LittleBigPlanet introduces “Level Packs” @ PS Store: 12/18/08

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First we introduced an array of costumes for Sackboy, now the PS Store is pleased to introduce exciting new LBP ‘Level Packs’ to fill your Pop-it with more themed creative items. Our level packs are filled with several new items including new costumes, cool objects, decorative items and numerous stickers all for you to enjoy creating new levels – all for just $2.99.

Check the store this Thursday and get your hands on our first one: Festive Level Pack (includes):

  • Two new Costumes – Christmas Tree headpiece and a Wrapped Sackboy.
  • TreeFrontGiftBoyFront

  • One new Create Material = Wrapping Paper (cardboard w/ giftwrap texture).
  • Two new Objects = A Festive Sleigh and holiday themed light.
  • Six new Decorations = A Festive Bauble, Bell, Wrapping Bow, Candy Cane, Card and Stocking.
  • A ton of new Stickers = holiday themed of course, including a Red Nose Reindeer, Elves, Turkey images and many more.
  • …and a partridge in a pear tree (j/k)

    LBP festive photo

This is just the first Level Pack — but with the holidays only around for a few more weeks, the Festive Level Pack is only available for a limited time and will be removed from the store after January 8, 2009. Remember, there will be more to come, so continue to check back here again to see what is “in-store” for you.

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  • yay sony is awesome :D cant wait for thursday ;)

  • Sounds nice

  • Sad…I was hoping you guys wouldn’t charge for new materials used to build with. Oh well, $2.99 isn’t that bad for all of that stuff. I’m not a big sticker user, so the stickers don’t really matter much for me, but the new costumes are cool.

  • @103
    I agree, not a huge sticker user either, especially since so many of them are so cheesy, I used the cloud one once but that is about it.

    We need more things to create with and some other objects, like water. I keep bringing it up but I really think it could be sweet, and look neat, too. And, then you could choose if you could swim in it or if it was a trigger to take a life like spikes or fire. :D

    It would also be cool to see it flow, if you created a slant and had water flowing down it into something else and decide if it can fill something up or just fall into it continuously without overflowing.

    Also, a type of particle effect emitter would be wicked as well! For fireworks or fire or any sweet type of effect! The PS3 can do it, I know it can! :D


  • Oh, and one more question, not only for LBP DLCs but others as well, especially ones that are timed to go away…

    Say you are backing up your HDD or you want to put a new one in. Does all your DLC content get backed up or do you loose it since it is installed?

  • has Sony or Mm considered putting out a video tutorial to show how one of the in-game levels were created?

    I think that something like this might help get the ball rolling and show the generic public (many of which do not realise that *all* of the game levels were created with the in-game tool set).

    it might also help all of the budding creatists understand some of the tricks and shortcuts necessary to generate some rather ingenious levels.

  • I would love to play LBP again, buy stuff, and give you guys my money but the wheel of doom killed my sackboy 2 months ago and the glitch is STILL making the game un-playable.
    :( help turn my Sadboy into a Sackboy again…
    please, my wife won’t shut up abut it.

  • @106
    Not to say you are not right but looking at the job posting on MediaMolecule’s website under Level Designer it says:

    “The main focus of this role is to design excellent, fun to play game levels and build them using our in-house editor.”

    Going by that it sounds like they have a better, more slick tool, to make the story levels. I’m assuming something on a PC or a dev PS3

  • Is there gonna be a Little Big Planet 2?? Please Answer

  • Seriously, this should be free, i already saw the metal gear solid DLC stuff, and thats going to be expensive! i mean seriously, make content CHEAPA, if you expect me to pay a total of lets see, 6 dollars for bundle of characters plus probobly another 6 for the level pack…. 12 bucks (the original game was 60…) for just that teeny bit of dlc, you have to be kidding me. we’re not made of money you know

  • #107 you got playstation network account ! right!!!!couple weeks ago told us too merge the playstation network ID with playstation .com to keep our download history on this blog. if you did you should be able start the game over. go to playstation stroy at the top it has download history. but look in the store first find it first be for you restart the game. if you haven’t merge your account you should find the blog page in this blog history it was like 2 or3 months back . go to this it will tell you what to do . good luck

  • I keep checking the Playstation store and the level pack isn’t up yet. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • It’s 8pm Eastern time on Dec 18th. When will this stuff be added to the store?

  • I got the costumes but how do I find the level?

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