Crash Commando Available Tomorrow on PSN – First Tips and Strategies

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We introduced Crash Commando to you last week, and now that the game is out tomorrow on PlayStation Network, we wanted to talk more about the game modes and give you some tips about how to rack up the kills.


The game modes:

Free-for-all frenzies or team-based skirmishes. Reach the target score first to win! In these modes, bots can be included offline as well as online.

Map Objectives is a game mode exclusive to multiplayer. It is based on having two teams – an attacking team and a defending team. The attackers have to meet set objectives while the defenders try to stop them.

A Map Objectives game is played in steps. At the beginning only some objectives are available, and by accomplishing them, new ones become available until they have all been met and the attackers win. Points are awarded to the attacking team depending on met objectives. The defenders can win by defending efficiently to force the time to run out, since the attackers have to meet objectives to gain extra time. This means that an efficient defense can cut an attack short.

There are two types of objectives games; Espionage and Sabotage:

Crash Commando - Data terms

In Espionage, the attackers need to download data from four data terminals scattered across the map, and bring them home safely to be uploaded to HQ.

Crash Commando - Control pnls

In Sabotage, the attackers need to destroy three clusters of control panels. Each cluster contains three panels and each is destroyed by running up to it and planting a bomb on them. It takes time for the bomb to go off so it is important to guard the panel until it does explode, since defenders otherwise can get there and defuse them.

Strategy tips:

As we have been playing the game like crazy, we have a few insider tips for you, so you can get an upper hand on people while they are busy figuring this out by themselves!

The number one tip that comes to mind is how to aim using the right stick! The best and easiest way to learn to get the bullets to end up where you want them – namely, in the bodies of your enemies – is to have the right stick constantly at a full tilt in the direction you want to aim, and adjust it using a circular motion. Basically you never should release the stick from full tilt while aiming and firing, unless you need that thumb of yours to, e.g., push a button to go to the other side or reload.

The second tip is to get to know each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses – knowing them, you will soon figure out how you can use the environments to your advantage with your weapon against your enemies.

The third tip is that C4 is a really good counter to vehicles because when they’re attached to a vehicle (or soldier J), they kill instantly when detonated.

Crash Commando_2

The fourth tip is to keep track of your jetpack fuel meter since you do have a limited supply that begins to regenerate quickly when you’re back on your feet again. You use it to get to higher grounds as well as in a very useful move called “spinning.” To spin, push the left stick down and slightly left or to the right while pushing the jetpack button, and you will spin away quickly in the chosen direction as long as you still have jetpack fuel left.

The last tip is to actually select your survival bonuses when you receive them during a game. You don’t want to miss out on them – they can give you regenerative health (together with a small max health boost), faster running speed, or quicker jetpacks and the ability to kill people by spinning near them. And you can have all three at the same time, if you manage to earn it.


We have been playing against the “same-old” players for quite a while now, and we really look forward to be playing the game with and against new players online for greater challenges (the Sony producers are easy meat). We might have the upper hand for a little time until you get the hang of it, but after that we are counting on getting our butts kicked.

If you have any questions about the game, we will try to answer them as best we can on the blog.

We hope to see you online – let the frag-fest begin! The game is available on PSN tomorrow for $9.99, so what are you waiting for?

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