLC Packs for European Territories???


    Its just last time you said it was coming along and thought you might mention it on this Blog

    • Hello mitchell1705,

      We appreciate your patience with the release of HVB in Europe. The Online Update for Europe is in the final stages of testing, and it will be released soon.

      Your wait is almost over. =)


  • Sounds great, I still need to pick this up, now seems as good a time as ever.

  • I play this online quite a bit and have to say, it’s worth every penny, especially with the online mode you patched in.

    You guys are doing an AWESOME job supporting this AWESOME product. Thanks!!


  • Skipped the whole reading to type this:

    Where is the trophy patch for Europe?

  • @3

    It has trophies, what are you smoking?

  • @8
    Not for Europe it dosnt

  • does anybody know anything about socom confrontation 1.30 update release date?, 60 days since Seth Luisi announced they were working on it a lot of patch updates (7 parts) but nothing.

    1100 post on socom.com asking about that and no response. WHY scea?

    only want to know and expect a great game become on the best shooter.

    thank you and sorry

  • @3

    Thanks for the reply mike – looking forward to it

  • Is there any way to play this game without using the sixaxis? Thanks.

    • Hello stuartevan,

      There are no traditional button and timing based gameplay modes in High Velocity Bowling. The game was designed to simulate a true bowling swing using the motion control features of the SIXAXIS. Both casual and serious bowlers will find it incredibly satisfying to bowl using the SIXAXIS controller.


  • I guess I should say the motion controls. Can you play just using the analog sticks? Thanks.

  • WOW WOW WOW!!! I was totally FLOORED when I picked this game up. I like real life bowling, but have never once enjoyed virtual bowling. The way ramrod uses the SIXAXIS is fantastic. Makes this game really f’in enjoyable. I commend you guys for taking such a simple game, and making it spectacular. I cannot wait to get some free DLC, but with that I will be purchasing some as well.

    My thing is, is that i don’t like buying DLC. However, when a developer releases free items, I always make it a point to buy some as well. To show my thanks for the free DLC. Keep up the great work Ramrod. My entire family loves this game. The fact that you can listen to music also makes it that much better! Thanks!

  • Team RamRod, You guys are simply the best. You keep in touch with your fanbase, how AWESOME! You keep pumping out new content for this game. Some for a price but what a great prices they are! You also release a ton of free content as well. Keep up all the great work you guys are doing there. I will be looking forward to getting all these new items free and not free. As long as you guys keep producing stuff, I’ll keep coming back for more.

    Good work Team RamRod

  • BTW any news on expanding online to 4 players? or any online tournaments?

  • A Christmas Song From Me To You…

    Santa Baby
    Time To Bring Those Gift Cards To Me
    You See
    There’s So Much DLC That I Want
    To Buy
    I Need Those PSN Cards Tonight

    (I have too much time on my hands)

  • The game rocks!
    I am glad there is NO traditional controls the game just wouldn’t be the same without using the SIXAXIS.
    Also for the record I think HVB is the ONLY game that uses SIXAXIS in a cool, fun and enagaging way. Darksector used it pretty cool too but HVB takes it to the next level.

    Love the trophy update and all the content!

    With the Europe thing I have no idea what the hold up is and frankly I don’t care much because I am state side, but good lord Sony and SCEE get moving I can’t believe this update is not available in Europe yet, I have achieved 100% trophies months ago.

  • Could you please make a patch to cut out the copy protection of the save file?
    I unlocked a ton of characters and balls, but my PS3 died on me, and I couldn’t back it up…now I don’t want to play the game because it’s so hard to gain those items back.

  • Glad to see Europe patch is on the way….Finally.


  • You guys are neat. haha

    The trucker looks like the next-door neighbor dude from Office Space. “F’in A, man”

    Thanks for continuing to support the game!

  • we Europeans are still waiting for the update with the Trophies and the online mode

    SONY SUCKS, THX for Nothing, i hate your marketing strategies …

  • Team RamRod, you freaking rock! I have been loving this game ever since you gave us online play. Kudos to you guys on the great DLC!

