SPIKE 2008 VGAs: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves trailer World Premiere

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If you watched last night’s 2008 SPIKE Video Game Awards, you heard the term “World Premiere!” quite a bit. Perhaps the most impressive “World Premiere!” was the reveal of the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves trailer. Shortly after the show ended, I caught up with the Josh Scherr, Cinematics Lead at Naughty Dog.

As the man behind the trailer, Josh shared his insights into Nathan Drake, and what it’s like to debut the first look of such a highly-anticipated title on a national stage.

Don’t forget, you can jump onto the PlayStation Store right now this Thursday and download the Uncharted 2 trailer for yourself!

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  • I’m still shocked at what i saw yesterday….that was bloody jawbreaking!

    Naughty Dog are simply the best. If only they could bring back CTR and release on the PSN Crash Team Racing HD with online play..

    Keep up the good work, i’ve grown up with your games, and will get old with yours too.

    That GoW3 trailer was catastrophic BTW…all those hypes and what do we get? A 10 sec boring and impressive trailer….meh, i don’t care anyway, GoW2 (second half of the game) was trash anyway.

    My 2009 day one purchases: Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Flower.

    Talking about Flower, what happened to it?

  • uncharted was more like a teaser than a trailer, can I have more please?

  • This game is gonna be AMAZING!!! I just picked up Uncharted 1 and I’m loving it!!! Can’t wait!

    Here are more screen shots if you haven’t seen them yet…


  • Nathan Drake is back!!!! Woohoo!!! I’m glad to see his dialogue is just as witty as it was in the first game. Can’t wait for Among Thieves!

  • man all rendered in game thats amazing

  • wow this one and god of war 3 together with killzone are going to make ’09 a really good year thanks for the interview Jeff, 1 more thing, is there a release date for god of war? please let me know if you know anything, thanks.

  • This game is gonna be so Freaking Awesome, I mean look at it, it’s beautiful!!! :D

  • I love the first Uncharted and will pick up Uncharted 2 on day one. The footage and images I have seen so far are UNBELIEVEBLE.
    Can’t wait
    Great stuff ND


  • Awesome, I love Noughty Dog, Uncharted and especially Jak & Daxter! THis is good stuff + it’s in game not pre-rendered? Epic win!

  • Looks great, but.. probaly not gona get a buy unless online

  • Just call it Uncharted: Among Thieves.

    Can’t wait to play this, hopefully it comes out before Summer…I’m sick of all the good games coming out at the end of October/November.

  • Sony first party dominance. 20 first party developer studios plus all of the exclusive devs like Insomniac versus Nintendo with 10 studios and Microsoft’s joke of a first party developer lineup with only 3. It should be obvious why Sony show after show continues to utterly dominate with upcomming games being shown and the other console’s fans keep crying about how ‘e3 sucks’ because they have nothing new to show.

    God War 3
    Uncharted 2
    Killzone 2
    White Knight
    Heavy Rain

    just to name a few of the heavy hitters. And not a single one downgraded to fit on the stupid 7 gigabyte 360 DVD disc or downgraded to run on the wimpy and poorly designed 360 graphics hardware.

  • Uncharted 2 is hands-down the title I am most looking forward to in 2009 (tied with Final Fantasy XIII).

    Drake oozes with charm and is just really likable and fun. Essentially a digital Indiana Jones.

    I look forward to continuing my “half-tuck” experience.

  • Okay, I will also add Heavy Rain to the top titles I am drooling over. So add it to the above comment. ;)

  • I can’t wait for Uncharted 2, I absolutely loved Drakes Fortune.

  • I have NEVER been this excited for a game in my life, I love what you do Naughty Dog. I love Uncharted and I loved the Jak series (which I do hope you continue eventually, but uncharted does totally equal it in quality so neither are better than the other), they’re both easily in my top 10 games, and both are tied with a couple other games for first :P Can’t wait, loved that trailer for the original too, can’t wait to see another musical trailer for this one :D

    P.S. This is a first day buy, no doubt.

  • Man I have not been as excited for a long time about games since the PS3 launch. UNCHARTED 2, KILLZONE 2, AND GOD OF WAR III are the 3 best looking games so far this gen.

    As Sony Computer Entertainment drops bombs the planet earth trembles!

    Off to the store to download the trailer.

  • Thanks for the interview!

  • I hoped for some game-play footage but that was more than enough to impress me. We asked for a mine-cart level and you guys answered with a train (I’m still hoping for the mine-cart as well, though). Fall 2009 can’t come soon enough.

  • Love the nerds in the background.

  • “Don’t forget, you can jump onto the PlayStation Store right now and download the Uncharted 2 trailer for yourself!”

    Um, hello, its not there yet.

  • Uncharted rules. Keep ’em coming!

  • Post #9 “Looks great, but.. probaly not gona get a buy unless online”

    Your an idiot. Plain and simple, to not get a game if it doesn’t have online. Truly just an idiot. Personally I hope they don’t add online and just focus on a AAA Single player like they’ve always done with Jak and the first Uncharted.

  • Sorry for double posting but the trailer isn’t up yet.

  • WOW! Coll new Uncharted trailer!!! Thank for the interview Jeff !!!! Keep informing us about this great console-seller game!

