LittleBigPlanet introduces “Level Packs” @ PS Store: 12/18/08

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First we introduced an array of costumes for Sackboy, now the PS Store is pleased to introduce exciting new LBP ‘Level Packs’ to fill your Pop-it with more themed creative items. Our level packs are filled with several new items including new costumes, cool objects, decorative items and numerous stickers all for you to enjoy creating new levels – all for just $2.99.

Check the store this Thursday and get your hands on our first one: Festive Level Pack (includes):

  • Two new Costumes – Christmas Tree headpiece and a Wrapped Sackboy.
  • TreeFrontGiftBoyFront

  • One new Create Material = Wrapping Paper (cardboard w/ giftwrap texture).
  • Two new Objects = A Festive Sleigh and holiday themed light.
  • Six new Decorations = A Festive Bauble, Bell, Wrapping Bow, Candy Cane, Card and Stocking.
  • A ton of new Stickers = holiday themed of course, including a Red Nose Reindeer, Elves, Turkey images and many more.
  • …and a partridge in a pear tree (j/k)

    LBP festive photo

This is just the first Level Pack — but with the holidays only around for a few more weeks, the Festive Level Pack is only available for a limited time and will be removed from the store after January 8, 2009. Remember, there will be more to come, so continue to check back here again to see what is “in-store” for you.

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  • sweeeeeeet

  • Aww I thought it was new levels on Single Player :(

  • Sounds great. Thanks

  • Ohh I was thinking “level packs” were going to be new developer levels. This is cool too though, definitly worth the $2.99 download.

  • Just when you thought things wouldn’t get better, Day 1! bring some more level! Valentine’s!!!

  • Prolly will buy this—any news on when full new levels will come?

  • right on MM keep the good comming. BTW how long b4 we get a LBP space in home? just think of the possibilities! oh and don’t for get game launching when u guys set that spot up please hurry on this one i think this is one of the more important gamespaces… i mean Uncharted? thats cool and all i own the game but LBP would be a push in the right direction. :)

  • Omg….cmon its christmas, this should be free :x

  • Very cool. Good deal!

  • Mm! and Sony will receive my money when there’s a DLC involving new playable levels/story/expansion for the Single Player LBP experience.

  • So is this another level to play through, or just a $2.99 rummage-sale of stickers and stuff?

  • This is good, but I cannot even download free DLC, let alone buy stuff for LBP. I live in Turkey, and we have no PSN store. I have a home in NY next to a Pizza shop ( :-P ) so I also have US account, but since all my trophies are in my Turkish account, the costumes and DLC mean not much a thing, since the DLC is account AND region-locked.

    So why not allow LittleBigPresents? I can buy the DLC when I go to NY, and I can present it to my Turkish account. The DLC item is removed from my US account, and you’ll be happy, as you’ll be making money: This will also be good for people who imported their games!!! I mean, come on.. If someone has imported an asia version, they could buy stuff from their asian store, and “present” it to their main account..

    Please implement this either in a patch, or LBP2..

  • Sweet!
    Can’t wait to play!
    $2.99 are you guys serious?
    Can I please pay $5.99?

    This is a GREAT deal guys THANKS SO MUCH!
    Love the tree that’s cute!

  • Thanks Mark, great idea !

  • @13
    Yeah for Sony being a global company they really should do something for ALL the PS fans worldwide.

    I wish SCEA could do something but I am guessing it’s out of their hands.

  • $2.99.

    Seriously? It should be free.

  • “Level pack” really does sound like it includes levels – which would have been cool. Create mode is awesome, but I just don’t have the time. More levels from the developers would be great.

  • $3 some Christmas spirit you have sony.

  • Awesome stuff. A little pricey but cool stuff.

    Question: Why has my level, “O’ Christmas Tree”, not received any plays for over a month. I mean, it is no 5 star, but once it got to 23 plays, no more.

    Can I be so far lost in the hundreds of thousands of levels that no one else has played for over a month? Just wondering; seems strange this being the season.



  • You’re making us pay even at christmas? lol that’s funny.

  • People want levels? There are thousands of them available for free.

  • 2,99$…nice shot! Finally you listen to us about the increadible price for costume…so here one whole pack… I’ll get it for sure!

