LittleBigPlanet introduces “Level Packs” @ PS Store: 12/18/08

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First we introduced an array of costumes for Sackboy, now the PS Store is pleased to introduce exciting new LBP ‘Level Packs’ to fill your Pop-it with more themed creative items. Our level packs are filled with several new items including new costumes, cool objects, decorative items and numerous stickers all for you to enjoy creating new levels – all for just $2.99.

Check the store this Thursday and get your hands on our first one: Festive Level Pack (includes):

  • Two new Costumes – Christmas Tree headpiece and a Wrapped Sackboy.
  • TreeFrontGiftBoyFront

  • One new Create Material = Wrapping Paper (cardboard w/ giftwrap texture).
  • Two new Objects = A Festive Sleigh and holiday themed light.
  • Six new Decorations = A Festive Bauble, Bell, Wrapping Bow, Candy Cane, Card and Stocking.
  • A ton of new Stickers = holiday themed of course, including a Red Nose Reindeer, Elves, Turkey images and many more.
  • …and a partridge in a pear tree (j/k)

    LBP festive photo

This is just the first Level Pack — but with the holidays only around for a few more weeks, the Festive Level Pack is only available for a limited time and will be removed from the store after January 8, 2009. Remember, there will be more to come, so continue to check back here again to see what is “in-store” for you.

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  • This is what I’m talking about! Worth $2.99? Oh yeah, every penny!

    Do all of the Costume packs like this, and you can have my money.

    @Jedi_webslinger #47

  • I’m making a Christmas level focused on Santa’s Sleigh, so you’ve sold it to at least one person.

  • is down? I thought it was supposed to be up until January 8th, 2009

  • To me “Level Pack” means new levels for single player. I thought this was what you were referring to and I got all excited because I was getting ready to put money in my wallet to give to you guys.

    But now I see this is just another LBP DLC rip-off extravaganza. MAKE MORE LEVELS FOR SINGLE PLAYER! This is DLC that I and probably most of the other people who have yet to fall for your dirty DLC tricks would actually buy.

  • @the people complaining about it containing no levels:

    Mm is leaving it up to you to create the levels or you can just play other peoples levels, there are some damn good levels out there, you just have to look for them.

    As for the level packs, ill gladly buy it, im going to support you all the way! Just make sure you make another PS3 exclusive ;)

  • I still wish there would have been more content on the blu-ray disc, i seriously don’t feel they filled all 50gb…
    And, more things to make items move and such. And, WATER! :D that would have been wicked, i get sick of only 3 objects to apply to items.

    But yeah, I am torn on this being $2.99. it seems fair but yet I feel more should have been with the $59.99 game.

  • Awesome thank you. More DLC like this.

  • Apologises if I have missed it, but I couldn’t see anything about it within the main post. Is this content coming to the European Store as well? We often lose out when it comes to these things but I would like to think that since we have recieved all of the previous LittleBigPlanet content, we will be getting this as well.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Can people w/o the DLC play levels that are made by people that used the DLC?

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry – its tough to break away from normal 9-to-5 work and answer some of these. I’ll try to get to a lot of these later/tonight.

    But quickly…

    – Contents…the intent of these types of Level Packs is to provide materials for the LBCreators to expand their Pop-it tool with new items/materials, etc. For those looking for single player levels, just hold tight…

    – Free stuff…you guys got the Santa gear right? If not you only have until 1/8. Happy Holidays!

    – “Level Pack” name…interesting feedback on the name – this is something we can look into.

    …back to the daily grind…


  • @hesido (Comment #13): I entirely agree…gifting of content in the store in general is a fantastic idea! The potential for such a feature extends far beyond merely game content. It could extend in to PS Home (clothing, accessories, or even properties) or to the video store. Another great way to go would be to allow contributions to someone else’s wallet directly rather than having to buy a gift card for a certain dollar amount. If implemented properly, it could greatly extend the versatility of the store.

    Back to the topic at hand, this type of pack seems like it would have more value than a standard costume, and is a very good idea. In general, the weekly support of LBP in the store and on the site is a pretty good indicator of how DLC should be presented. The new theme pack shows some nice variety, which really demonstrates the breadth of the game. An LBP store, integrated in to the game, though, where DLC can be browsed and purchased in a level-style format would be like nothing else any game or console offers…don’t know how easy it would be…just a thought.

