SPIKE 2008 VGAs: God of War III Gameplay Trailer World Premiere

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By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the God of War III gameplay trailer which debuted at the SPIKE 2008 VGAs. It’s been everywhere online, it’s downloadable right now on the PlayStation Store, and it’s in the video below.

But right before it was shown publicly for the first time, I caught up with the game’s Director, Stig Asmussen backstage:

And don’t forget, you’ll be able to download the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves trailer on the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

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  • wow Stig looks like Kratos himself :D awesome gameplay trailer btw! keep them coming please!

  • GOW3..the best game of 2009!! no doubt about it! KZ2 is number 2..:p

  • WOO-Hoo!

    I’m finally done moving into my new house, and i’ve finally got the internets running again!

    great to be back- i can’t believe i missed the launch of HOME!!

    oh well, i’ve got a new real HOME, so i guess a virtual one can wait! lol!

    peace PSBLog and what’s up Jeff? hope you are doing good, man!


  • ooh and please..make the game longer and bigger as in level size..i hate narrow levels..where its jus one path.:/ i hope they do the same with uncharted 2…that game is was of the best looking games on the ps3!

  • Teaser looked great for early footage, can’t wait to see a full-length trailer at E3 this year.

  • Wow this looks way too good. I hope that there is going to be some long ass game play with this game, cant wait!!!

  • Absolutely incredible.

    I can’t believe the PS3 is putting out graphics that are so far beyond anything on the 360. Everyone knew the PS3 was going to have a huge graphical power advantage over the 360, but not THIS HUGE.

    Killzone 2
    God of War 3
    Uncharted 2

    Hell, people were saying that Killzone 2’s graphics wouldn’t be possible until the PS4 at least.

  • That simply was one of the most boring, most impressive, most shocking (in a bad way) trailer i have seen these past 2 years.

    Seriously, stop overhyping games. Learn from the master Fumito Ueda. The less informations you reveal about the story, the less screenshots/trailers you publish, the more phenomenal a game will turn out.

    I am no more hyped about GoWIII. And tell Jaffe to chill the hell down.

    Quantic Dreams, Naughty Dog, Team ICO.
    Nough said.

  • What has stig done in the past? I hope he is a great director.

  • Thanks Jeff for teasing the GoW fans with this interview with Stig :)….I can’t wait to see some more gameplay.

  • Looks friggin’ sweet!!!

  • Is that the normal standard of voice acting on a GoW game?

  • Very nice!

  • Jeff, are you a lefty or just have lefty mic technique?
    And don’t tell me you’re ambidexterous. This is highly important.

  • @ liferpgs – man you are quite the downer. if you seriously think you can come here and get away with posting a comment like that without getting bashed then you better look elsewhere. go vent your hate for playstation on your home turf @ xbox360fanboy.com. you’re the one that needs to ‘chill the hell down’.

    i 2 was underwhelmed by the trailer but it served its purpose as just a tease of whats to come and GoWIII can’t come soon enough. that and KZ2 and Uncharted 2.

    oh and cannot wait to d/l the uncharted trailer in full HD tomorrow!


  • Well, first of all, what a great trailer (and ’twas great waking up the day after the VGAs and download it from the PS Store).

    Now, I have two things I’d love to have cleared up, Jeff:

    1) Will we be receiving more avatars in the near future? I believe someone mentioned about a new avatar pack being ready for this Christmas, but we’re still without new avatars. :(

    2) When is the PSN id integration going to come to the blog?

    Thanks a lot, and keep doing great things for us!

    • I can\’t speak to avatars (consider that request made, btw), but I can say that we\’re in the final testing with the blog integration of PSN ID. There\’s just a thing we need to work out with the avatars, and we\’ll be good to go. We\’ll let you know soon.

  • 09 is way better than 08. With Uncharted 2, God of War III, Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain. Can’t wait.

  • Thank You Jeff for great interview and very cool trailer!

