PlayStation Home System Maintenance

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Sony Computer Entertainment will conduct system maintenance for PlayStation Home on Thursday, December 18, 2008. At this time PlayStation Home will be updated from ver. 1.03 to 1.04. The system maintenance is scheduled to start at 12 midnight (PST), and the service is expected to resume in approximately 6 hours but may change depending on the circumstances. PlayStation Home will be unavailable during the maintenance window.

The reason for this maintenance is to ease the difficulty some people are having accessing PlayStation Home due to the high demand for the service.

Additionally, as part of version 1.04, the voice chat feature within PlayStation Home will be temporarily suspended. As soon as we are ready to resume the voice chat feature, we will inform you via and PlayStation.Blog. In the meantime, we encourage users to make use of the Wireless Keypad for PLAYSTATION 3 or any USB or Bluetooth-enabled keyboard for text chat and also the “phone friend” features to communicate within PlayStation Home.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and kindly ask for your understanding.

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  • Just curious. What’s the point of giving us these “warnings” if you give them at the last minute. I hate to complain but it just seem kinda pointless.

  • Any news on the Red Bull Air Race? Are we still getting that tomorrow? And also, will there be content update in the theater/TV’s in Home?

  • what is the update for the service thing is a given but are u going to add more item or the rest of home….. just wondering

  • Thanks alot, I love PS3 and Penn State Behrend!

  • @1
    you do realize there’s still like 2 hours before the systems go down

  • So it should be back up before I wake up tomorrow. No big deal

  • oops hit the button.

    anyway the other thing i wanted to say is i guess voice chat is going offline because off those that don’t know how to act. :(

  • What? Taking out voice chat? For what reason? And when are we gonna get at least picture frames?

  • I knew this was gonna happen thanks to the trouble makers. Doesn’t suprise me, Sony wants to make Home work and the current system just doesn’t with the amount of trolls using it. Guys buy a keypad, it’s so awesome. Go get one now before they sell out lol I love mine, it sooo cool.

  • Along with voice chat leaving, will we still be able to Phone a friend?

  • Come on Sony! don’t Get ride of the Voice chat!

    Leave the voice chat in, its the best way to communicate inside home. Really the only way, typing just doesn’t add any personality.

    How long will we be silenced?

  • I’m sure they’ve been hearing all the trash being said lately. Female gamers in HOME will finally have some peace, LOL

  • thanks for the heads up.

  • @11, Home is more than just voice chat.Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed speaking with people but still love Home and won’t stop using it. People go out and buy a keypad right now lol Trust me, it’s really cool, lightweight and works very well. Another great Sony product, just buy it and you will see it’s still fun and easier to send messages.

  • Are you guys trying to be the laughing stock of the gaming community?

    Sheesh! You would think that you would have gotten stuff like this sorted out in the CLOSED BETA.

    Honestly, I’m curious how this conversation went down.

    “We have to remove voice support”

    “Are you serious? Do you know that the average user can only type 1 wpm using the controller?”

    “Well why didn’t they buy the Wireless Keypad or a BT keyboard?”

    “Ken!? Is that you? I thought you got…”


    Man, you guys really piss me off. Stop dropping the ball and get it together please. I really love my PS3 but I hate that HOME is like the launch all over again.

  • thank’s for the heads up.

    hope you add the launch game feature soon.

  • I say leave the voice in. But I do get sick of all the trash talking and the music being played over it.

  • Hopefully loggin in will be a lot easier than it has been lately.

  • It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you never brought voice chat back. Well maybe have it in clubhouses, home spaces, and phone a friend but keep it out of the common areas.

    What with all the idiots cursing and using racial slurs and trying to pick up virtual women on the Internet, I think home would be much more peaceful that way.

  • I really want the TV in my pad so my friends/family can watch my home videos. That would be so cool.

  • Hey guys…
    Regarding the use of any USB keyboard in Home.

    In suggest you guys make a blog post to clarify this.
    To the non-tech savvy public, I’ve met at least a dozen in Home already.

    >>> They do not know that they can simply use the usb keyboard their personal computer is using. They think that they *need* to go out and buy a $60 dollar logitech wireless keyboard that says *PS3 Compatible* on the box, or any box that has the Playstation name on it.

    They just simply do not know what it means by “any usb keyboard.”

    When I tell them to use their PC keyboard, they are so relieved.
    And then I tell them go buy a cheap USB keyboard or if you can afford, the bluetooth keypad for the sixaxis.

    Simply, the public need to be informed about this.
    I think the confusion stems from PS2 days as well as the PS/2 keyboard spec.

  • @14 I have the keypad and yes it is nice, voice chat is just better…

  • This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I’ll keep up on the news but it seems like we are still months off from full functionality.

  • @21

    i think that problem came because of the fact that before you couldn’t just use any usb keyboard. I remember a year ago i tried to use any usb keyboard and it didn’t work.

    anyway after that i went onto amazon and found a $20 usb keyboard (8 foot cord) which i have been using ever since. works nicely. they still sell it on amazon too.

  • Thank you for the update! will you be adding anything new into the mall or anywhere else? Thanks!

  • Hopefully there’s actually something to do in home when it comes back up.

  • Great, now we’ll just have people saying Hello and trying to talk normal, but are unable due to the wacky wacky censorship.