    Congrats to MM on the recent accolades! Keep up the incredible job you’ve continued to do with LittleBigPlanet!

  • although i think it should be free its pretty good deal.

    Check out a new lbp forum at

  • $2.99 for all this? Now that’s more like it, this is definitely worth the price. Now if only every LBP DLC was like this. Either way, nice to see that packs like this for $3 are a possibility.

  • Finally content I’m willing to pay for. I think all of the costumes should come out with a set of themed stickers at the very least. The objects make it even better.

    I’ll buy creation packs (costumes, objects, stickers all bundled) and new MM made levels…
    but I’d never buy a costume or a t-shirt no matter how cool it was for even $1.

    MM made levels (on par with those in the game) and Bundled goodies at a reasonable price FTW!

  • Very cool, but maybe it should have been free because its almost Christmas :P

    check out the new lbpforum at

  • why are you calling this a level pack? A level pack should be a full level or levels made by you guys that is what i believe make a “level pack”.

  • The title sounded so cool, I’m thinking levels like that you can play. So if a level pack is just stickers and items, what are you going to call a pack that contains actual new levels? This should be called a “Creator Curator’s Pack” or something more accurate. And $2.99 is a good price but this is way too close to Christmas, a week before? Guys next time get holiday stuff like this a little sooner so people would have a chance to use them in their levels.

  • I definitely like this. I was actuallt looking for sleigh ornaments around my house to take a picture of so I could make my own. Same for wrapping paper objects. Are you all reading my ideas off of the gtplanet thread? I posted my upcoming level ideas yesterday. Two are Christmas themed, with a third having a possible Christmas theme, but likely not.

    And the pricing here is good. I only bought the animal costumes because I liked those, but I haven’t personally seen the value in the premium costumes yet. These would normally be $0.99 costumes on their own, throw in creation objects and it is perfect.

    Definitely consider the “Level Pack” naming, as it is confusing, especially when you have a pack of levels coming. I am thinking Creation Pack. That would grab my atention as an addicted level creator.

    By the way, my wife loves your game but hates what it has done to me. Something about getting to bed at 4:00AM.

  • And looking at those costumes: Is the star on the Christmas Tree lit? That would be awesome. You could light your own way through dark levels.

  • Looks really cute, but not worth its price. One is wrapping is funny.

  • Nice Christmas-present! :D

  • Awesome!!! a friend tried to create some festive objects and levels but it didn’t seem good enough. I think these level packs will help!

  • It’s great and all Sam but the name level pack is misleading expecially with the Kratos Pack. I thought a level came with it. You should change the name of the pack from level pack to something less boring and tiny bit funner and creative like a Sack Pack. LOL! What do you think?

  • Well I’ll definitely get this, for the costumes if nothing else.

    I really think something called a “level pack” should include a developer created level — one that uses all the pieces included in the pack. Maybe it will, who knows.

  • to many of yall looking for a hand out we were given something free all most every week since LBP been out. if you don’t wont to pay 2.99 – $5.99 then don’t its not free to make these things. if your under the age of 18 and mommy wont buy you nothing tuff luck Christmas next week.

  • Woohoo! Awesome stuff all for $2.99!! I am definitely buying this stuff, thanks for the continuous support MM!

    Now I can honestly begin to work on my Christmas Level!!

  • damnit.. when you said level pack I thought you meant ‘MM designed levels’ or maybe you bunched together the best of User made levels into a DLC type thing.

    eeeh. This is cool too though

  • wow… something i actually can buy thats cheap!
    LBP is awsome and u guys make it even more awsome! Im getting the game 4 christmas and ill still have time to get this:)

  • Mark,
    Please read.

    The current marketing strategies are failing, Sony’s amazing IP’s are suffering.
    Things need to change, advertisements need to be approached with the average consumer in mind. Someone with absolutely no idea what the images popping up on a billboard or someones shirt means.
    I asked a family member of mine after watching a Little Big Planet add, “what do you think?”
    To which she replied ” I don’t get it, what is it”

    The game is so much fun yet the marketing has the vibrancy of a dead fish.