    This game is an another key to success ( the first key is PlayStation HOME) for winning in current generation of console war. Because it is a console seller! It is another reason for PS2 owners (especially who still playing GOW1 and 2) to UPGRADE to PS3! I’m a happy PS3 owner but still waiting for Twisted Metal fo PS3.

    Anyway Thank You all of us in SCE for keeping us informed about great new PS3 titles!

  • Looks great.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next trailer showing a bit more of the tech.

    David Jaffe was going off about the internal demo they were showing off at Sony and how it’s 25-30% better looking than even these in-game visuals.

  • At long last, some GOW3 talk on the PSBlog. After watching the brief interview I’m even more excited.

  • yes GOW3!!!!

  • Stig Asmussen…. awesome name!

    Can’t wait to see some more of this game. Don’t make us wait too long!

  • yesssssssssssssssss GOw3 is by far my most anticipated ps3 game in 09 , i wanted to see more but i know it was just a teaser , cant wait to see a proper trailer or gameplay , E3 09 perhaps?

  • Kratos! Kratos! Kratos! Kratos! Kratos! KRATOS!!! Go Kratos! ..kick @$$ like nobody else can do!
    This game is off the chains!!! Get it OFF THE CHAINS! (LAME!). :)

    I’m so happy, I’m about to cry! I the next big thing after the PS3 release, Uncharted, MGS4, GTAIV release too! Thank you guys!!!

  • @ 15 lakal

    Cry me a river.

  • Oh! I remember him from the making-of God Of War movies. He’s awesome. If I wanted anyone to be the director it would actually be him. He seemed to know his thing whenever he talked.

  • I hope Sony takes good care of their Dev’s!
    This is amazing!

    Nice work I can’t wait to see it once the game is polished!

    PS3 FTW!

  • Sweet I must have been a bit behind I didn’t know Stig Asmussen was directing. God of War 3 is in good hands. Hope to hear more from you guys out at Santa Monica.

    Kind of hoping we see another PSP God of War as well. I really enjoyed Chains of Olympus.

    Dude COME ON Uncharted 2 for the love of god. Those guys deserve some attention too. GoW3 and U2 should have been on the PSN on the same day.

  • Good stuff, can’t wait. 2009 is PS3 exclusive-ville!!

    God of War 3
    Killzone 2
    Heavy Rain
    Uncharted 2
    MLB 09
    and maybe Gran Turismo 5?

    Nearly all genres are reflected in these titles. Plus, who knows what Insomniac has planned, they’ve produced a game a year for quite a while now. We are on an odd year, which means Ratchet!

    Enjoy your GTA 4 DLC Xbox only owners!

  • hte main reason why the trailer looks underwhelming is the background. it looks like a regular forest during the night, not much colors there.

    i’m glad that showed gameplay footage. looks good as it is. will definitely get better since they have about a year to polish it. i feel sorry for the blinded xbots that still think that 360 and ps3 are equals graphics-wise

  • White Knight Chronicles for sure
    and perhaps Team Ico in 2009

    Sony utterly dominates in first party developers. They have about 5 times as many as Microsoft.

  • thats in game footage? Wow freaking amazing! Two Thumbs up for Sony

  • Can’t wait for this game!!! Lets go guys be creative on the trophies!!! If this is going to be the last God of War… i need it to be epic!!! We should be able to battle Hercules!!! A half-brothers duel!!!

  • lol Stig does look a bit like Kratos!

    *ahem* anyways, to be completely honest… This gameplay trailer didn’t impress me too much! I mean, it seems like I’ve seen it all before… the graphics, and the moves that they showed Kratos doing all seemed… the same…

    (And, this is just a small pet peeve of mine, but does anyone else find Kratos’ voice annoying!)

    But, the music is excellent! I love the God of War theme song, and it’d be cool to hear more differientations of that theme within the game…

    I’m sure that God of War 3 is going to be huge! So, congrats for them on that one! (I’ve already had a few X-Bots ask if they could “borrow” my PS3 for this game! lol)

    It will surely be cool to see more footage of this game! I’m looking forward to it anyways!

