PlayStation Network Maintenance Completed

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The PlayStation Network maintenance announced earlier today has been completed and everything is back up and running properly.

Thank you for your patience.

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  • so what was updated? and woohoo first

  • Thanks for the info.
    Im gonna play some Resistance 2 right now :D

  • Flippin sweet! Thank you guys!
    Can anyone tell me how to get an avatar for this?

  • An update list would be cool.

  • It was never down for me…

  • It’s a gravatar.

  • home isn’t working tho!!

  • Maintenance can just be improvements, any “update list” really won’t matter until the new firmware adds the capability to use it.

    i.e., maybe they updated the network to have cross platform invites which is simply giving the value of a message as a message+game code+invite flags. This is just an example. Even if that happened, Firmware can’t presently do it and it would require an update, along with game devs having to include the functionality.

    Anyway can you put a schedule on the blog that talks about things like this and upcoming games? Even put releases of content on there.

  • Updating the network cool Sony. I hope it helps Home to function much better.

    P.S. get your bluetooth headsets, its better talking in Home than typing.

    PSN ID: stennex.

  • Home works for me, no need to download any form of updates.

    @anyone that says Home was hacked:
    A script kiddy doing local updates is nothing new. I have an Ad blocker and that stops ads, does that mean I’m hacking website? No, I’m modifying local content only.

  • YES! It is finally completed! Thank You Sony! You guys Rock!

  • Can we get the info on what was updated! For some reason I could still log in during the update?


  • I hope it stabilizes Home. Getting randomly booted is a pain in the ass.

  • 8002AD23

    Can’t anything on-line…


  • A bit late aren’t ya.I’m done with playing my PS3 for today.

  • Does this update fix Home?

    Why does my gravatar not work?

  • @15/Netweb
    Look at the very last post:
    Even if you don’t have problems you should do this, its so helpful and a much better experience overall. I have static IP and port fowarding on every computer/game system in my house and trust me, its very nice.

  • 8002AD23

  • Cool, thanks guys.

  • Thank you for the Info

    to the Rest of all on here


    i’ll leave it at that.

  • Could be a firmware update!

  • Thank you for the update. I am sure this downtime was to fix some things due to all the traffic the PSN has been getting with the Home beta. Is this correct?

  • COOL! I honestly didn’t have any problems with the Playstation Network during this maintenance period…

    :) That’s a good thing though!

  • Wasn’t down form me, meh.

    Did you guys fix Home though? I normally log in on the second try, but I’d like to log in instantly.

  • What do you guys want an update list of? It was regular maintenance.

  • One thing I did notice is the logo under Add Ons for LBG has changed for the better. You can now tell what it is.

  • Thanks for the heads-up :)

  • someone help please wont let me leave the harbor studio keeps saying my status wont allow it even though i’m the master account and wont let my subaccount even sign in does anyone know how this can be fixed……alone in da dark!!!!!!!

  • @#5

    Thank you for helping me get my gravatar :)

  • heard its cause they are gonna make a home update on thursday that is gonna make it easier to log in since people have been having to try and sign in 2,3 or more times sometimes. also heard that the diesel store, red bull air race and others are gonna go up thursday to i think.

  • i really wish these postings would show a timestamp as to the exact time when they are posted. just the date alone is not enough.

  • ok been a few places since i posted a message but still cant go to central plaza or bowling alley keeps saying my parental status wont allow me does anyone know to fix this or what the problem maybe …..other that lovin it!!!!!!!!

  • ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
    ——- PS3 Firmware Wish List ——- By Skater_Ricky
    ► When Playing a Game and hitting the [PS BUTTON] Should “ONLY” have the Options to See our Friends List, Sound Options, Microphone Options And Music to be changed would Make a Faster Loading up for IN-Game XMB. (What it’s Really is needed is for Messaging because its really Important to see and Message Back and Forth to Our Friends When Needed)

    ► Trophy Level and Percentage Below or Next to Our Avatars and PSN ID. (Will Make it Easier to see what there Level is Rather then opening up there SLOW GAME Cards but if this Slows down the Friend List Please do not add!)

    ► MORE AVATARS saying this for all because have to many friends on my list with the same Avatars.

    ► Text Messages to be allowed to be seen in our VOICE CHAT to make it kinda like Text Chat also.. some times getting in a room with more then 4 gets to be a problem and Text is Needed to Speak your words of wisdom.

  • ► Cross Game Voice Chat (Just like the Option in HOME to Call up a Friend even have the ring sounds and have the same options as accepting them [START BUTTON])

    ► XMB Cross Game Invite so we can send a invite to anyone on our PSN Friends List so we can play a game with them easier BY sending a Message What Game we are ON and What Level.

    ► A SPECIAL SOUND for Text Messages being Received (Option to turn off or on) reason some people will not like the idea or get annoyed with it.

    ► Voice Messaging (To leave Offline Voice Messages example 15-20 second voice clips to record on.) to send to there INBOX.

    ► XMB Screen shot for anything on the screen even not just for games. (Example if you wanted to take a screen shot of your Custom XMB Theme or wanted to take a screen shot of your Trophy collection)

    ► In-Game MUSIC using the XMB “NOT” just a feature in some Games.

    — I’m sure theirs something that I forgot about —

  • Sony,

    Add an option to let developers let you join an online game through the XMB.

    For example, your friend is playing Call of Duty: World at War online, you can highlight the friends name, press Triangle, and hit Join Game (obviously you need the disk in). You’ll be instantly warped to their match.

    PLEASE!!!! This needs to be through the XMB. New firmwire update, please! It would make it sooo much easier and connected.

  • does this mean Maestro and/or pre-paid VISA work again now?

  • Kwl all maintenance is good news!!!

  • @35 maxima-kid you have to be atleast 13 to enter home or is it 16 at the moment?

  • Awesome, hopefully I can actually play some online games now.

  • SONY, You need to add MODS to HOME and fast. Almost ALL of my friends have stopped using HOME because they can’t stand the people who act so very immature. And I’m sorry to say, I’m about to join them.
    I’m tired of reporting people for harassment!

  • Just get rid of voice chat altogether in Home. People can either buy a usb keyboard, the controller keyboard, or use the DualShock2.

    Too many people playing music on the mic & ‘internet gangsters’ causing a scene with their foul language and pointless threats.

    Also, next firmware update… the ability to sign into the PSN as invisible?

  • MORE AVATARS… make my own!

  • Great, so what. I still can’t get in . Still get an error message 8013013e. What gives guys? How is this problem going to be corrected?

  • Is the age requirement over 16? Although I use the sub account on my PS3, whenever I go into Home I receive the error that I am not yet old enough to enter it. . .

    Suggestions//help appreciated

  • For some reason, my PS3 won’t connect to the PSN.
    And I’ve been trying for about an hour now.
    Is there some unexpected maintenance going on?

  • @46…
    Assuming you are in NA it is 13+

    Go into your Account Management and set Restrict Content Based on Age to YES and you’ll be able to get in. If you are on a sub-account you need to set this on the Master Account.

  • @43 It’s called the Dualshock3 not 2.
    @47 Yes, that’s what this article’s about!

  • can someone help me I can’t sign in to playstation network

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