    Sony is more interested in pushing the brand than they are in giving the consumers a reason to buy in.
    I feel sorry for studios like Insomniac, Media Molecule an Sega (for Valkyria Chronicles).
    Last year Sony made a major push on 3rd party titles like COD4 and Assasins Creed and we know how well those sold.
    Where is the love for your own?
    It is really sad to see innovative new IP fail so miserably.
    Sony needs to go back, take a look at the PS2 commercials of old, see what worked.
    Gameplay for one, atmosphere, suspense.
    A lower price point is also a major factor, but when COD5 is top seller it makes you have to stop and think.

  • lol Beautiful! :)

    Honestly, beautiful! I love the idea of the level packs… but I do think that it would have been even cooler to offer this for FREE! I mean, ’tis the season… for giving free stuff… on the playstation network…

    I mean come on! :)

    Oh well, as much as I want it, I probably won’t purchase it… :(

  • man that is pretty cool but does any one wish you could make your own sackboys matirial any way $2.99 cmon its christmas haha i will get it for cheaper £ i luv GBP

  • man this american time thing is anoying it 2.28 in the morning not 6.whateverpm

  • what happened to the beard and hat for the santa costume are we supposed to get that too or did you forget to mention that

  • YES! Thank you… Thank you! I’ve made a couple Christmas levels and new stuff like this is really a welcome sight.

  • Sweet. This level should be fun. 2.99 isn’t too bad, how much is xbox live again?

  • thanks MM this is the way your DLC should be the mix of stuff get all the different kinds out there. The kind that make level,the kind that dress sack and like to come up with cool looking one like the guy that came up with the spawn look alike which (I LIKE TO THANK HIM THAT ONE IS COOL) and the one that like sticker everything!!!!! they all get something in one pack. FOR THOSE WANTING MORE LEVELS THE ONE GETTING THESE ARE MAKEING LEVELS (I MADE LBC1- Playststion3 coming home ) and there are plenty more try searching for them pl name levels everything type in key word( doom ,king,bat, and see what it finds!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) i found some great level out there.

  • This would of been good of it including a mini story mode of 3 or so premade Chistmas levels.

  • Since you seem to be considering changing the name of this packs to more resemble what they actually are how about:

    “level creation packs”

    It’s concise and straight to the point. Shouldn’t lead to confusions. You should use level packs when actual levels are released (as was hinted).

  • “these packs” not this…how about an edit button?

  • I think that $2.99 is very reasonable :) I can hardly wait until Thursday :)

  • Out of curiousity– why are updates on Thursdays? Why not on the day its announced here on the blog? Doesn’t the competition offer DLC immediately? Why is Sony always late?

  • I already bought this. Well not actually but the money in my wallet belongs to this. I didn’t buy the characters (and I love R2, Street fighter, and Motorstorm) but this is a great price for the content so I won’t pass on this one.

  • I apologize if someone has already said this but instead of being called a “Level Pack” I think the name should be “Creation Pack” or something along those lines. Goodnight all.

  • Here’s a question. What happens if someone doesn’t have the DLC, but goes to play a user made level with DLC content in it?

    Will still be able to play?

  • Axe my ?, I should have read page 2:P


    I totally agree.

    I want to say they should fire the marketing people all of them. These ads are the dumbest thing in the world.

    Last year, the ads where nice, good music got the blood pumping and it showed off the games.

    This year, the only people that will get the ads are people who already have it. And whats up with showing Ratchet, thats last year. That surely won’t help people want one seeing you push the same thing two years in a row.

    If you want it to be art then quit and go start painting, these ads almost make the ads about JEANS make more sense.

  • yea… only DLC i care the free ones. Also it would have been better if there were dlc levels.

  • I just bought this last night! It’s pretty cool, my whole pod is now decorated for christmas.
    To answer someone’s question:
    Yes it seems you can play levels created with this content. I wanted to show the content to my friend, so made a level for him to play. He could see everything normally. The stickers and decorations act just like normal ones do.

  • One important question:
    Can you share the things you buy in “Level packs”?

    For example, can you give away a sticker or a candy cane that was in the level pack as a price bubble in your own levels?

  • It’s very good for those who want to make Christmas levels! So that’s good thinking. Yeah maybe you should consider the name “level pack”. Because the first thought was new levels from the creators.

    rknrolla –

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