  • No voice chat? Oh thank the lord! I find myself having to mute my TV most of the time due to vulgarities being blasted out of my TV’s speakers. I shall enjoy the suspension of voice chat for as long as possible.

  • OH yeah while we on fixes… how about merging the PS BLOG with our PSN. if you could link our underground/forum names with our PSN i would think you could do the same thing here.

  • one thing i wonder is what happens to the person that i report?

    how do i know that they are dealt with.

  • hopefully voice chat will come back in 1.05 or something sighs oh well guess ill have to type again

  • As long as it makes things better :)

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Cool, cool–PLEASE fix the sub-account too young glitch as part of this! My 19 year old bro is very dissappointed!

  • Good. The seriously bad, profane, sexual talk was getting way out of hand.
    If Home is gonna work, Sony needs to install live moderators, Home police, so to speak.
    I’ll wait patiently.

  • …okay…so my 60 gig has been dead for a few weeks and i’ll be sending it in tomorrow. I’ve been in beta since about 9/26 and I haven’t tried public beta. I think the voice chat feature should not completely be eliminated, if for the time being it must be then I hope that feature returns. I’ve been in the forums…the amount of harrassement issue is dispicable and completely disgusts me.
    I hate it and I hate to think that this’d ruin the experience of female gamers. it’s gotten to a point where people age of 30 and up seem to think everyone younger than them is immature…one incident occured in closed beta where a female automatically assumed I walked up to hit on her when in fact I walked up to talk to a friend near her..this was around the time the harrassement issue began I don’t think females should be harrassed to the limit as to where they think every guy will harrass them. I as a closed home beta tester expect the chat feature to return but for the time being and with the level of harrassement going on, am happy with the decision

  • I hope voice chat was only removed for technical reasons. Disappointing, how the best features keep getting nixed. (I’m looking at you streaming music/video from hdd).

    I know it will probably never happen now, but you guys should really know how revolutionary the latter feature would be. It was really ball-crushing to hear you guys talk about it pre-beta then act like it never existed. It was the one reason I was really excited for Home… And without it, I doubt I’ll use Home. There’s nothing there I haven’t seen or done before in other games/media, except it’s more clunky and less fun in Home.

  • This is good news. But everyone would love to see some more features.

  • This is what happens when underage Homelings go wild. You have to do something drastic to get there attention and this is how you do it.

    Parents take note! You can take something away and make a difference. As long as you explain it to them and then don’t make it too long.

    We should get it back as soon as they figure out how to stop these Homelings from infringing on music copyrights of non-Sony music playing across their mics… I would bet that this is the reason that this is happening is that music is streaming from some third party source that the RIAA has said something to Sony and they feel that it could end up being used against Sony in a lawsuit.

    And we know that large companies are big targets.

  • Voice chat will return, right? I hope they’re removing it to work on some technical problem, not due to some people getting offended. Honestly, if you don’t like listening to other people, turn voice chat off and become blissfully deaf. They really need to make a quick mute button, like one of the d-pad buttons, to toggle voice chat quickly without having to stumble through several layers of menus.
    Maybe when voice chat returns we will see the option for a voice censoring feature to bleep out expletives?

  • Ok no big deal….well i haven’t been able to go to the home beta forum but i would like to tell yall that it will be cool if guys can add more clothes, man i feel like a hobo i would like to see a suit or something more elegant and may be more arcade games they are very cool.

  • No voice chat AGAIN? C’mon, Sony. Are we going to have to wait for another firmware update again too?

  • Sounds Like a Plan to Fix all the Mic Bug issues… To me this is GOOD NEWS.. but on a downside I guess its better then NO HOME :D


    ***HOME DOWN Error Code of D5027 and D5028***


    Wish all the HOME Maintenance GUYS a Merry Christmas :D

  • I hope it is to work out bugs. If trolls are the problem, just take voice chat out of the public spaces, but leave it in clubhouses, apartments, and the Phone A Friend feature.

  • Alright Sony.. you know a lot of people are constantly backing you guys up for being better then XBox 360 but you guys continue to drop the ball.. big time.

    LittleBigPlanet was suppose to help you and you guys dropped the ball on following through it. Its no wonder more content is out for XBox Im slowly losing my Sony Pride.. just cause of your poor decisions in Gaming. You guys need to get your act together and stop making lame decisions.

  • DAMN IT!!! :smileymad: I was gonna throw a BBQ for Professor Playstation, ahem that would be you Jeff, :smileytongue: and the hot little potato I met in the Home bowling alley!!! I was gonna show her how to set Jeff’s hair on fire and throw him off the balcony from my Home apartment all in one move but now my plans are ruined, I’m so depressed, I need to go Quinsy somebody!!! :smileytongue: :smileyvery-happy:

  • Well is voice chat is going to be temporarily un available due to technical issues with it, I guess that’s fine.

    Maybe if voice chat was only available inside apartments and clubs so, friend can chat, instead of the public areas. Maybe that would be a good option.

    Just thought I would throw that out there @ 3:36am.

  • Or maybe just give people the option to be able to turn it on/off if they so choose, that way if they wanna have it on they can and if not then they can turn it off!!!

  • Good job guys, I hate voice chat! Keep it out for good!

  • Hey Sony, it would be great if you gave some kind of system-wide notice that the Home was going down before booting everyone out. I was actually having fun chatting with some folks but didn’t get a chance to write their usernames down. Not really complaining here, I am hoping this is something you will considering implementing.

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