  • Still waiting in Europe for the Trophy Patch. SCEE are useless :(

  • Thanks for the post Mike.

    Still loving this game and how you guys support it so well.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Thanks Mike LOVE THIS GAME! Keep the good stuff coming!


  • This game is really cool man!!! Keep up with the good work!!! If you can get celebrity bowlers like the hoff in the game Pain. It would be awesome. I dont know get me an Ace Ventura bowler ;o)

  • @ 17 – yeah you do but that’s still pretty funny!

    and the content keeps rolling out for this title. awesome job with this game guys, its good to see that its still among the few PSN exclusive titles that gets updated.


  • Sounds great. Still waiting for the trophy patch in europe though.

    Bought the game just for trophies, damn. That was a dissapointment that it didnt have trophies. :P
    Cool game anyway.

  • Great PSN game. I play it all the time when friends come over and they are never disapointed. It’s very common to hear “this is better than Wii bowling big time!” Thanks for the free stuff!

  • Damn i would buy all the DLC for HVB if it weren’t for the tax.. This game is the shetz!!! And damn I thought the emo char was a Chick!!! Till i decided to read for once in my life.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of content. Keep it up guys. I love the game.

    Now, if we could just convince everyone who found bowling in Home to be awesome to actually try something more complex than what you can find on a Flash site your sales would be huge.

    Whenever someone complains about immature people in Home bugging them while bowling I just tell them to play HVB.

    Perhaps you guys could push the angle that HVB still has voice chat as of today.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that all this seems awesome. Thanks for the freebies and I look forward to buying the other stuff.

  • Thanks for the update and free gifts!!! It’s great that you guys continue to support this title with new add-ons.

    One thing though…I just bought Tiff’s Big Zero Trick Shot Pack last night. :(

    Can I get Gage Mason free instead? I can provide proof of purchase if necessary.


  • Thanks for continuing to support HVB with updates. Gotta love the prices – $0.99 for some items, while there’s others for FREE!

  • Very awesome support. Thank you guys for that.

    I’ll definitely download some of this DLC.

  • Nevermind my last post. It was free last night when I got it. :)

  • Keep spicing it up,cant let it get boring.Great job on HVB guys.later

  • The recent support of this game has really been great. I wonder, are you guys planning to implement GAME LAUNCHING via PlayStation Home?

  • I really appreciate getting everything fixed so as of this week I finally was able to get online and play. Thanks a million!

  • I know this is off topic but it’s related.
    Where is the PSN update?
    8:30pm EST and no update yet come on I have to get to bed for work I want to start my downloads please! =)

  • Maybe this game should be merged with Home. Rather then Home bowling you can jump into this. :-p

  • Any news when this update will be applied to the EU region?

  • My bad ignore the last comment I made… I just read that it will be released soon…. thanks anyway!

  • just a couple of things. can you make so other players can see the dlc when they are using it. if i don’t have the dlc they are invisible.
    thanks for the online mode.
    do you think europe will get the patch soon i know my friend are dying to play online. also can you make the servers region free?

    i have got 100% with all the trophies in hvb it was a blast. its the first game i got a 100% in.
    love it.

  • Gotta love swinging that Dualshock3, feel sorry for the peeps that are stuck with the old sixaxis, the weight is all wrong for bowling :(

  • Thanks for the update – good to know the Europeans haven’t been forgotten yet.

    Can you give us a date for when you think the patch will be ready? By the end of December/January?

  • I’m enjoying the new characters, have yet to check out the new environs…

    I’m still having online issues. I will say that i don’t freeze up trying to sync a game, so progress has been made. I’m able to connect for the first game but then time-out on subsequent games.

  • A date for the stake can you we given has in the daytime for the trophés of HVB for Europe

  • I bought this yesterday on my US PS3, told my family in the UK to buy it so we could play each other at Christmas, guess what you guys are morons, different features in different countries is STUPID!! Do you not understand people are world citizens now? The internet doesn’t know country boundaries, get with it Sony, what date is the update for EU coming, commit a date, soon is a BS answer.

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