  • I dont see the trailer on the store.Only the God of War trailer.

  • The only game that can top Uncharted is the sequel… I can’t wait for Among Thieves! Please let it come out next summer.

  • Great. Just cause the GOW 3 trailer wasn’t what everyone thought it would be, now it will be trashed endlessly. NEwho, U3 trailer looked AWESOME, as that character model looked like it was in-game. Yes?

  • errr..U2, I mean

  • Uncharted is one of my 10 games of all time. Not only great gameplay but excellent and believable voice acting. Just from the trailers alone I can see they are keeping up the same tradition.

  • All in-game? Sweet!!! :)

  • Hmmm….the video doesn’t seem to be up on the PSN Store. I checked everywhere for it (the GOWIII video was there.)

    Anyways, can’t wait for Uncharted 2. First was killer and this one should be completely mind-blowing. Hope to see it sometime in 2009.

  • Uncharted 2 looks amazing i really loved the first one, one of my favorite games
    I cant wait to hear more about it!

    and about god of war 3.. maybe sony should have stayed quiet about it for a while before showing us some stuff. i know a lot of people who are disappointed by the video you have shown us.. anyway good games coming in 2009!

  • In my opinion Uncharted 2 was more impressive than what was show of God of War 3. Both games are day one purchases for me though. I can’t wait to take control of Nathan again. Naughty Dog should drop the 2 and just call it Uncharted: Among Thieves.

  • Man, I totally agree with smokey_vols, when I heard it was called Uncharted 2 I thought the same thing. I mean, it’s not Indiana Jones 2 or Indiana Jones 3, is it? The subtext speaks for itself.

  • Looks amazing. ND keep it up and make sure you guys are sharing that tech with the other 1st party studios :-)

  • WOW that just blew me away, that looks simply amazing, and i glad to see that you kept the same guy as the voice of drake, simply superb.

  • all this sounds great, but i’m really waiting with despair for Final Fantasy XIII (sucks it’s now for the 360), i just hope they dont downgrade it just so it doesn’t have to outstand the crapy 360, in fact i hope they make it a 50 GB xP, also recently theres rummors of a next MGS and that it’s going to be for 360 cause of a green power simbol…….. i really hope it aint so, i would feel ofended if more of our PS3 games go to them,,,, and in the end when games are on both consoles, we have to not outstand them, and be downgraded…. lame :( …….

  • This game is fantastic. If you have not tried uncharted people stop reading this and go buy it now. Story, controls, graphics “vivid colors” all fantastic. Here is a company that is not afraid to use color (i love it). I have played this game in english, spanish, french it’s like playing a different game. Oh for a really different feel play it on mirror mode :)
    Hey jeff does Naughty Dog still have there bulldog? So cute. Well i hope they bring elena & victor just for show at least :). Keep up the Great work guys/gals.

  • @ inspace2020
    forgot to say thanks for the pics. OHH that girl looks hot. you think bad girl or good girl :)

  • very impressive indeed , looking forward to it and sony better show the real god of war 3 next year

  • Awesome trailer, the leaked screenshots are even better!

  • I was gonna say, this awesome trailer isn’t on the Store yet! At least we can grab it on Thursday. If you want it now, in high-def, it’s available at http://www.gamersyde.com though.

    I must say, this trailer really stole the show IMO. Even better than the God of War 3 footage and everything else.

    Nathan Drake and Uncharted is easily the best new properties to come out of this new generation.

    SUCH a great character and a great avenue for unique adventures and gameplay experiences.

    I am also loving the gameplay additions I have read about that will be in Uncharted 2. Better stealth gameplay and improved climbing mechanics. Oh yeah.

  • Why must we be made to wait so long?

  • The GoW 3 trailer was put up lastnight but how this and other game trailers didn’t get put up shows once again the support of the PS store is very half ….. .

  • To be honest, when this was announced 2 weeks ago, I was a little bummed that it wasn’t a new Jak game. After seeing the trailer and the leaked GI screens, Jak can wait. No, really, this is all in-game. I cannot wait.

    This + Gow3 + Killzone 2 + inFamous + Heavy Rain + FF Versus 13 + Fat Princess + Flower + (fingers crossed) New Twisted Metal = Absolute and total PS3 dominance of 2009 hands down. The haters will be silenced, the xbots will explode, and even the media will bow in reverence.

  • I thought they were going to actually give some sort of information about Uncharted 2.

    In stead we saw a weak teaser.

    Commercial hype made me believe we would actually receive a peek into the development.

    Such a disappointment… too often this happens.

  • best new IP of this gen

  • PS…

    The new size of our images is terrible.

    They should be larger not smaller!
    Why would the dev team make such a tiny personal image display?

    I can barely see it and I have 20-15 vision.


  • @38 aka estrafo – the previous MGS was also on XBox so it may well end up on the 360. As long as the PS3 got it first and that it was built for the PS3 is all that matters. Much better than getting a crappy 360 port 6-9 months late.

    I agree with other posters. If you make the stories independent of each other you don’t need to label the series with number. I like the idea of just calling it Uncharted : Among Thieves. As long as you keep the Uncharted prefix people will know it is part of the series that can be enjoyed in any order :).

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