  • I have to say that the trailers that have been shown for god of war 3 have not met the standards of the franchise. Kratos needs to have minimal speaking in the trailers to the effect of “ZEUS!” and the rest of the dialogue needs to be Zeus or Gaia. Also I don’t really like 2 seconds of footage and then cut to something else that lasts 2 seconds etc. The trailers haven’t really gotten my adrenaline going.

  • This is going to be my very first God of War game. I didn’t get into the God of War games since it was at the end of the PS2 life cycle.

  • This is Sparta!

    The voice acting reminded me of Leonidas. Just more awkward…

    On to my not so constructive criticism, I didn’t liked the exaggerated breathing (cliche =\) and I would’ve though of Kratos as a less talkative person going by his tone of voice and all. The whole thing IMO, sounded (again) awkward and does not achieve the “dark” mood it tries to convey with all the vengeance and stuff. But that’s just my opinion, so… whatever…

  • @ 25 can we please stay on topic ? and to the rest of you craze 360 and ps3 who make this personal let it go there no ps3 vs 360 beef and if it is then what they fighting for ? second place ? if you dont know by now the wii is killing 360 and ps3 . now am not a wii or 360 lover am a ps3 owner so dont say am a wii lover please . i also know the big wigs at ms and sony didnt think they were going to be 2 and 3 in console sale that wasnt there goal but to some of you gamer on both side some just throw any thing on the board to make there console the right choice people there both are great a and if hardcore gamer dont see that then your missing out. so keep up your dumb beef with each other while the wii keep makeing money with there casual gamer . if your not help your favorite console to get more customers then your the problem and not the solution people it time to grow up this ps3 vs 360 is not helping the bottom line . p s i know there going to be some fool out there who doesn’t see the point to mine comment and start this dumb crap about ps3 vs 360 and why being second is better then being first like mine man ricky bobby saied if your not first your last .

  • So can you guys tell us if this is an old build or not?

  • @chriscowboyd

    Go away.

  • God of War III looked great

  • I was expecting more! I really hope this is just old material of the game and not the final product.
    Show me a God of War fan that is not expecting something amazing for this new game. C’mon we are talking about God of War running in a PS3 (most advanced game machine in the market), so real gamers will not settle for something like this (teaser).

  • So that’s the new director. He even looks like Kratos. I hope the team is still intact.

  • @ tassar post some kind of comment and grow up

  • Any dates for GoW III?

  • :-( Now that we know who the Stig is…Top Gear is going to have to find a new one.

    On a serious note, I can’t wait to hear some of the technical briefings from SSM about GOW3.

  • game looks f’n SICK!

  • Awesome! My most anticipated game of all time! In fact, just picked up two new Kratos action figures today so that I may display them proudly.

  • H Jeff,
    Will SCE ever make a feature that allows people to invite other people from their friendslist on the XMB or inside Home, into a private chat group, and via that group keep a voice chat channel of communication that is exclusive to that group alone.
    Then let the different participants perform actions outside the chat group without ever being forced to leave the chat channel?

    The main thing here is the universal voice chat feature that continues to work despite the action of different participants.
    Recently XBL started offering 8 player universal voice chat that carries over across any action any of the participants take.

    When I turn on my PS3 and I want to enjoy an online game with a friend or two from my list, I would like to be able to invite them to a private chat room, which is available on the XMB, but also have that chat room carry over into the game without failing.
    Right now the voice chat feature is automatically asking to shutdown when you try to launch a game, making it a non universal tool for games and a feature used for “phone-calls”.

    Not impressed by the GOW3 trailer, but Uncharted 2 rocks! Thanks

  • Ok Jeff, could you please pass this on to the appropriate department? Thanks:

    1: Why does PSN goes offline while watching DVD and Blu-ray? It does not happen while playing videos from HDD. Thanks

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