  • Although new levels would be sweet, I’d rather see this kind of packaged DLC. I mean come on, 2 costumes, 6 decos, 1 material and some stickers? That is sweet. Better than 2 bucks for 1 costume

  • Are you guys really complaining about $3? That’s the price of a double cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.

  • All that for 2.99? Now we’re talking! I’ll buy that. Still not paying 5.99 for those Street Fighter outfits though.


  • I’m definitively buying PSN Cards this holiday! Keep up the good work! :D

  • Thanks! Keep it coming guys! Happy Holidays!

  • Should be free!

  • Its cool getting these holliday theamed items but it would be nice to get them a bit earlier in future so we have time to get the stuff into our levels for the holiday.

  • It’s a better price than what you’ve been charging for the costumes, but I still think it should be a little cheaper. Maybe $2.

    This game isn’t selling the way it should be selling, and it would help boost sales with more free content, and cheaper DLC.

  • MM – As an owner of LBP who has been very vocal about the cost of DLC from your camp, I’ll be the first to admit (well, maybe the 20-something based on comments already) that this is the right path for DLC. Bundling goodies and costumes together is a GREAT idea and the price of $3 is perfect.

    That said, I probably won’t download this because I just don’t have time for level creation. It’s like learning Photoshop or Flash all over again. Way too complex for what little time I have to play games. i really want to learn how to create levels, and it’s probably why I’m hanging onto the game. Maybe I’ll have some more time during the downtime of the holidays.

    All that said, keep rolling with this direction. I think the game has so much potential and charging less for more little things like stickers, themes, costumes, is the way to go in my humble opinion.

  • I’ll bite. But it’d be nice if Hong Kong didn’t break the street date on this (it’s been on their PSN website for a couple days).

    I’m pretty excited about more objects, more stickers, etc. Will we ever get… more tools for CREATE?

  • Hmm so no single player Levels then? dang I was thinking it was going to be all new built levels for us to play not stuff to make levels. Oh well.

  • Will you be able to play levels that include these assets if you don’t have them yourself? Seems like that would cause the level to run VERY slowly as it would have to load the new models and art before playing.

  • aww i thought this meant it was levels to play not make lol well it still seems cool though i like how sackboy all wrapped up!

  • This levels packs are a very good idea, I would also love to see more original levels created by the MM team, don’t get me wrong some of the user-made levels are fantastic, but I really liked the levels created by MM.

  • how festive of you guys to do this! this kind of stuff puts me right into the holiday spirit. back to my xmas shopping.


  • Is it just me or is every costume that makes its way to the PS Store makes you just want to buy them? I usually don’t do this but these costumes are sweet and will continue to buy every one of them! :D

  • I can’t believe people who are complaining about paying $2.99 for this. Media Molecule has to bring in some money besides from the main game. If you expect them to just do all of it for free they’ll probably have to stop making anything for LBP and move on to the next game.

  • Please don’t call this a “level pack”. It gives everyone the wrong idea.

    I real “level pack” to most people would be a pack of new levels designed by Media Molecule.

  • This is a great idea and the price is just about right. I to dont have time for level creations but may play around with these xmas items.

    Will be picking this up…

  • I agree with Tigerriot (#43),
    These should be called “Construction Packs” like PS3Fanboy called them. Or “Create Packs” or something. Level packs is confusing.

  • Awesome, MM- I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to give us! Bring on the paid DLC, I just want to see a little less holiday themed stuff and more content and “level packs” based on new themes that will be applicable year-round in the future, please… :)

  • This is cool!!! Thank you Sony and MM. Should have put the Grinch costume so i could try to steal Christmas ;)

  • Glad to see some more Christmas Content! Congrats on the Studio of the year and the Best PS3 Game of the year as well! Wish you would have made some “Halloween Pack” though, that would have been fun!

  • wow…thats kool and all but SERIEOUSLY..when u write “LEVEL PACK”..its should be if u write “LEVEL CONTENT PACK” THEN it would make ALOT of sence! cummon LBP..u jus won an awasrd now u guys wanna get sliiick with us! NOT KOOL! thanx going to make sure that i make the best use of all the “LEVEL PACKs ” “CONTENTS”. :p

  • C’mon, give it as a Christmas gift ;)

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